Close shut the jaws of insanity... or don't. Let's Play TESIV: Oblivion!


Tamriel takes a backseat to murder.

Normally I would continue down the main quest a little bit since I've just completed a quest for the Dark Brotherhood. Not this time.

Alright, fine. I guess I'll go to Cheydinhal. It's not like they're filled with Argonian-hating racists like Kvatch. If Mr. Stalker-in-the-night is any indication, it's full of rapists. That's okay, I guess I'll get to partake in some cold blooded murder because of this, so I'm cool with that.

Some thoughts on how much murder is going to take place later

So I have mathematically deduced that I am going to murder everyone on the planet now that I have a katana. I am become death, destroyer of everyone's junk. People are going to be so dead that I — Oh, I'm here.

Nice place.

Well, I guess I better go —

The door is locked.

Fantastic. It's like they told them everything except for the fact that I am the master of unlocking. Good job getting your info on me straight, you jackasses. Well, there we go. I'm in. Now just to go find this —

I think I found it...

Well, okay. That's pretty cool actually. It reminds me of the door I had to my room when I was, like, twelve and being all angsty. Man, I sucked at that age. I don't know what happened between me rippin' and tearin' at birth and being all mopey and downtrodden as a kid. I must've wanted a dog. Mom always said that dogs carry diseases, and then I had to remind her that we were scaly lizard people who probably spit poison. Then I got beaten and sent to sleep without dinner, then beaten again. And here I am now, kicking ass because of it. Thanks mom, you're the best.

Well hey, another Argonian. Awesome, equal opportunity killing is the best kind of killing. She mentioned Lucien, though. Is he still following me around? Man, I did what he wanted, when's he going to get off my nuts?

Ooh shiny. New armor so I can stop wearing this monkey suit? Sign me up. And it doesn't look half bad! Alright, this place is getting better with each passing second. Oh... Khajiit that hate me. Y'know, I've already expressed my disdain for racists, but that doesn't mean I can't hate Khajiit, elves, and pretty much everything else right back. You're going to be the first to go when I'm in power. Anyway, I better talk to WHOA VAMPIRE! WHERE ARE THE STAKES WHEN YOU NEED THEM? SOMEONE GET A HOLY SYMBOL! DRACULA'S HERE, AND HE'S PISSED!

Oh... He just wants me to kill a pirate. I can get behind that. Pirates suck. Y'know who else sucks? Everyone but me, but I think we've made that obvious.

Well, better get going then. Gotta go back to the Imperial City and commit a murder with my trusty katana that I received from the Emperor's bodyguards. Good job guys. You let the ruthless killer free to kill again because you just had to get through the sewers. I will never get over that. You let a criminal free and still failed to protect the guy who was trying to escape. And now I have a katana. Things just keep getting worse for you, don't they?

But first, I need a place to store stuff.

Aptly put, grey text.

So yeah, let's check out this "Frostcrag spire" place. It sounds pretty HOLY SHIT I GET A TOWER.

This day is actually going really nicely, let's see what my tower looks like on the inside— oh... Well that's kinda lame. Oh well, free book. Hey, what's that noise? It's the sound of my house getting more BOSS that's what that sound is.

Well, let's go get some storage chests.

Fast traveled to the Imperial City and back

Okay then. Now we can put some of this crap away. I'm tired of carrying around Tiber knows how much stuff I'm never going to use.

I'm going to take a sit down before I request an audience with a pirate captain. I've done a lot of walking and a lot of not resting. So I should do that.


You make being a sociopathic madman look so enjoyable, Shlappy. >:D
Charlatan 15th Mar 11
Man, I did what he wanted, when's he going to get off my nuts?

NEVER. [[Fallout3 Not even when you start playing another game.]]

Also sociopathic characters for an Oblivion Let's Play are the best kind of characters ;_;
WUE 16th Mar 11