Awesome / Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • A Meta example: the team at Frictional took voluntary pay cuts in order to finally push the project out the door, so if it hadn't done well, they would have closed shop. The success of the game saved their company and gave them global recognition.
  • Another meta example: the game being recognized as one of the only "true" survival horror games, with some going as far as calling it one of the scariest games ever made and one of the greatest horror games ever made.
  • Daniel survives numerous encounters with 3 different types of monsters and he's an archeologist with no combat skills whatsoever. What. So. Ever. Though it falls on your shoulders what happens to him in the end.
  • Even Mr. Face, of all things, has one. Seeing that monster destroy a thick barricade with a punch is epic.
    • Doubles as hilarious. (Leave the annotations on)
    • Gets funnier because after the barricade is smashed, both the player and the monster just stop moving, and this may be a good approximation of what they were thinking.
  • The good ending of the game is one for Agrippa. "Don't worry, Daniel. It's going to be all right." *FLASH*
    • And Weyer.
  • Giving Alexander the death he's deserved for hundreds of years .
  • The player can get one if he or she manages to lead a monster off of a cliff or epically troll it by exploiting its AI. Doubles as funny for the latter.
    • There's one feat that isn't the result of a glitch. It's possible to bludgeon the water monster to death.