Trivia / Armored Core

  • Development Gag: The "God is Force" screen at the beginning of Armored Core 4's intro is a reference to the game's early development codename, Project Force.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • In Armored Core 4, several places that are named in missions (such as Old/Former Peace City) has had their locations changed between original Japanese version and subsequent versions. At first, Former Peace City is located on what used to be Las Vegas (or at least somewhere in the State of Nevada). The US version changes it to somewhere in the Middle East.
    • Thanks to Qurac-influenced Theme Naming in Eqbal's products, most of them were named after Islamic terms, such as the Tawhid (Oneness of God) arm-shotgun, the Injil (Bible) reverse-legged part, and the Zakat (Charity) machinegun, amongst others. These were changed into meaningless gibberish such as Zakajj in subsequent versions.
    • The 03-AALIYAH mecha became ALIYA most likely due to the singer who died. The first A and the H returned in For Answer.
  • Pre-Order Bonus:
    • Armored Core V had two, the Recon pack and Heavy Assault pack, which gave some of the Overed Weapons early without needing to beat the game. Apparently Armored Core 4 had one which added two more NEXTs to fight in the Simulation (one of which was apparently Nineball) but it's most likely an Internet rumor since there's no proof anywhere.
    • VD came with a cool one which came with an artbook, soundtrack CD and a small model AC if you ordered it from Bamco's site.
  • Recycled Script: For a while the background plot to the games was getting more creative, but at one point they just started to recycle the same plot from the first game over and over for every single game. As of Verdict Day, this is actually a plot point. Turns out that V and Verdict Day are the same universe as 4 and For Answer, and humanity keeps blowing itself up.