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28th Mar 17 09:17:07Western Animation.Korgoth Of Barbaria
28th Mar 17 10:31:41Boom Headshot
28th Mar 17 10:31:02Make Sure Hes Dead
27th Mar 17 08:25:20Close Call Haircut.Web Comics
27th Mar 17 08:21:32You Must Be Cold
27th Mar 17 07:24:06Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
26th Mar 17 09:17:23Pretender Diss
26th Mar 17 08:22:00Characters.Ninja Scroll
26th Mar 17 08:10:40Anime.Ninja Scroll
26th Mar 17 07:57:24Franchise.Onimusha
26th Mar 17 07:55:38Professional Killer
26th Mar 17 07:21:52Take Me Out At The Ball Game
26th Mar 17 06:09:31Pistol Whipping
26th Mar 17 06:09:08Pistol Whipping
25th Mar 17 04:18:27Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Supporting Characters
23rd Mar 17 07:00:39Recap.Bojack Horseman S 1 E 05 Live Fast Diane Nguyen
23rd Mar 17 06:48:09Characters.The Chronicles Of Amber
23rd Mar 17 04:20:59Video Game.Quest For Glory I
22nd Mar 17 11:03:34Characters.The Wire Stanfield Organization
21st Mar 17 04:26:17Quotes.Rage Breaking Point
21st Mar 17 04:17:07Feghoot
21st Mar 17 03:37:27But For Me It Was Tuesday.Live Action TV
19th Mar 17 06:53:56Reality Ensues.Live Action Films
18th Mar 17 08:31:35In Their Own Image
17th Mar 17 07:12:24Drinking On Duty
16th Mar 17 03:06:50Characters.The Wire Omar And Associates
14th Mar 17 09:32:02Quotes.Motivational Lie
14th Mar 17 09:29:42Motivational Lie
14th Mar 17 08:59:07Referenced By.Papers Please
14th Mar 17 02:32:49YMMV.World War Z
14th Mar 17 02:09:51Literature.World War Z
14th Mar 17 11:08:33YMMV.The Lord Of The Rings
14th Mar 17 06:13:06Characters.Steven Universe Homeworld Gems
14th Mar 17 06:04:45Interchangeable Asian Cultures
14th Mar 17 05:50:48Interchangeable Asian Cultures
13th Mar 17 10:47:56Antagonistic Governor
13th Mar 17 10:42:23Tropers.The Wanderer
13th Mar 17 05:55:24Leonine Contract
12th Mar 17 03:56:11Double Tap
10th Mar 17 07:29:50Awful Truth
10th Mar 17 02:04:43Love Hungry
10th Mar 17 12:54:15Logical Weakness
10th Mar 17 12:36:06Drawing Straws
10th Mar 17 09:20:42Film.Die Hard
8th Mar 17 03:23:34Famous Ancestor
7th Mar 17 07:09:13Characters.Kickassia
7th Mar 17 07:00:36Reality Ensues.Anime And Manga
6th Mar 17 11:21:57Recap.The Wire S 02 E 09 Stray Rounds
4th Mar 17 10:07:10Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
3rd Mar 17 09:30:42Reassigned To Antarctica.Live Action TV
3rd Mar 17 09:16:30Quotes.Actually Pretty Funny
3rd Mar 17 07:54:04Insistent Terminology.Live Action TV
2nd Mar 17 09:05:16Bluff The Impostor
2nd Mar 17 08:27:43Bluff The Impostor
2nd Mar 17 08:46:49Characters.Steven Universe Humans
1st Mar 17 08:37:41Russian Roulette
1st Mar 17 05:21:18Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
1st Mar 17 03:29:06Vestigial Empire
27th Feb 17 07:45:47Developers Foresight
27th Feb 17 07:00:47Stepping Stone Sword
27th Feb 17 06:06:38The Perils Of Being The Best
27th Feb 17 05:54:41Film.Duel To The Death
26th Feb 17 05:21:16Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
25th Feb 17 07:03:46Who Writes This Crap
25th Feb 17 04:59:53Characters.Highlander The Series
