Analysis / Slendid Suit

Slendid Suit - A dissection of the man himself.

For some years now, scientists most certainly not funded by Slendid Suit have been attempting to explain why Slendid Suit is just so damn great. It's not an easy task, many hundreds of hours worth of data has been crunched and we're still no closer to a definable answer.

Is it that RAF surplus coat he wears? His dazzling smile? The sunny disposition? Effortless charm? Is he really just that amazing naturally? Perhaps it's even just his effortless humility. The jury is still out.
However, some theories hold stronger than others, and those with the most scientific or philosophical weight behind them will be collected here.

Theory 1 - The Meta Paradox

The reason for the unprecedented awesomeosity levels in subject Slendid Suit are easily answered - he is the one writing this article. With such a strong control over the narrative power of this article it is small wonder that Mr. Suit has become a true powerhouse of an individual. This dovetails quite neatly into the Mary Sue Reality Equation.
Had he not started to type these words he wouldn't be nearly as cool as our data suggests.

Of course, one must be wary of the Literary Agent Hypothesis - what if he wrote this article because he is so amazing? An interesting idea to be sure, but it directly harms the Fourth Wall of the article and therefore is a subject not to be toyed with. Then again, this may work both ways. Does writing this article make him better? There is an admittedly small chance of this. However, without further testing this is merely a digression from the main thrust of the hypothesis.

The evidence is everywhere - simply look at the edit history for this page and his fingerprints are sure to be all over it. Who else would even consider writing such an article? Certainly not myself. Further evidence can be found in the writing style - compare to say, his posts in the TV Tropes Forum or those few edits and reviews he has seen fit to leave on our venerable website and I can assure you a very distinct pattern shows through.

As far as I can see, there is only one flaw with this theory - that would mean that Mr. Suit himself is also writing this theory. And that, my friends, would be preposterous.

-Proposed by Doctor Notslend

Theory 2 - The Awesomeness Postulate

Dude, you know this guy? Slendy? This dude here, this dude. This bro, he's like, totally awesome. He's so awesome, that... shit I don't even know. He's like doubleplusawesome or something. One time, we were like, talking. Me and this awesome dude. We were saying stuff, you know, awesome stuff. Then I said, dude... I mean: "Dude, you know what'd be awesome?", and he said, "What?", and I said... fuck I can't remember what I said. But it was awesome, like my awesome bro here, Slendy.

Proposed by note  Doctor Notslendsfrend

This and other theories are still in a very early stage of development. Any outside assistance is always welcome and encouraged, if only to move our data faster. Should you propose a theory, please leave a name so that the scientific team can award credit where credit is due.