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Persona 4: Self Challenge Expert Run!
Ground Rules
That last paragraph... >_<
What? I thought it was clever.

In a not-clever way, of course. :p
Ikutsuki would be proud.
Well this is kinda what I would do as well. I would amp the difficulty up and put in the same rules as well. -nods- Looking forward to this!
You should have tried to work "FE Stival" and "Be Your True Mind" into it somehow.
that last paragraph was pure badass.

A Shifting World
Ah, Persona my personal opinion, not only is it the best of the Persona games, it's also my favourite Shin Megami Tensei title as well. Presenting the liveblog entries as chapters in a story is a nice touch, I might add; that last part emphasizing the sensations of being in the Velvet Room rather than just describing the scene was done quite well. Best of luck on your run, and remember to keep reaching out for the truth no matter what stands in your way!
Thank you!

I thought it might be more interesting in this format, though it'll be a little slow getting started. I love Persona 4, too, but you have to admit, it does take like two hours to actually start.
YES! Fanfic styled writing! Awesome! -takes notes for eventual P 3 P playthrough-
Movin' In
Interesting note: You can use your Persona during the dream fight, despite Narukami not having it yet.

Interestingly, the game seems to acknowledge that you shouldn't have it yet, as Izanagi shows up as a silhouette if summoned.
Wait, seriously? Cool. Have to try that sometime.

Huh. I honestly never thought to check. I think it holds a little more dramatic weight as it is now, though.
Whoops. That was an accident.

But while I've got that there, I'm liking this so far.
SuperEttlesby64 (edited by: SuperEttlesby64)
The First Day of the Rest of the Year...
Hmm. The writing seems to cut bits out, and it might not make as much sense to people who haven't played the game. For example, we don't see Chie help out Narukami at the beginning, we just hear about it later.

I know this beginning part is long and not a lot happens though.
Yeah, I'm thinking I'll go in and edit it a little here and there.

Sorry, I'm just trying to avoid excess trimming while also not spending too much time on the extended intro.
I understand. Personally, I'd rather have abridged versions of events than just noting later that "btw this part happened before". But I do think this will mostly be a problem on this long ass intro.

You are doing a good job so far I think.
Aww, thanks!

I've never really been any good at abridging, but hey. I'll at least try to make it a little different from the game.

Meet the New Kid!
I just had to pick the game with the longest frikkin' introduction ever to start my "you got your fanfic in my Let's Play" style, didn't I?

I felt like I couldn't really drop most of this, as it's the first day Yosuke actually talks to you and the day that introduces Saki and the Midnight Channel.
I am not sure why, but I was expecting a Persona 2 reference during the talk about the Midnight Channel rumor. I am not sure how this would make any sense though, as Narukami would be very young back in '99 and probably not in Sumaru.

How are you going to do the actual gameplay, battles and such, anyway?
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow)
Probably abridged, maybe point out some of my harder battles and notable fusions I've made. Like I said, I felt like I couldn't really shorten these particular events, since they establish so much.

The Backside of the TV
Hey, guys! Next entry is when we actually get to start seeing fights and stuff!

I do wonder how you will have Yu react to the Shadows. I am liking the thought reactions you are giving him so far.
Right, so, I'm going to be pretty busy this next week. I should be able to update once or twice, though, and it should be less sporadic after that.
Naked Truth Lies
I am liking Narukami's insights into stuff like Shadow Yosuke's appearance and his own first Persona usage.

...I always found it strange when they referred to Social Links as such in the dialouge. I get it, but it seems to lean on the fourth wall a bit IMO.
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow)
It just seemed like an eloquent way of saying "personal bonds" to me, and given how gentlemanly Igor is, it doesn't bother me when he or one of his assistants use the term.
I guess so. It's less awkward sounding than "Commu Links" from the Japanese versions at least.
First Bond
I am amused that you interpreted the "Social Link get" sequence as something that Yu actually sees.
What? You mean it doesn't exist in-universe? :p

Frankly, so much strangeness happens anyway that I figured it wouldn't hurt.

And just for reference, I'm not going day-by-day for these updates. It'll probably be one week or half a week plus dungeon crawls and/or major story events.
OK, I laughed at the Soul Hackers reference.

...And I'd totally watch that movie.
So would I!

