The Wanderer's Recent Edits

25th Jun 16 01:24:41Film.American Gangster
25th Jun 16 11:28:01Hero Stole My Bike
25th Jun 16 11:27:58Flashed Badge Hijack
24th Jun 16 08:44:20Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
24th Jun 16 08:21:26Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
22nd Jun 16 04:38:31Xanatos Gambit.Live Action TV
18th Jun 16 08:02:49Heartwarming.Final Fantasy X
17th Jun 16 10:28:34Cruel And Unusual Death.Literature
17th Jun 16 08:03:16Characters.Cowboy Bebop
16th Jun 16 10:19:06The Three Wise Men
16th Jun 16 09:56:33Characters.Cowboy Bebop
16th Jun 16 09:07:15Western Animation.Korgoth Of Barbaria
13th Jun 16 08:43:12Bomb Throwing Anarchists
13th Jun 16 06:59:10Wounded Gazelle Gambit
13th Jun 16 06:45:03Long List
13th Jun 16 06:14:58What The Romans Have Done For Us
12th Jun 16 05:08:51Anime.Ninja Scroll
12th Jun 16 10:35:42Recap.Cowboy Bebop Session 1 Asteroid Blues
11th Jun 16 08:20:28Killed Mid Sentence
10th Jun 16 08:50:45No Except Yes
10th Jun 16 07:56:54Western Animation.Robot Chicken
10th Jun 16 07:51:44Series.Blackadder
10th Jun 16 07:44:27Film.Monty Pythons Life Of Brian
10th Jun 16 07:31:30Series.Galavant
10th Jun 16 06:56:24Series.Galavant
10th Jun 16 06:43:45Overwhelming Exception
10th Jun 16 05:06:06Hidden Disdain Reveal
7th Jun 16 11:15:13Old Soldier
6th Jun 16 09:34:37Entertainingly Wrong
6th Jun 16 07:40:39Series.Highlander
5th Jun 16 06:18:49Rugged Scar
5th Jun 16 06:16:29Rugged Scar
5th Jun 16 05:44:51Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire Reach Houses
3rd Jun 16 08:40:08All Women Are Lustful
3rd Jun 16 08:10:28Right For The Wrong Reasons
3rd Jun 16 07:47:37Right For The Wrong Reasons
3rd Jun 16 07:18:16Quotes.Right For The Wrong Reasons
2nd Jun 16 11:10:13Characters.Highlander The Series
31st May 16 03:47:45Characters.Discworld Witches
31st May 16 08:21:48Characters.Discworld City Watch
30th May 16 08:25:58Characters.The Wire Omar And Associates
28th May 16 08:02:42Comic Book.Rachel Rising
28th May 16 07:20:14Comic Book.Rachel Rising
27th May 16 11:17:19Adipose Rex
27th May 16 11:03:00Characters.Final Fantasy X Other Characters Introduced In Final Fantasy X
27th May 16 10:11:06Characters.Final Fantasy X Villains
27th May 16 10:08:56Characters.Final Fantasy X Heroes
26th May 16 12:53:23Characters.Final Fantasy X Heroes
26th May 16 05:21:09Offing The Mouth
26th May 16 05:03:41Characters.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
24th May 16 10:28:07Trope Namers.Live Action TV
24th May 16 05:17:13YMMV.Robot Chicken
23rd May 16 05:50:06More Dakka
23rd May 16 04:45:30Reduced To Ratburgers
23rd May 16 07:50:39Characters.The Wire Downtown Characters
22nd May 16 09:07:02Tropers.The Wanderer
19th May 16 01:53:43Characters.The Sandman
19th May 16 01:53:17Characters.The Sandman
19th May 16 01:50:52Characters.The Sandman
19th May 16 01:49:32Shoot The Messenger
19th May 16 01:21:29Screw Your Ultimatum
18th May 16 06:14:50Psychic Strangle
18th May 16 06:11:55Psychic Strangle
18th May 16 05:11:40Characters.Burn Notice
18th May 16 03:14:07Bad Guys Do The Dirty Work
