Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Okay, so here's the second of the installments I'm posting now, so if you missed the previous, you may want to go back to that one first.

That aside, shall I continue?


And first up is the scene I wasn't going to go into the details of. I suppose of note is how Lisianthus said she doesn't want Rin to kiss her "until we grow up". She said it's because "She wants to kiss...", and I can only assume this means the other half of her. It does come to mind though that this may actually be Sia, not Lisianthus.

And, like Nerine's first, there's another choice. Essentially the same choice, really, although the exact words may have been different. If Nerine's route was anything to go by though, what I picked doesn't really matter, and I assume is thus of no interest to readers either.

Afterward, I can't seem to tell whether or not she regretted it. Hrm.


Heh. Friday the 13th has always amused me, even though it's not really of any significance at all.

But yeah. This next day has Lisianthus' portrait being completely unfaded. I think this is how it worked last time too. The first scene is of Rin's room, in which he monologues about how "he can't get his mind off it". He decides to go outside to clear his head... where he bumps straight into Lisianthus. Figuratively speaking. They're both a bit embarrassed, but as Rin tries to start a conversation, Lisianthus says they should just think of it as a dream, and that it was probably bad for Rin that it happened.

...Still not sure whether this is Lisianthus or Sia.

Rin of course is not so sad about what happened, and suggests they become "an official couple". When he also suggests they go on their first date as a couple, she happily agrees. Rin monologues of how going back to being just friends is essentially impossible now, but he doesn't regret his decision.


This day happened last time. It's Primula at the pool, learning to swim. A boring day the first time, and a boring day this time. While reading through all this again, it comes to mind that Primula's standard nickname - Rim-chan - should probably be rendered as "Rimu-chan", both to differentiate it from Rin (who is often called Rin-chan), and because that's how people are actually saying her nickname. Like last time, Kareha calls the relationship between Rin, Kaede & Primula to be like parents and their only daughter.


At the big park again with Lisianthus - I'll consider her the 'real' one until proven otherwise - talking about how hot it is. Soon after she suggests we go to the pool though, she sees Mayumi and calls out to her. Of course, while Lisianthus is happy to see her friend, Rin considers this the last person he wanted to see. And I can understand why: she starts bugging Lisianthus about "how far you've gone", and various vague yet specific details surrounding the ordeal. Nothing I wouldn't expect her to ask about, but Lisianthus becomes flustered quickly.

Rin throws an empty can at Mayumi in Lisianthus' defense. Mayumi realizes quickly enough that these aren't the kind of questions either party wants to be asked... Although she does say she took a few pictures of us "enjoying ourselves". I dislike how that could refer to the scene a few days ago if she wanted it to, but odds are it meant the scene right now.


In the neighborhood scene, Lisianthus runs up to Rin and asks if he's busy. When he says he isn't, despite an assignment that's apparently due soon, she suggests they go on a date. Rin sees this as being off. I suspect this is actually Sia, and Rin seems to have the same idea. When he mentions it though, Sia becomes huffy that Rin didn't realize immediately, and says that she feels bad that Lisianthus "had sex with someone so cold hearted." Not his fault you look the same and act similar, lady.

Interestingly, she also says "If I had a choice, I wouldn't have watched though". Does this mean that she is in a constant state of awareness of what Lisianthus is doing? When Rin asks whether her situation is like a double personality, she smiles oddly and asks whether he'd really like to know. He of course does, but before he can say anything, she again suggests they go on a date, with the implication that she'll tell him afterward.

New thought: Sia and Lisianthus share the same body. I get this impression when Sia mentions people like Kaede & Nerine not minding if they see her with Rin... Although Rin does think it'd be an issue if Itsuki sees them. Sia agrees, but says that they'll just do what they can to avoid him. I don't expect that plan to go well. (What's the reverse of Unspoken Plan Guarantee?) Previous impressions have been that Sia can only actually be seen by Rin and Lisianthus herself.

And Sia's idea for a date is... the school? Rin says that "only delinquents and test-thieves come to school on a Sunday". It's a Tuesday. While I realize he's referring to the days marked red on a standard Japanese calendar, this isn't clear here.

Inside, Sia seems very interested in the school, and says that normally she only gets to view because she "can't come out". Once in the classroom, Sia immediately goes to her/Lisianthus' desk and pretends to be in class. She also says that when Lisianthus gets bored in class, she watches Rin. Both of them watch him. Before he can say anything though, the teacher appears.

When she asks why we're here, Sia quickly answers by saying they're test thieves. Rin realizes that that was a bad thing to say. After a little bit of harassment by the teacher toward Rin though, Sia examines the teacher and tells her that she should lessen her womanly figure. The teacher has no idea what's going on.

Near sunset, in the park, Sia talks about how much better it is to walk with her own feet and see with her own eyes, although she doesn't actually compare it to anything else. She then asks what it is Rin wants to know. Before he can ask anything though, she says that she's a bit disappointed about the date, and then leans on him as they sit on a bench... Oh! A choice: "Then, she closes her eyes."

Let her have it her way

Make her stop

I think I'll save first, but I don't really feel like stopping her right now, whatever she's doing.

