Awesome: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Spoilers for every book in the series will follow.

The Baudelaire Orphans

Usually get at least one per book. God, these guys are good at surviving.
  • Collective
    • The Xanatos Speed Chess they play at the end of The Slippery Slope to rescue Sunny AND learn the location of "the last safe place." Very dangerous, but it pays off. "We know where the sugar bowl is." Oh, these little ChessMasters.
  • Violet
    • In The Bad Beginning, she figures out at the last minute how to avoid marrying Olaf - sign the marriage certificate with her left hand; because she's right-handed, she wouldn't have signed in "the bride's own hand," so she wouldn't be legally married.
    • In The Hostile Hospital, Violet invents a jumping device to escape a burning hospital while locked in a closet. It's just another normal day for her, but you have to remember that she's drugged out of her mind at that particular moment, since she's just had anesthesia.
  • Klaus
    • In The Miserable Mill, Klaus saves Charles by moving a tree trunk, with nothing but a very sticky gun, a stick and the strength of his arms. This would be more than enough to categorize him as a Genius Bruiser.
      • Making this better is that usually this kind of MacGyvering is Violet's specialty, as his narration points out.
    • In The Hostile Hospital, Klaus faces all of Olaf's henchmen who have cornered him in the operation theater. All he's got is a rusty knife to defend himself ; he won't even need to use it, and will escape succesfully while saving his sister Violet.
    • In The Slippery Slope, Klaus breaks a complicated code using resources from a library. The kicker? The library has already burned to the ground, so he's basically relying on ashes.
  • Sunny
    • In The Miserable Mill, Sunny engages in a swordfight with Georgina. She doesn't even have a sword, she just uses her sharp teeth to block the sword in mid-air. She eventually loses, but still.

  • Friday gets one when she orders Olaf to stop misbehaving, while he points a harpoon gun at her. She gets another one when she flatly tells him to go away, being the first person in the series, aside from the Man with Beard but no Hair and the Woman with Hair but no Beard, that he actually obeys.
    • Note that she’s only seven years old.
  • You may actually feel like cheering for Count Olaf when he calls out Carmelita for being such a horrible brat and dumps Esme.
    • In the film, there's the scene where he gloats to his audience that he is now legally married to Violet thanks to Justice Strauss, and when Mr. Poe orders that the Chief of Police arrest him for being a monster, Olaf counters by stating that Poe and all of the other adults are monsters themselves for all the times the children asked for their help but were ignored. Admit it, Poe and the others deserved it. If not for their stupidity things wouldn't have been so difficult for the siblings.
    • "Nobody ever listens to children~!" Anvil, consider yourself dropped.