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21st Sep 17 09:41:22Theatre.Seminar
20th Sep 17 09:58:29Creator.Shack Tactical
20th Sep 17 08:46:08Awesome.Shack Tactical
20th Sep 17 04:13:36Start Of Darkness
20th Sep 17 06:00:13Creator.Shack Tactical
19th Sep 17 10:29:25Awesome.Shack Tactical
19th Sep 17 06:48:39Tropers.The Wanderer
19th Sep 17 01:11:59Awesome.Shack Tactical
19th Sep 17 12:31:21Awesome.Shack Tactical
18th Sep 17 09:42:53Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
15th Sep 17 05:17:15Memetic Badass.Web Original
15th Sep 17 04:48:25Mad Bomber
13th Sep 17 08:14:25Face Stealer
13th Sep 17 06:23:24Not Me This Time.Web Original
11th Sep 17 04:30:09Even Evil Has Standards.Live Action TV
11th Sep 17 01:19:48The Good The Bad And The Evil
11th Sep 17 01:07:21The Good The Bad And The Evil
11th Sep 17 06:16:05Blase Boast
11th Sep 17 06:02:44Quotes.The Wire
10th Sep 17 08:12:34YMMV.Shack Tactical
10th Sep 17 05:32:36Creator.Shack Tactical
10th Sep 17 06:55:17Dont Ask Just Run
9th Sep 17 11:37:33Memetic Badass.Web Original
8th Sep 17 07:45:09Magical Eye
7th Sep 17 05:14:53Asspull
7th Sep 17 07:58:20Conveniently Unverifiable Cover Story
7th Sep 17 07:52:52Praetorian Guard
6th Sep 17 09:31:23Film.A History Of Violence
3rd Sep 17 09:56:46Anti Climactic Unmasking
3rd Sep 17 09:39:26WMG.The Man From Earth
3rd Sep 17 09:36:08Film.The Man From Earth
3rd Sep 17 09:19:55Special Person Normal Name
3rd Sep 17 03:17:03Creator.Jet Li
3rd Sep 17 05:20:09Ret Gone
1st Sep 17 01:07:23Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
31st Aug 17 07:16:35Quirky Mini Boss Squad.Web Comics
31st Aug 17 09:35:56Mood Whiplash.Video Games
31st Aug 17 09:30:01Funny.Onimusha
31st Aug 17 09:03:35Triumphant Example.M To O
31st Aug 17 09:03:02Triumphant Example.M To O
31st Aug 17 08:50:18Marathon Level
31st Aug 17 07:13:02Franchise.Onimusha
30th Aug 17 05:22:36Hostility On The Set
29th Aug 17 07:59:16Characters.V For Vendetta Comic
29th Aug 17 07:47:15Domestic Abuse
28th Aug 17 08:05:58Characters.The Dark Knight Trilogy Other Characters
28th Aug 17 09:02:43Fighting Fingerprint
28th Aug 17 07:02:07The Cavalry Arrives Late
26th Aug 17 01:21:55Creator.Shack Tactical
24th Aug 17 06:37:56Non Sequitur Thud
23rd Aug 17 02:28:42Poison And Cure Gambit
23rd Aug 17 02:27:35Poison And Cure Gambit
23rd Aug 17 12:12:29Four Is Death
22nd Aug 17 04:37:52Sympathy For The Hero
21st Aug 17 09:55:29Film.The Last Samurai
18th Aug 17 09:52:52Dueling Messiahs
17th Aug 17 02:07:01Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
17th Aug 17 01:29:49Fridge.Raiders Of The Lost Ark
16th Aug 17 11:35:27Characters.The Leftovers
16th Aug 17 09:28:14Recap.Rick And Morty S 1 E 4 M Night Shaym Aliens
14th Aug 17 07:59:59Domestic Abuse
14th Aug 17 12:05:04Characters.V For Vendetta Comic
14th Aug 17 09:37:54Characters.V For Vendetta Comic
12th Aug 17 09:18:05Recap.Game Of Thrones S 7 E 4 The Spoils Of War
11th Aug 17 09:50:34Opposing Sports Team
9th Aug 17 09:58:40Recap.Game Of Thrones S 7 E 4 The Spoils Of War
9th Aug 17 09:41:25Recap.Game Of Thrones S 7 E 4 The Spoils Of War
9th Aug 17 09:33:08Recap.Game Of Thrones S 7 E 4 The Spoils Of War
9th Aug 17 09:25:01Domestic Abuse
8th Aug 17 08:21:20New Job As The Plot Demands
