Awesome / Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura

Crowning Moment of Awesome :

  • Getting even with the gnomish Industrial Council for running those vile experiments to breed Half-Ogres by helping Donn Throgg become the president of Tarant sure was sweet.
  • Restoring the rightful king of Cumbria to the throne was a very short quest, but a very satisfying one nonetheless.
  • Bring the Dark Elf Z'an Al'urin with you when you tell Loghaire about the fate of the Black Mountain Clan. He'll start to get uppity about how he'll get revenge, and she'll deliver a verbal smackdown so epic Loghaire can't say shit in return.
  • Freeing the half ogre slaves and wiping out the elves at T'sen Ang can be very satisfying.
    • One more here. The dark elves tricked the dwarf king into sacrificing his clan, by masquarading as elder elf queen dwarves never met. The moment is when you can trick them the same way by wearing the insignia of assassin splinter cult that they sent hunting you into not only giving you information about their activities, but also getting the reward for your own head.

Crowning Music of Awesome:

  • A rather odd example among games, Arcanum's entire soundtrack is done as a string quartet. And, by God, it is gorgeous... Gains tons of awesome points for being free to download as well : Enjoy.