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Finale+ -Comment Story Mix-: Invincible

Hello again. Hey, remember that ending? Well...we're actually not done yet. Because it's time to do a comment story!

Comment stories are basically just your average fanfiction. Only they're much better-written and better-executed. Here, I'll do a Toku comment story.

While Lerigot's trying to escape from Divatox's army, Kamen Rider Den-O shows up and slices them all. However, he follows Lerigot, presumably helping him, with the Denliner. After they escape, Den-O de-henshins, revealing himself to be Ryotaro and his red Imagin, Momotaros.

Yes, the main figurehead of the Cash Cow Franchise and one-fourth of the Spotlight-Stealing Squad.

Suddenly, a lion. Poor Ryotaro notes that, like all days, this is not his lucky day. But before they can do something about it, Lerigot manages to scare it off. Ryotaro realizes that they all landed in Africa, and they wander around in search of somewhere that isn't full of lions.

Um...yeah. Good luck with that.

As they look around, they come across the chimps. The blue Imagin, Urataros, possesses Ryotaro, and offers a hook. The chimps don't really take it well, causing Ura to no longer possess the unlucky young man. Momotaros tries to walk away, but the chimps stop him, and he roars, "YOU THINK YOU OWN THIS PLACE?!"

This is really funny. I'm enjoying this more than the Pooh's Adventures story did we do with that, again?

Eventually, though, Tommy and Katherine meet up with the group, and Lerigot heals the latter's leg. The two groups talk a bit, introducing themselves to one another. When Tommy wonders about the "Kamen" part, Ryotaro tells him that it means "Masked". And we get a nice Continuity Nod in which Tommy admits that he hasn't met a Masked Rider since Prince Dex. I'm...hoping that the Prince Dex they met was in that Poorly Disguised Pilot "A Friend in Need" and not the Prince Dex in Masked Rider proper. Anyway, after that, everyone is teleported out.

At the Power Chamber, Zordon's introduced to Ryotaro, but the group gets the transmission. Upon seeing the unlucky boy, Divatox states that he should do whatever she says as well, and Bowser demands that they give Lerigot up. He decides to go with the Rangers, and as we all know, Lerigot gives himself up willingly.

After the incident, Ryotaro witnesses the Rangers becoming the Turbo Rangers, and everyone heads to the Ghost Galleon. From there, he's creeped out, but he notices that it's safe. Why did he say that? He has the worst luck in the world, and he expects something to go wrong. Tommy reassures Ryotaro to trust Zordon on this one, and Justin finds that little treasure box that holds the morphing keys.

During the voyage, as Justin's on his own, the Rangers and Ryotaro see the pod monsters, and they transform. He swipes the Rider pass over his belt, and he becomes Den-O: Rod Form, thus having Ura possess him. As that happens, the DenGasher is formed into a rod, and it's used as the weapon. The DenGasher then is thrown, impaling a monster.


After that comes a powerful Rider Kick, and after the Rangers and Den-O defeat the monsters, Ura stops possessing the weakened Ryotaro. Eventually, though, he does recover, and he, along with the Rangers, cross the Nemesis Triangle. He remarks on how beautiful the island looks.

Well, there's no chance of relaxing on this island (or near it, for that matter), because Divatox unleashes the two torpedos. Ryotaro boards the Denliner just in time, and he regroups with the Rangers. When he does, he henshins into Den-O again, and he swipes the card. With that, he becomes Den-O: Axe Form, with Kintaros possessing his body.

Den-O: My strength has made you cry.

Tommy: Who's crying?

Den-O: They will be when I show them my strength.

And after that dialogue exchange, they rush through the forest. Presumably doing it in one go instead of two. Once they arrive to the temple, Den-O and the Rangers fight. Using his axe, he defeats the henchmen easily...until Kimberly and Jason are possessed by Zuul and Vinz. Upon seeing that, Kintaros leaves Den-O's body, causing it to shift into its Plat Form. Luckily for our heroes, Lerigot and Yara do manage to save Kimberly and Jason.

Unfortunately for them? Divatox chose to sacrifice her pet and Elgar into the fire. And Maligore shows up. After the Rangers pull out their weapons, Den-O does the same, summoning the DenKamen Sword and putting the Rider pass onto a slot on the back. This turns him into the Liner Form, and all four Imagin board the Denliner. However, as with the Rangers' weapons, Den-O's weapons prove to be ineffective.

So what does he do? He runs out and calls the Denliner to go into Attack Mode. With a cry of "Ore...SANJOU!", the now-Den-O: Sword Form hops onto the Machine Denbird and presses some buttons, causing the Denliner to split into four forms., this is more awesome.

The Denliner and the Turbo Megazord attack first, but their attacks first prove to be ineffective. When Den-O sees the Megazord's sword, though, he inserts the pass into the DenLiner sword and changes into Liner Form. From there, he uses the Light Rail and slashes with the Megazord against Maligore, defeating it once and for all.

And so, the story ends with Ryotaro and the Taros heading back to the Denliner. As for Piglet's friendship gift to Winnie, the one fucking plot element that was unceremoniously dropped? It remains unsaid. Which is a better way to handwave that element than saying nothing at all.


The story really ends with someone watching from the bushes as Bowser and the Joker talk. The mysterious person grabs a red beetle, the Kabuto Zecter. Who's the mysterious man? Well, that, too, ends in a cliffhanger.

I have to say that this comment story is a hell of a lot better than the movie. Why? Because it actually does have people doing something. Bonus points goes to that forgotten plot element being picked up, too!

Which is a hell of a lot more than what I can say about...whatever I liveblogged.


This has been Rika Liveblogs Pooh's Adventures of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie! Until next time, see ya!


(I fall to the ground with a loud thud. When I wake up in the next time, I won't remember a thing. Just as it should be.)



I assume that the cliffhanger both this story and the movie is referring to is Pooh's Adventures of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, Bowser is absent from that movie as far as I know.
Psyga315 3rd Oct 11
According to the comments, they are referring to Pooh's Adventures of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Even BowserMovies1989 confirmed it.

...and I'll have to check on that.
arcadiarika 3rd Oct 11
You know, if Darth Vader should reappear in this pooh series, he should be wearing his white armor from Return of the Jedi: Infinities, and is given orders by the light side not to return to his home galaxy for fear of disrupting the star wars series. What do you guys think? And just how would White Armor Vader react to the Yuuzhan Vong and Darth Caudus?
DisneyWarrior95 11th Oct 11
Hey, I'm Tbromyard90 (It is me. Seriously. I just don't have an account on here.) and I'd like to say, I'm very glad you like what I wrote arcadiarika. In fact, Den-O is the series that got me started proper on the Japanese Kamen Rider series (thanks to Koji Yusa voicing Urataros) and the one I knew a lot about, so I'm very glad I've met your expectations.

I started writing these comment stories for Pooh's Adventures ever since I saw someone called IMJEFF 2 doing it and some other people who were writing in the comments without ridicule. I have also wondered what it would be like if Riders and Rangers took part in some of the greatest film and animation battles of all time. Since then, I've been writing in the majority of the Riders and have also made a start on Super Sentai comment stories.

For this story, I'm glad you found something I wrote funny and awesome. I have never really thought about those things while writing. I focused mainly on participation, action and reactions, and how the scene would change with the additional characters. I'm also happy about you noting my little discussion about the Friendship Gift at the end. To be frank, I was wondering that too, so since I didn't know, I just left it as "remains unsaid".

Thank you so much for your praise. I'm glad what makes me happy makes you happy. 16th Oct 11