Herald's Greeting

Here is the text of the greeting:

Good morning/afternoon/evening/youshouldbeinbed, [[troper]], and thanks for stopping by Wiki Talk!

Sadly, this isn't a place where the Wiki Incarnate can come and bestow its wisdom upon us, but it's the next best thing: The place where we can discuss anything to improve the wiki or forum so that it will one day gain sentience. This is where stuff related to policy goes, and it can also be a catch-all for things that don't fit in another discussion area — more about those later.

Wiki Talk is the main place for more serious wiki discussions. Implementing a standard, wondering about a guideline, sorting a namespace out... These things can all be put here. Go ahead and make your posts amusing/witty, but keep it limited, relevant, and on-topic; Yack Fest is the place for joking around. Constructive criticism of policies or ideas is welcome here, but complaint threads will be locked or nuked.

General queries can also go here; if you've got a question about why something isn't working but it isn't a bug, or don't know what to do in a certain situation, this forum may be the place to come. There are also a couple threads about implementing certain features, like Forum Heralds. To help with long-term/common queries or requests, there are currently six stickied threads.

  1. Wiki Talk FAQ — This directory contains answers to a number of common questions and will show you where to go for some requests. Check it first.
  2. YKTTW workstation — Get aid with a YKTTW draft, often if the description needs help or there's an associated crowner wanting for votes.
  3. Media Namespace Questions — If you don't know which namespace a work fits in, go here for an answer. Help with actual wick moving belongs here.
  4. Help with English — Take it from a native speaker: English can be hard, inconsistent, and annoying. If you aren't comfortable writing in English or there's a specific sentence driving you round the bend, people here will help you with it.

It's now "later". If it isn't, then you've probably been reading this message from bottom to top or you interact rather strangely with time. This is a recap of the other areas to discuss things related to the wiki or forums and roughly what goes in each one, since not everything belongs in Wiki Talk (great as this place is). Most relevant things should be covered; if you're unsure of where to put something or what to do about something you find, tell me and I'll try to figure out where it goes.

  • Got a question about The Content Policy And The 5 P Circuit? Take it to this thread in Content Violations. Other policy questions are fine and good here.
  • If something's screwing with wiki software or you've got a new feature idea, head over to Tech Wishlist/Bug Reports for feedback and fixes.
  • FAQ is the place for simple how-to's, and has info about pre-existing guidelines — including the full Forum Rules. Those, by the way, are enforced here in Wiki Talk as much as anywhere else. Stick to them.
  • Things relating to a specific wiki article can usually be put on its discussion page. That's also the place to resolve an Edit War with a fellow troper.
  • If talking on the discussion page doesn't work, or you want a second opinion, go to Ask The Tropers. The mods also check there, so it's where to report vandalism or a problem wiki user.

Hope to see you busy [[troper]]-ing around, and if you have any questions at all about this forum, PM me and I'll see how well I can fabricate answe— ah, help. [smile]