Jung complexes and icy masks: Let's Play Persona (PSP)

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In which a subway enterence is confusing.

About that last update. Evidently I Lied. Either that or the I just don't care that much for the Olympics. Anyway, back in the game we go!

We head out the school and we head to the shrine! And I think I know where it's at. Heading out, we easily contact away a Hannya and get her Spell Card. Then after a nonconclusive fight, we contact away some Nekomata's! And then Nanjo levels up after our next battle. And then the shrine! In which we ...meat a butterfly. It's Philemon! He tells us of Kandori and how he is seeking something to control the two worlds. We have to get to the other side of a huge wall that is blocking the two sides of the town. We are to seek the Expel Mirror in order to proceed. But there is a boss fight guardian along the way.

And so too the Expel Mirror we go! Of which, if I remember right, is in a certain museum. Off to this museum we go! After some quick contacting with a Gandharva, who gets Eager from Taunts, enter another battle, finally leveing up Mark's Persona learning Maragi and Toxic Sting in the process and Nanjo's, Reiji ignoring a female ghost spirit to get her card, (Maybe it's Moaning Myrtle?) and shooting up some Tofei's, leveling up Reiji to the next level. We get to the Historical Society to grab the mirror when a specter of a girl's face appears, warning us not to take it! Sorry but -yonk-

With Mirror in hand, we stop by the clinic for some healing up. The team then heads down to the mall. I decide to pick up some Medicines as right now, they are our only in-battle healing item. And some Dis-Stone (just in case it is a beyond battle status) and some more Dis-Posion, which is a beyond battle status. I have checked in my other save file and there isn't much else in the ways of weapons to buy, expect guns but I don't expect to use those much. So to the armor shop Rosa-Canda we go! We just buy one of the stock, equiping them to Nat and Maki and optimaling the rest. Also, Peace Diner is out of food but is our hint stand for the game. Too bad. I'm always up for a burger. Next up, Velvet Room, in which we get rid of Aizen Myouou and Ogun for a Vi Incense and an HP Incense, which shall be given to Nanjo and Mark. We fuse up Lilim and Aonbharr for them to add on, even if they can't use them yet. One visit to the save tree later and we are off!

One contact with a Dribbler later and we're in! Now for the record, I have taken a subway before when I visited Washington DC. Quite a few of the people in my group were nervous about that but I just found it neat. Our first battle is with a group of Enku's which are not weak to any of our spells but reflect Dark. Sorry Reiji, you're stuck with your physical skill. Or guns. But Mark's Persona ranked up! Our next contact is with a Siren, who enjoys a combo of Nat's singing and Mark's bragging. Our next is with those Enku's, which we only managed to frighten. We try again against a Cath Palug who likes Reiji's igoring her to use a life stone on him and a Yato No Kami angered but eager gives Reiji one, leaving that Enku left. We then contact a Kobhold and an Archangel, which we manage to contact away the former and Mark gets EXP from staring at the latter. Our next battle has Nat's Persona ranking up and learning Mamagnara and Mark being the first to reach level 21. Another contact with a Cath Palug with Maki lying to her face goes over well, and the Dark Elf gives Nanjo EXP for some Sarcastic remarks. And...we get kicked back to the other enterence. Huh?

After defeating some Nekomata's in battle and Reiji's Persona gaining another level and Maki gaining a level, we head back into the subway. I don't remember a subway being this much of a maze to get through. But the map is more filled so we can go from there! Another life stone being used on Reiji for a contact later, I then figure out where we need to go. Our next battle has Mark's persona gaining a rank and learning Megido. Ooooooo. An nulclear skill and Nanjo levels up. Cath Palug uses another Life Stone on Maki but...eh no battle here. An Enku then contacts us...on a full moon that makes demons snappish. Oh boy. But with a combo of Maki's lies and Nat's singing we get EXP for Nat, leveling him up! We got ambushed on our next battle but this time it was a contacting turn! The Wyvern reacted both in rage and happiness and eagerness with Maki's cringing with Eager and Happiness winning the contact. But...still a few levels behind so...we gained a moonstone for our efforts. Enter the save tree! Save and head on out. We have Nanjo's Persona rank up and thanks to hitting a weak spot, Nat gained a ton of EXP from that fight with Sirens. So not only do they like his singing, they fall before him!

After healing Maki up, we enter the subway track area to find...Yog-Sothoth Jr! Can we just distract him with the mirror? Nope. Battle time and ^_^. I sure do like Bloody Destiny. He absorbs Bufu skills so Maki is set to using Sweet Trap. Also, Jr. is weak to Nuclear and Gravity and Reiji's twin slash to our benefit! But he repels Electricty. Unfortunitly, I forgot to stock up on Revival Beads so...we were kinda in short supply when Nat got KO'd and I had already used one on Nanjo. ^^; Nanjo and Mark were my key to this battle so I set Maki to keeping them in spick and span shape. But it happened to be just before the end of the battle. Still this meant that Nat is now the lagger. Anyway, just after the battle, Aki appeared. She said that if we get to a place where she lived, we would never get out. Hmm. But she said we might find a cute girl. Hmm. Anyway, it appears that Nanjo and Nat now share a level (21) with Maki and Reiji at level 22 and Mark at level 23.

Anyway, we still have a bit of the subway to go and...that's when it hits me. There are arrows on the floor that direct you a certain way. What if they were those walkway things that propel you at a certian speed one way. Like the ones at an airport? Ah well. Contacting...only worked against the Cath Palug, that gave Reiji EXP. Once again, we negotiate, with Reiji getting EXP and Nanjo getting a Life Stone. Once again, a battle with the Sirens works well in Nat's favor, leveling him up.

Finally! We are out of that subway! And...I see a tree! One contact with a Kokkuri and gaining a Life Stone. And a battle with the Sirens and Wyerns goes well. But our way to the tree seems to be blocked off...ah well. We can save in the Black Market and we can go look around next time! As always tips are appreciated and I shall see you next time!


Get used to the subway dungeon, as it's the only way to go back and forth between the two sides, and if I recall, you have to go back and forth at least once.

Also, I am not sure if this wasn't already mentioned, but once you enter the Black Market, you can't leave until you complete the associated dungeon.

Otherarrow 30th Jul 12