7th Aug 17 08:03:17I Shall Taunt You
7th Aug 17 07:41:17Generic Doomsday Villain
7th Aug 17 07:28:43I Never Said It Was Poison
6th Aug 17 10:01:16Film.Rocky IV
3rd Aug 17 05:15:04Characters.The Order Of The Stick Others
2nd Aug 17 09:30:13Strawman Has A Point
1st Aug 17 05:25:56Heartwarming.The Last Samurai
1st Aug 17 05:24:14Funny.The Last Samurai
1st Aug 17 05:14:47Film.The Last Samurai
1st Aug 17 05:08:31Bad Cop Incompetent Cop
31st Jul 17 08:08:54Counting Bullets
31st Jul 17 07:34:42Reality Ensues.Literature
31st Jul 17 06:06:00Film.The Usual Suspects
29th Jul 17 10:46:47Characters.Adventure Time Minor
26th Jul 17 09:35:32Characters.V For Vendetta Comic
25th Jul 17 07:07:30Characters.V For Vendetta Comic
25th Jul 17 07:05:58Characters.V For Vendetta Comic
23rd Jul 17 08:45:22Relative Button
22nd Jul 17 08:46:20Hello Sailor
22nd Jul 17 08:37:06Interservice Rivalry
21st Jul 17 11:42:56Characters.Adventure Time Minor
21st Jul 17 07:00:01Characters.Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
21st Jul 17 06:11:35Creator.Hbi2k
21st Jul 17 04:38:02Recap.Adventure Time S 9 E 13 Whispers
19th Jul 17 07:05:11Sadistic Choice.Live Action TV
19th Jul 17 08:43:05Hollywood Acid
18th Jul 17 07:29:16Characters.The Wire The Next Generation
18th Jul 17 07:12:53Characters.The Wire Homeless People And Addicts
16th Jul 17 11:04:08Film.Marked For Death
16th Jul 17 10:18:38Reality Ensues.Live Action TV
13th Jul 17 08:23:41Creator.Gabriel Byrne
12th Jul 17 09:53:33Theatre.If Then
12th Jul 17 08:10:45Flash Sideways
11th Jul 17 07:12:26Pyrrhic Villainy
10th Jul 17 08:59:02As Long As There Is One Man
10th Jul 17 08:33:54Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Order Of The Scribble
9th Jul 17 11:21:44False Reassurance
6th Jul 17 02:06:44Logical Weakness
6th Jul 17 06:58:03The Siege
6th Jul 17 06:49:08Reality Ensues.Live Action TV
6th Jul 17 06:45:52Begone Bribe
6th Jul 17 06:31:29Reality Ensues.Live Action TV
5th Jul 17 09:09:26Storming The Castle
5th Jul 17 09:01:57The Berserker
4th Jul 17 09:47:10Interservice Rivalry
3rd Jul 17 08:21:29Interservice Rivalry
28th Jun 17 05:03:39Faking The Dead
27th Jun 17 04:35:11Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
27th Jun 17 10:59:27Things Are More Effective In Hollywood
27th Jun 17 09:47:38Fridge.The Handmaids Tale
26th Jun 17 12:30:06Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
25th Jun 17 12:13:41Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
25th Jun 17 10:50:10Stone Wall
25th Jun 17 10:22:30Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 9 Battle Of The Bastards
25th Jun 17 08:50:56Feel No Pain
25th Jun 17 08:47:21Recap.The Wire S 03 E 03 Dead Soldiers
24th Jun 17 07:54:53Not In The Face
23rd Jun 17 09:14:54Tranquil Fury
23rd Jun 17 08:50:49Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Villains
23rd Jun 17 07:21:06Film.The Ballad Of Cable Hogue
23rd Jun 17 07:08:20Film.Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid
23rd Jun 17 12:02:55Bait The Dog
22nd Jun 17 10:01:14Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Supporting Characters
22nd Jun 17 06:19:16But For Me It Was Tuesday.Comic Books
22nd Jun 17 12:31:41Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Supporting Characters
