An episode guide for ''JustForFun/AvatarAndTheAirbendingFellowshipOfVampireSlayers''. For the characters, see AATAFOVS/MainCharacters.
!!Season One
* AATAFOVS/AThreeHourTour ({{Pilot}})
* AATAFOVS/MySoCalledFelicity
* AATAFOVS/FortyTowels
* AATAFOVS/BadDayAtRamboRock
* AATAFOVS/AvatarGetsSuedByGeorgeLucas
* AATAFOVS/AMagmanicConfrontation
* AATAFOVS/TimeToVampBend
* AATAFOVS/WinFrankensteinsMoney
* AATAFOVS/APiratesLifeForMe
* AATAFOVS/ASliceOfTheLimelight
* AATAFOVS/StockFootage
* AATAFOVS/CitadelOfEvil (Season Finale)
* AATAFOVS/AVeryBendyChristmas ([[ChristmasEpisode double-length Christmas special]])
!!Season Two
* AATAFOVS/LondonFalling (Season Premiere)
* AATAFOVS/TheFutureIsNow
* AATAFOVS/CanOfDoomyDoomness
* AATAFOVS/{{Schooled}} (known as [[AATAFOVS/WaysideBayside Wayside Bayside]] in the UK)
* AATAFOVS/ANerdInTheBand (Part 1 of 2)
* AATAFOVS/ThroughAGlassNerdly (Part 2 of 2)
* AATAFOVS/DownTheSeriesOfTubes
* AATAFOVS/IdolHands
* AATAFOVS/OmenFromTheFuture (MissingEpisode)
* AATAFOVS/FridayLiteBrites
* AATAFOVS/MojaveBlues
* AATAFOVS/TheDaysOfKnight
* AATAFOVS/BirthOfADarkStar (Season Finale)
!!Season Three
* AATAFOVS/FarFromTheNest (Season Premiere; Part 1 of 3)
* AATAFOVS/BattlesOfTheMind (Part 2 of 3)
* AATAFOVS/BlowsThatHurtMost (Part 3 of 3)
* AATAFOVS/CircusOfFear
* AATAFOVS/BackInBlack
* AATAFOVS/FlightOfTheMoths
* AATAFOVS/{{Seduction}} (Part 1 of 3)
* AATAFOVS/NucleusRises (Part 2 of 3)
* AATAFOVS/{{Revelations}} (Part 3 of 3)
* AATAFOVS/TheHomeland
* AATAFOVS/NoisyValley
* AATAFOVS/{{Punishment}} (Tropers/{{Haven}}'s on the case. Tentative title, sets up ''DarthWiki/ThePunishersSongOfEvangelionAndIMustScream'')
* AATAFOVS/MoMechaMoProblems (Season Finale; {{Leliel}}'s got dibs. Tentative title.)
!!Season Four
* AATAFOVS/ShadowOfABender (Season Premiere)
* AATAFOVS/OverTheRainbow (sets up ''SugarWiki/MyLittleRainbowPrincessPrettyMoonShortcake''; tentative title)
* AATAFOVS/BlunderDownUnder (up for grabs)
* AATAFOVS/TheDarkGates
* AATAFOVS/BrokenTime (up for grabs)
* AATAFOVS/BehindTheShadows (in progress)
* AATAFOVS/KnightsOfTheSquareTable (in progress, Part 1 of 3)
* AATAFOVS/KeepItSimpleStupid
!!Other Media
As mentioned on the main page, ''Avatar'' has been adapted into many different media, each with its own continuity that totally disregards the others. For example, there is no Fluffykins in the comics continuity. Instead, a sentient owl named Arkemeadieus who has a unique fascination with field mice and acts as a comedic foil to Nerdly was added.

For another example, the ''AATAFOVS/RevengeOfXanatos'' series of novels tell the story of various villains in many volumes, with only a passing reference to the canon 'benders.

Obviously, recapping '''all''' the novels and comics is beyond our resources. Please recap entire {{Story Arc}}s and try to avoid mentioning other arcs within their continuity.

* AATAFOVS/AHorseDivided by Marlin Banolach (ghost written by obscure Spanish writer Ludovico Martorell Saavedra)
* AATAFOVS/RevengeOfXanatos (series about conspiracies of Lord Bl?w, the Brotherhood of the Cold Sun, and other groups)
** AATAFOVS/TimeAfterCrime (by Franklin W. Appleton, book one)
** AATAFOVS/BlodmawSimple (by Philip K. Le Guin, book two)
** AATAFOVS/APrickInTime (by Kim Stanley Asimov, book three)
** AATAFOVS/NinetyXanatosPileUp (by Stephen Nealson, book four)
* AATAFOVS/ClubOfDarkness (a series planned to run for 1001 volumes, covering every last villain in the show...except for Joe, of course)
* AATAFOVS/TheOfficialGuide (the official guide for the setting of ''[=AATAFOVS=]'')

* AATAFOVS/OriginArc: Issues 1-29 - Avatar and his friends are first shown the gate by ERU. [[Tropers/{{KnightRandom}} KnightRandom]] has dibs, recap in progress. ''Content still unknown. Please help.''
* AATAFOVS/DarkCouncilArc: Issues 30-50 - Dark council are first introduced, the vamp benders fight and defeat three generals. ''Content still unknown. Please help.''
* AATAFOVS/KingOfTheForestArc: Issues 51-60 - TVTW are first introduced, the vamp benders are separated and must survive long enough to reunite. ([[Main/{{Scrounge}} Scrounge]] has dibs, recap in progress). ''In progress''
* AATAFOVS/TheRedStoryGateArc: Issues 61-82. ''Some content still needed. Please help.''
* AATAFOVS/OmenFromTheFutureArc: Issues 83-88

!!Web Original:
* AATAFOVS/KrystalClarity, a Flash cartoon focusing on Krystal before she met the Vamp Benders. (Main/{{Scrounge}} has dibs)
* ''DarthWiki/ThePunishersSongOfEvangelionAndIMustScream'' (DarkerAndEdgier spinoff series from Season 3)
* ''SugarWiki/MyLittleRainbowPrincessPrettyMoonShortcake'' (LighterAndSofter spinoff series, opposite of the previous entry)

See [[ATAAFOVSPrizeDiscussion this]] as well, for historical purposes.