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The Legend of the Titanic Riff along!
OH THAT BEARD! Part 1 of the Video
I've watched both animated Titanic movies (never tackled the sequel to this one, though, since there's no English version), and I have to say, this one is my "favorite" of the two. If it weren't about the Titanic, it might be a pseudo-OK-ish kind of movie, but as it is.. DERP.
Freezair: BEST BE TROLLIN. There's no way this movie could be any sillier than "IF NOT FOR YOU I WOULD NOW BE IN SOMEONE ELSE'S DIGESTION", some of the goofiest animation to ever burn corneas, and a rap number in a movie set in 1912.

That said, let me take a look and NEVERMIND YOU'RE RIGHT.
At the very least, this movie has higher-quality animation (for a Saturday morning cartoon, it'd look fine, save the incredibly effeminate mouse-man).
Freeezair The sequel for this is on Doc Sane's Channel; It's also in english! And it's also the most horrifying thing in existance!
Yeah, the animation is way, way better. Not that it's very good, but it's not awful, which is damningly faint praise if ever there was any.
Flat What.
Smiley No Swipping! Part 2 of Video
Lucifer was the name of the cat in Cinderella, so that's two! Two movies they're ripping off! Ah ah ah ah!
Where Things Fall Apart: Part 3
Twenty years, technically, since Maltravers is apparently not yet forty.

...Just sayin'.
Love Actually: Part 4 of Video
Smiley's voice doesn't bother me, but the strange sparkly soundtrack does. As does the fact that the Lead Male's ascot suddenly stops flapping in the wind in a few places. QUALITY!
Party Time! Part 5 of video
At this point I'm still not over the fact that this really has none of the passengers dying. The Titanic's sinking was one of the greatest maritime tragedies in history, for Christ's sake!

I think the only thing that could be more offensive without necessarily involving actual bigotry is if in 80 years Italians make a few animated movies about the legend of 9/11.
IIRC, they said Princeydude was from Andalucia, which is in Spain. SO IT'S NOT TOTALLY INACCURATE WOAH but still pretty silly.

@EK: Is it bad if I laughed at the mental image? But thanks to a friendly hoard of talking, clothed pigeons, lovebirds Wallace and Kate made it safely out of the World Trade Center!
I decided to take a look at it because of Doc Sane's commentary. He leaves us at part 5. After I some how managed to survive these parts, I have one thing to say to Doug Walker. You're too fucking nice.
Oh sweet god! Part 6 of video
That octopus' nose is the creepiest thing ever.
A Bridge Too Far: Part 9 of Video (Final)
Just so you know, they made a sequel to this movie, so... Yeah.
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