''Shin-chan'', or ''Crayon Shin-chan'', is a [[LongRunners long running]] Japanese anime and manga series created by the [[AuthorExistenceFailure late]] Yoshito Usui. It follows the misadventures of Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara and his family and friends.

Among several dubs into English (most of which were either attempts at making it strictly a children's show or attempts at making it a mildly risque animated family sitcom in the same vein as ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'') is a considerably more profane GagDub produced by Creator/FUNimation that aired on Creator/AdultSwim; as it deliberately deviates from the original both in tone and plot. Examples specific to it are listed in a separate section. [[http://www.hulu.com/shin-chan Currently, seasons one and two are on Hulu]] (though rated TV-MA, so you'll need an account to watch it).
!!This series features examples of:
* AccidentalKiss: It happened with Shin-chan and Georgie/Kazama [[HoYay of all people]]!
** Shin-chan often kissed someone when he's sleeping, with reaction ranging from total disgust, to remark that he's a good kisser for a kid.
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: Misae/Mitsy has two sisters named Masae and Musae.
* AffectionateParody: The story tales arcs of the manga and the movies.
* AlternativeForeignThemeSong: The Vitello dub uses [[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xkbq99_shin-chan-opening_shortfilms this]], making it seem more kid friendly than it really is, but not shying away from showing Shin-Chan's naked buttocks.
* ArtEvolution: The series has undergone a noticeable change in character designs since the comic started in 1992. The art shift is extremely noticeable in the dub, where they don't run episodes in any particular production order. Rather, for the sake of the GagDub, they just looked through numerous episodes and chose ones they wanted to work with. Even for episodes that are aired in the order relating to the storylines (such as the Apartment or Kendo story arcs), a more primitive design comes back once in a while.
* AsLongAsItSoundsForeign: The Italian dub often changes the names of some characters with Japanese-sounding names which are actually Italian descriptions of their job, attitude or appearance. For example, once a fat guy was called "Namasa Dekili" ("Una massa di chili", "A big mass of kilos")
* AuthorAvatar: Yoshito Usui has not one, not two, but three of them! First is mangaka Usuto Yoshii, who always has the misfortune of being bugged by Shin-chan, often resulting in delays is his manga publications. Second is a one shot character called Toyo Ishiuto who was once bugged by Shin-chan, but it inspired her to write the ShowWithinAShow ''Enpitsu Shin-chan'' ("Pencil Shin-chan"). Third doubles also as a CreatorCameo in the fifth [[TheMovie movie]] where Usui himself appears as a young man who likes to sing karaoke, and near the end of the movie [[SelfDeprecation ends up being punched in the face by an angry Hiro]]. Ouch.
* BewareOfHitchhikingGhosts: Subverted in the manga which has a series of AU short stories where the titular character grows up and becomes a cab driver. One of his lady passengers disappears mid-ride, leaving only a puddle of cold water on the seat. Much to said the ghost/passenger's exasperation, instead of realizing that she is a ghost, he just becomes angry that the passenger ran off without paying and peed on the seat.
* BigDamnMovie: While your usual ''Crayon Shin-chan'' episode is about Shin's [[HilarityEnsues Wacky Hijinks]], either in his hometown of Kasukabe, or parodying a fairytale or sci-fi, the movies take a step further with Shin saving the world from outlandish villains, with the help of his family or his friends, while still managing to keep the wacky spirit of the TV series.
** Do Big Damn Games count too?
* BigOlEyebrows: All the male Noharas.
* BookDumb: Yonro, who just can't seem to get into college.
* {{Bowdlerise}}: A lot of international versions did tone this down to make it more child- and family-friendly.
* ABoyAndHisX: Shin-chan and Whitey/Shiro.
* BrotherSisterIncest: In an episode, Hima becomes infatuated by a handsome package delivery man. When Shin arrives, Hima snaps, thinking he's the delivery man, and goes after her brother to forcefully steal a kiss from him! Shin's (and Hima's, after realizing who she was kissing) reaction? [[CrowningMomentOfFunny PRICELESS!]]
** Another episode has them taking a bath together, and he mentions that "he'll get naked with her", disturbing Mitzi. Later, he starts showing unusual concern for the size of her breasts when she's older, disturbing Mitzi even further.
