Jung complexes and icy masks: Let's Play Persona (PSP)

phoenixdaughter AM

In which...

After getting past the police zombies, we are going to defeat the group SEBEC! So soon! Something is going to happen, I know it! And today, we shall check out the subway system, I believe they have demons and that means the potential for leveling up! We also find a benefit of contact for if you have a spell card of a demon, they will leave and might leave something behind. Cool. Getting to the center of the subway, we find Elly, who has found that the rails are blocked off, entrapping us. Oh shoot. This better not last because the food is going to rapidly dwindle. After getting an offscreen exposition of the events just now, Elly asks to join us, hoping to see more events. Normally, I would take her, since I like her but...we have a canon team to build. And making it through the subway unmolested by monsters, we head on over to the Joy Mall for I believe a certain store is open.

In a battle against Jack Frost and...another demon, Maki's Persona gained another rank and contacting a Nacht Kobold gives us her card. And with that we enter the Velvet Room where everyone's favorite Bizarre-looking man Igor awaits. "It's been quite some time since we last had a guest." Hmm...possible games? Anyway, the speech that he gives us is erriely the same as the one you get in Persona 3. Here we are using the Spell Cards we gain from our contacts and fusing those demons together to get another. Our lowest level is 11, which is Nanjo and Maki with Nat and Mark at level 12 and there are not many demons around those levels. Also, Personas also have a compatibility with a person, which I believe reduces the SP to summon them which is for all moves. Anyway, two Personas have high compatibility with the party, Maki with the Magician Jack Frost and Nat with Airgetlam. Also, we can give an item to give an effect to a Persona which can be just about anything you can think of. I decide to add on a Metal Card as it teaches a skill which appears to be Alsanga. My fusions are

Airgetlam of the Emperor Arcana which shall be assigned to Nat. (Or he would get it, if he could get it assigned to him. -sigh-)

Jack Frost of the Lovers Arcana which shall be assigned to Maki.

Eventually, we can hand back Personas for physical items. I plan on doing this for the Personas we have unless someone recomends otherwise. Say...in Persona 2 Innocent Sin, you needed to keep your Persona's on hand in order for them to mutate into their ultimates. If it's similar here, I'll hang onto them.

Outside, a contact with the demon Jirae goes off well with Mark bragging to his benefit and Maki levels up in our next battle. We gain a spell card from Ba and heal up in a nearby clinic before heading off to the Abandoned Factory. In which, we find Yuka hiding out. She tells us that the school is just gone! Maybe it's under ice. Yuka pleads for us to take her but we brush her off successfully! Her response was less than positve but I never would have taken her anyway. The team (and by team I mean me) searches for the card reader. Mark rushes over as soon as we find it. Nanjo advises us to wait a moment before swiping the card but...Mark does so anyway. Nanjo rushes over and...just where he stood, a hole appears. Up comes a lift but...the fall probably would have...anyway, Nanjo asks Mark if he's trying to kill him. Mark mutters to himself that he won't go down that easy. Uh...

Anyway, down the lift and into the dungeon! Or Underground Passage as this is called. And goodness, these Germlins are trouble. Even knocked out Nanjo. Though they are revived after the battle, just with one HP. Save Tree and moving on. While Nat scares off a demon, Maki manages to plead, lie and be afraid of a gremlin to make it angry and eager, giving us 1000 money. (Hey, we aren't quite at the level yet for him) I see a switch on the wall. Let's pull it! No earthquakes so it seems okay...A contact with a Leprechaun goes well, why do demons like Nanjo's scarcastic remarks? Another lever...still no earthquakes. Our next battle helps Nat to level up. Mark dancing crazy does well over with the Agathion demon, netting us another card. And thus we are out of the underground with those two switches opening up the exit.

We're in! Look out Kandori, we're coming for ya! Nearby is a Save Tree, Trish who heals us up for increasingly ridiculous prices, and a store. I'm going to ignore Trish. We actually heal up when we gain a level. I do buy a few beads from the store, just in case. Our next battle has us against a Mon Shuvuu that nearly killed us all with a kamikaze-esque attack but both Nanjo and Mark's persona's gained a rank.

About this dungeon, there is an elevator with 5 floors. Naturally, the fifth is the only one that lets us go anywhere else but the other floors are worth an explore as they have a room with equipment hiding in them. Plus, demons to fight and gain levels off of. And we find a lower level bunch of demons to contact with. But eh, the Slime came in handy once, he can come handy again. Bribing works wonders! -laughs-

Up the floor...in our next battle, Nat's Persona got a rank up, learning Magaru in the process and Maki, Mark and Nanjo gained levels with Mark and Nanjo getting level 12 and Maki level 13. (Rapid Fire is coming into her favor) A failed contact with those Germlins leads to at least Maki's Persona getting a rank up, learning Liftoma. Entering into a room finds that it seems to be a basement floor room is above ground, citing the work of the machine. Another unsucessful contact with the Germlins with them managing to KO Nanjo again. (GREMLINS!) Maguru lends Nat a lot of the EXP from the battle in the process.

Next floor. NOT AGAIN WITH THE SCARIFICING MON SHUVUU'S! Enough so much that they manage to take out Nat, Maki and Nanjo. RUN AWAY MARK! RUN AWAY! And run away we actually do. -whew- We do sucessfully contact away a Yukuza. Yes there is a person that is actually a demon. We have been running into Delinquents as well. And a battle with Jack Frost and Pyro Jack nets us a level up for Nat.

Next floor, the fifth one. Our next battle, which is against Agents, non-contactable humans, nets Maki her next level. And Nat sings, invites and persuades an Angel to her happiness and fear. Succumbed to our charms she gives him EXP. Naoya Todou, seducer of angels! A fight with the agents knocks him out though along with Nanjo. Along with Mark. With two to go, can Maki save the day? Not with that much HP and not able to use her bow no! RUN AWAY! But...don't seem to...no! No! SHE'S WEAK TO GUNFIRE! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Game over.

"Falling too a powerful demon, you have been destroyed. Your heart, your soul, your mind, will fade to nothing. But perhaps...If there is still enough hope deep within your heart...You may summon your Persona and stand again to grasp the truth of life!"

We shall cut it off here. We shall try again tomorrow. SEBEC, we are coming for you!


You don't need the initial Personas for the Ultimates. You fuse the Ultimates, not mutate others into them, as mutation doesn't exist in this one.

I didn't know you could access the Velvet Room already. I first noticed it open during the SEBEC dungeon.

The demons in SEBEC that always gave me trouble were the Angels and the Agents/Secret Police.
Otherarrow 18th Jul 12 (edited by: Otherarrow)
Yeah. Those Agents and Secret Police are what killed me here.

I don't know how I remembered that the Velvet Room was open now. -shrug- Lucky guess? Should remember to rotate the Persona when facing those Agents for I don't believe Frosty is weak to guns.
phoenixdaughterAM 18th Jul 12