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4th Oct 15 06:05:18US Canadian Comics
3rd Oct 15 08:34:17Comicbook.God Is Dead
3rd Oct 15 08:32:59Comicbook.God Is Dead
3rd Oct 15 08:04:05Comic Book.Rachel Rising
3rd Oct 15 07:00:54US Canadian Comics
3rd Oct 15 06:58:56Comic Book.Rachel Rising
3rd Oct 15 06:58:37Comic Book.Rachel Rising
3rd Oct 15 06:56:19Comic Book.Rachel Rising
3rd Oct 15 06:38:45Comic Book.Rachel Rising
2nd Oct 15 08:28:09Sex Shifter
2nd Oct 15 07:53:45Film.Rocky III
2nd Oct 15 04:35:22Tropers.The Wanderer
2nd Oct 15 03:04:48Recap.Start Of Darkness
2nd Oct 15 03:04:02Recap.Start Of Darkness
2nd Oct 15 08:07:28Make Sure Hes Dead
1st Oct 15 10:44:16Kill It With Water
1st Oct 15 10:16:26The Siege
1st Oct 15 07:03:40YMMV.Get Him To The Greek
1st Oct 15 07:03:15Tearjerker.Get Him To The Greek
1st Oct 15 06:35:46Heartwarming.Get Him To The Greek
30th Sep 15 07:35:33Characters.Thunder Cats 1985
30th Sep 15 06:30:36Tear Jerker.Pans Labyrinth
30th Sep 15 06:18:09Film.Pans Labyrinth
28th Sep 15 11:22:58Funny.Two Saiyans Play
28th Sep 15 09:22:35Im A Humanitarian
28th Sep 15 08:57:05Cutting The Knot
28th Sep 15 08:32:43Artistic License Law
28th Sep 15 08:24:12Fake Arm Disarm
28th Sep 15 08:09:45Omnidisciplinary Lawyer
28th Sep 15 07:57:40Empty Cop Threat
28th Sep 15 06:02:57Merlin And Nimue
26th Sep 15 05:55:23Exact Words.Comic Books
25th Sep 15 08:52:48Giving Up On Logic
25th Sep 15 07:23:46Characters.The Wire Barksdale Organization
25th Sep 15 02:47:30Characters.The Wire Other Characters
24th Sep 15 09:03:09Characters.Final Fantasy X Other Characters Introduced In Final Fantasy X
24th Sep 15 07:10:48Characters.Final Fantasy X Other Characters Introduced In Final Fantasy X
22nd Sep 15 07:41:12Tropers.The Wanderer
22nd Sep 15 06:52:16Pyrrhic Villainy
18th Sep 15 08:44:17Flaw Exploitation
18th Sep 15 01:18:42Franchise.Highlander
18th Sep 15 12:24:51Awesome.Highlander The Search For Vengeance
15th Sep 15 07:54:08Failure Gambit
13th Sep 15 07:55:33Sliding Scale.Dying Declaration Of Hate
12th Sep 15 08:09:40Offing The Mouth
12th Sep 15 12:03:16Names To Run Away From.Colors
11th Sep 15 10:22:19Paper Tiger
6th Sep 15 08:42:51Characters.Highlander The Series
6th Sep 15 05:19:59Make Sure Hes Dead
5th Sep 15 08:53:02Characters.Ace Attorney The Fey Clan
5th Sep 15 08:46:37Series.Malcolm In The Middle
5th Sep 15 08:40:40Series.Empire
5th Sep 15 08:38:09Characters.Tales Of Vesperia
5th Sep 15 08:23:00Characters.Harry Potter Hogwarts Teachers
5th Sep 15 08:18:28Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
5th Sep 15 08:10:34Series.Elementary
5th Sep 15 08:01:42Literature.Dune
5th Sep 15 07:30:15Film.Ghost Dog The Way Of The Samurai
5th Sep 15 07:23:29Characters.Fullmetal Alchemist Anime
5th Sep 15 07:05:13Characters.Fullmetal Alchemist Military
5th Sep 15 06:25:15A Song Of Ice And Fire.Tropes S To Z
5th Sep 15 06:21:40Characters.Drifters
5th Sep 15 05:55:48Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Royce
