You're only reading this because I rated the game 3/10! Let's read horrible GameFAQs reviews!

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JSonavil reviews Mega Man Legends 2

So there I was, browsing the reviews for my favorite Mega Man game of all time, about to open up the 5/10 review I had read earlier, because damn was it dumb...then I noticed something peculiar. There was an 8/10 review, and the tagline is,

"This is worse than MegaManLegends 1 !"

And I thought, how weird! "Worse than Legends 1" suggests that Legends 1 was a bad game, and Legends 2 was worse? How can that be? Let's find out - we'll get to the 5/10 review later.

In this review, I will be comparing Mega Man Legends 2 (MML 2) with Mega Man Legends (MML).

Nothing stops him from preferring the original over the sequel, but whenever a reviewer compares one game to another, I tend to take it as a bad sign.

First the bad things about this game. The music is horrible. There are very few catchy tunes in this game. There are a few towards the end of the game and some at the beginning, but everything is forgettable at best.

Why you tasteless little — no, no, not doing that again.

The movie scenes which were so memorable and plentiful in the first game are only at the end of the boards.

Uh, "boards"? Does this look like Mario Party to you?

Which brings me to the next flaw in this game; there are hardly any boards and all of them are way to short. People say that this is much longer than the first game. This is not true. It is much SHORTER than the first game !

Why do you keep calling them "boards"? Well, in any case, Legends 2 has just as many, er, "boards" as the first game. Maybe more.

While the graphics are not pixelated (except in the first few movie scenes), they are scarce.

The graphics are scarce? What, is this a text adventure?

Luckily, the few movie scenes that are in this game are quite lengthy. They can range from 15 seconds to over 4 minutes. If there were more movie scenes and more of a story than this would be almost as good as MML.

He wants MORE cutscenes? Did he just skip them all or something?

Another bad thing about this game is that the main villains (the Bonnes) are hardly in it at all.

Except for the third dungeon, where they not only take over an entire town, they're IN the dungeon WITH you.

Now, you probably are thinking that there must be some new villains in this game, right ? Well, there are a couple of new villains but they are NOT Main villains because they are only in a few scenes and are only fought once or twice. The Bonnes are also not Main villains because they are fought only a couple of times too and appear in only several movie scenes. So who is the main villain ? I won't tell you who she is but she only appears towards the very end and the movie scenes towards the end are quite LENGTHY !

Why does he keep putting a space before his punctuation marks?

If Capcom had simply made this game as the last 1/2 of it, it would have been a 9 or above game (assuming they added a little more depth to it).

So, what, it would have been better with LESS content?

The music is above average (but no where near as good as MML)

But you just said the music was bad.

As for the ending, which is crucial to making the entire game good (some games go downhill at the end), it is mediocre. The final bits of it are quite funny and you should see it at least twice (although I would not recommend playing through the entire game again). To see the full ending (and the best part), you will have to sit through the boring end credits.

They're credits. They need to be there to give credit to the awesome people who made an awesome game. Why wouldn't you want to give them credit?

What about the boards ? They are very short and have stupid bosses that seem to all look like animals. The only cool bosses are the eye boss and Tron and the skeleton sub-boss. Yes, some boards have sub-bosses and one board even has two sub-bosses and a boss fight. But when there are only 4 dungeons and a couple of in between boards, the game ends too quickly.

Yep, just ignore sidequests, those don't do anything...

The last boss is all flash. She looks cool and takes awhile to beat but you will not have the urge to fight against her again and again.

Dude. Spoilers.

IF you manage to survive through the first half of the game and not return it or stop playing it forever, then you will get involved with the end half of this game (especially the last 1/4 of the game) !

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Also, the auto-aim feature has been fixed. Now, you can actually move around while auto-aiming !

Is there anything good about this game ? Yes, there are a few good things about it.

You mean the auto-aim fix you just mentioned?

Also, the theme from Dr. Wily's first board in MM 2 is redone on the first section of the game in the flutter. Besides this and a couple of good tunes, this game's music is bad.

What the hell? Where did you hear that theme? You mean this? This sounds nothing like MM2!

The end of the game is good. But there is no plot at the beginning. All you know about the story up to the 1/2 way point is to get some keys and stop pirates from getting to them first.

Seems like plot enough to me.

Overall Score (not an average) : 7.1/10.

But you gave it 8/10.

Buy or Rent ? RENT first ! Even if you loved MML (which most people do), MML 2 is not as in-depth nor as fun as MML is.

Then how come I've done ten fell playthroughs?

MML got a 9.8 from me as compared to MML 2's 7.1. MML 2 is not worth buying.

Obviously, because it got lower score, it's not worth buying!

Wow. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cringe at this. Actually I think I'll laugh. Well, we found a horrible yet positive review!


dear god the reviews get worse and worse this dude can't make up his mind
Envyus 23rd May 11
He calls levels... 'boards'? Really? If I knew this guy I'd beat him over the head with a thesaurus.
SomeColorMage 23rd May 11
I can't tell if the reviewer wants me to buy the game or not.
SpellBlade 23rd May 11
If that review was in English, I'm Mary Tyler Moore.
ManCalledTrue 24th May 11
"He calls levels... 'boards'? Really?"

Yes. Back in the Atari days, that was quite common.

Of course, the Atari days were the mid-70's to early-80's, so I have no idea how this guy (who I hope to God isn't 30+ years old) uses the term.
Korval 29th May 11