22nd Jun 17 12:12:23Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Supporting Characters
22nd Jun 17 12:08:18Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Supporting Characters
19th Jun 17 04:54:07Feel No Pain
19th Jun 17 04:49:52Fiery Coverup
19th Jun 17 04:48:47Fiery Coverup
19th Jun 17 10:20:34Combat Pragmatist.Comic Books
19th Jun 17 10:00:01Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu.Comic Books
19th Jun 17 09:14:37Quick Draw
18th Jun 17 09:13:33YMMV.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 9 Battle Of The Bastards
17th Jun 17 08:01:26Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 9 Battle Of The Bastards
17th Jun 17 07:46:36Recap.Game Of Thrones S 5 E 10 Mothers Mercy
17th Jun 17 07:28:57Characters.Game Of Thrones House Baratheon
17th Jun 17 07:26:09Recap.Game Of Thrones S 2 E 1 The North Rememebers
17th Jun 17 07:22:32Literature.Redwall
17th Jun 17 06:54:30Literature.Airman
17th Jun 17 06:50:14Literature.The Death Of Achilles
17th Jun 17 06:45:23Improbable Antidote
17th Jun 17 06:41:04Improbable Antidote
17th Jun 17 06:39:59Magic Antidote
17th Jun 17 06:36:57Acquired Poison Immunity
17th Jun 17 04:42:09Mind Over Matter
14th Jun 17 07:34:04Always V Sexy
14th Jun 17 07:33:34Always V Sexy
14th Jun 17 06:16:23Partly Cloudy With A Chance Of Death
13th Jun 17 01:54:30Literature.Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
13th Jun 17 01:44:43Manga.Ooku
13th Jun 17 01:41:05Manga.Nobunaga No Chef
13th Jun 17 01:34:31Series.Fear Itself
13th Jun 17 01:30:12Samurai Jack.Tropes Season 1 To Season 4
13th Jun 17 01:26:01Disney.The Emperors New Groove
13th Jun 17 01:25:05Disney.The Emperors New Groove
13th Jun 17 12:56:15Mad Bomber
13th Jun 17 11:44:34Recap.The Twilight Zone S 5 E 149 The Jeopardy Room
13th Jun 17 11:38:28Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Baratheon Of Dragonstone
13th Jun 17 11:34:59Literature.Archmaester Gyldayns Histories
13th Jun 17 11:23:26Funny.A Clash Of Kings
13th Jun 17 10:41:54Literature.A Clash Of Kings
13th Jun 17 10:26:01Literature.Death Comes As The End
13th Jun 17 10:12:08Recap.Babylon Five S 04 E 18 Intersections In Real Time
13th Jun 17 10:08:13Babylon Five.Tropes Q To Z
13th Jun 17 09:53:56Film.The Princess Bride
13th Jun 17 09:43:50Recap.Breaking Bad S 4 E 10 Salud
13th Jun 17 09:41:10Awesome.Breaking Bad
13th Jun 17 09:38:12Characters.Breaking Bad Gustavo Fring
13th Jun 17 09:32:50Characters.Breaking Bad Juarez Cartel
13th Jun 17 09:29:08Taking You With Me
13th Jun 17 09:26:29False Reassurance
13th Jun 17 09:22:36Exploited Immunity
13th Jun 17 09:21:36Deliberate Injury Gambit
13th Jun 17 09:20:03Laconic.Self Poisoning Gambit
13th Jun 17 05:56:59Toxic Tropes
13th Jun 17 05:55:50Self Poisoning Gambit
13th Jun 17 05:52:43Self Poisoning Gambit
12th Jun 17 08:22:10Characters.Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
11th Jun 17 12:36:05Self Mutilation Demonstration
10th Jun 17 07:09:58Film.The Usual Suspects
9th Jun 17 08:37:34Recap.Better Call Saul S 3 E 8 Slip
8th Jun 17 06:02:08Film.Snatch
6th Jun 17 07:32:38Recap.The Order Of The Stick
6th Jun 17 06:19:55Characters.The Wire City Hall
5th Jun 17 06:27:03Human Pincushion
5th Jun 17 09:18:32Video Game.Def Jam Series
5th Jun 17 08:48:52Man I Feel Like A Woman