5th Sep 15 05:51:50Vicariously Ambitious
4th Sep 15 09:00:56Characters.Highlander The Series
4th Sep 15 02:24:54Vicariously Ambitious
4th Sep 15 02:16:02Kingmaker Scenario
4th Sep 15 02:12:05Parental Issues
4th Sep 15 02:11:28You Owe Me
4th Sep 15 02:09:59Nepotism
4th Sep 15 02:05:54Coattail Riding Relative
4th Sep 15 02:04:13Stage Mom
4th Sep 15 02:02:06Lady Macbeth
4th Sep 15 02:01:34Social Climber
4th Sep 15 02:00:07Mother Makes You King
4th Sep 15 01:58:36Vicariously Ambitious
1st Sep 15 08:48:14Characters.X Men70s Members
1st Sep 15 08:45:26Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Villains
1st Sep 15 08:43:22Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Main Characters
1st Sep 15 08:34:07Characters.Black Lagoon
1st Sep 15 08:31:18Characters.Fullmetal Alchemist Homunculi
1st Sep 15 08:28:24Comicbook.Incredible Hulk
1st Sep 15 08:23:23Recap.Doctor Who S 28 E 10 Love And Monsters
1st Sep 15 08:17:42Literature.Hurog
1st Sep 15 08:11:14Characters.Attack On Titan Titans
1st Sep 15 07:56:54Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Clegane
1st Sep 15 05:09:17Grew A Spine
27th Aug 15 06:31:07Time Abyss
27th Aug 15 06:26:56Would Hit A Girl.Live Action TV
26th Aug 15 07:29:14Characters.Highlander The Series
25th Aug 15 09:01:30Level Grinding
25th Aug 15 08:32:47Characters.Highlander The Series
23rd Aug 15 09:59:22Characters.Highlander The Series
23rd Aug 15 09:04:53Characters.The Dark Knight Trilogy
22nd Aug 15 04:09:40Recap.Start Of Darkness
22nd Aug 15 04:09:34Characters.Highlander The Series
20th Aug 15 12:18:57Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
20th Aug 15 12:06:56Characters.The Wire Barksdale Organization
20th Aug 15 11:33:57Tropers.The Wanderer
20th Aug 15 09:36:27Film.Basic
20th Aug 15 09:24:27Helicopter Blender
20th Aug 15 09:08:05Film.Basic
20th Aug 15 09:05:45Film.Basic
19th Aug 15 08:52:41False Reassurance
9th Aug 15 08:30:46Comicbook.God Is Dead
9th Aug 15 07:47:25Bolt Of Divine Retribution
7th Aug 15 12:38:36Characters.Highlander The Series
4th Aug 15 07:38:55Summary.Comics
4th Aug 15 12:34:45YMMV.God Is Dead
4th Aug 15 12:26:58Creator.Avatar Press
4th Aug 15 12:25:12Comicbook.God Is Dead
3rd Aug 15 09:44:32Comicbook.God Is Dead
3rd Aug 15 08:44:05Film.A Bronx Tale
3rd Aug 15 06:50:31Rashomon Style
31st Jul 15 12:51:59Appeal To Tradition
30th Jul 15 08:26:46Film.No Holds Barred
30th Jul 15 09:48:09Pantheon.Friendship Lesser Gods
29th Jul 15 04:14:41The Ageless
28th Jul 15 08:11:42Characters.Highlander The Series
27th Jul 15 10:09:49Characters.Highlander The Series
27th Jul 15 10:05:21Characters.Highlander The Series
25th Jul 15 08:15:02Tropers.The Wanderer
25th Jul 15 05:39:26Characters.Highlander The Series
23rd Jul 15 09:50:02Characters.Highlander The Series
23rd Jul 15 02:26:28Tropers.The Wanderer
22nd Jul 15 11:08:54Ripped From The Headlines
20th Jul 15 09:12:33Recap.Start Of Darkness
20th Jul 15 01:23:00Characters.Highlander The Series
20th Jul 15 01:14:27Characters.Highlander The Series