* CasanovaWannabe: All the male Noharas.
* CatchPhrase:
-->'''Shin''': ZO-SAN! ZO-SAN! (When doing the elephant dance)
-->'''Nene Sakurada''': You're not my usual mom!
-->'''Principal Ench''': [[AccidentalMisnaming I am not a Gangster]], [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep I am the Principal]]!
-->'''Mitzi Nohara''': [[FirstNameUltimatum SHIN]]!!!
* ChewToy: Happiness Bunny, Georgie
* ChildProdigy: Whenever an episode [[ADayInTheLimelight revolves around him]], Boo is often implied to be this.
** In everybody eyes (particularly with the mothers) , Hazama is seen as this.
** To say nothing of Shin Chan himself. In almost every sport based chapters, he usually performs something that a child of his age is not capable of, causing several amount of people to surround him, praising his performance, or asking him to teach them.
** In many WhatIf TimeSkip chapters, both Himawari and Shin Chan are always depicted as TheAce.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Boo takes the cake, though Shin intentionally becomes one to annoy his friends.
* ComicBookTime: They never age. Shin-chan has gone from being an eighties kid, then a nineties kid, and currently 2000s kid. According to a 2010 episode, which it itself is out of canon by now, he was born 12 years after the manga started.
* ComicTrio: Shin thinks Ryuko, Ogin and Mary (the Crimson Scorpions of Saitama) are this. HilarityEnsues!
* CrossOver: A ten-minute short has Shin meet the cast of ''Series/KamenRiderDenO'' (early in its run; Urataros hadn't even appeared yet!) and becoming Kamen Rider Shin-O in order to help save his mother from an Imagin.
* DarkerAndEdgier: The movies in general, as they typically throw the Nohara family into a trying situation, and then mix in a liberal amount of AdultFear and FridgeHorror. The 18th movie, for example, shows that not terribly long after the present day, a [[spoiler:meteor strike wipes out Tokyo as well as a large part of Japan and severely affects the climate, forcing surviving future inhabitants to constantly wear cold-weather clothing when outdoors.]]
* {{Dissimile}}
* DistractedByTheSexy: In the Vitello English dub segment ''Mom's a Shopaholic'', Mitzi holds a magazine up to Shin and Hiro and asks their opinion on "which one is better". After thinking for a couple seconds, they both gesture to the girl on the left, indicating she's hotter. Mitzi gets angry with this.
-->'''Hiro''': I guess she wanted our opinion on the clothes...
-->'''Shin''': They were wearing ''clothes''?
* TheDitz: Boo
** Averted in the original, where he's the ''smartest'' one in the Kasukabe Defense Force.
* DubNameChange: Nearly the whole cast had their names changed, between both the Vitello/Phuuz dubs and the one by Creator/FUNimation. Oddly, both the dubs gave Misae similar name changes, to "Mitsy"/"Mitzi".
** Some of the Vitello dub names tried to reference the original names or sound similar to them: Kazuma became "Cosmo", Nene became "Nini", etc.
** The One Peace Books translation of the manga mostly keeps the names unchanged, except for Misae->Mitzi.
* EverybodyKnewAlready: In some episodes, Hazama's liking of Cute P (a MagicalGirl show) is already well known by the kids, even when he sometimes tries to hide it.
* EveryoneHasStandards: The "Extremely Realistic Tea Party" which Nene forces the gang to play. It is one of the things that manages to scare Shin Chan into obeying.
* {{Expy}}: Action Kamen/Action Bastard, who parodies Tokusatsu heroes generally, but is a mix of Franchise/KamenRider and Series/{{Ultraman}}.
** Kantam Robo's name is based on Gundam, of course, with elements of MazingerZ and GiantRobo, but his design was apparently altered for the anime to resemble [[CombatMechaXabungle Xabungle and Walker Gallier]], since they'd cast Ootaki Shinya to voice him.
* FaceOfAThug: Principal Ench, whose face convinces everyone (adults and children alike) that he is a {{Yakuza}}. He uses this on occasion.
* FakeCrossover: With KamenRiderFourze.