17th May 16 09:21:02Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire Historical Kingsguard
16th May 16 10:41:31The Baby Trap
16th May 16 11:31:42Invulnerable Horses
16th May 16 11:31:01Invulnerable Horses
16th May 16 07:46:27Characters.Cowboy Bebop
15th May 16 09:59:12Characters.Cowboy Bebop
13th May 16 08:35:24Cop Killer
12th May 16 09:47:52Characters.Undertale Sans
12th May 16 08:39:39Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Others
12th May 16 08:35:55Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Others
12th May 16 08:31:13Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Others
11th May 16 10:16:55Reality Ensues
11th May 16 09:54:57Reality Ensues.Western Animation
11th May 16 12:15:52Series.The Wire
10th May 16 10:43:41Literature.Halo Evolutions
10th May 16 10:34:34Literature.Discworld
10th May 16 10:22:28Archer.Tropes O To S
10th May 16 10:10:23Film.Battle Beyond The Stars
10th May 16 10:06:20Film.Hot Fuzz
10th May 16 09:55:19God Is Inept
10th May 16 09:54:40Anime.Afro Samurai
10th May 16 08:42:07Characters.Galavant
10th May 16 05:49:46Characters.Galavant
10th May 16 05:15:51Characters.The Wire Omar And Associates
9th May 16 11:54:23Out Gambitted
9th May 16 04:57:02Characters.Highlander The Series
8th May 16 09:38:10Right For The Wrong Reasons
8th May 16 05:12:56Jackass Genie
8th May 16 04:07:23Jackass Genie
6th May 16 12:31:08Trivia.Unforgiven
4th May 16 06:48:17Film.Basic
2nd May 16 01:41:59Time Abyss
1st May 16 06:14:53The Sociopath.Live Action TV
1st May 16 06:06:16Badass On Paper
1st May 16 05:55:33Creepy Child
1st May 16 05:39:53Comic Book.Rachel Rising
1st May 16 05:31:57Comic Book.Rachel Rising
1st May 16 05:03:28Comic Book.Rachel Rising
1st May 16 03:22:00A God I Am Not
1st May 16 03:15:11Dont Ask Just Run
30th Apr 16 06:59:51Stab The Salad
30th Apr 16 06:44:14Film.Raiders Of The Lost Ark
30th Apr 16 06:32:26Film.Raiders Of The Lost Ark
29th Apr 16 07:33:03Characters.The Wire Other Drug Dealers
29th Apr 16 07:28:47No One Sees The Boss
29th Apr 16 07:27:36No One Sees The Boss
29th Apr 16 06:57:13Kick The Son Of A Bitch
29th Apr 16 04:51:48Characters.Steven Universe Other Gems
28th Apr 16 06:58:57Look Behind You.Film
27th Apr 16 03:10:52Recap.Dragon Ball Z Abridged E 52
27th Apr 16 11:19:10Fridge.Raiders Of The Lost Ark
27th Apr 16 09:23:09Video Game.Uninvited
27th Apr 16 08:04:35A God I Am Not
27th Apr 16 12:28:56Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 1 The Red Woman
26th Apr 16 09:02:18Reluctant Ruler
26th Apr 16 08:21:51Xanatos Gambit.Live Action TV
26th Apr 16 08:06:55Unfortunate Names.Live Action TV
26th Apr 16 07:41:27The Bad Guy Wins.Live Action TV
26th Apr 16 07:23:39Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Live Action TV
26th Apr 16 06:45:46Pet The Dog.Live Action TV
26th Apr 16 05:43:09Mugging The Monster.Live Action TV
24th Apr 16 01:02:01Amputation Stops Spread
24th Apr 16 05:35:59Major Injury Underreaction
23rd Apr 16 07:31:35The Neidermeyer
23rd Apr 16 02:01:24Series.Vikings
23rd Apr 16 07:15:47Recap.Better Call Saul S 2 E 10 Klick
22nd Apr 16 10:14:43Game Of Thrones.Tropes P To S
