Awesome / All Quiet on the Western Front

  • When Bertinck, Paul's commander, crawls out of the crater they are huddled in and takes out the enemy flamethrower while getting hit twice by enemy fire.
  • When Kantorek has been drafted and is now being abused by one of his former students, whom he had convinced to enlist in the first place. While wearing an epically stupid uniform, too.
  • Himmelstoss, after he gets over his Jerk Ass phase. Not only does he move from the rear to the the front of the charge despite having been hiding in a bunker, but he also rescues a fatally-wounded Haie from the battlefield. All during his first time under fire.
  • The French Charge is agreed to be one of the most beautifully choreographed and epic war scenes ever filmed, in terms of utter scope and scale. This is to the point where it's so epic that whenever Universal chooses to show a scene from the film, they'll pick that one.
  • Paul gets one for outrunning a fighter plane, considered to be the most cutting-edge fighting technology at the time, while carrying Katzinsky. Sure, Kat dies, but Paul still outran the plane.