I'm sorta proud of the title of this entry. I think it's one of the better ideas I've had regarding such things.
Woo! First trip to a dungeon! And the next update's probably going to involve developing the Social's good to see that the action is starting to pick up, and I certainly hope that things go well for you.
Thanks! I'm trying hard to make this at least modestly interesting, and it's good to hear that seems to be the case. ^_^
GloomY CAstle
The very first day you get to do whatever you like, and you can't actually do anything besides shop and dungeon crawl. I'm stunned that I managed to do this in a day on Expert, given my troubles with doing so on Normal.
Are you doing a New Game Plus by any chance? I think you can't run into the Reaper on a first run through. I guess it doesn't matter, due to the levels not carrying over like in P3.

Also, I am amused at how Narukami is reacting to Adachi.
Yeah, it's a NG+. It's how I got so much money on me, and why my Social Stats are maxed. The challenge is as simple as me not summoning something awesome right away, and working my way up from scratch as far as Personas go.
I notice now that you justified the money as Narukami's parents being rich and giving him a fat allowance. Nice way to work that in.
A Normal Life...
I think Yu likes making cranes. Just a thought.
It's possible. Who knows?

Chie takes forever to be available after the first Chariot rank.

And the fishing guy doesn't show up for a while, either.

Well, Yukiko's coming back into the picture soon, so whatever.
Hmmm. When is Chie first available? -gets notepad ready-
I think it's the 26th, actually. I'm not sure if you've had to rescue Yukiko to hang with her then or not...
Dammit, I meant 27th! Why cant you edit these messages?

Thanks, guys. Lost my cool there.
Pulse (edited by: Pulse)
You have to go to the list of comments to edit them. You get to this by clicking on the number of comments in the liveblog list.
-scribbles down notes-

Anyway, there is a comment section at the link of the liveblog. Just click on the number of comments and you can edit yours from there.

And I'm guessing you do need to rescue Yukiko to hang out with her.

phoenixdaughterAM (edited by: phoenixdaughterAM)
I think Yukiko becomes open for Social Links once the game gives you her first link. I don't think there is a wait like with Chie, but I could be wrong.

Also, Yukiko is the last Social Link the game starts for you automatically (not counting Teddie, whose Social Link goes up automatically as the game goes on. That isn't what I am talking about anyway). The other (non-Teddie) party members, you need to go out of your way to start their links.

EDIT:Wait, I think the game gives you the first link of the Fox's as well, basically to give him an excuse to show up in the TV World. Sorry, I forgot about the little creep. I think you get his before Yukiko's anyway. (It's been a while!)
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow)
Yeah, Yukiko's schedule is normal once the "spying on Kanji" event is over and you've gotten the first Rank with her. She'll sometimes have days that she'd rather hang out with Chie, but whatever.

And actually, Rise's Link startup is automatic, too, the day after finals are over and everyone's hanging out at Junes. Before then, if you try to talk to her, she'll instead try to decide if pulling the fire alarm is worth it.

And pdam, when I said "rescue Yukiko to hang out with her by then," 'her' referred to Chie. Should've been clearer.

Only Kanji and Naoto's Links have to be manually started.

Pulse (edited by: Pulse)
I didn't know Rise's was automatic (or rather, I don't remember) I do find that kinda odd, as Rise comes a bit later in the game and her social link isn't story related like Teddie's. I always thought that Yosuke, Chie, and Yukiko's (and to a lesser extant the Fox's) Social Links were started for you to ease you in to making Social Links, and to make sure even if you suck at this, you'd have something.

Of course, from a in-universe perspective, Rise basically starting up her own Social Link with the MC does make sense.

EDIT:I recall that Persona 3 forced you to join a sports club after a certain point if you didn't do it yourself, but I don't know if P4 does that. Either way, I count those as ones you have to start manually, even if the game practically strong arms you into them.
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow)
I should have added an "among the party members" at the end there. Whoops.
Yeah. I thought it was Chie.
Welcome to the Team
Rainy days suck. I hate them.
But that is when gas station attendant comes out!

And...uh. Rainy Shadows come out?
Too bad Yukiko's Castle has no Rainy Shadows to speak of. :p

I think I'll be trying to give some amount of focus to Kou and Ayane for a little, since they're unavailable over Summer Break. And Chie's gonna play catch-up soon, promise.
So she says. Frankly, I'll need to here the other trombonist, see if he's as flat as Ayane. You want hear for hearing not here as in over here.

She returned to her dour behavior quickly, and sai9d that her vacations are always cancelled... sai9d?
Big Bro?
First up, nice find with Mitsuo and Natatame.

