-> ''What if your loved one became the enemy of the world? What would you do?''

''Kung Fu Love: Even If You Become The Enemy Of The World'' is a 2006 {{anime}} short film made by Creator/Studio4C. It was released as the third of four short films in the ''Amazing Nuts!'' collection.

It tells the story of high school student/kung fu master Hanako and her boyfriend Ichimonji, who one day suddenly find themselves on the run after Hanako is announced the enemy of the world. Pursued by the police as well as independent assassins, and still unsure how exactly any of this happened, Hanako and Ichimonji's feelings for each other are put to the test.

Originally planned as a series, but for various reasons cut down to a single 10 minute episode, ''Kung Fu Love'' still manages to be packed full of action, romance, laughs, gorgeous scenery and plot to make the mind boggle.
!!This anime provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: Hana shows off some impressive SheFu and [[CuteBruiser breaks walls with her bare hands]].
* AnimeThemeSong: "Twinkle" by Kumi Koda.
* ButterflyOfDeathAndRebirth: Red and gold butterflies turn up quite often. There's also Hanako's cryptic remark about becoming a butterfly.
* ClearMyName
* DeadlyClosingCredits: Although the final fight seems to be in her favour, [[spoiler:the scene suddenly cuts to Hana's opponent strangling her just before punching her in the head as it cuts to black]].
* DeclarationOfProtection: "Even if you become the enemy of the world, I will be your ally!"
* DragonsUpTheYinYang: Hanako's hair is colored like a yin yang symbol, and she was born in the year of the dragon. So yeah.
* GenericGraffiti: Subversion. The city is covered in it, from billboards to floor chalk to stickers and tags; but it's usually got something to do with the plot.
** FreezeFrameBonus
* GenkiGirl: Becoming the enemy of the world doesn't seem to get Hanako down at all. Ichimonji outright calls her 'genki' at one point.
* GilliganCut: After Ichimonji says there's no way he and Hanako are going to elope, it cuts to them sitting in a pig truck on the way to Shikoku.
* GirlishPigtails: Hanako, mostly. She starts changing her hairstyles after becoming Enemy of the World.
** [[spoiler:CloseCallHaircut: It gets shortened to a bob against her last opponent.]]
* [[GogglesDoNothing Glasses Do Nothing]]: Ichimonji's tinted glasses seem to hang uselessly from his ears throughout.
* IFellForHours: When Hana decides to 'fly', the two of them fall about six stories and are still miles from hitting the ground when she [[{{Hammerspace}} gets her glider out]].
* KnuckleCracking: The final bounty hunter cracks each of his fingers in turn when telling Hana to BringIt.
* MakingLoveInAllTheWrongPlaces: Ichimonji doesn't want to have sex on the beach in plain sight, so [[CompletelyMissingThePoint they do it in a boat instead]].
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Definitely Hanako.
* MeetCute: When Ichimonji opened a window Hanako was struggling with on the train. She fell in LoveAtFirstSight.
* MindScrew: The whole 'Enemy of the World' plot - it's never explained what Hanako supposedly did or why or how. Even she doesn't seem to know whether she's guilty or not.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Ichimonji finally has a change of heart about [[spoiler:breaking up with Hana]]. However at that point [[spoiler:he may be too late to save her.]]
* PantyShot: Realistic and not particularly fanservicey, since Hana is doing all kinds of acrobatics.
* RapidFireFisticuffs
* RedOniBlueOni: Hanako wears red and is pretty hyperactive, whereas Ichimonji wears blue/green and is more laid back.
* SceneryPorn: Some absolutely gorgeous detailed shots of urban Tokyo and Kyoto too.
* ShoutOut: To the "What-If" box from ''Anime/{{Doraemon}}''.
* SickeninglySweethearts: Hanako and her 'Darling' of course.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: One of the bounty hunters (posing as a stripper) fights wearing nothing but high heels, panties, nipple tassels and a fish-shaped hat.
* TorchesAndPitchforks: Sort of. Their fellow students attempt to push Hanako and Ichimonji off a roof wielding brooms and mops.
* UnderstandingBoyfriend: Ichimonji is baffled by the situation, but sticks with Hana anyway. [[spoiler:Even he has his limit though.]]
* UnlimitedWardrobe: Hana appears in a different outfit for each of her fight scenes. Averted by Ichimonji, who always wears his [[SchoolUniformsAreTheNewBlack school uniform]].
* WeatherDissonance: One of Hanako's attacks is powerful enough to create a butterfly-shaped cloud that can be seen from space.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The robot with a head like a video camera that was spying on Hanako and Ichimonji only appears for one scene.