20th Jul 15 12:25:10Series.Rome
20th Jul 15 12:12:49Actually Pretty Funny
20th Jul 15 08:42:33Awesome.Rome
20th Jul 15 08:41:34Awesome.Rome
19th Jul 15 06:40:41Anime.Ninja Scroll
19th Jul 15 03:39:41Anime.Ninja Scroll
19th Jul 15 03:38:24Anime.Ninja Scroll
17th Jul 15 09:33:31Stepford Smiler.Western Animation
17th Jul 15 07:16:49Recap.Breaking Bad S 2 E 8 Better Call Saul
16th Jul 15 03:45:57Recap.No Cure For The Paladin Blues
16th Jul 15 12:16:31Characters.The Order Of The Stick Team Evil
16th Jul 15 07:48:02Droit Du Seigneur
16th Jul 15 07:09:21Bluffing The Murderer
15th Jul 15 09:26:51Fridge.Better Call Saul
15th Jul 15 05:06:15Film.The Man With The Iron Fists
15th Jul 15 04:53:50Living Is More Than Surviving
15th Jul 15 04:37:41Combat Pragmatist.Film
15th Jul 15 03:04:49Brief Accent Imitation
11th Jul 15 08:25:31Cradle Of Loneliness
10th Jul 15 04:58:28Film.Payback
10th Jul 15 04:51:12Film.Payback
10th Jul 15 09:20:10Recap.Burn Notice S 3 E 4 Fearless Leader
9th Jul 15 06:25:10Film.Die Hard
8th Jul 15 11:10:24Characters.Rocky
8th Jul 15 11:07:04Laconic.Its Personal With The Dragon
8th Jul 15 09:29:17Useful Notes.Iceland
8th Jul 15 06:39:00Equippable Ally
7th Jul 15 07:57:38The Reliable One
7th Jul 15 07:50:02Video Game.Quest For Glory IV
7th Jul 15 07:42:08Begone Bribe
7th Jul 15 09:06:10Start Of Darkness
7th Jul 15 09:01:47Franchise.Rocky
7th Jul 15 08:21:02Tropers.The Wanderer
6th Jul 15 10:59:19Video Game.Rocket Knight Adventures
6th Jul 15 10:57:33Video Game.Ace Combat
6th Jul 15 10:56:11Video Game.Dragon Quest V
6th Jul 15 10:52:07Its Personal With The Dragon
6th Jul 15 10:50:08Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess
6th Jul 15 10:46:12Video Game.Final Fantasy IX
6th Jul 15 10:42:32Babylon Five.Tropes I To P
6th Jul 15 10:35:28Film.The Mask Of Zorro
6th Jul 15 10:29:33Film.Die Hard
6th Jul 15 10:19:24Film.Die Hard
6th Jul 15 10:13:37Film.Commando
6th Jul 15 10:11:05Film.Dungeons And Dragons
6th Jul 15 10:04:01Characters.Star Wars Rebel Heroes
6th Jul 15 09:56:26Franchise.Star Wars
6th Jul 15 09:35:51Orcus On His Throne
6th Jul 15 09:18:07Non Action Big Bad
6th Jul 15 09:17:53Non Action Big Bad
6th Jul 15 09:15:24Arch Enemy
6th Jul 15 09:14:36Dragon Their Feet
6th Jul 15 09:12:54Dragon In Chief
6th Jul 15 09:11:42Video Game.Final Fantasy VIII
6th Jul 15 09:03:10Video Game.Oniken
6th Jul 15 08:22:00Video Game.Final Fantasy X
6th Jul 15 08:07:53Kim Possible.Tropes G To L
6th Jul 15 08:04:26Discord Tropes
6th Jul 15 08:03:49Revenge Tropes
6th Jul 15 07:59:39The Dragon
6th Jul 15 07:58:01Its Personal With The Dragon
5th Jul 15 09:03:34Film.Black Rain
4th Jul 15 08:23:36Dying Declaration Of Hate
3rd Jul 15 06:19:47Quotes.Born In The Wrong Century
3rd Jul 15 05:10:06Film.Cyborg
2nd Jul 15 10:03:04Actually Pretty Funny
2nd Jul 15 09:22:40Scared Of Whats Behind You
2nd Jul 15 09:21:42Negated Moment Of Awesome
30th Jun 15 04:10:47Funny.Ghost Dog The Way Of The Samurai
29th Jun 15 08:03:04Recap.Burn Notice S 1 E 7 Broken Rules
