The Legend of the Titanic Riff along!

Deadly Private

Love Actually: Part 4 of Video

Boy, this is just going to be a mess...this part will mostly detail all the problems from the past 3 parts being solved within the first few minutes. Hopefully this will make the whole thing end...OR WILL IT!?

0:33 "W-Wait, I need to hear him finish his sentence, otherwise I don't know what to do!"

0:41 ...Or...actually smart. You know, it don't understand she Elizabeth's Stepmother? If not, then why did she raise her to be sweet and charming and then suddenly wants her to be as dumb as a ox? It really is just confusing.

0:50 Hey, shut up about that voice actor :( He is awesome.

0:56 Oh...but wait, why would the Father trust her more than her own daughter? Wouldn't it have been years or something for that to happen?

1:21 "We are evil because we are having a affair together."

1:38 "Yes, It's trechery, just PLEASE shut up!"

1:46 Wow...the music getting really dark...I wonder what's going to happen?

1:56 Wha...?

2:00 "You missed dinner, so I went down to get you for dinner guess I just forgot about it all. Whoops."

2:10 "B-"

2:11 "-link."

2:50 " 0 percent of the production to Mrs. Dunesberry...0 percent of the production to Mrs. Hold Me Touch Me..."

3:08 Hey, Cinderella!

3:16 Ah!

3:20 AH!

3:23 EEH! quit that!

3:28 I swear by god if you don't STOP that...

3:51 "I shall throw you into the hallway...which...instantly lands you outside?"

4:02 That's Smileys voice?! Why does it sound articulate and intelligent?! The character design for Smiley does not even suggest that amount of intelligence! At least Titanic the Legend goes on, I can actually match the voices with the characters!

4:14 There he is!

4:28 Just say yes, He is really proud of it...*whisper* He has special needs :(

4:55 Wha?

4:57 The hell...?

5:37 Thank you Doc Sane, you make my job easier.

6:04 Um...okay. What was the entire point of that then!?

6:11 This music plays when I am looking for my keys.

6:30 "Oh look, they are having sex together! Isn't that cute?!"

6:34 Confirmation that, yes, the Ball is still going on.


6:57 "Hey, wait were still trapped here-"

7:08 "The Power is YOURS!"

7:30 "...Well, that isn't exactly what I thought I would hear today, but OKAY."

7:54 I love how they don't even hide the fact that to make the bars bend like that naturally, the ship would have to be shaped like a boomerang.

8:24 What the fuck is up with the music!? did they steal the soundtrack from the Rugrats?!

9:23 Ah...the worst part is about to begin...


Smiley's voice doesn't bother me, but the strange sparkly soundtrack does. As does the fact that the Lead Male's ascot suddenly stops flapping in the wind in a few places. QUALITY!
FreezairForALimitedTime 13th Feb 11