22nd Apr 16 10:12:07Tyrant Takes The Helm
20th Apr 16 08:19:22Series.Better Call Saul
20th Apr 16 03:24:20Recap.The Wire S 04 E 13 Final Grades
20th Apr 16 02:32:31Series.The Wire
20th Apr 16 12:19:44Characters.The Walking Dead Comic The Saviors
20th Apr 16 07:44:18Useful Notes.American Courts
19th Apr 16 08:46:07Put Down Your Gun And Step Away
19th Apr 16 02:21:28Put Down Your Gun And Step Away
19th Apr 16 07:30:54Recap.Better Call Saul S 2 E 9 Nailed
19th Apr 16 06:15:40Video Game.Quest For Glory II
18th Apr 16 09:54:09Heartwarming.Better Call Saul
18th Apr 16 09:53:29Heartwarming.Better Call Saul
18th Apr 16 09:43:22Series.Better Call Saul
18th Apr 16 09:06:53Characters.Better Call Saul Main Cast
18th Apr 16 06:43:20Motivational Lie
18th Apr 16 02:00:09Visionary Villain
16th Apr 16 04:10:33Two Plus Torture Makes Five
16th Apr 16 10:03:41Ignored Epiphany
16th Apr 16 05:43:07Video Game.Quest For Glory III
15th Apr 16 12:29:39Analysis.Adventure Time
15th Apr 16 05:11:27Film.Black Rain
14th Apr 16 09:40:16Film.Black Rain
14th Apr 16 10:28:14Film.Basic
13th Apr 16 01:22:21Mistaken Nationality
13th Apr 16 12:49:15Series.The Wire
12th Apr 16 03:55:18All Girls Want Bad Boys
12th Apr 16 06:48:14Precision F Strike.Live Action TV
11th Apr 16 02:12:44Funny.The Wire
11th Apr 16 07:40:52Film.Casino
11th Apr 16 07:26:18Weapon For Intimidation
11th Apr 16 07:21:01Film.The Departed
9th Apr 16 10:17:12Characters.The Wire Downtown Characters
9th Apr 16 09:28:18Even Evil Has Standards.Live Action TV
9th Apr 16 09:08:28Shrouded In Myth
9th Apr 16 09:07:05Shrouded In Myth
9th Apr 16 08:53:26Running Gag.Live Action TV
9th Apr 16 06:26:58Running Gag.Live Action TV
9th Apr 16 06:19:03Running Gag.Live Action TV
8th Apr 16 10:06:58Self Mutilation Demonstration
8th Apr 16 01:50:46Exact Words.Live Action TV
7th Apr 16 06:22:44Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
5th Apr 16 06:20:30Quotes.The Wire
5th Apr 16 06:17:53Gossip Evolution
5th Apr 16 05:48:12Tear Jerker.The Wire
5th Apr 16 05:44:31Nightmare Fuel.The Wire
5th Apr 16 05:40:51Patchwork Kids
4th Apr 16 08:49:06Fridge.The Wire
4th Apr 16 08:42:04Tear Jerker.The Wire
3rd Apr 16 04:15:40Quotes.Paranoia Gambit
3rd Apr 16 08:23:57Cross Counter
31st Mar 16 10:14:32Trivia.Galavant
31st Mar 16 09:29:03Characters.The Wire Other Characters
31st Mar 16 09:23:45Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
31st Mar 16 09:05:51Characters.The Wire Barksdale Organization
31st Mar 16 08:55:11Characters.The Wire Omar And Associates
31st Mar 16 08:40:10Characters.The Wire Other Drug Dealers
31st Mar 16 08:07:32Characters.The Wire Downtown Characters
31st Mar 16 07:23:30Characters.The Wire Other Characters
31st Mar 16 07:32:52Characters.Better Call Saul Petty Criminals
31st Mar 16 07:25:34Characters.Better Call Saul Main Cast
31st Mar 16 06:55:23Characters.Better Call Saul Lawyers
30th Mar 16 10:50:04Recap.Burn Notice S 6 E 12 Means And Ends
30th Mar 16 05:48:19Characters.The Meek
29th Mar 16 02:58:34Karmic Thief
26th Mar 16 08:34:45Comic Book.Rachel Rising
26th Mar 16 08:33:26Comic Book.Rachel Rising
23rd Mar 16 05:59:14Characters.Galavant
