Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 22: Knights Of Dog Piss

Times up. I'm going down Chaotic.

I select option 2.

I love how the music literally goes "dun dun dun."

"I can't go back. You're the same as Bacrum... you're blinded by the Duke's words. You're nothing but a slave to the system!"

"Then what are you going to do!?" Leonard shouts. "Do you really think you can do any better!?"

"I'm not that ambitious. I'm just trying to fix things..." If you remember, Ramza said a line very similar to that in Final Fantasy Tactics. "I just can't believe people do not have their own dreams, and base everything on what they see."

"People will kill each other over a loaf of bread," counters Leonard. "They only fight for their own selfish reasons. War will never cease from this world. Unless human nature changes, war will always be around. Our duty is to watch and control these people and create a world of order."

"I don't understand. I can't believe what you're saying. What should I believe? What am I fighting for?"

What am I fighting fooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr!?

Okay, okay, sorry, sorry...

"I understand," Leonard mutters after a pause. "I will give you time to think about it. Now go, Orcus! Take Kachua and get away from this castle."

"Leonard, what's the meaning of this!?" Vice shouts.

"Go ahead and see the world with your own eyes. See the world as it really is! What you're looking for is not here and no one else can find it for you. Go find out for yourself. When you don't find what you're looking for, come to us. I will be waiting for you. Go now!"

We turn to Vice. "I will never lose hope! I shall not be defeated by my own fears!"

"Wait, Orcus!" vice screams.

"Leave him alone!" Leonard commands. "Unless he finds out the truth himself, nothing will change his mind."

"You'll regret it later if you don't kill him now! Are you sure it's okay?"

"...When the time comes, I will kill him myself."

As Leonard leaves, Vice whispers, "...I will be the one to kill him."

The screen cuts to show the destruction the Roslolians caused.

Damn those Black Knights... first Griate, and now here...

Wait... is that... Nybbas?

Am I too young to realize reality?

We cut back to the map.

"Four weeks have passed since the Bacrum Army occupied Rime... Although Bacrum was able to take over the old capital of Rime, they suffered heavy losses in the battle against Lans' (H) troops. The damage was so serious that they were unable to continue on. Meanwhile, Duke Ronway in Amorika Castle was having difficulty suppressing partisan guerrilla activities. The negative attitude toward Walsta was becoming worse. The Duke needed to heighten the morale of his Army. Duke Ronway assembled his Army at Amorika Castle and prepared for the battle against Bacrum. At the same time, he sent a secret messenger to the Dark Knights to set up a treaty. He did this to buy some time so he could avoid the Dark Knights' involvement in the war.

Orcus refused to obey the orders of the Duke and went underground, so that he would have a chance to kill the Duke. Duke Ronway was extremely indignant of Orcus' rebellion. He ordered Leonard to hunt down and kill Orcus. Not only that, he also put a huge price on Orcus' head as a traitor. Orcus realized that his situation was becoming dangerous and decided to leave the port town of Ashton..."

Chapter 3: Ambition and desire is the motivation. Losers are called dogs and hogs.

...What does that even mean?

We open on the Black Knights.

"Barbas, is it true that you acted without permission?!" Balzepho roars. "I don't care what your intentions were, it is strictly forbidden to act without our leader's order! Moreover, you had ignored the order to retreat several times, and you never showed up until now!"

"Balzepho is right. How could you be so stupid?! Why don't you try using your brain for a change?" Martym chimes in. I can already tell this guy is a kiss-ass.

"Silence! I didn't give you permission to speak!" Barbas shouts at Martym.

"..I had no choice. It was the Cardinal's wish." Barbas replies. Here's his portrait by the way.

"Oh, what a load of shit!" Balzepho replies angrily. "That is a lie! You know full well that the Cardinal is not our lord! You heard that the Knights from Zenobia were in Rime. You just wanted to fight them, right?!"

Barbas doesn't respond.

Oh, look, it's the "man of the hour." Who are your friends? "What's done is done."

"Welcome back...ah, Ozma and Oz, you're here too," Balzepho says. Those must be these two warrior with Lans.

Lans takes his seat. "What is the status of Walsta?"

"There is a messenger from Duke Ronway," Balzepho says.

"Let him in."

Oz tells a Templar to usher in the messenger.

Wait, Vice!? What the hell kind of moron sends a genocidal lunatic on a diplomatic meeting!?

"Look at that...the Dark Knights of dog-piss are welcoming me," Vice says. Another classic Vice stinger.

"Watch your tongue, boy!" Balzepho scolds.

"Please, calm down. It's awfully bad for your blood pressure." Vice is on a "roll" today. "Besides, I am the one who should be mad. You guys broke our promise!"

"...Hmmm. So Duke Ronway's mad? What do you want us to do, them?" Lans asks.

"Paint my house? Wash my horse? Massage my smelly feet? Naa...actually, I just need to know what your true intentions are." Vice isn't very good at this whole negotiation thing.

"What would you do if we were to attack...say Amorika?" Lans asks.

"We'll get into an even uglier situation...duh! More innocent blood will be shed. And since you guys are the initiators, all of Valeria and Zenobia will point the finger at you and laugh."

"That's it, boy! Your insolence will not be tolerated!" Balzepho roars.

"We have maintained our neutral position and will remain as such for as long as it takes to resolve this," Lans says cooly.

"I heard one of the Dark Knights participated on the front line in Rime. Is that true?"

"There will always be one who will be too overzealous. I was not responsible for his actions," Lans responds.


"Proof? What kind of proof do you want?"

"I have a plan..."

And the screen fades to black.

We open on the same house we started chapter 2 in.

"I am not helping Duke Ronway, Kachua," we say.

"What?! What did you say? How can you stand there and look me in the eye and say that you are not helping him out?!" Kachua screams.

"Don't you two ever stop arguing?! Ever since I met you two, you guys have been in each other's faces... jeez! What did I say? Stop looking at me like that, Kachua!" God, I love you, Canopus.

"What's wrong with you? You're acting like a baby!" Kachua shouts at us.

"Excuse me? You're the one always whining, Kachua. ...I was only thinking about Walsta. I just realized that I have been misled. The Walstanian and Gargastan war is merely a struggle for power between the Cardinal and Duke Ronway. We are not the only ones who are suffering. Whoever doesn't have any power is suffering also. There are so many of our people that are suffering, Kachua. I need to fight for them! But you always tell me to run away. How can you be so selfish?"

"You are the selfish one. You never think about me," Kachua retorts, leaving the room.

...God damn it, Kachua, the world doesn't revolve around you.

"Leave her alone. You would have to smack her around with a club to persuade her," Canopus says.

"Orcus! Where are you hiding!?" a bounty hunter from outside screams.

"Wow! You're so popular, everyone wants you, Orcus. I'm just joking! Man, can't anyone take a joke nowadays?" Can I just state again how awesome Canopus is?

We are brought to the edit screen. We can't train before this battle.

Next time: we fight the first two battles of chapter 3!

About halfway through the game, folks. Chapter 4 is really long, though.