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30th Oct 14 01:33:42Endangering News Broadcast
29th Oct 14 11:06:47Black And Gray Morality
28th Oct 14 08:20:03Fan Fic.Embers
27th Oct 14 08:19:49Characters.The Wire Other Characters
27th Oct 14 07:53:38Video Game.Def Jam Series
27th Oct 14 07:38:08Torture Always Works
27th Oct 14 06:03:30Quotes.Ignorant Of Their Own Ignorance
27th Oct 14 04:45:31Not Afraid To Die
25th Oct 14 08:30:57Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness.Anime And Manga
24th Oct 14 03:02:39Comic Book.DMZ
24th Oct 14 02:47:07Comic Book.DMZ
24th Oct 14 01:14:47Bilingual Bonus
24th Oct 14 11:43:29Gallows Humor
24th Oct 14 09:04:31Bilingual Bonus
24th Oct 14 08:58:55Bilingual Bonus
24th Oct 14 01:11:56Characters.Rurouni Kenshin Rivals And Villains
21st Oct 14 07:15:30Useful Notes.New York City
20th Oct 14 06:22:47Funny.Two Saiyans Play
20th Oct 14 06:20:14Kill It With Fire
20th Oct 14 06:12:51Lets Play.Two Saiyans Play
20th Oct 14 05:53:40Fridge.DMZ
20th Oct 14 01:35:28Comic Book.DMZ
20th Oct 14 12:48:00Technology Marches On
18th Oct 14 09:34:52Film.The Ref
15th Oct 14 08:43:46Characters.The Wire Other Characters
14th Oct 14 09:05:45Characters.The Wire Other Characters
14th Oct 14 08:48:39Deceptive Disciple
14th Oct 14 08:46:00Deceptive Disciple
14th Oct 14 08:03:40Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
14th Oct 14 07:52:49Characters.The Wire Omar And Associates
13th Oct 14 11:21:25Punch Punch Punch Uh Oh
10th Oct 14 07:29:24Horrifying The Horror
9th Oct 14 12:46:10Humans Are Bastards
9th Oct 14 10:24:50Pantheon.Crime Lesser Gods
9th Oct 14 10:18:21Pantheon.Villains Intermediate Gods
9th Oct 14 06:51:55Offing The Offspring
9th Oct 14 01:22:14Stuffed Into The Fridge
8th Oct 14 07:56:56Tropers.The Wanderer
8th Oct 14 12:23:59Characters.The Wire Other Characters
7th Oct 14 09:06:14Glass Cannon
6th Oct 14 10:49:41Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
6th Oct 14 10:01:06Characters.The Wire Barksdale Organization
6th Oct 14 07:22:05Tropers.The Wanderer
4th Oct 14 09:55:13Characters.The Wire Other Characters
3rd Oct 14 11:24:44Characters.The Wire Other Drug Dealers
3rd Oct 14 10:08:48Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
3rd Oct 14 07:56:33Laconic.The Dying Walk
3rd Oct 14 12:06:56No Body Left Behind
3rd Oct 14 12:04:12Mortal Wound Reveal
3rd Oct 14 12:03:16Mortal Wound Reveal
3rd Oct 14 12:00:42Almost Dead Guy
2nd Oct 14 11:59:23The Dying Walk
2nd Oct 14 11:56:50Gun Struggle
2nd Oct 14 11:54:33Time Delayed Death
2nd Oct 14 11:53:55The Last Dance
2nd Oct 14 11:13:29Characters.Final Fantasy X
2nd Oct 14 11:04:48Video Game.Final Fantasy X
2nd Oct 14 10:54:03Western Animation.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003
2nd Oct 14 10:49:14Recap.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 S 3 E 21 Same As It Never Was
2nd Oct 14 10:46:03Western Animation.The Animals Of Farthing Wood
2nd Oct 14 10:38:22Western Animation.Exo Squad
2nd Oct 14 10:35:39Theatre.Romeo And Juliet