* FracturedFairyTale: If it has Shin-chan in it, then it's [[HilarityEnsues inevitable]].
* FreakyFridayFlip: With Shin and Mitzi in "Trading Faces".
* FriendlyRivalry: Miss Anderson and Miss Ume, it mellows out in the later seasons
* FromTheMouthsOfBabes: And Shin ''knows'' he is saying the darnedest things.
* FutureBadass: Every main character in the 18th movie ''Super-Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride''... eventually, but only Future!Shin-chan [[spoiler:and Future!Bou-chan]] start out this way. [[spoiler:Future!''Himawari'', of all people, despite being referred to as a civil servant, grew up to become a cop.]]
* GetItOverWith: Happiness Bunny wishes for death, but alas, it was not meant to be.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: The writers for the English dub identify this as existing in the original Japanese version in the commentary for an episode involving Action Bastard and a vibrating "back massager." Specifically, the part where Lollipop shows up with it and seems to have trouble walking. And then uses it on Action Kamen's groin.
* GogglesDoSomethingUnusual: Glasses here has the ability to change personalities, it shows in Miss Katz and once on Masao (when he took Principal Ench's glasses by accident}
* GonkyFemme: Shinobu Kandadori, Nanako's friend, who dreams to be a profesional wrestles and still likes skirts and pigtails.
* [[GoodParents Good Father]]: Hiro.
* HiddenHeartOfGold: Shin Nohara. And when he shows it, [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming awwwwwww]]!
* HighSchoolAU
* HenpeckedHusband: Hiro is Mitzi's bitch, natch.
-->'''Enchman''': Umm, excuse me."\\
'''Mitzi''': [holding Hiro in a leg lock] What do you want!?\\
'''Enchman''': I received a distress signal and hurried over here. Is there something wrong?\\
'''Mitzi''': No, nothing's wrong. '''[[BlatantLies AS YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE, MY HUSBAND JUST FELL DOWN THE STAIRS!]]''' [Continues inflicting pain on Hiro] ''[[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch SAY MY NAME, BITCH!]]''
* HilarityEnsues
* HitFlash: Everytime Shin (and sometimes Hiro) gets smacked by Mitzi, the hit is censored and replaced with a giant "POW!" flash and accompanying sound effect.
* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Most every Japanese episode title ends with "...zo".
* InformedAttractiveness: "Hottie" Nonako, who [[OnlySixFaces doesn't look that much different]] from the other women in the series (although she's the only "good-looking" girl who amused by Shin's antics instead of disgusted by it.
** INVERTED by Shincha's mom. She's supposed to look unattractive, having wrinkles and fat tummy, and yet she drawn as normal looking woman.
* {{Kaiju}}: The main plot element of TheMovie ''Legend of Buri Buri, 3 Minutes Charge'' is the family becoming super heroes and capturing Kaiju ranging from [[OurMonstersAreDifferent A blue minotaur in wrestling Tights to a giant parrotfish.]]
* KilledOffForReal: In the manga, [[spoiler:Miss Ume's boyfriend, Tokurou]].
* LipstickMark: [[spoiler:It turns out it was the baby.]]
* LongRunner: It's still running, both the manga (albeit under a separate title since shortly after the original author died), and anime.
* LoomingSilhouetteOfRage: Usually Mitzi.
* LoveTriangle: Maso has a crush on Ai, who has a crush on Shin.
* MayDecemberRomance: Bitzi develops a crush on grandpa Gin.
* TheMenInBlack: Kuroiso (Mr. K), Ai-chan's bodyguard. Guess what the 'Kuro' part means. Also, [[DontExplainTheJoke Mr. K, Get it?]]
* MistakenForGay: Happens to Kazuma quite often.
* MouthyKid: Shin, so much. He upholds ChildrenAreInnocent, though.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: The "Elephant Dance"!
* NervousWreck: Georgie
* OneOfTheBoys: Played with in that Nene always hangs around with the boys, but also always makes them play house with her.
* OneSteveLimit: There are several homonym characters throughout the show:
** Fumie is either: The female model that Shin-chan likes to watch in her magazines, or the name of Keiko's (Misae's friend) niece who babysat Shin a couple of times. The coincidence has been brought up the first time she appeared.
