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The game series

  • 4A: Blowing up the Spirit of Motherwill, AF Answerer, defeating White Glint or Stasis, the final mission of every ending, and being able to beat Occupation of Arteria Carpals. In order of awesome.
  • Beating Nine-Ball in Any Armored Core Game (including the Ultimate Nine-Ball in MOA and AC2:AA)
  • LR has its own moments, too, but the ones that stand out most are beating Uber!Zinaida and any of the Pulverizer battles. ESPECIALLY the last one, who will rape you if you take on it unprepared.
  • Surprisingly, the opening cutscene of AC3: one of the black ACs gets its head blown off by the hulking heavy AC, who begins the slow and rather leisurely process of deploying its big guns to finish him off while the black AC stands, twitches, and sparks...only to rocket backwards and launch an missile barrage that would have put Macross to shame.
  • Armored Cores are presented as up-scaled war machines going at each other in early installments. But NEXTs in Armored Core 4 are treated like very precise weapon of mass destruction.
    • You are capable to do a lot more than what's presented in AC4's opening cinematic.
    • Thought that's not counting what NEXTs and Kojima Weapons did to the state of the world...
    • For Answer has you fight Arms Forts which is walking fortresses size of a city. Still no stopping you.
  • The final bosses of 4 and 5.
  • Verdict Day's final boss which is taking out a NEXT with what is pretty much a Normal (albeit one with many borrowed design elements from the NEXT concept, minus the wet-wireing and Primal Armor). And it's not just any NEXT, either, but an Evil Knockoff of White Glint.
    • Also from Verdict Day, the Bonus Boss rematch with the Spirit of Motherwill, again because you're taking down an enemy that even a NEXT would have trouble with, with nothing but a squad of Normals.
  • Marche Au Supplice, Hard Mode, which pits you alone against Berlioz and his team in a four-on-one. It's by far one of the hardest missions in the game, but boy do you feel awesome when you finally manage to clear it. Same with the Occupation of Arteria Carpals mission in For Answer.
  • The Ending cut-scene for Master Of arena. after (HOPEFULLY) giving Nineball Seraph a completely BRUTAL beatdown, to the point it is LITERALLY falling apart with its ammunition cooking off from the flames, Hustler One STILL manages to drag itself back to its feet for ONE last attempt at taking you down with it before its systems finally fail for good. AI or not, that's some villainous Heroic Willpower RIGHT there!
  • White Glint in For Answer is stated to be almost the sole reason Line Ark is still intact. It's very telling that the League never fight him one-on-one.


  • This PvP Armored Core V match. Especially when it all comes down to one remaining team member with barely an inch of hit-points left against a full-health opponent AC who's been sniping his team from the start of the game.