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You're only reading this because I rated the game 3/10! Let's read horrible GameFAQs reviews!
by Ephraim225
The looooong intro3
SuperSonic612 reviews Mario Golf (GBC)6
matt91486 reviews Paper Mario4
kobalobasileus reviews Scribblenauts9
Yami Shuryou reviews Digimon World1
BimmyandJimmy reviews Goldeneye (Wii)5
BobtheKeeper reviews The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past (GBA)13
Psycho Penguin reviews F-Zero: Maximum Velocity10
emagius reviews Morrowind (PC)6
The_Heap reviews Mario Kart Wii7
DetroitDJ reviews Pokemon Black11
JSonavil reviews Mega Man Legends 25
Chunkey Simmons reviews the Nintendo DS10
UltimaterializerX reviews Final Fantasy X-27
JagDogger2525 reviews the Nintendo Wii5
joselagu reviews The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D2
VinnyDaButcher reviews League of Legends4
Doodleheimer reviews Tetris Attack
FFMrebirth reviews the Game Boy Advance8
Black Angel reviews Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets4
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