22nd Mar 16 09:53:52Control Freak
22nd Mar 16 09:00:42Shoot The Messenger
22nd Mar 16 06:35:45Characters.Adventure Time Minor
22nd Mar 16 05:43:17There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Live Action TV
22nd Mar 16 12:21:22Running Gag.Live Action TV
22nd Mar 16 09:19:52Control Freak
21st Mar 16 02:13:25Heartwarming.Two Saiyans Play
21st Mar 16 02:11:46Heartwarming.Two Saiyans Play
20th Mar 16 10:38:59Video Game.Final Fantasy X
20th Mar 16 10:10:15Characters.Final Fantasy X Other Characters Introduced In Final Fantasy X
20th Mar 16 09:14:44Ten Little Murder Victims
17th Mar 16 04:10:37Reckless Gun Usage
17th Mar 16 11:17:37Even Evil Has Standards.Live Action TV
17th Mar 16 11:10:09Anti Villain.Live Action TV
17th Mar 16 10:41:12Quotes.The Wire
16th Mar 16 09:44:51I Never Said It Was Poison
16th Mar 16 09:32:13I Never Said It Was Poison
16th Mar 16 09:21:44Recap.The Wire S 01 E 04 Old Cases
16th Mar 16 09:06:48Recap.Breaking Bad S 2 E 8 Better Call Saul
16th Mar 16 12:02:44Quotes.Never Going Back To Prison
15th Mar 16 07:02:58Comic Book.Lazarus
14th Mar 16 08:59:03Cloning Blues
14th Mar 16 02:05:31Swiss Cheese Security
14th Mar 16 01:44:21Turned Against Their Masters
14th Mar 16 01:35:35Unfinished Untested Used Anyway
14th Mar 16 01:23:44Fantastic Racism.Western Animation
14th Mar 16 12:56:36The Sociopath.Live Action TV
13th Mar 16 07:47:58Quotes.Never Going Back To Prison
13th Mar 16 01:36:22Funny.Burn Notice
12th Mar 16 07:35:39Awesome.The Wire
11th Mar 16 06:27:50Down The Drain
9th Mar 16 02:16:57Recap.Start Of Darkness
9th Mar 16 01:14:01Un Equal Rites
9th Mar 16 08:27:15Quotes.Loves The Sound Of Screaming
9th Mar 16 08:15:01Characters.The Order Of The Stick Team Evil
7th Mar 16 04:17:42Reality Ensues.Live Action Films
7th Mar 16 02:51:10Funny.Die Hard
7th Mar 16 07:58:54Literature.This Book Is Full Of Spiders Seriously Dude Dont Touch It
6th Mar 16 09:20:27Kill Us Both
5th Mar 16 06:53:11Quotes.The Mob Boss Is Scarier
5th Mar 16 06:42:18Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
4th Mar 16 07:18:21Film.A Bronx Tale
3rd Mar 16 08:01:20Characters.Final Fantasy X Other Characters Introduced In Final Fantasy X
3rd Mar 16 07:04:20Film.The Revenant
2nd Mar 16 10:06:05Tear Jerker.Final Fantasy X
2nd Mar 16 07:42:44Characters.The Wire Downtown Characters
1st Mar 16 10:03:57Snowlems
1st Mar 16 09:48:52Webcomic.Demon Thesis
29th Feb 16 07:13:02No Sell
26th Feb 16 07:54:29Characters.Final Fantasy X Heroes
25th Feb 16 07:04:08Characters.The Wire Other Characters
25th Feb 16 06:13:04Characters.Cowboy Bebop
25th Feb 16 05:49:40Characters.Cowboy Bebop
24th Feb 16 04:36:16Start Of Darkness
23rd Feb 16 08:20:45Black And Gray Morality.Film
22nd Feb 16 07:41:14Characters.Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
22nd Feb 16 06:16:51Not Me This Time.Video Games
21st Feb 16 10:54:10Unwinnable Training Simulation
21st Feb 16 10:20:14Pedestrian Crushes Car
20th Feb 16 04:40:23Video Game.Final Fantasy X
20th Feb 16 04:35:38Video Game.Final Fantasy X
19th Feb 16 03:00:50Video Game.Final Fantasy X
19th Feb 16 01:23:05Not Me This Time