Second, awwwww. It's so nice to see that Yu himself is starting to get affectionate towards Nanako.

And I spy a Persona 3 reference!
Yeah, you can find all four of...those guys just standing around doing nothing on certain days. I don't think there is ever a day where all four are out at once though. I think at most, there might be 2 at once. Usually, it's just the one.

Also, I think Yu is finally getting sick of the cranes.
Why would he EVER get sick of cranes? They're his only traveling friends!


God, that's pitiful.

It's good to here this feedback. I'm glad it seems to be liked.
The Next Victim?
"and rode it to the daycre survive on the hill overlooking town..."

Autocorrect get away from you?
I liked how Yu noticed that the deliveryman sounds familiar. Nice touch.

Also, Narukami should be suspicious of all hat wearing strangers. Seriously though, doesn't Naoto not get properly introduced for at least a month or two? What was Naoto doing during that time?
hnd03: Sometimes, my hands do things that only look like what I told them to do. Fixing it...

Otherarrow: Naoto's just "that weird boy" for a while still.
Hmm...with the Chie and Yukiko comment, that reminds are you doing the love interests/social link thing?
Eh, I have a certain preference for a romantic relationship. The rest will all be friends.
I guess what I was trying to say, what was Naoto doing between the Kanji arc and when Naoto gets introduced properly? Just loitering around? Working with the police, but not getting on their nerves like later?

Also, I am kinda sad that the Investigation Team never considered Naoto a suspect. Suspicious hat man who was with the victim before he disappeared? Come on, have at least Yosuke suggest it and get shot down.
Did I spy a Persona 2 nod, one about rumors coming true?

Also, I liked Yu's reaction to Yosuke and Chie's scene.

Any reason he didn't report back when he got the info about Kanji's "complex" right away? It seemed a bit odd to me that he would choose to dilly dally on Social Links with Kanji in there. Unless there is something else needed that I am forgetting (which I wouldn't be surprised about, to be honest)
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow)
Look at all those Social Links...and they're going to keep growing as time goes on. I assume that a guide of some sort is helping you manage all of this, but whether or not that's the case, I certainly hope that you're able to manage all of these friendships while still finding time to train in the TV world. Every EXP point counts in Expert mode, after all.

I'm guessing that, as with how Yukiko's dungeon was handled, all of the next update will be dedicated to Kanji. Best of luck with it!
Otherarrow: As soon as you report back to Teddie, the day is spent in the TV World. I wanted to get a few Social Links in before I went off to rescue Kanji.

EndarkCuli: Truth be told, I'm mostly working from personal experience with the Social Links. And yeah, the next update will be dedicated to the rescue efforts for Kanji.
I guess that makes sense from a out of universe perspective, but in universe, it kinda looks like he is procrastinating. Sorry for any trouble.
I edited it around a little, and fixed as many typos as I could find... Hopefully it'll work a little better now.

It's fine. Sorry to pester you.
Crapcrapcrap what to I say. To? Do?

attendance and behavior record, I've been a goo girl." goo?
The Truth is Not What it Seems
An utter loathing of Matador that comes straight from the soul and burns hotter than all the flames in hell...there is no truer sign that you're familiar with Nocturne. It's good to see that you had a good experience with Kanji's dungeon, including the rare weapon find...though, since it wasn't mentioned, I'm curious as to whether or not you've made a side trip to Yukiko's dungeon to pick up a great weapon for her. Either way, you're doing a superb job thus far, and I've enjoyed following your experiences. Best of luck with the next batch of Social Links!
What? No mention of how the FOG of my anger was dealt with nothing more than BREATH control? :p

I had zero chance of beating Contrarian King this early, but I might make a mention of it later. It's good to hear that this is proving interesting! I'll see how the next round of Social Links go, but I've got a rough schedule set for them, so I think it'll be fine.
Pulse (edited by: Pulse)
I was generally able to do Contrarian King right after Shadow Kanji. He is a pain if you try to do him as soon as you can, but if you wait until after the Bathhouse, he isn't as hard to deal with.

On another note, where did Igor go? It always bugged me.
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow)
... Secret meeting with Philemon? Helping a different group of teenagers avert a separate apocalypse elsewhere on the globe? Cameoing in Trinity Soul?
That brings up another good question, if two people enter the Velvet Room at the same time from entirely different locations, will they meet each other?