2nd Oct 14 10:29:24Awesome.Exo Squad
2nd Oct 14 10:27:48Series.Boardwalk Empire
2nd Oct 14 10:22:52Film.William Shakespeares Romeo And Juliet
2nd Oct 14 10:18:53Characters.Boardwalk Empire Darmody Family And Associates
2nd Oct 14 10:14:41Series.The Tenth Kingdom
2nd Oct 14 10:08:43Series.Breaking Bad
2nd Oct 14 10:01:26A Song Of Ice And Fire.Tropes A To I
2nd Oct 14 09:55:16Characters.Kill Bill
2nd Oct 14 09:50:52Film.Kill Bill
2nd Oct 14 09:42:22YMMV.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
2nd Oct 14 09:41:19Film.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
2nd Oct 14 09:37:41Manga.Trigun
2nd Oct 14 09:34:17Anime.Wolfs Rain
2nd Oct 14 09:26:21Film.The Rundown
2nd Oct 14 09:21:02Film.Young Guns
2nd Oct 14 09:19:39Manga.Death Note
2nd Oct 14 09:11:05The Dying Walk
2nd Oct 14 09:03:12Death Tropes
2nd Oct 14 09:01:57The Dying Walk
2nd Oct 14 06:06:58Apocalypse Cult
2nd Oct 14 11:33:45Characters.The Wire Other Characters
2nd Oct 14 11:19:25Characters.The Wire Other Characters
2nd Oct 14 08:46:57We ARE Struggling Together
2nd Oct 14 08:41:36Misblamed
29th Sep 14 11:00:42Comicbook.The New York Four
29th Sep 14 10:30:52Comic Book.DMZ
29th Sep 14 06:40:14Bread Eggs Milk Squick
25th Sep 14 10:33:05Fridge.DMZ
25th Sep 14 10:15:56Comic Book.DMZ
24th Sep 14 08:42:55Creator.James Coburn
24th Sep 14 08:17:19Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
24th Sep 14 07:56:40Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
24th Sep 14 12:00:20Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
22nd Sep 14 08:25:17Franchise.Rocky
22nd Sep 14 07:24:44Characters.The Leftovers
22nd Sep 14 07:01:25Party Scattering
19th Sep 14 12:35:17Red Eyes Take Warning
18th Sep 14 03:38:12Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
18th Sep 14 03:26:52Characters.The Wire Other Drug Dealers
18th Sep 14 01:12:58Sociopathic Hero
18th Sep 14 01:06:43Literature.The Adversary Cycle
18th Sep 14 01:05:56Team Killer
18th Sep 14 01:05:13Only I Can Kill Him
18th Sep 14 01:04:27Sealed Evil In A Can.Literature
18th Sep 14 01:03:18Unfriendly Fire
18th Sep 14 12:52:31Night Of The Living Mooks
18th Sep 14 12:35:56Elite Mooks
18th Sep 14 12:15:26Emotion Eater
18th Sep 14 12:08:32Cross Melting Aura
15th Sep 14 08:55:00Literature.The Warlord Chronicles
15th Sep 14 04:27:02Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire Independent Characters
15th Sep 14 04:19:47Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire The Free Folk
15th Sep 14 04:00:40Worlds Best Warrior
14th Sep 14 11:36:21Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Greyjoy
14th Sep 14 10:10:36Useful Notes.Qin Shi Huangdi
14th Sep 14 09:45:26Useful Notes.Qin Shi Huangdi
12th Sep 14 09:48:05Characters.The Leftovers
11th Sep 14 09:30:51Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire Deities And Religions
11th Sep 14 09:13:35Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire Deities And Religions
11th Sep 14 05:05:42Control Freak
11th Sep 14 04:58:58Control Freak