5th Jun 17 08:45:04Time Abyss
5th Jun 17 08:36:59Comic Book.Rachel Rising
5th Jun 17 06:48:15Misplaced Retribution
4th Jun 17 08:30:21Video Game.Def Jam Series
4th Jun 17 08:02:16Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
4th Jun 17 07:13:32Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
3rd Jun 17 09:21:27Characters.The Order Of The Stick Others
3rd Jun 17 08:54:27Characters.The Order Of The Stick Others
3rd Jun 17 08:11:10Revision
3rd Jun 17 07:46:20Series.Highlander
1st Jun 17 07:06:54Characters.The Wire Police Commanders
1st Jun 17 11:31:05Recap.Better Call Saul S 3 E 6 Off Brand
1st Jun 17 11:08:10Series.Better Call Saul
31st May 17 01:36:04Characters.The Wire Homeless People And Addicts
31st May 17 12:57:45Characters.The Wire Homeless People And Addicts
31st May 17 12:56:55Characters.The Wire Homeless People And Addicts
30th May 17 07:39:05Genteel Interbellum Setting
30th May 17 07:29:04Characters.The Wire Other Characters
29th May 17 08:43:26Characters.The Wire Other Characters
27th May 17 09:36:37Master Poisoner
23rd May 17 01:18:52Last Chance To Quit
22nd May 17 02:01:22Panacea
20th May 17 09:55:57Characters.The Order Of The Stick Others
20th May 17 01:29:09Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
17th May 17 08:19:24Not Afraid To Die
15th May 17 11:27:36Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
13th May 17 09:58:12Fake Weakness
13th May 17 06:30:54Casting Couch
12th May 17 07:32:25Original Position Fallacy
12th May 17 06:30:52Characters.The Wire The Next Generation
11th May 17 11:14:52Quotes.Nostalgia Filter
11th May 17 09:56:34Awesome.City Slickers
11th May 17 09:29:00Trivia.City Slickers
10th May 17 08:11:45Fridge.American Gods 2017
10th May 17 07:59:54Human Pincushion
9th May 17 02:26:52Zombie Infectee
9th May 17 09:12:04Awesome.Star Wars Vader Down
9th May 17 09:05:25Pineapple Surprise
9th May 17 08:21:41Dwindling Party
8th May 17 02:48:28Former Regime Personnel
6th May 17 09:50:43Paranoia Gambit
6th May 17 09:04:46Characters.The Wire Western District
6th May 17 08:45:38FBI Agent
6th May 17 08:33:32Badges And Dog Tags
5th May 17 07:44:47Sandbox.Marvel Cinematic Universe The Fisk Crime Ring
5th May 17 06:45:08Improvised Armour
5th May 17 06:26:53A Truce While We Gawk
5th May 17 06:25:01Running Gag.Live Action TV
5th May 17 06:13:42Call Back.Live Action TV
5th May 17 06:13:39Chess Motifs
4th May 17 08:51:11Pyrrhic Villainy
2nd May 17 07:37:38Recap.Better Call Saul
30th Apr 17 08:22:21Do You Want To Haggle
29th Apr 17 12:44:19Your Approval Fills Me With Shame
29th Apr 17 12:43:00Your Approval Fills Me With Shame
29th Apr 17 10:20:58Recap.The Order Of The Stick
29th Apr 17 07:22:55Bad Guys Do The Dirty Work
29th Apr 17 06:45:02Arkhams Razor
29th Apr 17 06:22:24A Man Is Always Eager
29th Apr 17 06:13:27Rabid Cop
29th Apr 17 06:03:25Hot For Preacher
28th Apr 17 08:17:24What Happened To The Mouse
28th Apr 17 03:52:20Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
28th Apr 17 03:33:45Smite Me O Mighty Smiter
28th Apr 17 03:30:46Answers To The Name Of God
28th Apr 17 10:48:57Awesome.Preacher
28th Apr 17 10:46:47Quotes.The Reason You Suck Speech
28th Apr 17 10:06:05Let The Bully Win
27th Apr 17 09:01:43Horrifying The Horror