Also, not only is Trinity Soul not canon, I think it's set several years after P4 anyway.
Hence it being crossed out. :p

The Velvet Room is a singular space, but it's also capable of being altered by Igor's whims. Maybe you'd just be invisible/behind a curtain or wall or what have you, because their Room is, upholstery aside, completely different. I mean, we don't see Nameless or Belladona in P3 or P4, but the Aria of the Soul is as clear as always.
Pulse (edited by: Pulse)
Wait, wasn't the Witch Detective comic one of the things you can read at night? (If I recall, the dub used it to jab at Twilight, though I've heard the original Japanese was equally insulting with it) Wait, did Narukami just give Nanako the equivalent of Twilight?

Also, I have always wondered if Shu Nakajima's last name was a coincidence or a intentional shout out to Digital Devil Story, considering how important the Izanagi myth is to this game.
I'll admit, I kiiiinda consider Episode 13 of the anime semi-demi-hemi-canon... -ish. Like, the general principle of it, anyway.

As for Shu... No kidding. It's impossible to know for sure, but considering how fond the whole SMT series is of Shown Their Work...
Well, considering that that book started the series...

...which suddenly makes me want to try to bring Loki to the true final boss fight and see if there is any Easter Egg there.
There isn't, I checked. (Not intentionally though; Loki is just a good Persona to bring to that fight) Of course, I don't think there is any "Persona talk" events like there is in Persona 2.
Well, in this case, it'd be weird to have your Persona talk to someone besides yourself. "Thou art I, I am thou" is in much stronger effect from P3 onwards.
Another Lazy Week...
Fishing for Goldfish and buying keys, level grinding against Shadows and turning in Fox requests...without a need to develop your personality with studying and beef bowls, rainy days in Persona 4's new game plus are quite a drag. But, at least things as a whole seem to be going well. Here's hoping it stays that way!
Eh, the game is nice enough to have Rain be somewhat infrequent, at least. And you need fish for a few quests, so I'm getting a few things done, anyway.
Oi oi oi... So dang busy lately. Something new'll be up today or tomorrow, promise.
Pulse (edited by: Pulse)
Expanding Ranks
TV World explorations are officially special enough to warrent entries unto themselves.

Sorry this took so long, guys.

Come to think of it, outside the story stuff, have you ever done a post on just TV World exploration before?
Nope! But I've got a while before the next victim shows up, and two extra bosses to kill. I think this is an opportune time.
Combat Training 101
Yeah, short entry this time. Hope it got a laugh outta you folks, at least.
Aww, you pulled Reverse Death? Dang.
I never go for the Arcana chance. It seems just more trouble than it's worth.

For example, I think upright Death is still only marginally better than Reverse Death. You get a SP refill...but everyone's HP is dropped to one and you have to restart the dungeon anyway.
It depends a lot. "Take heed of your situation and act accordingly!" and all that jazz. Death, either one, can be helpful if you're low on both HP and SP, either way, but, of course, that happens only occasionally.

And Magician is required to make an Izanagi worthy of obscene level grinding, y'know. :p
An Izanagi capable of Marakukaja and Blade of Fury is pretty awesome

And Temperance is worth going for no matter what
hnd03 (edited by: hnd03)
Personally, I think that while there are some really good effects, they are outnumbered by the mediocre ones, and even if you get a good one, you could get screwed and get a Reverse.

It just doesn't seem worth it for me.
Oh, hey, this entry has a title now. I had a feeling something was off the first time I read through this...

As for Arcana Chance, if I don't plan to clear the dungeon that day (or I already have, and just need to grind for money and rare Quest/Deidara items), I usually take up the offer. Occasional bonus stats, extra money...and since there are many cheap ways to quickly recover health, I didn't mind playing with Death if I was already running low on SP. And if you really got messed up by a Reverse...well, that's what the Reset button is for.
I may have not noticed it, but did you pick up the Skill Spanner for Yosuke from the shadow liquor store?
Cooking! Sun!... Fun?
Even Narukami knows to hate those dirty Stregas.

All and all, I felt Yu's snark helped make the school trip more bearable. Eh, I never liked it personally.
It was Janurary! No news of activity was until...wait...

...heh. Nice foreshadowing of your...-coughSPOILERScough-

If ever I do a Liveblog of Persona 4: Golden, Imma gonna have to steal your line from Yu's father. Oh, and " and your big mouth."
Go on ahead.