24th Feb 17 07:40:23Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
24th Feb 17 04:48:48Characters.Quest For Glory
23rd Feb 17 07:36:09Recap.No Cure For The Paladin Blues
21st Feb 17 08:21:06Film.The Great White Hype
21st Feb 17 06:06:39Funny.The Prophecy
21st Feb 17 05:05:22Creator.Virginia Madsen
21st Feb 17 11:48:31The Horseshoe Effect
21st Feb 17 11:42:41Literature.The Handmaids Tale
21st Feb 17 08:31:50Bring It
21st Feb 17 08:23:50Dying Moment Of Awesome.Live Action TV
19th Feb 17 08:56:51Go Ye Heroes Go And Die
19th Feb 17 08:37:32Badass On Paper
19th Feb 17 01:28:38Recap.Breaking Bad S 2 E 11 Mandala
19th Feb 17 11:54:28Lying To The Perp
19th Feb 17 10:27:11Icon Of Rebellion
18th Feb 17 08:18:44Film.Snatch
17th Feb 17 05:48:19Comic Book.The Boys
16th Feb 17 07:15:56Characters.Burn Notice
16th Feb 17 10:55:24Characters.Hamilton
15th Feb 17 03:48:25Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
15th Feb 17 03:46:02Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
15th Feb 17 03:43:10Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
14th Feb 17 10:47:48Characters.The Wire Police Commanders
13th Feb 17 11:23:53Being Evil Sucks
10th Feb 17 12:07:27No Fourth Wall
10th Feb 17 11:51:19Price On Their Head
10th Feb 17 11:28:57Reluctant Ruler
10th Feb 17 11:14:56The Cuckoolander Was Right
10th Feb 17 10:09:44Recap.Daredevil 2015 S 1 E 1 Into The Ring
10th Feb 17 09:21:03Interchangeable Asian Cultures
9th Feb 17 08:36:17Trivia.Rocky V
9th Feb 17 08:32:34Trivia.Rocky V
9th Feb 17 08:23:03Film.Rocky V
8th Feb 17 07:13:12Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire Reach Houses
7th Feb 17 08:50:43Characters.Ninja Scroll
6th Feb 17 06:13:50Characters.The Last Blade
6th Feb 17 06:13:33Film.Once Upon A Time In China
4th Feb 17 08:01:54Characters.Highlander The Series
30th Jan 17 08:20:09Stranger In A Familiar Land
30th Jan 17 04:33:32Discworld.The Colour Of Magic
28th Jan 17 07:13:35Quotes.Determinator
28th Jan 17 06:59:51Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
27th Jan 17 06:11:31Film.Snatch
21st Jan 17 08:25:41Characters.The Legend Of Korra Enemies Seasons 1 And 2
21st Jan 17 08:14:39Accidental Truth
21st Jan 17 08:11:55Accidentally Accurate
19th Jan 17 07:59:53The Dying Walk
19th Jan 17 07:44:46The Dying Walk
19th Jan 17 05:58:38Video Game.Quest For Glory II
18th Jan 17 07:59:05Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
18th Jan 17 07:48:55Too Kinky To Torture
18th Jan 17 06:59:59Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
16th Jan 17 06:09:08Tear Jerker.Web Comics
15th Jan 17 10:51:45Tear Jerker.No Need For Bushido
15th Jan 17 10:27:11Awesome.No Need For Bushido
13th Jan 17 07:16:01Pantheon.Naming Convention
13th Jan 17 07:03:16Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Others
12th Jan 17 05:46:44Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
12th Jan 17 11:12:22Recap.The Wire S 02 E 06 All Prologue
12th Jan 17 10:56:35Recap.The Wire S 05 E 03 Not For Attribution
11th Jan 17 04:00:22Characters.ERB Season 5
9th Jan 17 09:25:24Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