11th Sep 14 04:20:37Characters.The Leftovers
10th Sep 14 10:43:32Rape Pillage And Burn
10th Sep 14 06:48:13Quotes.Nebulous Evil Organisation
9th Sep 14 11:03:21Characters.Boardwalk Empire New York Gangsters
9th Sep 14 10:44:15These Hands Have Killed
9th Sep 14 08:29:52Film.Snatch
9th Sep 14 11:12:11Literature.The Adversary Cycle
9th Sep 14 10:02:44Famous Ancestor
9th Sep 14 08:22:39Characters.The Leftovers
9th Sep 14 12:16:16Series.The Leftovers
8th Sep 14 11:26:01Characters.The Leftovers
8th Sep 14 07:55:39Fridge.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
8th Sep 14 04:31:36No Sell
8th Sep 14 03:01:17Pedestrian Crushes Car
8th Sep 14 02:57:22Car Fu
8th Sep 14 12:01:10Funny.Willow
7th Sep 14 06:14:44Hitman With A Heart
5th Sep 14 02:37:49Characters.The Leftovers
2nd Sep 14 10:49:04Naughty Nurse Outfit
2nd Sep 14 10:12:14Back Alley Doctor
2nd Sep 14 09:17:38Characters.Oz Irish
29th Aug 14 08:57:48Kingmaker Scenario
28th Aug 14 06:22:49Gilded Cage
28th Aug 14 03:39:03Strategy Versus Tactics
28th Aug 14 03:16:29They Look Just Like Everyone Else
28th Aug 14 12:06:09Characters.The Wire Other Characters
27th Aug 14 11:44:47Series.The Leftovers
27th Aug 14 11:10:50Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
27th Aug 14 07:50:54A Truce While We Gawk
26th Aug 14 03:28:25Lured Into A Trap
25th Aug 14 10:10:26Laconic.Genocide From The Inside
25th Aug 14 10:10:14Laconic.Genocide From The Inside
25th Aug 14 06:56:15Wham Line.Live Action TV
21st Aug 14 11:12:19The Peter Principle
21st Aug 14 10:27:52Quotes.Ignorant Of Their Own Ignorance
21st Aug 14 10:19:12Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
21st Aug 14 09:54:14Pantheon.Crime Demigods And Quasideities
20th Aug 14 11:20:50Accidentally Accurate
20th Aug 14 01:24:35Wham Episode.Western Animation
19th Aug 14 08:50:45Chainsaw Good
19th Aug 14 01:06:58Characters.The Leftovers
19th Aug 14 07:54:11Famous Ancestor
19th Aug 14 12:20:20Video Game.Quest For Glory I
18th Aug 14 11:56:40Reckless Gun Usage
18th Aug 14 11:38:32Reality Ensues.Live Action TV
18th Aug 14 11:27:15Reality Ensues.Live Action Films
15th Aug 14 02:22:53Badass Boast.Anime
15th Aug 14 01:44:31Surprise Incest
15th Aug 14 01:42:03Surprise Incest
15th Aug 14 01:34:03I Banged Your Mom
14th Aug 14 09:51:57Awesome.Onimusha
14th Aug 14 08:25:25Franchise.Onimusha
14th Aug 14 08:06:18Webcomic.Xkcd
14th Aug 14 08:03:02Trivia.Xkcd
14th Aug 14 08:02:20Trivia.Xkcd
14th Aug 14 08:02:00Trivia.Xkcd
14th Aug 14 12:54:13If I Cant Have You
14th Aug 14 12:02:20Quotes.From Nobodyto Nightmare
14th Aug 14 11:36:44From Nobody To Nightmare.Live Action TV
14th Aug 14 11:33:35From Nobody To Nightmare.Live Action TV
14th Aug 14 11:10:55From Nobody To Nightmare.Live Action TV
14th Aug 14 10:39:20Graffiti Of The Resistance
14th Aug 14 08:54:18Trivia.Burn Notice
14th Aug 14 12:26:17Power Copying
13th Aug 14 11:14:28Quotes.Retired Monster
13th Aug 14 09:36:36Quotes.Anti Villain
13th Aug 14 11:11:54Appeal To Worse Problems