** Hitoshi is either: One of the bullies from kindergarten; or the name of Keiko's baby child.
** Ogin is either: The teenage member of Saitama's Crimson Scorpions; or the [[DoesNotLikeShoes barefoot]] [[{{Ninja}} kunoichi]] agent from special episode 6.
** Atsuko is either: the weather newslady who Shin-chan likes to watch on TV; or Atsuko Kutsuzoko (Summer in the Funimation dub) from Falling Apartments.
** Shinobu is either: The college student who has the misfortune of being fired from every part time job because of Shin-chan; or Shinobu Kandadori, Nanako's college friend.
* PandaingToTheAudience: Episode 67.
* ParentalBonus: The Vitello dub aired on Fox Kids in the UK was full of these.
* ParentService: Mitzi "secretly" lusts after various {{Bishonen}} characters in Action Bastard.
** One episode even revolved around Mitzi's secret admiration for a [[ShowWithinAShow new show]] called ''Super Biker Ryuu'' and its title character. At the end, a newspaper had the following news: "''Super Biker Ryuu'', a favorite among housewives!" (On the Creator/AdultSwim version, the headline was, "Desperate Women, Pitiful Lives.")
** Bit of truth in television. Live-action superhero shows like ''Kamen Rider'' and ''Ultraman'' now hire extremely good-looking male actors to play the male characters to appeal to the mother fan-base. The kids watch for the action and the mothers watch for the male actors.
* PickyEater: Shin hates [[StockYuck green bell peppers]]. Hazama hates broccoli, and Penny hates small corn.
* PlayingWithFire: The Flamer, who has what are at one point described as "mutant fire powers."
* PlotTailoredToTheParty: The 17th movie, "Howl! Kasukabe Wild Kingdom", has Shin-chan's friends turned into animal versions of themselves, and they discover that their new forms give them an edge in battle (Rabbits can hear well and kick like mofos', Armadillos can bounce around very effectively, and bats can apparently [[MakeMeWannaShout scream good]])... But Kazama-kun is turned into a [[EverythingsBetterWithPenguins Penguin]], and is therefore useless for the entire battle. [[spoiler:Until a crapton of water nearly drowns his friends, at which point he shows that penguins are quite fast underwater, leaving a vortex the size of a 747 in his wake.]]
* PrecociousCrush:
** Shin-chan for Nanako Ōhara. While Shin usually goes after girls who are older than he, Nanako is special to him.
** In episode 225c, a high school student sent a love letter to Ms. Matsuzaka/Ms. Katz, and later after finding out that he needs to get better grades at school, and that he already has a female friend, the teacher asks the kindergarten principal and Sihn-chan to pose as her husband and child respectively in front of him to set him back on track.
* RichBitch: Ai
* RetailRiot: Mitzy often finds herself beating the crap out of other women just to get her hands on anything on sale. One time, it was over bulk-packaged eggs. Most of them ended up smashed on the ground during the chaos.
* RunningGag: Several, including:
** Mitzi giving a strike in Shin-chan's head whenever he misbehaves. Sometimes other characters do this him, as well.
** Shin-chan making fun of his mom's [[ACupAngst breast size]] or her big butt.
** Shin-chan driving Penny's mom crazy, with Penny crying "You're not my usual mom!" Other times she goes to the bathroom to punch a stuffed bunny, a behavior that even carried over to Penny.
** Shin-chan's [[NakedPeopleAreFunny Ass Dance and Elephant Dance]].
** Ms. Yoshinaga (Ms. Anderson)'s rivalry with Ms. Matsuzaka (Ms. Katz).
** [[FaceOfAThug Principal Ench]] being mistaken for a boss of the Yakuza.
* SignificantAnagram: In the second [[TheMovie movie]], Shin-chan meets a prince who is identical to him. His name: Sunnokeshi (anagram of Shinnosuke).
* SliceOfLife: When it's not about Shinnosuke's antics, then it's this.
* {{Shotacon}}: Parodied in an extended spoof of sports based "High School" shows. Shin only wishes the women he met had this fetish.