9th Jan 17 09:01:57Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
9th Jan 17 08:51:09Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
9th Jan 17 05:48:44Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
9th Jan 17 05:21:14Blind Weaponmaster
9th Jan 17 05:14:54Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
9th Jan 17 04:18:07Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
9th Jan 17 03:27:37Evil Gloating
9th Jan 17 03:17:33Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Others
9th Jan 17 02:22:27Characters.The Order Of The Stick Others
6th Jan 17 11:52:01In Their Own Image
5th Jan 17 06:27:14Even Evil Has Standards.Live Action Films
5th Jan 17 06:22:00Even Evil Has Standards.Live Action Films
5th Jan 17 05:45:05Quick Draw
5th Jan 17 05:11:58Meaningful Name.Live Action TV
5th Jan 17 01:43:16Quotes.Faking The Dead
4th Jan 17 06:34:39Characters.The Wire Baltimore Docks
4th Jan 17 06:23:43Had To Come To Prison To Be A Crook
4th Jan 17 06:01:03Characters.The Wire Baltimore Docks
4th Jan 17 01:08:52Film.Snatch
4th Jan 17 10:56:05Psycho Party Member
4th Jan 17 10:50:27Psycho Party Member
3rd Jan 17 10:39:32The Irish Mob
2nd Jan 17 09:22:21Film.The Ref
31st Dec 16 05:17:55Keystone Army
31st Dec 16 04:46:18I Want Them Alive
30th Dec 16 09:45:29No Sell
30th Dec 16 07:32:44Even Evil Has Standards.Live Action TV
29th Dec 16 10:36:27Reality Ensues.Western Animation
28th Dec 16 06:44:00Aggressive Negotiations
28th Dec 16 06:09:48Even Evil Has Standards.Live Action Films
27th Dec 16 07:31:43Cruel Mercy
22nd Dec 16 08:40:28Always Gets His Man
22nd Dec 16 07:22:54Useful Notes.Ukrainians With Depleted Uranium
22nd Dec 16 06:50:45Quotes.Punch Clock Villain
22nd Dec 16 06:11:07Playing Both Sides
21st Dec 16 08:14:53First Person Smartass
21st Dec 16 11:19:54Forgotten Trope
21st Dec 16 06:21:54Characters.The Wire City Hall
21st Dec 16 05:59:20Multi Melee Master
20th Dec 16 07:21:50Sheathe Your Sword
17th Dec 16 07:43:02Stone Wall
17th Dec 16 06:15:19Characters.Continuum TV
16th Dec 16 09:42:25Characters.Quest For Glory
15th Dec 16 07:05:54First Person Smartass
15th Dec 16 06:56:14Film.Lord Of War
9th Dec 16 08:26:58Characters.Bully
9th Dec 16 07:07:40Characters.Bully
9th Dec 16 03:24:16Even Evil Has Standards.Comic Books
8th Dec 16 08:10:00Quotes.We Have Reserves
6th Dec 16 06:27:20Defeat By Modesty
5th Dec 16 03:52:14My Rule Fu Is Stronger Than Yours
5th Dec 16 03:35:13Challenging The Chief
5th Dec 16 03:20:25Loophole Abuse.Live Action Film
5th Dec 16 11:04:05Mood Whiplash.Video Games
3rd Dec 16 09:13:22The Power Of Legacy
3rd Dec 16 09:09:56The Power Of Legacy
2nd Dec 16 08:13:45Characters.Cowboy Bebop
2nd Dec 16 07:58:44Characters.Cowboy Bebop
2nd Dec 16 07:55:18Treachery Cover Up
2nd Dec 16 07:48:32The Power Of Legacy
2nd Dec 16 06:25:24Characters.MCU Citizens New York City
1st Dec 16 07:39:00Single Malt Vision
1st Dec 16 07:32:59Gun Twirling
1st Dec 16 06:51:47Characters.Cowboy Bebop
30th Nov 16 09:27:14Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Supporting Characters
30th Nov 16 07:43:19Film.The Replacements 2000
29th Nov 16 06:27:38They Copied It So It Sucks