27th Jun 15 07:23:23Start Of Darkness
25th Jun 15 09:52:41Film.Rocky
25th Jun 15 09:45:33Characters.Rocky
24th Jun 15 08:48:35Troper Wall.Laithelryn
24th Jun 15 05:48:00Good Scars Evil Scars
23rd Jun 15 12:49:44Useful Notes.The American Civil War
23rd Jun 15 09:33:21Motivational Lie
22nd Jun 15 04:59:37Quotes.Hold The Line
22nd Jun 15 11:31:27Tropers.The Wanderer
19th Jun 15 04:21:28Useful Notes.New York City
19th Jun 15 06:15:24Troper Wall.The Wanderer
19th Jun 15 06:14:25Tropers.The Wanderer
12th Jun 15 08:42:24Deconstructed Trope.A Song Of Ice And Fire
10th Jun 15 11:20:41Series.The Wire
10th Jun 15 11:07:15Leverage.Tropes A To D
10th Jun 15 11:02:43Characters.Tintin
10th Jun 15 10:56:06Video Game.The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind
10th Jun 15 10:48:17Website.Not Always Working
10th Jun 15 10:45:35Beleaguered Assistant
10th Jun 15 10:44:50Series.Mash
10th Jun 15 10:37:53Hyper Competent Sidekick
10th Jun 15 10:36:26Western Animation.Shaun The Sheep
10th Jun 15 10:26:00Broken Ace
10th Jun 15 10:03:25Characters.The Simpsons Springfield People
9th Jun 15 12:43:38Divine Conflict
9th Jun 15 12:10:33Reality Ensues.Webcomics
8th Jun 15 06:36:02Laconic.Actually Pretty Funny
8th Jun 15 03:19:54Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
5th Jun 15 08:53:41Video Game.Def Jam Series
5th Jun 15 08:15:09Video Game.Def Jam Series
5th Jun 15 06:27:25Film.Rocky III
4th Jun 15 03:43:22Characters.Aladdin
4th Jun 15 03:40:00Characters.Avatar The Last Airbender Allies
3rd Jun 15 04:36:55The Lord Of The Rings.Tropes A To C
3rd Jun 15 04:35:19Deep Space Nine.Klingon Empire
3rd Jun 15 04:29:24Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
3rd Jun 15 04:28:11Discworld.Small Gods
3rd Jun 15 04:25:40Discworld.Night Watch
3rd Jun 15 04:21:02Literature.His Dark Materials
3rd Jun 15 04:17:36Film.The Dark Knight Trilogy
3rd Jun 15 04:10:17Evil Chancellor
3rd Jun 15 04:09:01Pointy Haired Boss
3rd Jun 15 04:05:50Benevolent Boss
3rd Jun 15 04:04:40Reasonable Authority Figure
3rd Jun 15 04:01:01Laconic.Clueless Boss
3rd Jun 15 04:00:27Laconinc.Clueless Boss
3rd Jun 15 03:59:59Laconinc.Clueless Boss
3rd Jun 15 03:58:41Good Is Impotent
3rd Jun 15 03:57:29Puppet King
3rd Jun 15 01:37:21Characters.The Wire Barksdale Organization
2nd Jun 15 03:49:02Characters.Breaking Bad Other Criminals
2nd Jun 15 03:18:45Creator.Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa
2nd Jun 15 12:56:24Characters.Better Call Saul
2nd Jun 15 12:49:27Useful Notes.New York City
1st Jun 15 12:51:40Tropers.The Wanderer
1st Jun 15 10:48:53Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Villains
1st Jun 15 10:27:28Brawler Lock
31st May 15 05:46:57Franchise.Rocky
31st May 15 05:42:53YMMV.Rocky V
31st May 15 05:41:04YMMV.Rocky V
31st May 15 06:53:27Film.The Prophecy
30th May 15 09:18:33Lack Of Empathy
30th May 15 08:54:09Enemy Mine
30th May 15 08:46:33Acceptable Professional Targets
28th May 15 11:19:19Video Game.Broforce
28th May 15 11:17:29Video Game.Broforce