Some credit would be appreciated, but not necessary. :p

Aaaaand the cult date thing has been fixed. How did I write "December" when I meant "January"? I mean, aside from being month names, the words have nothing in common. Whoops.
Pulse (edited by: Pulse)
Do Not Risette Your System
I will say that the title pun made me smile.
It took me WAY too long to get that her idol name was even a pun.
I didn't even know it was a pun, just that you used it for one.

...I guess this means you are quicker on the uptake than I am.
To be fair, it's only used once, when her Shadow has a full show on the Midnight Channel. "Maru-Q! Push Risette!", emphasis mine.
We'll Reach Out to Find It!
Yu does not cast Bufu on things he shouldn't.

Unlike someone
I see that you snuck in a P3 reference.

Also, I think I commented on this before, but Adachi and Dojima are just now ranting about Naoto? Who has been in Inaba for at least a month or so now? I guess one could argue that Dojima just kept quiet about it until he got drunk, but it still always seemed strange to me...

-giggles at drunk Teddie reference-

And I noticed the P3 reference as well.
Otherarrow: Dojima is extremely by-the-book, though. He's very good at keeping his on-the-job work and his at-home work separate, for the vast majority of the time.

pdam: Striptease is so fantastically sleazy.
-nods- Shall see for myself soon.
Oh, dear.

Something rather nasty has come up, and I don't think I'll be able to post the next entry for... A week? Two weeks?

It'll happen, but it might be a while.
Waiting for Another Rise...
"Death in human form" Oh Narukami. You and your silly ideas.

Anyway, good to see that things are working out again. I thought this post was pretty enjoyable.
"Death in human form." Yes it is very highly unlikely now isn't it. (Yeah yeah Arrow beat me to it but I had to give a reference to it)


How many other possible supernatural goings-on could there be at this point, considering all that's already happened?
1 More!
When you mentioned the Witch Detective anime, you referenced something else...but I didn't catch the reference.

Also, tiomme in place of time at one point. Sorry, but that one kinda bugged me.

Otherwise, good job. I am intrigued to see you go ahead with giving Yosuke the other Sun.
I was wondering when a metion of the alternate sun would happen when I re-read some of the earlier works.

And...Yu is quite a good straight man to these semi-humorous plot proceedings. I laughed at his reaction to human-Teddie.

Good work! Keep it up!
Otherarrow: That typo has been fixed- Thanks for catching it.

As for the reference... I'm actually only passingly familiar with that series, but it's notable for being a Magical Girl series that was meant to appeal more to the "young adult male" demographic than the more typical stuff.

pdam: It's been a little difficult to sneak those references in, since there's so few times you can be at the hospital when those events could occur.

Regardless, it's good to hear that this is going well!
I always enjoyed this part of the game. So much potential when it comes to Social Links and Fusions, Kanji (my favourite party member) has some hilarious lines, and the next dungeon...well, it's aesthetic is just marvelous. Best of luck, make sure to spend plenty of time with your teammates (Yosuke could've been Rank 7 or 8 by now just because of how you've helped him in class), and to quote Kanji, just keep on keepin' on!
Yeah, yeah. I'm holding off on the party members because I've got all summer break to hang with them, and pretty much only them. Plus, I kinda feel like it's a little better from a story perspective, but that's just me.
Finale of Examination
I did like Narukami's reaction to the clock. What was up with that anyway?

Also, I am loving Narukami's commentary on stuff.

Overall, good job. Keep it up!
You are just building up the Nanako love of Yu's aren't you?

Anyway, great job!
Nanako's impossible not to love!

Thanks, guys. I'll try to get the next entry in sooner.
An interesting choice for what days to begin and end an update on. I commend your cleverness, even though most people won't know what I'm talking about for quite some time.

Anyways, best of luck with your next dungeon! And if you ever need a little extra boost, don't forget to talk to random people and complete their Fetch Quests in exchange for valuable recovery items!
The Culprit! ...?
Wait, Narukami is just now making the Devil connection with Tanaka? Bad Narukami. No treat.

Anywho, I am amused at how hard it was to get info on the guy with the fish eyes who spends his free time complaining about everything. You'd think that'd be something people would remember.
-laughs happily- You tell them Arrow. Maybe they forgot him, like they always do? Feeding his anger and rage...

Anyway, great job! I look forward to the next installment.
-grins at the SMT reference-

Nice to see that Yu thinks something is up with Mitsuo.

-snickers at Yu fusing Succubus- Hmm…a secret feminine lust?

YOU GOT THE GALACTIC PUNT! I rarely get that.