28th Nov 16 07:57:59Series.The Wire
28th Nov 16 11:35:26Anti Villain
28th Nov 16 05:14:15Comicbook.God Is Dead
28th Nov 16 05:06:40Comicbook.God Is Dead
28th Nov 16 05:05:25Comicbook.God Is Dead
27th Nov 16 09:31:32Characters.Quest For Glory
26th Nov 16 07:59:20Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Supporting Characters
24th Nov 16 09:20:46Series.Luke Cage 2016
24th Nov 16 09:16:09Series.Luke Cage 2016
23rd Nov 16 09:03:51YMMV.Quest For Glory
21st Nov 16 06:55:09Characters.Quest For Glory
21st Nov 16 03:06:42Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
21st Nov 16 02:43:22Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
21st Nov 16 09:42:53Reality Ensues.Live Action TV
21st Nov 16 09:04:51Meaningless Villain Victory
21st Nov 16 08:51:24Meaningless Villain Victory
20th Nov 16 10:50:59Film.Duel To The Death
20th Nov 16 10:45:20YMMV.Duel To The Death
20th Nov 16 10:43:56Film.Duel To The Death
20th Nov 16 10:38:52Laxative Prank
20th Nov 16 09:41:00Only Bad Guys Call Their Lawyers
19th Nov 16 08:07:56Characters.The Wire Major Crimes Unit
18th Nov 16 08:47:07Principles Zealot
18th Nov 16 07:29:47Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire Historical Other Westerosi
18th Nov 16 07:22:59Pre Mortem One Liner
18th Nov 16 07:15:40Pre Mortem One Liner
18th Nov 16 06:56:36Awesome.A Song Of Ice And Fire
16th Nov 16 08:50:59Trivia.Rocky III
15th Nov 16 07:40:31Slasher Smile
15th Nov 16 03:34:50Rapid Fire Fisticuffs
15th Nov 16 03:28:20I Resemble That Remark
15th Nov 16 02:51:20Fake Special Attack
15th Nov 16 02:49:03Charles Atlas Superpower
15th Nov 16 02:28:57Blind Weaponmaster
15th Nov 16 02:01:32Rasputinian Death
15th Nov 16 09:55:16Quotes.Retired Monster
14th Nov 16 07:48:57YMMV.One Punch Man
13th Nov 16 08:53:13Giving Up On Logic
12th Nov 16 05:35:03Film.Happy Gilmore
12th Nov 16 12:10:09Even Evil Has Standards.Literature
12th Nov 16 05:52:34We Have Reserves
11th Nov 16 09:06:19Quotes.The Godfather
11th Nov 16 07:37:01Trivia.The Wire
11th Nov 16 07:36:40Trivia.The Wire
11th Nov 16 04:41:48Never My Fault
11th Nov 16 04:17:01Never My Fault
11th Nov 16 04:07:06Even Evil Has Standards.Live Action TV
11th Nov 16 09:05:14Film.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
11th Nov 16 08:53:09Film.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
10th Nov 16 09:45:21Film.Day Of The Dead 1985
9th Nov 16 12:06:21Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Supporting Characters
9th Nov 16 11:52:03Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Supporting Characters
9th Nov 16 11:10:04Implied Death Threat
7th Nov 16 09:47:42We Have Reserves
7th Nov 16 08:09:40Tear Jerker.Highlander
7th Nov 16 01:51:35Pie In The Face
7th Nov 16 01:44:04Interservice Rivalry
7th Nov 16 12:54:16YMMV.Scrubs
7th Nov 16 12:53:53YMMV.Scrubs
7th Nov 16 12:42:22Taught By Experience
6th Nov 16 08:09:01Film.Ravenous
6th Nov 16 07:49:48Film.Ravenous
6th Nov 16 07:13:57YMMV.Ravenous
6th Nov 16 07:05:57Trivia.Ravenous
5th Nov 16 10:26:13Film.Ravenous
5th Nov 16 10:15:53Characters.Quest For Glory
5th Nov 16 08:30:34From Camouflage To Criminal