* ShoutOut: Lots, considering the long run of the series. For example, Penny has a crush on a student called Kazuo. She daydreams about him and accidentally calls Kazuo to Maso/Masao. [[CaptainTsubasa Kazuo and Masao]]...
* SouvenirLand: In Episode 138-C, where Shin-chan and family go to Action Land. They take a picture with [[GoofySuit Mimitchi]] [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Mouse]], and they wait in a long line for the roller coaster while Shin and Misae are distracted by an Action Kamen parade.
* SpaghettiKiss: One episode has a drunk Miss Katz seeing Shin has a handsome grown man through her beer goggles and trying to do this with him, only with pocky.
* ThreeShorts
* [[TwoTeacherSchool Three-Teacher School]]: Temporarily bumped to four during The Flamer's arc. When it was revealed he would be fired, the kids lampshaded the fact that Miss Katz rarely appears to teach them and suggested firing her in Flamer's place.
* ToiletHumor: Sometimes Shin's dialog is just "Farty poop fart fart" or something like that.
** Okay everybody, who wants to poo? We do!
* TookALevelInJerkass: Nene, from a normal girl to a HairTriggerTemper bully that forces the gang to play "extremely realistic tea party" with her in a normal day.
* TrueCompanions: The Kasukabe Defense Organization, consisting of Shin and friends.
* UnmovingPlaid: Principal Ench's pants. The English dub added some in-jokes.
* VitriolicBestBuds: Shin-chan and Georgie. Shin loves to tease him, and Georgie wants to get away from Shin when he does, but deep down, they're the closest friends and do care for each other. Penny and Ai just as well.
* WhamEpisode: Volume 47. [[spoiler: Miss Ume falling into depression and became suicidal after her boyfriend died from a terrorist bombing attack on an Africa excavation trip. Made more tragic as he was planning to propose to her when he returned.]]
* WhamLine: Fighting his final foe, and having completed two separate power-ups, Kantam Robo declares that he's "sick and tired of powering up just to continue a bloodbath"[[note]]Kantam is a DefectorFromDecadence from the robot-controlled future and his penultimate foes were his ''family''[[/note]], then basically self-destructs with his wife to destroy President Gilgiros.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Happiness Bunny?]]: The Flamer is afraid of rabbits, but was able to overcome it with Shin's help.
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: The gang from the Kasukabe Defense Organization except for Georgie.

!!Tropes specific to the Creator/FUNimation GagDub
* AdaptationExpansion: Many of the backstories for certain characters have been greatly changed and expanded to be more comedic. Most notably is principal Enzo, who in the original is by all accounts just really a nice guy with a run-of-the-mill background. ''Principal Ench'' on the other hand...
* BlackComedy: Among many examples, the frequent mention of Penny's sister Caitlin in the GagDub who "Lives in the lake now..."
-->'''Mitzi''': (to Shin) You know, if we were in China right now, you'd be in a dumpster.
* BrawnHilda: Nanako's German roommate Griselda. She claims her muscle mass was mostly a result of the rhinoceros hormones.
* BreakTheHaughty: Georgie in season three, when the economy wipes out his family's fortune. In particular, episode 66.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: The dub likes to do this now and then. One episode is even titled ''"Stop Referencing The Show!"''
** The two year DevelopmentHell is mentioned ''seconds'' into episode 53.
** Episode 8 of Season 1 has Shin holding up a "The End" sign while thanking the audience for watching [[spoiler: after he blew up the Nohara house]].
* BlackComedyRape:
** Miss Polly is almost always constantly horny. She goes so far as to do research on other adults ("I don't mind if it's small. It's actually better for anal"), and it's implied that she rapes Principal Ench in numerous kinky ways, gets it on with a very willing Mr. K, and tries to get both Miss Katz and Miss Anderson in on the action. Miss Katz realizes her life sucks so much that she eventually submits to the idea of just letting Polly do whatever she wants with her.
** It's also often suggested that Penny's mom is often [[MaritalRapeLicense raped by her husband]].
* CastingGag: In the dub, Creator/JerryJewell, best known as Jimmy Kudo from ''Manga/DetectiveConan'', was cast as Happiness Bunny because both roles are entire voiceovers without any MouthFlaps to worry about.