…I suddenly fear what Yu was like a few months ago.

Damn straight about the “hitting too close to home”


Creepy...but excellent update!
That dream was kinda chilling. Is there something you are hinting at here?

The Orb of Darkness was a reference to something? The only thing I can think of are the Orbs of Silence, Roughness and Stirring from Megami Tensei that were needed to release Izanami. I think it could be a Dragon Quest reference too, but I never played that.

At least Narukami suspects something is up with this. I always did think that the Investigation Team gave up too quickly, without really thinking about what they saw. I mean, they don't even comment on the fact that the guy has a Shadow. Geez.

Overall, good update.
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow)
@Otherarrow: To my knowledge, the Orb of Darkness is just another general RPG reference. In-universe, however, I decided to make it a more direct reference to some unnamed game. I want to have some impact on my slight AU. :p

@pdam: Considering that every Persona you have rests in "the sea of your soul", I'm forced to assume there's some questions to be asked.

And yeah, I'll admit, Mitsuo... Hit a little close, both for me and, at least here, for Yu.
So... is there going to be any more? Because I'm really liking what you've done with this.
I'm terribly sorry- Things have been on-and-off for a while, but things have been on-and-off in my personal life for little while, too. I'm absolutely going to finish this thing!
Great to hear! Oh, and you posted that comment on my 18th birthday~
Lazy Summer Days
Death as a deliverence...almost word for word for what Old Guy Kirijo said. :3

-chuckles- Yu gets the yuri vibes.

Hey sky's the limit. We can spread wings.

Good job. Some lazy social linking before the Festival.
It's eerie how many indirect callbacks Hisano sometimes makes.

As many problems as the anime had, the original music for it fits with the original soundtrack just fine, and is just as fun to listen to.

As for the remaining point: ;p
I personally prefer Key Words Plus but that's probably because of YUMI'S ENGRISH IS BACK!
Glad to see an update for this. I'll be sure to follow along actively from here.

Now, that aside... i've gotta be honest; i'm just at Mitsuo's dungeon in my first playthrough, and the amount of progress that divides your playthrough and mine is... unsurprisingly staggering, I suppose.

(Fight the power, Yu reference/pun makers. Or something.)

I look forward to the next update.
Ooh, I can't wait to see more!
Festival Days!
I am suddenly wondering what that commercial with Jack Frost would have gone.

And too bad Yu! You're not performing that song with her, this time.

-snickers at Yu not liking Adachi-

Hmm…someone is spending a bit of time with Ai…ohwaitfestivalisonlyfornonteammembershere
Gas station guy! I am amused at how Narukami's reaction to their rambling is just "wait, just who are you again?" I can totally see him just kinda starting at them in confusion.

Also, good job on the festival and social linking.
Funny, I always thought the gas station attendant was a woman. (S)he just looks very effeminate, and his/her VA from the start of the game doesn't help, either.
Oh I think she is a woman too. I was trying to be gender neutral. And failing I guess.
Gas Station Attendant seemed kinda-sorta both to me and, here, to Yu. It made them seem like more of an enigma...
Looks like everything's going well. Your skill at navigating and clearing dungeons is constantly improving, some of your Social Links are about to reach their conclusion, and the bits about what Yu's thinking while handling the chaos in his life are quite fun to read. Really, the only thing I'm worried about is the Fox. I'm confident that starting the next quest doesn't take any time, and a lot of those later missions take quite a few days to complete. Plus, I'm not quite certain that the little fuzzy beast is used to such a large gathering of people. The festival takes place at the same shrine, right? I don't think we ever get to see any other shrines in Inaba, so that must be the case...

Anyways, best of luck with the rest of August, and let's hope that Yu's September doesn't throw him any nasty curve balls!
The next Fox quest can't be done until school is back in session- I'm not trying to ignore the lil' guy.

And thanks! I'm really glad people are enjoying this.
Summer's End
Girl eh? -grins happily-
I see what you did there with the lady protag headcanon. (though I personally don't approve)

Anywho...not a lot happened.

I am a bit surprised that the team is so quick to "hey, let's hang out with Naoto" since, well, in my opinion at least, up until this point Naoto has been kinda a smug jerk to everyone in the team except Kanji. Shipping! Then again, they are nice people and do seem to see through part of Naoto's jerk facade.