13th Aug 14 10:35:04Quotes.The Wire
13th Aug 14 09:14:18White Gangbangers
11th Aug 14 06:31:26Laconic.Motivational Lie
11th Aug 14 10:39:07Stepford Smiler.Literature
7th Aug 14 10:35:59Characters.Rocky
7th Aug 14 10:42:55Trivia.Graceland
7th Aug 14 10:41:16Characters.Graceland
7th Aug 14 08:55:58Bullet Proof Vest
7th Aug 14 08:22:05Bullet Proof Vest
6th Aug 14 10:04:15I Know You Know I Know
6th Aug 14 10:13:55Characters.SCRUBS
6th Aug 14 09:37:32Characters.The Chronicles Of Amber
5th Aug 14 09:51:02Post Victory Collapse
5th Aug 14 09:39:15Fridge.Unbreakable
5th Aug 14 08:02:37My God You Are Serious
5th Aug 14 02:18:45Pretender Diss
4th Aug 14 11:33:41Anime.Princess Mononoke
4th Aug 14 10:10:50Characters.Dragon Ball Multiverse
4th Aug 14 02:33:47Kill It With Fire
4th Aug 14 01:12:49Defusing The Tykebomb
4th Aug 14 11:28:10Useful Notes.Navy Seals
1st Aug 14 11:09:43Triumphant Example.B
1st Aug 14 12:54:30Quote Mine
31st Jul 14 11:07:18Motivational Lie
31st Jul 14 09:20:19Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Greyjoy
31st Jul 14 09:04:32YMMV.A Song Of Ice And Fire
30th Jul 14 03:43:40Useful Notes.Muhammad Ali
30th Jul 14 09:37:49Mugging The Monster.Live Action TV
29th Jul 14 06:07:22Characters.Casino
29th Jul 14 05:46:55International Showdown By Proxy
29th Jul 14 05:36:06Pantheon.Crime Demigods And Quasideities
27th Jul 14 03:42:40Good Cop Bad Cop
27th Jul 14 08:08:18Good Cop Bad Cop
24th Jul 14 09:51:42Sick And Wrong
24th Jul 14 08:53:34Lightning Bruiser.Real Life
22nd Jul 14 05:33:59Terrible Interviewees Montage
22nd Jul 14 04:33:41Nightmare Fuel.The Wire
22nd Jul 14 03:46:27You Have Failed Me
22nd Jul 14 12:46:49Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book
21st Jul 14 11:43:36Badass Bystander
21st Jul 14 10:06:41Western Animation.Exo Squad
20th Jul 14 04:55:49Dressing As The Enemy
20th Jul 14 08:08:55Precocious Crush
19th Jul 14 09:30:46Hiding The Handicap
17th Jul 14 09:06:24Film.Major League
17th Jul 14 08:23:48Terrible Interviewees Montage
17th Jul 14 08:22:30Terrible Interviewees Montage
16th Jul 14 10:30:40Fight Clubbing
15th Jul 14 06:10:46Top Heavy Guy
14th Jul 14 09:11:51Villainous Rescue
12th Jul 14 09:37:23Theatre.If Then
9th Jul 14 09:19:39No One Could Survive That
8th Jul 14 08:36:07Series.Buffythevampireslayer
8th Jul 14 08:35:32Relative Button
8th Jul 14 08:34:03Relative Button
7th Jul 14 11:16:39Literature.Tales Of Dunk And Egg
7th Jul 14 11:13:41Written By The Winners
7th Jul 14 09:52:42Characters.Highlander
7th Jul 14 09:27:56Relative Button
7th Jul 14 09:14:15Film.Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves
7th Jul 14 02:09:05Its All About Me.Webcomics
7th Jul 14 02:08:38Its All About Me.Webcomics
7th Jul 14 01:03:25Unpopular Popular Character
7th Jul 14 12:16:54Video Game.The Warriors
7th Jul 14 12:14:43Useful Notes.New York City
7th Jul 14 11:26:35Useful Notes.New York City
7th Jul 14 11:09:04Epic Fail.Film
7th Jul 14 10:55:10Characters.Rocky
7th Jul 14 06:32:43Fridge.Boardwalk Empire
7th Jul 14 06:16:59Nightmare Fuel.Boardwalk Empire