* ChristmasCake: Miss Katz's love life eventually gets the best of her as she realizes how alone she really is. After learning how much Penny's abusive father reflects her life, she states that Penny is the only person she knows who's life sucks worse than hers.
** She was once forced to buy a literal family-sized Christmas Cake to keep appearances.
* CrazyAwesome: In-universe, Kenta really IS crazy, but he's a good Kendo instructor ''because'' of it.
* CrazyHomelessPeople: Kenta, the crazy Kendo instructor, who was abandoned at an orphanage by his father when he was young. He really is a lunatic who feels his ultimate purpose in life is to find Dildor, the ChosenOne destined to defeat the evil Slutteress. He's convinced that Shin is Dildor, and persuades him to learn Kendo. Shin decides to go with it just for the entertainment, but actually learns and becomes rather well trained in the process.
** His father [[spoiler: has been living just down the street from Kenta's "Dojo of Destiny (A.K.A. Leet)"]] for his entire life.
* DeliveryStork: When playing house with Shin, Ai declares to Penny that she's pregnant. "Shin and I French-kissed and then the stork came down and knocked me up!"
* DomesticAbuse[=/=]HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood: Mr. Milfer is constantly stated to be a drunk who beats Penny and Mrs. Milfer all the time. Once he stops drinkings, he becomes a much nicer person, but they're so used to it that actually ''miss'' it, because Penny thinks that's how he's supposed to act while Mrs. Milfer misses [[DestructoNookie the incredibly violent sex]] they always had.
* DubNameChange: Applied a bit differently than most other foreigns dubs of the show, as instead of the whole cast getting western names there are general three different categories (with a few examples):
** Characters with no name change: Ai, Yonro, Nanako
** Characters who have the shortened version of their original name treated as their full name: Shinnosuke->Shin, Hiroshi->Hiro, Himawari->Hima
** Characters with entirely different names: Toru Kazuma->Georgie Prescott, Nene Sakurada->Penny Milfer, [[OnlyOneName Enzo]]->Bernoulli Ench. These examples are often done because the character's backgrounds, nationality included, are entirely different which crosses this trope over with RaceLift. Pretty much the entire cast was Japanese in the original version, but Ench is half-Peruvian, half-Roma while Georgie is stated to be an American living in Japan because his dad is a diplomat.
* EndOfSeriesAwareness: The final episode of season 3 starts right away in "The Bitzi Saga Conclusion: Alternate Ending", when Mitzi starts talking back to the LemonyNarrator. All of this happens while the episode keeps rolling.
-->'''[[Creator/ChristopherSabat Narrator]]''': Boy, this show's been swearing more this season. That's either a sign that the Supes support it.. o-or don't care about it! Hey Zach! We're not getting canceled, are we!?\\
'''ADR Director Zach Bolton''': Nah, they got like 600 of these in Japan. [[TemptingFate We'll be doing this for years!]]
** The rest of the episode just shatters what remains of the 4th wall with nothing but talk of whether Shin-Chan as a series will be cancelled or renewed for a 4th season. Numerous call-backs to previous characters, plot lines, and numerous {{Take That}}s, {{Shout Out}}s, and parodies all over the place.
--->'''Georgie''': If enough fans buy our [=DVDs=], we'll be back just like ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' and ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''!\\
'''Shin''': The show's over, but we'll live on!\\
'''Penny''': [[spoiler:Oh yeah? Look at what happened to Creator/BrittanyMurphy after they canceled WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill!]]\\
[[spoiler:[=*Everyone jumps in shock at what Penny just said, while she has an accomplished grin on her face.*=]]]\\
'''Maso''': [[spoiler:[[TooSoon That's a really dark note to end the series on.]]]]\\
'''Penny''': [[spoiler: Have you '''seen this show'''?]]
* {{Fiction 500}}: Ai's family is often mentioned to do many decadent and insanely illegal things with their money, including making children fight to the death for entertainment and feeding their dog steaks made from orphans.
* ForegoneConclusion: In a flashback episode when Shin was a baby, Hiro was in a happy marriage with Mitzi and expected to reach the top of the corporate ladder by the time Shin was in kindergarten. It's a little sad to see how his life spiraled downward.
