Let's Play Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis!


Part 15: Elrick

Euphaire joins as a party member. I won't be using her, mostly because this game is easy enough as it is, it doesn't need to get any easier. I'll bring in Euphaire, just because. Aniole is gone from Squad... Belgger, I guess. I wish you could name your squad in this game.

Euphaire comes in as level 16, so our soldiers chivalrously whack swords against a young girl to get EXP. How noble.

We are now level 16. I get Fersen the Book of Initiation Emblem, which requires you dodge three attacks in a row (training okay; that's how I got it). Now that he has it he can become...

Fersen the Swordmaster! This is why there's no reason to use archers.

Even though this is the only person I'll change to a higher tier class, I'll release an addendum later to talk about higher classes, like dragoons and liches.

Let's go to the story battle at Gryllus. Actually, it's not much of a story battle. I'm not going to transcribe it.

Surgat: Ha... what a... boring life...

We get 500 Goth and a beast whip.

"We need to move quickly!" Belgger shouts. "The forest ahead is deep. Don't fall behind!!!"

Meanwhile, in the Naja Forest...

Rictor's crew walks into the forest.

"...Is someone there?" Rictor calls. He turns to the others, shrugs, and walks forward. He stumbles across a little girl. She looks at him and says nothing.

"...Malicia!?" Rictor shouts in disbelief. She walks away.

Let's do an optional battle at Belleza.

Euphaire and Belgger confront a man on the rooftops, presumably Euphaire's father.

"...You cam here to find me?" Elrick asks. Euphaire says nothing. "I must correct this mistake myself... I'll put an end to your suffering..."

Our position.

"I'm sorry, but there's no other way... Euphaire, prepare to die!!!"

This battle is annoying because the enemy has the terrain advantage, so their bows get a much larger advantage. Most of this battle will you be trudging uphill trying to get pot shots at Elrik. Elrik is also a threat; he has the same large-range ability Euphaire has, so make sure not to get clustered. I suggest you send high movement units like hawkmen and swordmasters up to him quickly so he'll focus on them. Have one of your knights on backup healing. The others should go left and deal with the units over there.

"Haven't you had enough? You do know this isn't here you belong, right?" Elrik says.

"You have no right to say that..." Euphaire counters.

The enemies here (except Elrik) are level 15, so don't bother killing them, just try to get to Elrik. After dealing with the units on the left, Ivanna deals the final blow on Elrick.

He kneels. "I'm the cause of your suffering. If you want to kill me, I have no right to complain."

We get the spell Fenrir and a Plumed Headband.

Belgger and Euphaire talk with the defeated Elrick.

"...Tell me. Are you still upset with me?" Elrick asks.

"What are you talking about, Father?" Euphaire asks.

"...'Father'...!? Euphaire, is that you!? But, what happened to...?"

"She's gone now... the knight saved me. Blete will be safe now. So, Father, are you still working on your experiment?"

"You mean the spell of spiritual transference? I gave up on that. It's futile to keep the souls of the dead in this world."

"Tell me... why?... why did you call mother's soul back? Her heart remained empty... she was neither alive nor dead... can you imagine what that must be like? She was dead, and that was the only truth. You should not have violated nature's law." She pauses. "Join us, father... life goes on... there are still many things to do..."

"Young man... will you allow me to accompany you?"

  • Yes, please join us.
  • I can't forgive you.

Why not?

"Yes. Please join us. But, I think the two of you should talk first." Thank you for giving me more text to transcribe, Belgger. I really appreciate it.

"... I couldn't face the fact that she was gone..." Elrick whispers. "I didn't want to admit it. I needed her to be alive, no matter how she looked."

"Because of you, father, I now understand mother's pain. Now I realize the horror of being undead. There are many things I must share with others... things I learned from her..." Elrick stands up. "I want you to know... that mother loved you."

Fade out.

Next time, we'll go to the Naja forest!


The struggle to reverse a traumatic change by any means necessary, and the suffering that comes from said means...it's a poignant tale told in many forms throughout many stories, is it not? It may seem fatalistic, but perhaps it is better to forget and move on than to desperately cling to a memory...

On a semi-related note, that was a textbook case of Poor Communication Kills, wasn't it? At least the only casualties were Elrick's ghost-hating chums.
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