26th Apr 17 07:45:02Characters.Breaking Bad Juarez Cartel
26th Apr 17 05:18:36Recap.Better Call Saul S 3 E 3 Sunk Costs
24th Apr 17 05:23:05Cop Killer
23rd Apr 17 09:21:15Screw This Im Outta Here.Live Action TV
23rd Apr 17 08:45:00Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 9 Battle Of The Bastards
23rd Apr 17 07:08:53Order Versus Chaos
23rd Apr 17 04:45:21Tele Frag
23rd Apr 17 04:24:40Film.Snatch
20th Apr 17 07:19:20Quotes.An Arm And A Leg
19th Apr 17 08:01:34Characters.The Order Of The Stick Others
19th Apr 17 05:32:19Out Of Character Alert
18th Apr 17 11:12:20Its Personal With The Dragon
16th Apr 17 08:10:55Characters.Quest For Glory
15th Apr 17 09:38:45Characters.Final Fantasy X Other Characters Introduced In Final Fantasy X
15th Apr 17 04:35:24Series.The Wire
15th Apr 17 09:53:02Characters.The Wire Police Commanders
15th Apr 17 09:32:10Characters.The Wire Major Crimes Unit
15th Apr 17 08:30:05Characters.The Wire Major Crimes Unit
14th Apr 17 08:14:06Paranoia Gambit
14th Apr 17 08:10:37Paranoia Gambit
13th Apr 17 09:28:24An Arm And A Leg
13th Apr 17 11:38:15Characters.The Wire The Next Generation
12th Apr 17 06:57:01Framing The Guilty Party
12th Apr 17 06:54:13Never Hurt An Innocent
12th Apr 17 10:30:26Characters.The Wire Barksdale Organization
11th Apr 17 07:48:42Characters.The Wire Stanfield Organization
11th Apr 17 07:46:25Characters.The Wire Police Commanders
10th Apr 17 11:00:19Scared Of Whats Behind You
9th Apr 17 06:30:35White Gang Bangers
9th Apr 17 04:45:56Characters.The Wire Police Commanders
9th Apr 17 04:40:49Characters.The Wire Police Commanders
9th Apr 17 04:31:22Characters.The Wire Police Commanders
8th Apr 17 09:29:17Quotes.An Arm And A Leg
8th Apr 17 01:41:42Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Greyjoy Raiders
6th Apr 17 10:06:02Artistic License Gun Safety
5th Apr 17 06:47:09Characters.Batman The Animated Series Rogues Gallery Part 3
5th Apr 17 04:55:09Recap.Batman The Animated Series E 20 Feat Of Clay Part 1
5th Apr 17 11:27:05The Dreaded.Live Action TV
4th Apr 17 09:04:27Characters.The Wire Barksdale Organization
3rd Apr 17 09:39:53The Only Believer
3rd Apr 17 06:56:51Mouth Of Sauron
3rd Apr 17 06:51:21Non Answer
31st Mar 17 09:23:57Characters.Until Dawn
31st Mar 17 09:22:44Characters.Until Dawn
31st Mar 17 09:22:01Characters.Until Dawn
31st Mar 17 07:51:08Film.Marked For Death
31st Mar 17 07:10:29You Keep Telling Yourself That
31st Mar 17 08:10:18Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Greyjoy
31st Mar 17 08:02:38Characters.The Wire Barksdale Organization
31st Mar 17 07:51:09Characters.The Wire City Hall
29th Mar 17 08:01:48Characters.Burn Notice
29th Mar 17 06:55:04Characters.The Wire Police Commanders
28th Mar 17 09:17:07Western Animation.Korgoth Of Barbaria
28th Mar 17 10:31:41Boom Headshot
28th Mar 17 10:31:02Make Sure Hes Dead
27th Mar 17 08:25:20Close Call Haircut.Web Comics
27th Mar 17 08:21:32You Must Be Cold
27th Mar 17 07:24:06Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
26th Mar 17 09:17:23Pretender Diss
26th Mar 17 08:22:00Characters.Ninja Scroll
26th Mar 17 08:10:40Anime.Ninja Scroll
26th Mar 17 07:57:24Franchise.Onimusha
26th Mar 17 07:55:38Professional Killer
26th Mar 17 07:21:52Take Me Out At The Ball Game