* TheFourChordsOfPop: Present in the ED.
* UsefulNotes/FurryFandom: At least in the gag dub, Mr. K. is a (closet?) furry.
---> '''Mr. K:''' ''thinking to himself while [[ItMakesSenseInContext waist deep in a lake dressed as a kappa]]'' Well at least this way I can write off that furry convention as a business expense.
* GagDub: Probably one of the more extreme examples out there: dialogue, characters, and even the plots of most episodes are entirely rewritten in ways that subvert the originals and adds a tremendous amount of profane humor. The order and continuity of episodes isn't even the same, as the writers pick and choose a small numbers of episodes of the show from whenever in it's long-running history they want.
* TheGlassesComeOff: When Miss Polly's are knocked off in episode 57, her personality does a 180!
-->'''Shin:''' What happens if you take these off? *takes off Miss Polly's glasses*\\
* GoldDigger: After her boyfriend dies, Nanako tries to gold-dig off a rich man which she is not aware is a vampire that wants to reincarnate his dead lover into her body.
* GoshDarnitToHeck: Kenta, the crazy Kendo instructor from ''The Dildor Saga'' storyline doesn't like saying the more notorious swear words.
-->"Instead of the F word, you should say Flarp."
* GuiltyPleasure: In-Universe, Georgie's favorite show is the ''"Princess Heiressz"'' show, intended for little girls. He always tries to hide the fact that he likes it though.
** Similarly, he's a secret fan of [[ShowWithinAShow Action Bastard]], despite his overt contempt for it.
* HouseWife: [[WordOfGod According to a bonus web interview]], the fact that the Noharas don't quite make enough money for Mitzi to live comfortably as a housewife is the main origin of Mitzi's unusual behavior.
* IntrepidReporter: Mitzi's sister Bitzi claims to be a photographer who ended up getting mixed up with the affairs of third-world hell holes like Africa and Burma. Because of it, she got addicted to drugs and is now trying to kick her habit. She was especially fond of Brown-Brown, which is mixing Cocaine with gunpowder...
* KilledOffForReal: Hottie Nanako mentions that her boyfriend was fatally mauled.
* LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn: With [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall this show,]] it gets lampshaded now and again.
-->'''Hiro:''' Well, this inspirational music tells me we made it through the storm.
* LoveHurts: In one episode, Penny sinks into a deep depression because her dad was taking anger management courses and no longer inflicted injuries on his family. Penny thinks it meant he stopped loving her, because she's never known otherwise.
* ManipulativeBastard: Shin has a way with toying with people's emotions. Quite often, the only reason people stick around him is because they'd feel horrible if they didn't. His meddling is intentional, and sometimes he just says the right audaciously stupid thing to make others worry about him because they know he can't be trusted. It's almost a form of coercion, and he's aware of what he's doing. For example, in one episode, Miss Katz has to walk Shin home because his parents weren't home and couldn't pick him up from school. Miss Katz wanted to leave because she had other things to tend to, but Shin manipulated her to stay.
-->'''Shin:''' Are you just going to leave me all alone?\\
'''Miss Katz:''' Sorry, but I have to get going to my date.\\
'''Shin:''' But what will the Press think when they see you walking away right before the fire?\\
'''Miss Katz:''' '''GOD'''-'''''DAMN''''' YOU, SHIN!
* MistakenForGay: Maso... sort of. Much like [[Series/ArrestedDevelopment Tobias Funke]], Maso's dialogue is basically an endless stream of [[InnocentInnuendo unintentional, homoerotic innuendo]], but he shows interest in at least one girl and thus may be bisexual or just CampStraight.
** Initially implied to be the case with Ken Nakatomi and Bernie Ota, a pair of detectives, who rent an apartment near the Noharas' as part of an investigation and claim to be a gay couple to cover up in the episode "Stakeout of the Closet". Subverted, because about halfway through their first appearance it becomes [[TransparentCloset increasingly obvious]] that they both ''are'' gay and in denial. In a later episode, their InnerMonologue reveals that they both secretly love each other. They reappear in the third season, both aware of and completely open their feeling for each other.
