Awesome / Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld


  • How about the final battle with Dark Opal. That one was pretty impressive, with all of the good guys pouring their power into Amethyst. That was totally awesome!
  • She fought a crazed Spectre and lived to tell the tale during the Day of Vengeance event. Compare that with everyone who died including the Wizard Shazam and Nabu.

DC Shorts

  • In the third animated short, Amethyst defeats a giant centipede creature underwater.
  • Dark Opal's defeat at Amethyst's hands in the DC Nation short is pretty cool. Amethyst's gem gives her a Power-Up and she promptly Curb-Stomps him.
  • Amethyst's transformation in the very first episode is pretty darn cool. The Magical Girl imagery just makes it better.