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Part 3: A Battle for All Ages

Get it? Because they're on a playground? ...Oh, never mind. I got writer's block, alright?

Why did only Linkara respond yes? Is no one else tired?

I said on the forums that everything made me laugh, but upon reflection it only seemed that way because the ending was funny as hell. Some of the earlier jokes were kind of obvious. For instance, the second Critic says he's "sure there's a perfectly rational, adult way to deal with this" you just know it's going to be handled completely immaturely.

The first go-around, I misheard "What you talkin' 'bout, Hamlet" as "Are you talking about Hamlet?", which in retrospect made no sense.

Linkara's speech here is a great build-up, but did it really need more fucking trees? We get it! They're in a forest! Stop showing us the fucking trees!

Have to admit, did not see Linkara's last line coming....somehow. I do like the Critic being agreeable to the whole speech until his "WHAT?" I thought it was going to be "Yeaah....wait WHAT?" but the beat we got was nice instead. Linkara does the whole "agree with stupid statement wait what" gag on his show a lot, so I guess I've just grown used to it.

Why does he need a musical to start the song? Wouldn't a song, as a part of a musical, need the musical to start? I dunno why, but that lyric bugged me. I don't think I've mentioned yet how happy it makes me that Linkara got a singing part, so I'll mention it now. I'm ridiculously happy Linkara got a singing part.

...Pastrami kind of rhymes.

"There's a little something we need to talk about..." is a much funnier line once you've seen the scene and know what they're discussing. I also love how Bennett and Mickey just assume the topic is less awkward for them.

Aw, Critic's not balding that badly, is he?

Heh. Call-Back! Has anyone made a Suburban Knights Drinking Game yet? Also, unnecessary potshot (this time at Christians, for some reason)! Another drink!

"You want me to kill Bennett?" Naturally, he's standing right there. Didn't see that coming.

Is it just me, or is Lupa smiling while yelling at the Critic? Isn't MarzGurl supposed to be the one who can't deliver lines without smiling? Yet she's been pretty good so far.

Critic? You're an ass. Funny as hell, but still. And I love that Mickey's reaction plays right into the Critic's hands. Also, Critic saw Mickey's sword wasn't sharp enough and immediately drew the most freudian thing possible from it. Brilliant.

WOW. Didn't see that coming. Seriously, Critic, what the hell? Aw, who cares. Jerk Ass-ness at it's finest. I think the Critic's hoping the goat porn will drive him insane just looking at it and he won't come back. Also, good luck finding goat porn at the library. Believe me, I've tried.

Linkara's reaction is priceless. So is Mickey's line there. He'd rather have his friends think he's a goatfucker than have Ma-Ti along. I have to say, all the dragging Ma-Ti scenes in part one were totally worth it.

Does Critic just say the first thing that pops into his head all the time? Seriously, what kind of reaction did he think he'd get? Either way, though, I don't see why it matters. I think the almighty puppeteer is all the proof they should need that there's actually something to look for.

OO! SPOOKY! Whoever's doing that voice is awesome. And omnipotent, apparently. But the second he starts talking about questions you just know this is going to get silly very, very, quickly.

And it does. Critic's actually being very smart here. If it needs money, how powerful can it be? Not at all, it turns out. One Doug cameo down, one to go. (Well, possibly more, but look me in the eye and tell me there's a way to shoehorn in Dominic or Zod or whoever.)

I love that the Bum is angry at them for being broke.

We get it! Nature is spooky/mysterious/wonderful/whatever-mood-you're-going-for! Godddamn it. I really feel like punching Rob and Ed in their throats right about now.

My god! JewWario's codpiece is so powerful it reflects lightning blasts! And yeah, Geek is the lead Cloak. I can accept that. He's doing a damn good job, anyway.

"Besides, your love's shit?" What's that line? And what does using magic do to him? ...Oh, it's "you're a lousy shot."

Awesome chase sequence! And awesome non-rage-related Paw line! Also, I have to admit, I did not see the playground coming. Oh, and Spoony finally abandoned the hat!

You know what? The rest of the review is probably going to be me gushing. Go watch the rest yourself. You'll be glad you did.

...Yeah, I'm worthless at this. Come back tomorrow anyway.


... You ever gonna finish this?
nomuru2d 3rd Jul 11
Yeah. My computer's busted, though, so I've mostly been borrowing other people's. And you can't save drafts with this. Once my computer's fixed I'll wrap this up.

Nice to see someone cares, though.
Wackd 6th Jul 11
I hope you get your computer fixed soon. Both 'cause this is a nice review, and because it sucks having a broken computer.
Enlong 19th Sep 11