Also, the English/PE teacher is the one guy in town who remembers Mitsuo? Huh.
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow)
Quite a few of the NPC's are talking about the arrest. It's even more of a bigger chat in school.
I was referring back to my previous comment about how no one seemed to know who Mitsuo was before all of this despite him being...well, him. This teacher actually appears to recognize him from before this.
Sorry for this being late- My ISP decided to drop my service because someone mistook me for someone else- But anyway:

I recognize that choosing P3's MaleC might've been a more crowd-pleasing choice, but this is my HC 'Verse and I'm standing by my choices.

As for nothing happening... I felt like a fair bit happened, really. Rise's S. Link started getting more emotional, the last day of summer passed, and Naoto was re-introduced. There's another update coming sooner than usual, so there's that.

And I'm not surprised that fewer people remember Mitsuo from earlier- If it weren't for his unusual facial features, I don't think anyone would ever really acknowledge him, and he overall doesn't seem much for asserting himself, rather than just latching onto passersby. I do kinda wonder how Mr. Kondo knows him, though, considering Mitsuo went to a different school...
I think it's mentioned that Mitsuo used to go to your school, but got expelled for whatever reason and got shipped off to the other school.

Where is the other school anyway? Mitsuo is the only student we ever see from it.
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow)
-ahem- By the way, Mooroka was the one who expelled him from our school.

-shrug- Who knows Arrow, who knows.

Something weird has happened with the site- It keeps claiming to have had uploaded my most recent chapter, only for it not to display. I brought the problem up in Wiki Talk- Hopefully, this'll all be resolved soon.

Pulse (edited by: Pulse)
The Wait is the Worst Part
I did like the different ways Yu reacted to Gas Station Person and Namatame, with annoyance towards the former, and sympathy towards the latter. I thought it was a nice touch.

Also, why did Narukami dream of that of all things at the end? ...Because the Port Island trip is coming up? I wonder if there is any other reason in the context of your liveblog...

All and all, good update. Worth the wait.
There's lots of little things to find in P4, after all...

And I've got plans for the Port Island trip, don't worry.
Okay, that dream made me 'dawwww!

And ahah! Catherine.

And it seems like you and I are on similar wavelengths on what just might happen at Tatsumi Port Island.
One Mighty Big Trip
Nehehehe! Yep. Similar ideas on what Minako and Yu said. And gee, I wonder why Maya's name is up there?

Ah, I love this trip. I love it so much. Great update!
phoenixdaughterAM (edited by: phoenixdaughterAM)
I see it didn't take Narukami as long to make the Justice connection with Chihiro than it did to make the Devil connection with Tanaka.

Interesting dream...Also, I see he met Koromaru too.

Maya nothing, I want to know why Nanjo was there. Pulse, are there adventures in your personal headcanon that we don't know about?

All and all, you worked with the trip nicely.
This was a lot of fun for me, especially since I found an excuse to sneak in some more of my own stuff.

I'd actually had the idea for the 'dream' for a while now- It's actually part of the reason I started this Liveblog.

Also!: Nanjo, being an important corporate leader, presumably travels a lot, as would Maya, who writes for Coolest, a popular magazine. Mitsuru should be obvious.
Well now. Considering his meet-up with Minako here, this will make Yu's next visit to the Velvet Room very interesting. Or awkward. Good thing Yu doesn't have a death god sealed inside of him, and therefore isn't doomed to such a horrible fate.

Also, will this ever factor in if you decide to liveblog Arena as well?
Negated Advancements
OK, I did like how you had the story bits flow into the Social Link bits towards the end there. I thought that was cool.
Nice timing with Chie's social link and her suggestion in the info-hunt.

And agreed, Arrow. Agreed.

Excellent job, Pulse. Now it's time to rescue Naoto!
Sometimes, inspiration just strikes.

Now then! To the dungeon!
The Crying Shadow
-snickers at the cardboard box-

Everyone watches Featherman. EVERYONE. Except Yosuke. He watched the Kamin Rider expy.

Oooh, good catch on Naoto not revealing her inner-thoughts. Didn't think that one through.

...yeah, repelling Physical attacks kinda does hurt your brain when you think about it.

-giggles at the bit of Foreshadowing near the end-

No. What I must strive for, isn't to become a man. It's to accept myself, for who I really am..."

AHA! Just like the "Kanji is gay" thing, people don't seem to notice that what's best for Naoto isn't being a man but rather, accept herself as she is, a woman.