26th Mar 17 06:09:31Pistol Whipping
26th Mar 17 06:09:08Pistol Whipping
25th Mar 17 04:18:27Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Supporting Characters
23rd Mar 17 07:00:39Recap.Bojack Horseman S 1 E 05 Live Fast Diane Nguyen
23rd Mar 17 06:48:09Characters.The Chronicles Of Amber
23rd Mar 17 04:20:59Video Game.Quest For Glory I
22nd Mar 17 11:03:34Characters.The Wire Stanfield Organization
21st Mar 17 04:26:17Quotes.Rage Breaking Point
21st Mar 17 04:17:07Feghoot
21st Mar 17 03:37:27But For Me It Was Tuesday.Live Action TV
19th Mar 17 06:53:56Reality Ensues.Live Action Films
18th Mar 17 08:31:35In Their Own Image
17th Mar 17 07:12:24Drinking On Duty
16th Mar 17 03:06:50Characters.The Wire Omar And Associates
14th Mar 17 09:32:02Quotes.Motivational Lie
14th Mar 17 09:29:42Motivational Lie
14th Mar 17 08:59:07Referenced By.Papers Please
14th Mar 17 02:32:49YMMV.World War Z
14th Mar 17 02:09:51Literature.World War Z
14th Mar 17 11:08:33YMMV.The Lord Of The Rings
14th Mar 17 06:13:06Characters.Steven Universe Homeworld Gems
14th Mar 17 06:04:45Interchangeable Asian Cultures
14th Mar 17 05:50:48Interchangeable Asian Cultures
13th Mar 17 10:47:56Antagonistic Governor
13th Mar 17 10:42:23Tropers.The Wanderer
13th Mar 17 05:55:24Leonine Contract
12th Mar 17 03:56:11Double Tap
10th Mar 17 07:29:50Awful Truth
10th Mar 17 02:04:43Love Hungry
10th Mar 17 12:54:15Logical Weakness
10th Mar 17 12:36:06Drawing Straws
10th Mar 17 09:20:42Film.Die Hard
8th Mar 17 03:23:34Famous Ancestor
7th Mar 17 07:09:13Characters.Kickassia
7th Mar 17 07:00:36Reality Ensues.Anime And Manga
6th Mar 17 11:21:57Recap.The Wire S 02 E 09 Stray Rounds
4th Mar 17 10:07:10Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
3rd Mar 17 09:30:42Reassigned To Antarctica.Live Action TV
3rd Mar 17 09:16:30Quotes.Actually Pretty Funny
3rd Mar 17 07:54:04Insistent Terminology.Live Action TV
2nd Mar 17 09:05:16Bluff The Impostor
2nd Mar 17 08:27:43Bluff The Impostor
2nd Mar 17 08:46:49Characters.Steven Universe Humans
1st Mar 17 08:37:41Russian Roulette
1st Mar 17 05:21:18Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
1st Mar 17 03:29:06Vestigial Empire
27th Feb 17 07:45:47Developers Foresight
27th Feb 17 07:00:47Stepping Stone Sword
27th Feb 17 06:06:38The Perils Of Being The Best
27th Feb 17 05:54:41Film.Duel To The Death
26th Feb 17 05:21:16Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
25th Feb 17 07:03:46Who Writes This Crap
25th Feb 17 04:59:53Characters.Highlander The Series
24th Feb 17 07:40:23Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
24th Feb 17 04:48:48Characters.Quest For Glory
23rd Feb 17 07:36:09Recap.No Cure For The Paladin Blues
21st Feb 17 08:21:06Film.The Great White Hype
21st Feb 17 06:06:39Funny.The Prophecy
21st Feb 17 05:05:22Creator.Virginia Madsen
21st Feb 17 11:48:31The Horseshoe Effect
21st Feb 17 11:42:41Literature.The Handmaids Tale
21st Feb 17 08:31:50Bring It
21st Feb 17 08:23:50Dying Moment Of Awesome.Live Action TV
19th Feb 17 08:56:51Go Ye Heroes Go And Die
19th Feb 17 08:37:32Badass On Paper
19th Feb 17 01:28:38Recap.Breaking Bad S 2 E 11 Mandala
19th Feb 17 11:54:28Lying To The Perp
19th Feb 17 10:27:11Icon Of Rebellion
18th Feb 17 08:18:44Film.Snatch