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Table of Contents
Let's Play Tactics Ogre
by gentlemanorcus
Part 0: Intro4
Part 1: The Town Of Griate Burns Down
Part 2: The Mercenaries From Zenobia
Part 3: The Zenobians Kick Ass
Part 4: "Area?"
Part 5: Real Battle
Part 6: Presance Kicks Ass For The Lord
Part 7: We Prepare To Fight Nybbas
Part 8: Nybbas
Part 9: Battles Of Swords And Ideals
Part 10: The Music Box
Part 11: Hard Choices
Part 12: The End of Chapter 1- Fighting In The Rain
Part 13: The Quest For Lans Hamilton
Part 14: Misunderstandings
Part 15: Zapan
Part 16: The Battle At Tanmas Hill
Part 17: The Hulkster's In The House
ADDENDUM 1: Class Evaluation And Changes
Part 18: The Angrish Begins
Part 19: Storming Damsa
Part 20: Shit Hits The Fan
Part 21: The End Of Chapter 2- Jealousy
Part 22: Knights Of Dog Piss
Part 23: *insert Legend of Zelda joke here*
Part 24: New Classes
Part 25: Make Like A Tree
Part 26: Haborym
Part 27: Get A Lich
Part 28: The End of Chapter 3- "I'd Rather Die Fighting"
Part 29: The Ideals Of Lodis
Part 30: Four Sisters
Part 31: Alliance
Hell Gate
Hell Gate 2: Electric Boogaloo
Part 32: Princess
Part 33: Hallelujah!
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