7th Jul 14 06:12:29Buy Them Off
7th Jul 14 06:01:45Bastardly Speech
6th Jul 14 09:16:23Videogame.Bully
4th Jul 14 08:20:46Trivia.Unbreakable
3rd Jul 14 10:14:24Funny.Two Saiyans Play
3rd Jul 14 09:16:39Deaf Composer
3rd Jul 14 08:41:10Hitman With A Heart
1st Jul 14 09:54:02Literature.Baba Yaga
1st Jul 14 09:35:05Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 001 To 299
1st Jul 14 07:19:43Almighty Janitor
1st Jul 14 06:26:47Quotes.Almighty Janitor
30th Jun 14 10:09:41More Dakka
30th Jun 14 09:29:12Laconic.Scared Of Whats Behind You
30th Jun 14 07:03:49Self Serving Memory
29th Jun 14 06:34:26Junior Counterpart
29th Jun 14 06:25:16Alternate Timeline
27th Jun 14 07:26:14YMMV.The Zombie Hunters
27th Jun 14 07:26:01YMMV.The Zombie Hunters
26th Jun 14 04:56:19Glamour Failure
26th Jun 14 04:34:06Laconic.Distracted From Death
25th Jun 14 10:39:42Laconic.Genocide From The Inside
25th Jun 14 10:39:31Laconic.Genocide From The Inside
25th Jun 14 10:38:41Laconic.Genocide From The Inside
24th Jun 14 09:47:11Quotes.Badass Boast
24th Jun 14 08:33:08Glamour Failure
24th Jun 14 07:36:50Genocide From The Inside
24th Jun 14 03:33:05Film.The Ref
24th Jun 14 03:27:49Technology Marches On
24th Jun 14 02:54:05Recap.Burn Notice S 6 E 12 Means And Ends
24th Jun 14 02:28:28Not Worth Killing
19th Jun 14 08:17:24Tear Jerker.Death Cab For Cutie
19th Jun 14 07:41:25Quotes.What Did I Do Last Night
19th Jun 14 07:38:30What Did I Do Last Night
18th Jun 14 09:28:57Karmic Thief
18th Jun 14 09:12:19Only A Flesh Wound
18th Jun 14 09:00:06Wouldnt Hurta Child
18th Jun 14 08:40:09You Wouldnt Hit A Guy With Glasses
18th Jun 14 08:28:48Would Not Shoot A Civilian
18th Jun 14 08:14:03Quotes.Ambiguous Syntax
18th Jun 14 08:11:35Mistaken For Servant
17th Jun 14 10:09:22Laconic.Say Your Prayers
16th Jun 14 11:22:31Excalibur
16th Jun 14 10:31:04Useful Notes.Oda Nobunaga
16th Jun 14 09:52:32Quotes.A Bronx Tale
16th Jun 14 09:47:29Quotes.A Bronx Tale
16th Jun 14 02:28:01No Hero Discount
16th Jun 14 01:49:26That Satisfying Crunch
15th Jun 14 08:04:12Boring But Practical.Other Media
15th Jun 14 08:02:15Quotes.Boring But Practical
12th Jun 14 08:18:50All Swords Are The Same
12th Jun 14 07:02:33Wham Line.Live Action TV
12th Jun 14 07:01:18Characters.The Godfather
12th Jun 14 04:39:48Website.It Gets Better Project
12th Jun 14 03:59:56Franchise.Onimusha
12th Jun 14 03:25:31Unintentionally Notorious Crime
12th Jun 14 03:17:09Unintentionally Notorious Crime
12th Jun 14 12:13:49Screaming At Squick
11th Jun 14 11:54:36Fridge.Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
11th Jun 14 11:51:31YMMV.Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
11th Jun 14 11:46:28Fake Out Opening
11th Jun 14 10:16:29Recap.No Cure For The Paladin Blues
11th Jun 14 09:56:12YMMV.Quest For Glory II
10th Jun 14 12:48:59Laconic.The Mob Boss Is Scarier
5th Jun 14 10:24:48Tank Goodness
5th Jun 14 10:20:50Characters.The Chronicles Of Amber
5th Jun 14 02:02:38Faux Affably Evil
