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And The Fandom Rejoiced: Valve Software
  • OK, Valve, Half-Life was pretty awesome, but it's been years without word about the sequel...what's that, it's being released in 2003? AWESOME! Wait, what's this beta footage? Ugh! That looks awful! DO NOT WANT. And what's this?? The game has been delayed?! It'll never get made! Valve sucks! But what's this? In 2004, Half-Life 2 was actually released. Jaws drop, hearts skip beats, and everyone immediately pretends they never doubted the mighty, mighty Valve.
  • When Valve initially announced that the Heavy of Team Fortress 2 was getting an upgrade that allowed him to rejuvenate health, the initial reaction was anger over the Heavy becoming too unbalanced. Then they released the Sandvich trailer. It promptly became the best update ever.
    • And Lo, it is here.
    • Three words: Meet. The. Medic. At last, it's finally due to be released! And other classes are getting updates in the process!
    • And now it's free to play!
    • Finally, after HOW MANY YEARS IN DEVELOPMENT, we get the long awaited short, MEET THE PYRO!
    • Mann Vs. Machine. Words fail to describe the epicness, so have the video instead.
    • The Mecha Update is not only introducing a robotic version of the Engineer, it's also giving the Engineer, the Medic, and the Demoman new weapons. The first two almost never get new weapons, while the latter usually just gets swords and shields instead of actual explosives.
    • Robotic Boogaloo brought robotic versions of many hats and miscellaneous items to TF2, including some of the discontinued hats. What makes this more incredible was that it was the first TF2 update that was entirely community-made. All of a sudden, Steam Workshop seems like much less of a gimmick than anyone realizes.
    • Valve listening to the fandom's pleas and nerfing Merasmus's health in the 2013 Halloween Update.
    • Then the Two Cities update happened. A mobile projectile shield for the Medic, as well as the almighty Reanimator. Yes, you can now be brought back to life on the field and not have to trudge back down to the battle lines after respawning during Mann vs Machine. He can get syringes laced with Mad Milk for his syringe gun, as well.note  Also, if you need to completely respec your character for Mann vs Machine, you can now obtain full refund tokens that let you do just that. Valve somehow made Mann vs Machine even more incredible.
    • The 2013 Smissmass Update. Valve gave every player a literal stocking full of random weapons along with a Name Tag, Description Tag, Tour of Duty ticket and Backpack Expander. Cue every F2P rejoicing. And even better, the forums and discussions EXPLODED when the long-pleaded for "3rd Misc Slot" arrived. (Although it's just really equipping a 3rd miscellaneous item, at the cost of a hat.)
    • Hey, what's this, End Of The Line? Seems like a cool video! Wait, Valve's making an update for it? Bah...more cosmetics and hats, and no weapons except tweaks and crappy reskins, we had no weapons last year-HANG ON A MINUTE, there will be maps, a new game mode and possibly weapons, and stuff added from the Workshop? YES! YES! YES! YES!
    • After ages of ranting about late comics, Valve not doing anything, Valve's severe lack of communcation and horrific glitches, including severe rubberbanding and invisible players, this blog post. Suddenly, the complaining stopped and massive amounts of space-related workshop items were made, while everyone else rejoiced over the prospect of a new map.
    • Even better, the End of the Line team confirmed that they were the first new weapons in YEARS, along with a new map.
    • And after yet more screaming tantrums from the more idiotic fans and "Valve is dead" cryers, Valve confirmed that they were indeed working on new weapons.
  • Valve has a way of pleasing the crowd, especially fans of Portal 2:
  • Valve's weekly mutations for Left 4 Dead 2. The first one, Realism VS, was incredibly popular to the point that based on a poll Valve took (almost 60% of people wanted Realism VS back!), they actually listened and announced they were going to make Realism VS a permanent add on to the game. Cue in much rejoicing.
    • Valve announcing that the game would receive Steam Workshop support, making it easy map-makers and modders to upload their content where others could easy download and install.
  • Valve announces they are porting Steam to Linux! That is the intersection of two fandoms rejoicing like crazy.
  • The Three Spirits update is one of the biggest updates in Dota 2's history, including a well-received redesign of Storm Spirit, two new heroes, coaching, a map for lane picking in hero selection... and Diretide! Good luck finding a fan who isn't satisfied.

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