28th May 15 07:57:16Cruel Mercy
27th May 15 08:01:10Even Evil Has Standards.Western Animation
27th May 15 07:56:03Even Evil Has Standards.Western Animation
27th May 15 05:26:30Got Volunteered
26th May 15 12:51:58Even Evil Has Standards.Film
26th May 15 08:29:03Make Sure Hes Dead
26th May 15 08:27:52Make Sure Hes Dead
24th May 15 11:48:02Obsolete Mentor
20th May 15 09:50:37Disney.Wreck It Ralph
20th May 15 08:33:26Film.Daredevil
20th May 15 08:27:43Comicbook.Kingdom Come
20th May 15 08:22:34Armor Piercing Response
20th May 15 08:19:35Shut Up Hannibal
20th May 15 07:31:53Janitor Impersonation Infiltration
20th May 15 07:28:52Janitor Impersonation Infiltration
19th May 15 08:16:30Film.Rocky III
19th May 15 07:54:59Film.Rocky V
19th May 15 07:54:27Franchise.Rocky
19th May 15 12:54:55Quotes.Card Carrying Villain
19th May 15 12:38:38Characters.The Leftovers
18th May 15 10:21:34Actually Pretty Funny
14th May 15 07:39:25Tropers.The Wanderer
12th May 15 09:00:54Tropers.The Wanderer
11th May 15 09:10:22Tropers.The Wanderer
11th May 15 08:57:21Characters.The Legend Of Korra Enemies Seasons 3 And 4
6th May 15 10:35:18Quotes.Even Evil Has Standards
4th May 15 07:00:24Characters.Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
4th May 15 06:40:35The Dying Walk
4th May 15 03:27:03But For Me It Was Tuesday.Live Action Films
2nd May 15 10:28:18Tropers.The Wanderer
24th Apr 15 07:28:03Tropers.The Wanderer
24th Apr 15 07:26:24Tropers.The Wanderer
24th Apr 15 05:27:21Epic Fail.Live Action TV
24th Apr 15 12:02:41Dramatic Deadpan
22nd Apr 15 01:11:53Only Bad Guys Call Their Lawyers
22nd Apr 15 12:42:17Non Sequitur Thud
21st Apr 15 08:04:13Trivia.Rocky
21st Apr 15 07:48:35Franchise.Rocky
20th Apr 15 10:43:21Cold Sniper
19th Apr 15 07:08:50Even Evil Has Standards.Music
18th Apr 15 07:10:47Giving Up On Logic
16th Apr 15 10:02:42YMMV.Dragon Ball Z
14th Apr 15 07:45:33Victory Is Boring
12th Apr 15 02:15:39My Eyes Are Up Here
11th Apr 15 07:21:56Film.Rocky III
10th Apr 15 08:05:51Tropers.The Wanderer
9th Apr 15 09:23:19Funny.The Last Days Of FOXHOUND
5th Apr 15 07:06:54Exact Words.Live Action TV
2nd Apr 15 11:45:09Tropers.The Wanderer
2nd Apr 15 10:18:09Useful Notes.New York City
2nd Apr 15 06:15:37Tontine
1st Apr 15 06:41:07Ignored Epiphany
1st Apr 15 05:28:44Characters.Better Call Saul
30th Mar 15 08:19:17Shoot The Messenger
28th Mar 15 08:04:29Useful Notes.New York City
20th Mar 15 09:20:05Characters.Kickassia
20th Mar 15 07:32:55Tropers.The Wanderer
20th Mar 15 07:16:50Tropers.The Wanderer
20th Mar 15 06:41:14Tropers.The Wanderer
18th Mar 15 09:40:34Soldier Vs Warrior
18th Mar 15 08:48:05Red Oni Blue Oni.Anime And Manga
17th Mar 15 08:28:29Characters.The Wire Downtown Characters
17th Mar 15 07:57:56Trivia.The Wire
16th Mar 15 10:25:18Tropers.The Wanderer
16th Mar 15 10:16:21Tropers.The Wanderer
16th Mar 15 09:19:39Tropers.The Wanderer
16th Mar 15 09:12:15Tropers.The Wanderer
14th Mar 15 09:15:20Torture Technician
11th Mar 15 07:28:01Triumphant Example.B
