Cliche gets an auditory consumption of Black Eyed Peas


Bridging the Gap: BEP Empire

Bridging the Gap. An oddly appropriate name. After all, Elephunk comes next bringing that fourth vocalist we all know and not necessarily like. Considering that they're still a relatively under-the-radar entity at this point, it's odd that they'd release BEP Empire acting like they're on the top of the world, but eh. Might as well enjoy their enthusiasm.

Here we have a parody Infomercial advertising hip-hop. The most amusing part of the video is the part with "Gold Fronts" which "actually look like real gold and real diamonds!" while making a person look hideous. In fact, much of the lyrics, including an entire verse, is dedicated as a Take That! to sell outs. Easy, guys.

There's sampling of "Joints and Jam" and "Falling Up", since it's a song about them. Speaking of which, I find it unnecessary considering they already did a song like this, and this one seems too proud, like they let the fame get to them. Well, we still have a couple of singles from this album of merely moderate success.