19th Feb 16 06:48:08Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Main Characters
17th Feb 16 04:43:08Quotes.Grey And Gray Morality
17th Feb 16 04:38:05Quotes.Grey And Gray Morality
17th Feb 16 04:32:59Analysis
17th Feb 16 04:31:39Analysis.Better Call Saul
17th Feb 16 04:31:23Analysis.Better Call Saul
17th Feb 16 02:45:48Pyrrhic Villainy
16th Feb 16 11:45:58Characters.Galavant
16th Feb 16 09:14:11Villainous BSOD
16th Feb 16 08:31:58Lets Play.Two Saiyans Play
16th Feb 16 08:09:49Characters.The Wire Other Drug Dealers
13th Feb 16 08:10:07Characters.Indiana Jones
13th Feb 16 07:55:51You Remind Me Of X
12th Feb 16 08:17:27Fridge.The Lord Of The Rings
12th Feb 16 08:55:37Video Game.Silent Hill Downpour
9th Feb 16 06:41:58Twincest
9th Feb 16 03:40:25Trivia.Galavant
9th Feb 16 03:28:41Series.Galavant
9th Feb 16 03:17:17Characters.Galavant
8th Feb 16 08:16:05Characters.Galavant
8th Feb 16 08:10:29Series.Galavant
8th Feb 16 07:52:45Shout Out.Galavant
8th Feb 16 07:48:48Series.Galavant
6th Feb 16 03:11:50Establishing Character Moment.Comic Books
5th Feb 16 04:16:11Battle Aura
5th Feb 16 04:08:49The Coats Are Off
5th Feb 16 07:57:16YMMV.Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
5th Feb 16 07:57:05YMMV.Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
3rd Feb 16 08:57:21Characters.Cowboy Bebop
2nd Feb 16 09:17:37Color Motif
1st Feb 16 02:06:25One Nation Under Copyright
1st Feb 16 01:53:45Feudal Future
1st Feb 16 01:46:59Bio Augmentation
29th Jan 16 07:11:02Characters.Highlander The Series
29th Jan 16 07:44:09Obligatory War Crime Scene
28th Jan 16 06:01:21Laconic.The Last DJ
27th Jan 16 05:47:04I Am Not Left Handed
26th Jan 16 09:53:44One Man Army.Video Games
26th Jan 16 05:33:19Video Game.Quest For Glory IV
20th Jan 16 11:05:23Characters.Galavant
20th Jan 16 10:14:14Series.Galavant
20th Jan 16 07:56:38Useful Notes.Oda Nobunaga
18th Jan 16 07:54:04Characters.Final Fantasy X Heroes
17th Jan 16 09:37:41Worlds Best Warrior
17th Jan 16 08:35:30Let Off By The Detective
15th Jan 16 06:23:55Soldier Vs Warrior
14th Jan 16 12:53:39Film.Willow
14th Jan 16 11:18:35Characters.The Leftovers
12th Jan 16 08:49:42Series.Galavant
12th Jan 16 08:00:57Trivia.Galavant
12th Jan 16 05:40:27Video Game.Quest For Glory I
12th Jan 16 02:33:28Black And White Insanity
12th Jan 16 07:23:05Stupid Sexy Friend
11th Jan 16 07:55:45Quotes.The Stoic
11th Jan 16 09:53:19Pantheon.Leadership Lesser Gods
11th Jan 16 09:45:15Pantheon.Leadership Lesser Gods
11th Jan 16 08:10:43I Hate Past Me
10th Jan 16 04:50:16Pantheon.Time And Space Intermediate Gods
10th Jan 16 04:45:36Pantheon.Profession Intermediate Gods
10th Jan 16 12:01:18Pantheon.Leadership Lesser Gods
9th Jan 16 09:34:56Game Of Thrones.Tropes A
9th Jan 16 07:38:52Quotes.Karmic Thief
9th Jan 16 07:38:06Quotes.Karmic Thief
7th Jan 16 12:45:10Decapitated Army
7th Jan 16 11:39:46Recap.Start Of Darkness
7th Jan 16 11:07:14Who Dares
5th Jan 16 11:58:27Lawful Evil
5th Jan 16 11:57:13Lawful Evil
4th Jan 16 11:41:48Maybe Magic Maybe Mundane
4th Jan 16 11:35:40Maybe Magic Maybe Mundane
4th Jan 16 10:56:26Series.The Leftovers
