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Beary Scary

The Ballad of Rowdy Reiko

Episode 29 General

Timecode: 2:42: A cutscene from Rumble Roses, the women's wrestling game, featuring the introduction of Rowdy Reiko, the Heel version of Reiko. Hers is a tale of woe and a bad attitude, of falling in with the Road Warriors, a biker gang.

Rowdy Reiko: Now, I'm their leader, and damn proud of it!
Whether we win or lose, we're riding down the highway to Hell. I'm Queen Cobra, the leader of the Road Warriors. Get out of my way, or get run over!

20:07: At the end of the episode, Reiko's sister implores her to return to Japan to continue their mother's legacy as a Face, but Reiko insists that she is not her sister. When asked what she was going to do now, Reiko replies:

Reiko: ...I dunno what I'm gonna do next, but win or lose, I'm riding down the highway to Hell.

As Reiko leaves the arena on her bike, the other woman reaches out for her and says her name. The sound of Reiko's engine revving fades out, as a more innocent voice asks, "Mom? Are you... ashamed of what I've become?"

Rumble Roses may be Narm incarnate (it has its own page on, but I like Rowdy Reiko's storyline.

Episode 30

7:28: A trailer for Londonian Gothics: Meikyuu no Lolita, an RPG for the DS with a goth-loli theme. It has a nice theme song. Apparently, the young lady in the game has lost her father in a labyrinth and has to go looking for him there. She gets different powers from dresses that she wears.

9:58: A brief clip from Final Fight: Streetwise, the open world Franchise Killer for the series. In this clip, the main character is propositioned by an overweight hooker that gropes her own chest. How does the player respond? By stabbing her with a knife. This lowers his "Respect" rating.

10:08: A glowing advertisement for Rise of the Robots, the 16-bit fighting game with hot, robot versus robot action. The narrator sounds suspiciously like the one used for the "Krusty Krab Training Video" episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, but I don't think it's him. The clip ends with the narrator gushing that RotR "raises the ante on gamers with a futuristic motif proven in focus groups!" ...And scene. LPer Kikoskia did an LP for this game. Coincidentally, that was the first LP of his that I ever viewed.


Whoever was playing Streetwise must've known about Poison beforehand.
nomuru2d 8th Jan 12