She says thankyou, and that "you have the right to know everything"... but then says that she can't tell me everything, because "she" (Lisianthus, I presume) wants to tell me herself. All she says she can tell me is that Lisianthus is too sweet, and so can't forgive (whatever that means), and that they have "two hearts, two bodies, but only one can come out". She then says she's been out too long, and falls asleep. Something she said though piqued Rin's interest: that Lisianthus "must be of the Gods". I bet this has something to do with her biological mother being a Devil.


At the pool with Lisianthus. She's loving the pool, but is sad that their summer vacation will be ending soon. She says she wants to do something, but when Rin says they can do it next year, she says it has to be this year, that she decided "this would be the last year". Her face turns sombre. When Rin questions her on it, she says it's nothing. (Even though it's never nothing. Not in fiction, anyway. Is there a trope for that?) Changing the subject, she grabs Rin so that they can race, where the outcome decides who hangs out with who afterward.


Sigh. Just like last time, the days are passing so quickly toward the end.

It's the first day of school once again, and Rin & Lisianthus are sad that there's another three months before the winter break. Once they get to the school though, they get a little bit more into the feeling of actually being there. Or something like that; I don't think it's important. Interestingly, Itsuki has once again tried to greet the girls by hugging them as they come in, and Rin once again stops him. Mayumi also shows up, negotiating something about the photos she took during the break.

After school, Rin and Lisianthus are walking by the CAFFE doing some pointless shopping. Or perhaps just browsing, but that's not really the point of this whole thing. Rin just feels happy while being with Lisianthus, that's all. She's also able to convince him to go bargain shopping with her, and later says that she's the only person he'd do that with (At this point: Duh.)

As they walk home, Lisianthus compares them to newlyweds. Rin does not have such an averse reaction to that idea as he once had.


Ah, the scene from the OP wherein Lisianthus is feeding Rin on the school rooftop. And she's nowhere near as hesitant as Nerine was during her run. Itsuki and Mayumi are a bit embarrassed by the whole thing though, and don't think Rin & Lisianthus have any shame at all - that they're not thinking. Kaede and Nerine seem somewhat sad to Rin, but they're also happy for the couple.


Swimming class. It's co-ed, and Itsuki says that he'd lead a riot were it to stop being co-ed. He even compliments Mayumi's figure, which quickly earns him a can thrown at (and hitting) his head. Other male students (unnamed and unshown, of course) make a number of comments about Nerine, Kaede, Lisianthus & Mayumi - in that order. The one who says they'd love to bury their face in Mayumi's chest amusingly gets yelled at for Mayumi having nothing there - but Rin is only annoyed at the comments about Lisianthus.

Later, when it seems that Lisianthus is running up to Rin, he takes only a moment to notice that it's actually Sia. She's happy at how quick that was. (Looking at it, I'd say the face is different. I realize that Shuffle!'s artist has the whole Only Six Faces issue going on, but Sia is comparable to Mayumi, I think.)

When Rin asks why Sia is there instead of Lisianthus, she says that Lisianthus wanted it this way. She also says that she (Lisianthus) doesn't need to think of her (Sia). When Rin wonders if anybody noticed them change, she says that they wouldn't have been able to; all they'd see is Lisianthus acting a little bit different from usual.

And then she pushes Rin into the pool. When he complains, she jumps in too, asking him to catch her... which I get a choice about. I'll save again, but I know what I want to pick.


Catch her

Rin catches her, but we both fall to the bottom of the pool in an embrace.


Wow, this seems much longer than the gap between Nerine's first... scene and the end of the route. I don't want to stop writing until I reach the second scene though.

In the classroom, Rin calls Lisianthus (Boom. First mistake I've made on calling Lisianthus "Sia".) out on something: She's wearing her sports gear. Apparently she got drenched by the gardening club in the morning. She says she wants to go home early, but Rin lets her know that she has "day duty" with him that afternoon. Cleanup duty, I assume, like Nerine had with Mayumi near the start.

That afternoon, when they're both done, Rin immediately notices that the girl in front of him isn't Lisianthus, but is actually Sia. Before they leave, Rin tries to convince Sia that she should change out of the "attractive PE uniform", but she doesn't quite understand. However, with everything she's saying, Rin realizes that he's equally attracted to both Sia and Lisianthus. When she then says "If you want to... then I don't mind doing in this outfit..." Rin holds her tightly and... Ah. I think I see where this is going. I mean, I did have a think about how they'd try to vary up the 10 scenes in this visual novel, but for some reason a classroom scene didn't come to mind.

And anyway, even if this isn't what I think it is, I've been writing for long enough that I may as well stop for now anyway. I do want to finish off Lisianthus' route this weekend though, so expect the last of her installments before Monday.



Wait, Lisanthus's mom is a devil? I think that was just a mistranslation.
neobowman 8th Aug 11
Uhh... no it wasn't. She most definitely has the ears of a Devil, and her being a Devil is what brought about the whole issue with Lisianthus having two halves in the first place. Lisianthus even says (during the events of my Lisianthus! installment, not this one or before) that her biological mother is "Maoh-sama's sister".
Sabbo 9th Aug 11