Excellent update! Can't wait for more.
phoenixdaughterAM (edited by: phoenixdaughterAM)
Autumnal Haze
Whoo, links maxed. *waves tiny flag*

You ranked up on Death the day before Respect for the Aged Day? Tsk, tsk.
This was awesome. I laughed, I got sad, and I got the warm fuzzies. And Yu was ontop of it all. Seriously, keep it up!
I see a "Nnanako" there.

Anywho, good job. I do like the touch of Narukami insisting that he didn't solve anything, and the person faced their problems themselves.

I guess in-universe, that is what the gas station guy is doing isn't he? Just rambling whenever Narukami comes around. I wonder if it means anything.
Regular Exams
I like the tab joke. Ah Yosuke, very much right about the disappointment at the words that come out of his mouth.

Annnnnnnd, foreshadowing. Nehehehehehehe.

Also, rather liked how much of a Chivalrous Pervert Yu is.

Anyway, excellent update. Keep it up!
Sorry to be that guy but there seems to be more typos in this one.

Also, was the bit with the poet women meant to be all clumped together?

Anyway...woo! Arena foreshadowing!

Also, Yu keeping tabs on folks (Yosuke in particular, but anyone as well) saying potentially offensive things to Naoto is great.

Anywho, good work.
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow)
Ack, somehow, I missed that horrible text brick.

I'll be getting to the fixes right away.

EDIT: At the very least, the most egregious errors should be fixed.
Pulse (edited by: Pulse)
Target Practice!
A bit short, but still good. You did a good job of showing off all of Naoto's abilities and the interaction between the Team was great.
-nod- Agreed. Good stuff and I likey the various friendships in the team getting highlighted.
Waning Autumn
This update was adorable. And more max social links get! Whoo-hoo!

Also, you got the Guardian. A feat I have never accomplished. Well done.

Can't wait for more!
The Guardian is just ridiculous. Seriously, it was my biggest barrier to getting this thing done. But I'm aiming for a fully completed run, so!

Anything in particular stand out? I'd like to know what I'm doing right!
Nice update. One thing, though: You said when Yu unlocked the max Tower Arcana that Shu was the Devil Arcana. You might want to fix that.

Otherwise, I like it, and I'm looking forward to the Culture Festival. Question is, will this Yu just try to stick it out, or will he go all out like his anime counterpart and be all gung-ho with the whole thing?
Alright, that problem's taken care of!

As for the rest... You'll see.
Prep Work
...OK, I do like the timing of Yu complementing Yosuke for finally doing something smart...right before he does something massively stupid.

Of course, why did they get Yu and Kanji involved again? I never really got that myself, since the scene makes it pretty clear that it was totally Yosuke and Teddie.

Also, why is it even possible to enter someone else's name in either event and have them take part against their will? You'd think that the other school staff would take one look at that and go "yeah, no".

Man, this event makes no real sense.
Otherarrow (edited by: Otherarrow) clue. Heck, Yu (in this game playthrough) wasn't even that enthusiastic on seeing them on the stage. And Kanji just wanted to see Naoto, for very kinda obvious reasons.

But I bet it was the writers wanting some LOLZ. And what's more funnier than humilating our guys with a cross-dressing show eh? Eh? At least the extra events in Golden didn't rely on gags. Most of the time.

Anyway, great job! -thumbs up-
Ah, more mandatory no-social-linking events predicated on Yosuke being an asshat. This time with a side order of the girls being asshats.

Pulse, your Yu has the best inner monologue.

@Otherarrow: I think it's Rise's fault the other two are signed up. Given how nonchalant she was about being in the pageant, I don't think she considered it humiliation for any of them.
Injury, Recovery, and Relapse
Heh. I'm defiantly not the only one who takes the girl's side, though I reason that the player is a girl soooooo…and I kinda prefer pestering Yosuke.

Eh, buck up Yu, you still look cool to me!

-laughs heavily at the Alice remark from Yu-

Fun update! Ohgoditscomingup.
"Right now, Teddie... I wish you'd just die. For me."

I see what you did there Narukami.

I admit, you dealt with this whole scenario, which is, IMO, one of the most cringe inducting and not funny events in the whole game, pretty well. Good job Pulse.
Is it just me or is Yu become more and more a prude as time goes on? I know that Yosuke can't help but put his foot in his mouth, but that does not mean the correct answer is to act like a monk. And Yu, "The real Risette, ladies and gentlemen, in the flesh! Thank you very much!" is a perfectly normal intro, the MC is not a creep.
This is awesome! And I do think Yu is being a bit of a prude here. Please update soon!
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