4th Nov 16 09:21:33Film.Ravenous
3rd Nov 16 07:22:04Film.Ravenous
3rd Nov 16 05:46:08Characters.Locke And Key
2nd Nov 16 12:36:16Reality Ensues.Literature
2nd Nov 16 07:40:23Xanatos Gambit.Literature
2nd Nov 16 07:10:52Professional Killer
1st Nov 16 10:48:16Rasputinian Death
1st Nov 16 06:31:05Reliably Unreliable Guns
1st Nov 16 05:30:33Former Regime Personnel
31st Oct 16 09:16:49Voice Of The Resistance
30th Oct 16 08:26:05Comic Book.Kill Shakespeare
28th Oct 16 06:46:49Recap.Burn Notice S 1 E 12 Loose Ends
27th Oct 16 12:13:28Reduced To Ratburgers
26th Oct 16 01:19:55Video Game.Final Fantasy X
24th Oct 16 01:30:18Webcomic.Nimona
23rd Oct 16 10:04:09Webcomic.Nimona
21st Oct 16 04:42:58Awesome.One Punch Man
21st Oct 16 08:24:06Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Order Of The Stick
21st Oct 16 07:55:50WMG.One Punch Man
20th Oct 16 10:38:27Webcomic.One Punch Man
19th Oct 16 07:55:08Shrouded In Myth
18th Oct 16 01:57:24Person As Verb
18th Oct 16 01:15:08Bluffing The Murderer
17th Oct 16 08:46:37Comicbook.Spider Man Reign
17th Oct 16 07:24:11Prove I Am Not Bluffing
16th Oct 16 10:00:18Recap.Luke Cage 2016 S 1 E 4 Step In The Arena
16th Oct 16 09:55:36Recap.Luke Cage 2016 S 1 E 4 Step In The Arena
16th Oct 16 08:23:49But For Me It Was Tuesday.Web Original
16th Oct 16 08:23:48But For Me It Was Tuesday.Web Original
16th Oct 16 11:14:04Recap.Breaking Bad S 2 E 6 Peekaboo
16th Oct 16 07:32:37Series.Luke Cage 2016
15th Oct 16 10:30:34Family Honor
15th Oct 16 09:32:38Series.Luke Cage 2016
15th Oct 16 08:55:11Spotting The Thread
14th Oct 16 09:10:50Man I Feel Like A Woman
14th Oct 16 08:48:17Comic Book.Rachel Rising
14th Oct 16 08:10:04Comic Book.Rachel Rising
14th Oct 16 08:04:27Comic Book.Rachel Rising
13th Oct 16 08:18:29Force Feeding
12th Oct 16 10:29:31Hospitality For Heroes
12th Oct 16 09:48:59No Hero Discount
12th Oct 16 09:48:28No Hero Discount
11th Oct 16 11:00:05Fake Charity
11th Oct 16 10:52:42Defector From Decadence
11th Oct 16 10:50:21The Only Believer
11th Oct 16 08:51:19Even Evil Has Standards.Comic Books
11th Oct 16 08:05:58Repulsive Ringmaster
10th Oct 16 07:04:13Cigarette Burns
10th Oct 16 05:02:29Monstrous Humanoid
10th Oct 16 08:41:50Recap.Luke Cage 2016 S 1 E 4 Step In The Arena
10th Oct 16 07:33:24AB Negative
9th Oct 16 09:06:49Abandoned War Child
9th Oct 16 09:05:05Film.Savior
8th Oct 16 08:31:31Combat Parkour
8th Oct 16 09:16:07Gaslighting
7th Oct 16 07:37:18Properly Paranoid
7th Oct 16 03:48:53Regretful Traitor
6th Oct 16 05:02:38Breaking Bad.Tropes A To B
5th Oct 16 09:35:49Interservice Rivalry
5th Oct 16 07:39:37Its Personal With The Dragon
4th Oct 16 08:48:54Dont Ask Just Run
4th Oct 16 03:23:59Run Or Die
4th Oct 16 10:40:53Recap.Justice League S 2 E 19 And 20 Hereafter
4th Oct 16 10:38:34Recap.Superman The Animated Series S 2 E 25 E 26 Apokolips Now
4th Oct 16 10:35:45Recap.South Park S 10 E 1 The Return Of Chef
2nd Oct 16 09:12:05Death Of A Thousand Cuts
2nd Oct 16 08:56:12Film.Rob Roy
30th Sep 16 09:12:32Dwindling Party
30th Sep 16 08:59:31Dwindling Party
30th Sep 16 07:26:38Quotes.Murder Is The Best Solution
29th Sep 16 07:54:09YMMV.The Leftovers
