Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Gondowan Cliffs

Belated Merry December 25 to you all! Actually, I don't know whether or not it's belated, all I know is that it's Boxing Day afternoon here in Sydney.

Anyway, today we're gonna check back in on Piers at Madra.

Hey! You lot! Hold it right there!

Oh what now? We resolved your pirate issue. Kraden points that out.

This has nothing to do with the Champa this time, old man! This time, the Kibombo attacked us!

Um, it's not a good idea to call him an old man. Also, you guys should get better security. Seriously, I'm surprised you haven't been destroyed yet.

Anyway, the Kibombo are from Gondowan, so I guess we have to go there at some point too. Why is it so hard to get to bloody Jupiter and Mars Lighthouses! I just want a damn ship!

The Kibombo took a black orb. Nothing else. Would this happen to be a Lemurian ship orb?

Asking around town reveals that the black orb belonged to Piers, and now that he's been released from jail, he's gone straight after it. We should probably help. If that orb's what we think it is, we might get a ship out of this after all.

Well, let's get going! We can't finish the Madra Catacombs yet anyway. Our first stop on the way to Kibombo is the Gondowan Cliffs. There's a dog at the entrance here, so we Mind Read him.

Dig here, you dig? Rrruff!

Note to self: avoid using Mind Read on dogs. We use Scoop at the spot the dog is looking at to reveal a water spout.

Following the path takes us to a long jumping puzzle. Great, just what I needed, an annoying puzzle.

We've reached the end of the cliffs, but we take a detour to find a Mars Djinn! He fights us, and gets a ton of Mercury damage for his efforts.

Felix found the Mars Djinni Kindle!

Kindle gives 8 HP, 5 Attack and 1 Luck. In battle, it increases all Adept's Attack by 25%.

We also get the Tiamat Summon. For 3 Mars Djinn, it attacks at 120 Mars Power plus 9% of the target's HP, then increases the user's Mars Power by 60.

Felix can keep Kindle for the time being. Sheba will have both Venus Djinn for now, as I need a healer, and the Mercury Djinn are split between Sheba and Jenna.

We are now in Gondowan! But before I finish up, we find a Mercury Djinn hiding in the forests that attacks us. We defeat it with its weakness to Mars. Felix reaches level 16 and learns Nova, and...

Felix found the Mercury Djinni Chill!

Chill gives 10 HP, 3 PP and 2 Defence. In battle, it performs a Mercury Attack plus 40 damage and may reduce the target's Defence by 25%.

We also get the Neptune Summon. For 3 Mercury Djinn, it attacks at 120 Mercury Power plus 9% of the target's HP, then increases the user's Mercury Power by 60.

I give Felix all the Mercury Djinn so we now have two healers in the party. And I'll end it there. See you next time.


Felix: Lv 16 Defender (Venus) HP:256 PP:79 Attack:164 Defence:130 Agility:77 Luck:7

Jenna: Lv 15 Illusionist (Mars) HP:213 PP:107 Attack:151 Defence:106 Agility:65 Luck:5

Sheba: Lv 15 Diviner (Jupiter) HP:180 PP:116 Attack:106 Defence:92 Agility:82 Luck:5

Djinn: 2 Venus, 3 Mars, 3 Jupiter, 3 Mercury


Yay, Felix the very lucky healer! Not only is his luck the highest in the party, but his Agility's 77 to boot! I'm more happy about this coincidence than I think an ordinary person ought to be!

...Ahem. So, anyways, excellent job as per usual. Happy almost-belated Xmas from Ontario (It's 11:40 as I post this), I hope you got (or will get) to spend quality time with your loved ones, et cetera.
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