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Close shut the jaws of insanity... or don't. Let's Play TESIV: Oblivion!
I'm using this Get out of jail free card, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
Looks like a promising start!



Woot, Katana!
I saw a mudcrab today.
Are you not going to be doing The Shivering Isles? Or are you just putting it off until you get to a higher level?
Just putting it off until later, is all.
Well, I might as well ask, Which guilds do you plan on joining?
ReDead (edited by: ReDead)
Plan on seeing at least the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild.
Do you plan on making an Invisi-suit(For the unenlightened, an Invisi-suit is a set of clothing enchanted with Chameleon 20% on each piece of clothing) Or anything of that nature?
To be perfectly honest, it's kind of annoying to see you explicitly point it out every time you're foreshadowing. It removes all subtlety and gives a viewers-are-morons sensation.
Priorities not in order
I thought this Liveblog had died for a while, there.

I'm glad it's still going, for 2 reasons: 1. I find it hilarious. 2. I rarely ever play evil characters, so it will be interesting to see how the game plays out for an evil character.
Great blog. I love playing a stealthy character on Oblivion. Makes it a lot cooler. Of course, the PC I play on is pretty crappy, so the good graphics, not so much. And I don't have any Extra downloads, other than what the Game of the Year edition brought to it. Unrelated; could you perhaps PM me some advice on how to use the forum? I've been on Tv Tropes for about a year now, but only just got my own computer with my new Knowage. I'm Corwin Punk King, Live Long and Prosper.
Lots of different (totally murderous) choices
Nothing like sleeping next to a fresh corpse, especially for company reasons. I'M KINDA SURPRISED LORD DEATH FIREDOOM DIDN'T TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION.
I love this liveblog. :)
Tamriel takes a backseat to murder.
You make being a sociopathic madman look so enjoyable, Shlappy. >:D
Man, I did what he wanted, when's he going to get off my nuts?

NEVER. [[Fallout3 Not even when you start playing another game.]]

Also sociopathic characters for an Oblivion Let's Play are the best kind of characters ;_;
When all options lead to murder, they're all good options.
I always wondered how Vicente knows (or at least seems to know) that you're the guy that busted out of the jail. Maybe the DB has eyes everywhere.
Night Mother.

More specifically, I'm pretty sure she can see everything.
The Greatest Day Ever
Hey, this blog updated! Great to see you haven't lost your brain over playing on the hardest difficulty...or are you still doing that? I tried it myself for a bit after the last installment. I cleared all the quest lines, now I'm doing the Shivering Isles stuff...oddly enough it'll be my first time doing the Isles quests entirely.

So one thing I'm wondering is, what's combat like for you? I mean, I've been abusing poisons and magic but it seems like you slash stuff; melee combat takes to long IMO. Unless it's rats. It's always rats for the new associates.
I'm still playing on the hardest difficulty. I've been meaning to update for a while now, but schoolwork got in the way of that.

Archery rules the day when I do combat. I save slashing stuff for stuff I'm going to talk about, except for Dreth, because you can't stab him through the bars, unfortunately.
And welcome back to Lord Death Firedoom is TRIPPING BALLS
Public urination XD That's a new one. I love this blog.

Hey, wait a minute. An Argonian? In Morrowind? Uh-oh.
Is this blog still going? It's a jolly good one! Nah, I don't speak like that. Anyways, can't wait for the next. From Viridian
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