29th Sep 16 07:43:19Recap.Batman The Animated Series E 11 Two Face Part 2
29th Sep 16 07:34:10Recap.Batman The Animated Series E 51 The Man Who Killed Batman
29th Sep 16 07:29:50Recap.Batman The Animated Series E 51 The Man Who Killed Batman
29th Sep 16 07:16:32Literature.World War Z
29th Sep 16 07:07:09Meaningful Funeral
29th Sep 16 07:03:55No Body Left Behind
29th Sep 16 07:01:55Never Found The Body
29th Sep 16 07:00:22Not Enough To Bury
29th Sep 16 06:40:02Useful Notes.New York City
28th Sep 16 07:48:13Film.Basic
27th Sep 16 08:59:07Characters.The Wire Stanfield Organization
27th Sep 16 03:20:57Useful Notes.New York City
26th Sep 16 06:31:08Music.Celine Dion
24th Sep 16 07:26:34Characters.Galavant
24th Sep 16 04:46:01Recap.Burn Notice S 3 E 4 Fearless Leader
23rd Sep 16 07:02:19Tear Jerker.Rocky V
23rd Sep 16 06:12:30Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Others
22nd Sep 16 08:21:31Reluctant Ruler
22nd Sep 16 08:21:27Dented Iron
22nd Sep 16 08:02:57Storming The Castle
19th Sep 16 09:02:31Self Destructive Charge
16th Sep 16 08:46:13Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot
15th Sep 16 08:29:33Interchangeable Asian Cultures
14th Sep 16 09:01:44Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Live Action Films
11th Sep 16 09:46:47Characters As Device
11th Sep 16 09:45:27Just A Gangster
11th Sep 16 09:24:02Film.Lord Of War
11th Sep 16 09:14:22Because Im Good At It
11th Sep 16 09:11:07Film.American Gangster
11th Sep 16 08:40:25Just A Gangster
9th Sep 16 08:23:44Still Got It
8th Sep 16 08:29:09Franchise.Rocky
8th Sep 16 07:21:06Characters.Quest For Glory
8th Sep 16 03:18:09Start My Own
7th Sep 16 08:32:40Still Got It
7th Sep 16 10:41:22Characters.Quest For Glory
7th Sep 16 07:31:00Eviler Than Thou
2nd Sep 16 01:49:31Let Off By The Detective
31st Aug 16 08:48:24Never Going Back To Prison
29th Aug 16 08:36:15Series.Galavant
28th Aug 16 06:23:47Characters.The Wire Barksdale Organization
24th Aug 16 03:07:13Series.House Of Cards US
24th Aug 16 07:49:58Soft Glass
24th Aug 16 05:44:36Characters.Steven Universe Other Gems
23rd Aug 16 08:18:17Dumb Blonde
23rd Aug 16 08:16:47Your Brain Wont Be Much Of A Meal
23rd Aug 16 12:22:24Series.Galavant
23rd Aug 16 11:53:42Series.Galavant
22nd Aug 16 09:00:46Characters.Ninja Scroll
21st Aug 16 08:21:22Characters.The Wire New Day Co Op
21st Aug 16 05:34:11Series.Galavant
21st Aug 16 05:25:59Series.Galavant
21st Aug 16 09:35:11Film.Rocky
20th Aug 16 09:59:43Vicariously Ambitious
18th Aug 16 12:38:03Ha Ha Ha No
18th Aug 16 09:58:18Non Sequitur Thud
18th Aug 16 09:46:53Non Sequitur Thud
18th Aug 16 09:34:14Comicbook.God Is Dead
18th Aug 16 09:25:31Comic Book.Supreme Power
17th Aug 16 01:07:37Misblamed
17th Aug 16 06:49:38Recap.Steven Universe S 4 E 2 Know Your Fusion
17th Aug 16 05:32:53YMMV.The Lord Of The Rings
16th Aug 16 06:45:34Characters.Steven Universe Humans
15th Aug 16 08:43:30Characters.Quest For Glory
15th Aug 16 05:41:48Video Game.Quest For Glory III
14th Aug 16 09:40:31Video Game.Quest For Glory III
13th Aug 16 07:27:13Characters.Ninja Scroll
12th Aug 16 04:44:30Internal Reformist