Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Buyer Beware

Sakura's cooking dumplings for the very first time! She reaches over to drop one in the pan when she suddenly flies backward! Forgot to check the temperature, her dad sees. He doesn't mind. Everyone makes mistakes, and there's always next time. Tori decides to grab one to eat, remarking that since Sakura didn't make them, they're safe to eat. Just another day of sibling love.

Nikki is nervous about taking the gym test, but when it's her turn, she clears the jump! She owes it all to some "magical" card which looks suspiciously like The Jump card. Cue long, inconsistent flashback in which it looks like she nabs it with the Wood card. Her memory must be pretty bad. Incidentally, the Clow Card lookalikes come from Maggie's shop. Who's the delivery person sending her this stuff?

Sceptical of their supposed magic, Sakura and Madison head over to investigate. Meilin, of course, denies any interest in them. So it turns out they came from some stranger company. Nothing suspicious in the least. Sakura tells Kero back at home that it's a pity they aren't real, since she could have used the cooking help.

The next day, Sakura's Clow senses are tingling, coming from the fake card rack. A red outline indicates the card had already been bought. She interrogates Maggie, who informs her that one of her friends had already brought The Shot card. So off they go, with Maggie undoubtedly wondering why she seemed so angry. Meanwhile, Kero is playing some Top Gun-like game when he gets the message. He warns Sakura that it's a dangerous card, since it'll constantly pursue whomever it sees first. She uses Fly to search for her friends before it's too late.

Nikki and Chelsea, none the wiser, reveal their Clow Card clones aren't the real deal. Chelsea informs Sakura that Meilin might have bought one. Sakura and Madison split up to search for her, and Sakura runs into Li, who had also been sensing trouble. At first, he is reluctant to get on the staff with Sakura, but it's not like he has a choice at the moment. Besides, he has the ever-handy Lasin Board (which, for some reason, only sees one card at a time).

They finally catch Meilin at the playground, admiring her chance to score with Li. Unaware of the magnitude of the danger, she only insists on her own ability to capture cards too. Li demands she hand it over. No. "The Shot Card is mine!" Oh, Crap!. Sakura bides some time by protecting Li with the Shield Card, but he has other plans. He runs off to distract the laser pulses. Finally, it scores a glancing hit on him. The situation getting desperate, Sakura gets the idea to use The Mirror. Li tricks the card into colliding with his reflected image, enough to weaken it for the capture. Madison reveals in the midst of all this, Meilin turned out all right, not even getting any reprimands for her irresponsibility. Guess Li's used to her Hot-Blooded attitude at this point.

Sakura gets a second shot at cooking the dumplings, and gets them in this time! See? No magic to it. Kero gets to savour the taste of sweet victory as they deliver the Aesop. "Wishes can come true, Sakura, but not because of a card. You can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it." Wait, didn't she initially believe in that amulet two episodes ago? Of course, but I guess she realized she didn't need it after all.