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Table of Contents
Seven Characters? Amazing Axes? A First time for Everything?! Barrylocke Drafts Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword
by Barrylocke
Prologue: An Explanation
Chapter 11: Hector's Handy Axe (Another Journey)2
Chapter 12: Escorting sickly people is a noble task (Birds of a Feather)3
Chapter 13: NOW with less pictures and more stat comparisons! (In Search of Truth)
Chapter 13x: Mountain warriors learn how to swim, with disastrous consequences. (The Peddler Merlinus)2
Chapter 14: Rain, Rain, is a major Pain. (False Friends, NOW with Spellcheck!)
Chapter 15: Swan Song of the Paladin (Talons Alight)
Chapter 16: Marquess Hausen friggen OWES me (Noble Lady of Caelin)
Chapter 17: Slow and steady won't win this Race (Whereabouts Unknown)2
Chapter 17x: A new Jeigan is born! (The Port of Badon)
Chapter 18: A Delayed Sea Voyage (Pirate Ship)
Chapter 19: Finally a force to be reckoned with (The Dread Isle)
Chapter 19x: Hey, who turned off the Magic? (Prisoner of Magic)1
Chapter 20: Pegasus Knights make for SCARY shields (Dragon's Gate)2
Chapter 21: That girl was POISON (New Resolve)
Chapter 22: Armor so bright, you can see your reflection! (Kinship's Bond)1
Chapter 23: I'm afraid that's not a tree behind you Hector (The Living Legend)
Chapter 24: Thank GOD I didn't make us do that +4 penalty B.S. if we restart thing. (Four-Fanged Offense)3
Chapter 25: I thought this was Blazing Sword, not Mystery of the Emblem! (Crazed Beast)2
Chapter 26: This must have been what the Thracia campaign was like (Unfulfilled Heart)
Chapter 27: The one time I WANT to get Harken is the one time Karel comes before me instead. (Pale Flower of Darkness)
Chapter 28: Hurricanes can be blamed for anything, even procrastination! (Battle Before Dawn)
Chapter 28x: Ding Dong! The Bitch is dead! (Night of Farewells)
Chapter 29: Putting Down the Family Pet (Cog of Destiny)
Chapter 30: Hector isn't just sitting there anymore! (The Berserker)
Chapter 31: a creepy sort of way (Sands of Time)2
Chapter 31x: Let's go Shoppin! (Battle Preperations)
Chapter 32: Familiar Territory (Victory or Death)
Chapter 32x: This Villian is deep and inter...nah, just more Cannon Fodder (The Value of Life)
Final Chapter: One last barbecue before winter is here (Light)