The Legend of the Titanic Riff along!

Deadly Private

Party Time! Part 5 of video

Well...we are nearly 2/3 the way there...And so far it makes me want to smash my head through the monitor...BUT, I will not give up! There is NO WAY for this to get any worse than it is now.

0:30 Boring...

0:42 Okay, are they a couple now!? Their dancing, their hugging, and in part 3 they were eskimo kissing!

0:53 "Oh look, it's my shoes, Hi shoes!"

1:10 "Stop stepping on my foot!"

1:15 Well, they kiss...WOW WHAT A SHOCKER! I actually suspect that something might interrupt them! Like, say...the dolphins?

1:18 o_e Are they reguritating their food into each other's mouths?


STOP! STOP IT ALL! How did they all get their without anyone noticing!? Why is everyone cheering for this even though most of them don't know who these people are!? AND WHO THE FUCK IS CLAPPING WHEN ALL OF THEM HAVE NO HANDS!

1:30 "And you have made me the happiest girl with floating hair!"

1:48 That's not party music, that's something that will rape my eardrums for all eternity.

2:07 What the hell?! Why did he have to push him out of the way!? Just tell him to move so he ca- You know what? I don't care. I really don't care how these relationships end. In fact, I would prefer if the ship just self-combusts right there and then!

2:28 "I know only three dance moves, since the Animators were cheap and just repeat Animation but having the camera zoom in."

2:33 Please Squish them, Please squish them, Please SQUISH them...

2:59 " I talk to criminal sharks and even THIS is just silly..."

3:14 "Sure, I can just simply tell the captain or the Duke, thus getting Mr. M arrested, and then never going near the ocean ever again...but I'm a evil henchman who your suppose to sypmathize with."

3:37 And now we go back to the drama of these two...what shall they reveal in today's episode...?

3:47 Wow, that music lulled me into a false sense of security!


4:28 You know, I would honestly never think, if I were a evil man, that maybe all of my conversations were being listened in on by two mice wearing clothing and having the ability to speak to my worst enemies. That...That honestly would not come to my mind.

5:01 Or, you could just yell," Smiley, would you please move?" He would wake up, and then move...How simple is that?!

5:28 ...So your saying that Maltravers caused the sinking of the Titanic, destroying the lives of everyone involved...just because he couldn't get some whales? ...Wouldn't it just be simpler just to let it go, and BUY other whaling rights? ...Or, maybe just push them into the water, I don't know!

5:36 Yes, it could be any other ship that does not contain all of his most hated enemies!

6:01 Why are we focusing on him thinking? Who knows what the talking dog and mice are doing? Maybe they are having tea, maybe they are doing a dance competition...Who the hell knows?!

6:07 A gypsy who comes from England who speaks Spanish...whatever.

6:41 " Again, I am suppose to be sypmathised with. Remember that!"

6:44 A-Are you surprised that he didn't understand you? I can barely understand you! And you didn't even talk to him!

6:53 Comfirmation that, yes, the hallway is clear and that the ship is shaped like a boomerang.

6:58 He waited a day to just to deliver that? Well...he kind of sucks as a butler then, doesn't he?

7:10 " That is the sound that mice make! I know it! And they do not exist on any ship, especially the Titanic!"

7:33 "Whew, it weren't mice, it was just freakish mutations pretending to wear human clothing...AH WELL!"

8:02 Because you are a douche ^^

8:20 ...Great, you have just destroyed communication between everyone else. I am SO glad that has happened!"

8:32 Oh Jesus no...


8:44 Why not a second after midnight? It's not like the ship is going to reach shore RIGHT THEN!

8:59 There's a difference between a threat and a warning , Mr. Ice.

9:28 "I just cut a rope, good for me!"


At this point I'm still not over the fact that this really has none of the passengers dying. The Titanic's sinking was one of the greatest maritime tragedies in history, for Christ's sake!

I think the only thing that could be more offensive without necessarily involving actual bigotry is if in 80 years Italians make a few animated movies about the legend of 9/11.
EponymousKid 13th Feb 11
IIRC, they said Princeydude was from Andalucia, which is in Spain. SO IT'S NOT TOTALLY INACCURATE WOAH but still pretty silly.

@EK: Is it bad if I laughed at the mental image? But thanks to a friendly hoard of talking, clothed pigeons, lovebirds Wallace and Kate made it safely out of the World Trade Center!
FreezairForALimitedTime 13th Feb 11
I decided to take a look at it because of Doc Sane's commentary. He leaves us at part 5. After I some how managed to survive these parts, I have one thing to say to Doug Walker. You're too fucking nice.
GrimBrothers 25th Jun 11