Everybody gets punched: A Zeta Gundam liveblog

Pata Hikari

Episode 7: Escape from Side 1

And Jerid is getting chewed out for his failure in the last mission. Lila, the regular army pilot and her troops did much better then the "elite" Titans. This doesn't really surprise me at all.

Lila points out, however, that the Argama is pretty similar to the famous "White Base" of the One Year War. Stating that they project a weak image, and then when its actually attacked they show surprising force capable of handling the threats.

"Newtypes are imaginary beings created by media hype!" Keep telling yourself that.

And hey, Kamille is being promoted to official pilot! Kamille, surprisingly enough, questions the wisdom of having someone as young as him as a solider. He asks Quattro why they can't find Amuro, who responds that they can't find him. Kamille will be treated as any other Lieutenant, then he asks why Quattro became a solider. That's and interesting question.

Quattro gives the cynical answer of "it's how I make my living."

The Argama has reached Side 4. Start the suit up!

Back with the Titans... Lila is taking a shower. Jerid interrupts her, he's basically following her around like a lost puppy now. He asks why he stood up for him. I have to admit, I'm wondering that too. Jerid, to his (minor) credit, appolgizes once he sees her in a towel.

He then brings up his (*snicker*) dream of leading the Titans, and saying he needs to face jackasses like his current CO alone.

Lila says that he clearly wasn't paying attention. She wasn't thinking about Jerid at all. She was just informing her commanding officer of her opinion of the enemy. Ice cold.

Back with said C Os, they're still tracking the Argama... they're heading either to the Moon or Side 2...

Meanwhile, at the Argama, Emma is pointing out space debris for them to avoid.

Switching again to the Titans, they have no idea which of three ways they'll go. Lila suggests splitting their forces into three. Lila will take her forces, and head one way.

Afterwards Jerid asks a woman out of his league (Lila) out for a drink. She tells him "man up and sure." (So in other words, never gunna happen.)

With that, the regular Federations troops leave the stupidly evil Titans.

Once again we hit the AEUG.. Quattro is asked where Emma is. Judging by the look on their faces, I don't think it's for any military reason.

Back to the standard fed ship. They've reached the Argama... they're getting ready to attack and show up the Titans.

Back to the Argama... I think the Captain is hitting on Emma... and hey, they've reached Colony 30... and they want to show it to Emma. It's why the AEUG started this rebellion. Quattro, Kamille, and Emma enter the colony.

The Feds have detected the Argama docking it. They assume that this is some secret hide out... Lilla volunteers to sneak into the colony to find out exactly what they're up to.

Colony 30 is a wasteland. Dead bodies scattered around shattered buildings in massive windswept desert... it's... disturbing. Too many corpses to bury. It's... rather nasty. Quattro points out the ease it is to commit mass murder these days. With a push of a button, countless can be slaughtered. The person feels no guilt, because they didn't do anything with their bare hands.

Some federation Mobile Suits sneak into the colony, and Lilla enters it. Surprisingly, there's still electricity. Passing an abandoned farm, Lilla and her lackies take an abandoned car.

Quattro, Emma, and Kamille enter a bar. Corpses just lay there, dead. Quattro points out that, as long as the Federation ignores the colonies, natrually there's going to be protests (Really, that's kind of obvious). He did it to bypass any "Why did they protest here?" questions.

Emma asks why Bask did this monstrous thing. She surely doesn't know.

Lilla drives down the broken road... into the abandoned town... driving near Kamille! She spots him... giving respects to a corpse.. and then tells him to put his hands up. She grabs Kamille just as Quattro is calling for him, dragging them both into a building.

Emma says she still dosn't get why Bask would kill an entire colony over a group of protesters. Quattro says that he thinks its because Bask was afraid that the people in space would become Newtypes... and overthrow the current ruling class.

...and Lilla exposes herself, not liking what she's hearing. She says that Bask would never do such a thing. (I dunno, he's pretty blatantly evil) Oh yeah, she has a gun at Kamille's head. She says that it's all Zeon propaganda.

Quattro counters by saying that the Federation is becoming just as bad as Zeon. Lilla's confused, and runs off.

The Argama leaves... and it's time for battle. Kamille is taking point, with Roberto and Quattro supporting him. Lilla and Kamille begging fighting. Kamille contacts her, and tries to dissuade her... it dosn't work. Lilla barely avoids his shot, she fires at Kamille randomly.

...The Titans are there... and refuse to support them. What jerks.

Kamille is hiding in a crack in the colony, and shoots Lilla just as she flys past him, grazing him.... she charges him...tries to cut him with her beam saber. Kamille dodges, shoots... and well. Lilla gets blown up... darn. I liked her.

Jerid freaks out. Oh now you care that somebody died? Maybe you should grow up huh?

Kamille is congratulated for showing he's a good pilot. He, of course, is still apprehensive.

Next Episode: Jerid tries to avenge the only human being who's treated him with worth he does not deserve, and will fail miserably.

Darn, I liked Lilla. I had guessed she was going to die by the last episode preview. Oh well. Still, war sucks and all that. Jerid continues to be a worthless twit.


Yeah, Gundam Z is pretty well known for killing likable characters (and unlikable ones too, but no one cares about that.)
SKJAM 25th Apr 11
I really don't get what you've got against Jerid; Char is at least as big a prick and y'seem to like him well enough.

FurikoMaru 30th Apr 11
Char? Silly Furiko, Char hasn't appeared in this show.
PataHikari 5th Aug 11