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Psyga 315

Part Ten: Oh, trust me Homura, you will... you will...

Alright, let's recap what happened in the previous arc: Sayaka's made a Puella Magi, Kyouko fights her, one fight reveals that Soul Gems are Soul Jars, Sayaka doesn't take it well, turns into a Witch, and has Kyouko kill her. Now that's a story arc. But now we go to another arc: The Walpurgis Night arc. This was foreshadowed in the previous chapters, but now we head in to the meat of the plot. So let's see what happens!

So we start off with another new transfer student. Uh, Uro, I think it's too late to introduce new characters. Wait, that's Homura? What the? {someone whispers into Psyga's ear} Oh! This is supposed to be a flash back? Uh... okay... Moving on... So... this Homura is not a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, but rather a Shrinking Violet, as seen with her introduction and her hard time talking to people. Madoka pops in and takes her to the nurses office. I will admit, Homura's adorable back then. Madoka tells Homura that she needs to be cooler. Lol, I think when Homura heard that, she must have thought of a tough ass person... Ah! So that's why she's acting like a bitch! Wow, now I am getting Guts vibes. Homura takes the fact that she is uncool to heart and considers dying. She then finds an arch that two people vandalize in one shot. Oh wait... That arch is a Witch... Wait what?

Yes, that Witch is Izabel. While I don't like the design (An arch? Really?), her Witch Card sounds cool. The description of her barrier sounds like when Izabel was a Puella Magi, she wished to be an artist, but what she didn't know was that the wish resulted in her being arrested for unknowingly plagiarizing works, thus she went into despair. I like that in order to defeat her, I just have to bring a critic. I think you know who I am taking. The two vandals? Mami and Madoka. For some reason, I get nostalgic when Madoka says "Don't tell the classmates about this" and when Mami and Madoka use their finishers on the same Witch. Since we're going back to basics now, I can now read Kyubey's lines as Emiri Katou without cringing or wanting to murder the cat. Madoka seems cool with being a Puella Magi unlike Mami. Speaking of Mami, she knows of Walpurgisnacht. Despite her in the previous chapters not seeming to know... I could be wrong.

And... fast forward to Mami's death in the first timeline. Woah, that was fast. Madoka sacrifices herself to defeat Walpurgisnacht. Then Homura wishes that Madoka would live. And Kyubey finally takes my advice and accepts the wish. No wait, he gives her the opportunity to tell him another wish. Her wish? Time Travel! That totally screws up time and space, and yet Kyubey allows the wish to be granted? Okay... That's stupid... Let's move on.

Homura's now cheery and she beelines to Madoka and says that she is a Puella Magi as well. In front of the class. Oh wait, I'm supposed to assume that in this timeline, all the other classmates are deaf. So Homura beats up a canister with a golf club as Mami and Madoka discuss if her powers are useful. Oh, and Homura knows how to make bombs via the internet. Be very scared. Fast Forward to Patricia's defeat. All I can say about Patricia is... {shudder} Just blow her to hell Homura. Oh, and since I didn't make this joke yet...


Homura: Clock up...

{Homura taps her Shield}

Homura's Shield: CLOCK UP!

{Homura activates her bomb}

Homura: Rider Blast...

{Homura touches her Shield again}

Homura's Shield: RIDER BLAST!

{Bomb goes off}

Homura's Shield: CLOCK OVER!

{Monster dies}


... I am sorry for that Kamen Rider Kabuto joke. So yes, they defeat Patricia, and I can so see the lust in Homura's eyes. And... Fast Forward again? What? Okay... This time to Madoka turning into a Witch. Then Homura wakes up again. Then she tells the girls about that whole being a Witch thing. Like she should have done. Fast Forward to her telling the four girls about it. Yes, it seems they attracted Sayaka and Kyouko into it as well. Then it skips to an Octavia fight, with all four Puella Magi taking her on. Awesome. Then she's taken down... Well, I can't say one hit because it skipped to the middle of the fight. Okay, Mami snaps now. Oh wait, she's taken care of by Madoka. Then to them already defeating Walpurgisnacht... OKAY STOP! STOP SKIPPING! I KNOW THE MANGA IS COMPRESSED, BUT YOU CAN'T JUST SKIP AROUND LIKE A SCRATCHED DVD! IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF MY LIVEBLOG SKI-

So Homura decides to take care of things herself. Oh, and there's this one time line where some crazy bitch has some vision and decides to play Xanatos Speed Chess with Kyubey and-

NO I AM NOT MAKING THAT JOKE! LET'S MOVE ON! So Madoka and Homura lay down and lament their defeat. Homura decides to destroy the world, but Madoka is like "no" and absorbs the impurities in her Soul Gem. Without her knowing. Hey, there's something you should have done, Homura... but nope. Madoka requests Homura to save her from Kyubey and to Mercy Kill Madoka. Even though Homura time travels regardless of whether she's dead or a Witch.

Homura decides to not depend on anyone anymore. Oh, trust me Homura, you will... you will... Homura decides to kill every single Witch on her own. This includes Roberta, whose design is just as bad as Izabel's. Her Witch Card's bio reminds me of Doukoku. I think Uro was aiming for it. Moving on, we see what happened in Chapter 1. Turns out she can't shoot Kyubey like she did in chapter 8 for some reason and thinks that yelling would work better. Skip to Madoka being a Witch again. Oh, and Kyubey even notes that Madoka took down Walpurgisnacht in one shot. Kyubey asks if Homura would fight and she's like "nah, man". LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! And it's at that moment where her brain goes snap. Because this is the timeline where she decides to be an antagonistic bitch and all she's thinking about is "I will save you Madoka, even if I have to repeat this forever."

Our chapter ends there. And no, I won't make a stupid joke where I delay the update for three days or weeks to reference the Schedule Slip. Next Chapter: Homura takes on Walpurgisnacht.


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