3rd Jan 16 09:39:03Characters.The Leftovers
3rd Jan 16 04:36:53Characters.The Leftovers
3rd Jan 16 04:19:54Characters.The Leftovers
3rd Jan 16 12:12:07Characters.The Last Samurai
3rd Jan 16 11:20:06Funny.The Last Samurai
3rd Jan 16 11:06:55Bullet Proof Vest
3rd Jan 16 07:35:56Series.The Wire
3rd Jan 16 07:06:53Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
2nd Jan 16 08:39:13Disapproving Look
1st Jan 16 08:27:02Characters.The Leftovers
1st Jan 16 04:16:48Analysis.Flanderization
1st Jan 16 09:19:52Drowning Pit
31st Dec 15 08:47:23Video Game.Broforce
30th Dec 15 09:40:55The Lancer.Western Animation
30th Dec 15 09:06:21Characters.Final Fantasy X Other Characters Introduced In Final Fantasy X
30th Dec 15 08:14:59Expecting Someone Taller
30th Dec 15 08:08:33Combat By Champion
30th Dec 15 11:29:52Film.Duel To The Death
29th Dec 15 12:54:15Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Villains
29th Dec 15 10:53:59Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Main Characters
29th Dec 15 10:00:08Recap.Game Of Thrones S 2 E 9 Blackwater
28th Dec 15 08:44:22Video Game.Quest For Glory I
28th Dec 15 08:05:29Characters.V For Vendetta
27th Dec 15 09:20:49Working Class Hero
27th Dec 15 07:45:13Adaptational Villainy
25th Dec 15 09:44:03Comic Book.Preacher
25th Dec 15 09:26:18Logical Weakness
25th Dec 15 09:11:17Lead The Target
25th Dec 15 08:30:28Recap.Start Of Darkness
23rd Dec 15 04:48:54Series.Jessica Jones 2015
23rd Dec 15 04:34:57Fridge.Jessica Jones 2015
23rd Dec 15 04:29:12Fridge.Jessica Jones 2015
23rd Dec 15 03:52:15Triumphant Example.A
23rd Dec 15 03:04:25YMMV.Duel To The Death
23rd Dec 15 02:47:50Heel Realization
23rd Dec 15 02:46:47My God What Have I Done
23rd Dec 15 02:43:52Being Evil Sucks
23rd Dec 15 02:41:32Heel Face Door Slam
23rd Dec 15 02:37:46Film.Duel To The Death
23rd Dec 15 10:11:09Tropers.The Wanderer
23rd Dec 15 08:06:48Divorce Is Temporary
23rd Dec 15 07:54:07Disposing Of A Body
22nd Dec 15 11:29:53Series.Jessica Jones 2015
22nd Dec 15 04:37:27Characters.Boardwalk Empire New York Gangsters
22nd Dec 15 10:57:34Creator.Rutger Hauer
22nd Dec 15 10:04:02Actually Pretty Funny
22nd Dec 15 09:57:58Actually Pretty Funny
22nd Dec 15 08:44:14Characters.Cowboy Bebop
22nd Dec 15 08:21:50Just A Gangster
21st Dec 15 12:44:36Wife Basher Basher
16th Dec 15 10:27:48Really Seven Hundred Years Old.Live Action TV
16th Dec 15 09:17:18Laconic.The Perils Of Being The Best
16th Dec 15 07:32:37Characters.The Wire Other Characters
15th Dec 15 09:54:09Characters.Highlander The Series
15th Dec 15 09:50:11The Perils Of Being The Best
15th Dec 15 09:29:32Characters.The Wire Omar And Associates
14th Dec 15 03:39:38Recap.No Cure For The Paladin Blues
14th Dec 15 12:08:16Actually Pretty Funny
14th Dec 15 11:58:13Fool For Love
14th Dec 15 11:34:08Decapitation Presentation
14th Dec 15 10:56:28Film.Payback
14th Dec 15 10:50:18Let Off By The Detective
14th Dec 15 10:33:34Let Off By The Detective
14th Dec 15 08:21:09Characters.Questionable Content
13th Dec 15 11:06:54Characters.The Magnificent Seven
13th Dec 15 10:51:39Fastest Gun In The West
13th Dec 15 10:47:49Franchise.Rambo