11th Mar 15 06:07:01Recap.Better Call Saul S 1 E 4 Hero
10th Mar 15 07:17:44Names To Run Away From.Colors
8th Mar 15 09:37:10Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas
7th Mar 15 11:01:37The Villain Sucks Song
5th Mar 15 09:58:35Film.The Man From Earth
5th Mar 15 09:11:59Tropers.The Wanderer
5th Mar 15 07:24:27Tropers.The Wanderer
5th Mar 15 07:03:10Tropers.The Wanderer
5th Mar 15 07:00:57Tropers.The Wanderer
5th Mar 15 05:32:30Defiant To The End
4th Mar 15 07:44:17Recap.Breaking Bad S 2 E 8 Better Call Saul
1st Mar 15 06:55:43I Die Free
1st Mar 15 08:18:13Characters.Kickassia
26th Feb 15 10:16:19Got Me Doing It
26th Feb 15 09:16:12Neck Snap
25th Feb 15 06:50:36Quotes.Anti Villain
22nd Feb 15 12:02:19Parting Words Regret
21st Feb 15 10:51:47Eight Deadly Words
21st Feb 15 10:33:21Theatre.Seminar
20th Feb 15 09:13:15Paranoia Fuel.Live Action TV
20th Feb 15 09:12:24Paranoia Fuel.Live Action TV
20th Feb 15 01:34:12Reckless Gun Usage
19th Feb 15 09:39:23Comic Book.DMZ
19th Feb 15 09:13:26Oppressive States Of America
19th Feb 15 08:57:50Longer Than Life Sentence
19th Feb 15 08:38:32Fridge.Die Hard
18th Feb 15 03:03:36Once More With Clarity
18th Feb 15 01:57:43Achievements In Ignorance
18th Feb 15 01:20:29Fauxreigner
17th Feb 15 09:06:30Quotes.Predators
17th Feb 15 08:59:58Awesome.Predators
14th Feb 15 09:45:51Triumphant Example.A
14th Feb 15 09:40:40Triumphant Example.A
14th Feb 15 09:15:41Heel Face Door Slam
14th Feb 15 09:07:58Fridge.Waterloo
14th Feb 15 09:07:19Fridge.Waterloo
12th Feb 15 07:41:23This Is The Part Where
12th Feb 15 05:56:12Quotes.Heel Realization
9th Feb 15 08:47:36Quotes.The Reliable One
9th Feb 15 10:28:35Exploited Immunity
9th Feb 15 08:05:07Asshole Victim.Live Action TV
5th Feb 15 10:48:17Reckless Gun Usage
4th Feb 15 06:48:22Quotes.You Can Not Kill An Idea
3rd Feb 15 06:59:27Characters.The Wire Other Characters
31st Jan 15 05:42:05The Reason You Suck Speech.Anime And Manga
29th Jan 15 06:49:27Tearjerker.Galavant
26th Jan 15 06:32:33Stolen Good Returned Better
26th Jan 15 03:28:12Characters.The Wire Other Drug Dealers
24th Jan 15 07:39:13High School Hustler
24th Jan 15 12:09:25Characters.The Dark Knight Saga Other Characters
23rd Jan 15 12:39:39Laconic.Never Going Back To Prison
21st Jan 15 10:45:19Five Bad Band.Web Original
21st Jan 15 09:36:37Quotes.Freud Was Right
21st Jan 15 09:34:34Quotes.Freud Was Right
21st Jan 15 09:32:18Quotes.Freud Was Right
17th Jan 15 08:53:12Scared Of Whats Behind You
17th Jan 15 08:46:15Patient Childhood Love Interest
15th Jan 15 10:03:13Film.Out Of Sight
15th Jan 15 09:35:08Quotes.Even Evil Has Standards
15th Jan 15 09:27:03Fridge.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
15th Jan 15 06:24:53The Dreaded
15th Jan 15 06:23:06Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
14th Jan 15 09:38:12Characters.Sandra On The Rocks
13th Jan 15 09:41:02Make It Look Like An Accident
13th Jan 15 06:47:42Counting Bullets
11th Jan 15 12:27:23Calling Your Orgasms