* MushroomSamba: When Shin ends up eating a 'shroom, his parents have no idea that that's even tripping out because everything he says is perfectly within his realm of imagination anyway.
* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: Shin-chan does this to Georgie, much to his annoyance. Even one time, Shin-chan entered Georgie's bathroom, while he was still using it!
-->"Don't forget to wipe your ass!"
* PopCulturalOsmosis: Georgie's response in "Yaz-Manian Devil" is to invoke this trope.
-->'''Shin''': You know, it's not polite to spell when some of us can't count.\\
'''Geogrie:''' I was abbreviating!\\
'''Shin''': And how do you know Yaz's name anyway?\\
'''Georgie:''' Uhh... cultural osmosis?
* RatedMForManly: The Manly Dance of Trust ([[SubvertedTrope which honestly isn't all that manly]]).
-->'''Shin and Hiro''': To be a man you must have honor! Honor and a peeeeeniiiiiiis!
* RunningGagged: Penny's dad was VERY abusive. However, one late season 2 episode has her dad going to therapy and becoming a good father. It takes her an episode to realize not all LoveHurts. Even after a 2+ years break, the writers seemed to have kept this.
* SelfDeprecation:
--> '''Penny''': Your stick figures suck!\\
'''Miss Anderson''': No, Penny, that's kanji, the Japanese writing we told your parents we're teaching you!\\
'''Georgie''': Riiight...douchebags use it for tattoos!\\
'''Shin''': Mmhm, mmhm, [[BreakingTheFourthWall or on this show when they're too lazy to change things to English.]]\\
'''Georgie''': Stop referencing the show!
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Penny lampshades her status as the Smurfette of the ''show'' in the final episode of season 3 by '''directly referencing this trope'''; she stops worrying about [[CousinOliver the character potentially being introduced to get the show renewed]] overshadowing when it turns out said character is male, thus her role as "the Smurfette" is secure.
* StrawmanPolitical: Georgie is a straw conservative played to a ridiculous extreme, being unable to go more than a few sentences without thanking Reagan or calling someone a communist/socialist. He's even part of a "Very Young Republicans" club.
* SubvertedKidsShow
* SmallReferencePools: In an interview on the Creator/AdultSwim website the writers talked about how they went out of their way to avert this trope.
* TastesLikePurple: When Principal Ench gets hit in the head by a dodgeball, he remarks that he can smell colors.
* ThemeTuneCameo: In the GagDub, the characters frequently hum along to the background music of the scene. In a couple episodes, they outright sing the ending theme.
* ThirdPersonPerson: Ai starts talking this way once she reappears in the third season. Amusingly, this is slightly obscured by the fact that her name is homophonic with the pronoun "I", leading to odd sentences that sound like something along the lines of "I is taking a walk."
* ThrowTheDogABone: Miss Polly waited in line at a donut shop to get a "Kream-splosion". If she didn't get one, she'd relapse into her sex craze and everyone would suffer. The customer in front of her bought the last one, and she feared the worst, but the store restocked them. She wanted to buy them all, but every other woman standing in line protested.
* TooDumbToLive: Boo's mental faculties are frequently shown to be potentially, directly lethal. In ''"The High School Years"'' episodes when Boo gets knocked out during a boxing match from one punch to the head and he just stands there and doesn't move. The announcer declares "Victory by Technical Manslaughter" for his opponent. Boo continues to show up for the rest of the episode, but they insist that Boo is a ghost (he's not). In other episodes, Shin suggests that Boo tends to stare up at the rain with his mouth open, and that he thinks he earns points in dodgeball by just standing there and letting everyone peg him with the ball.
* UnCancelled: Two years after not being renewed for TV broadcast, a third season was made specifically for online broadcast and DVD release. Several jokes are made regarding the "two-year summer vacation".
* WeWantOurJerkBack: Played with rather viciously as Mrs. Milfer and Penny both sorely wish their husband/father was a violent alcoholic because they missed the physical abuse. Mrs. Mifler at least realizes there's something wrong with her (and she's seek therapy if she could afford it) but Penny continues trying to find someone who will beat her up.