5th Jun 14 09:41:00Film.Charlie Wilsons War
4th Jun 14 12:29:36Gang Initiation Fight
3rd Jun 14 05:10:45Nice Guys Finish Last
3rd Jun 14 04:01:23Theatre.If Then
3rd Jun 14 03:52:32Theatre.If Then
3rd Jun 14 03:24:01Kristin Chenoweth
3rd Jun 14 02:48:46Western Animation.Exo Squad
3rd Jun 14 02:35:12Western Animation.Exo Squad
3rd Jun 14 01:19:21Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
2nd Jun 14 07:37:27Funny.Two Saiyans Play
30th May 14 12:56:27Tropers.The Wanderer
30th May 14 12:42:54Evil Tropes
30th May 14 12:41:01Series.Battlestar Galactica Classic
30th May 14 12:39:22Literature.Changes
30th May 14 12:37:01Literature.The Crystal Star
30th May 14 12:33:52Literature.The Elric Saga
30th May 14 12:26:35Comic Book.Martian Manhunter
30th May 14 12:19:40Characters.The Boys
30th May 14 12:16:59Comic Book.The Boys
30th May 14 12:08:17Self Demonstrating.Lobo
30th May 14 12:05:22Manga.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
30th May 14 12:01:55Characters.One Piece Major Villains
29th May 14 11:57:43One Piece.Tropes G-J
29th May 14 11:54:00Characters.Samurai Champloo
29th May 14 11:51:42Anime.Samurai Champloo
29th May 14 11:45:37Characters.Naruto-Akatsuki
29th May 14 11:42:13Naruto.Tropes Ato K
29th May 14 11:41:09Naruto.Tropes Ato K
29th May 14 11:37:56Literature.The Magicians Nephew
29th May 14 11:35:27Film.Thor
29th May 14 11:32:20Film.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
29th May 14 11:25:14Film.The Man With The Iron Fists
29th May 14 11:22:58Characters.Monsters Vs Aliens
29th May 14 11:21:56Western Animation.Monsters Vs Aliens
29th May 14 11:20:18Webcomic.Star Power
29th May 14 11:18:12Video Game.Tenchu
29th May 14 11:13:42Omnicidal Maniac
29th May 14 11:11:01Antagonistic Offspring
29th May 14 11:09:43Boomerang Bigot
29th May 14 11:08:33Genocide From The Inside
29th May 14 11:04:32Last Of His Kind
29th May 14 11:01:55Sole Survivor
29th May 14 10:57:32Hunter Of His Own Kind
29th May 14 10:55:47Self Made Orphan
29th May 14 10:53:42Bloodbath Villain Origin
29th May 14 10:53:11Bloodbath Villain Origin
29th May 14 10:50:43Genocide From The Inside
29th May 14 09:04:13Never Bring A Gun To A Knife Fight
29th May 14 07:54:07Literature.Kenzie And Gennaro Series
29th May 14 07:42:35We Have Reserves
28th May 14 06:44:59Not What I Signed On For
28th May 14 01:57:09Five Bad Band.Film
28th May 14 12:07:06Lets Play.Two Saiyans Play
28th May 14 11:58:41Funny.Two Saiyans Play
27th May 14 02:38:04Quotes.The Fettered
27th May 14 02:18:20Pyrrhic Villainy
27th May 14 01:34:04Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
27th May 14 12:41:19Awesome.Waterloo
27th May 14 10:51:45Western Animation.Korgoth Of Barbaria
27th May 14 09:32:14Kung Fu Clairvoyance
27th May 14 09:24:14We Have Reserves
27th May 14 09:18:12Politically Incorrect Villain
27th May 14 09:08:20Anime.Princess Mononoke
27th May 14 01:21:50Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
27th May 14 12:40:44Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
27th May 14 12:09:17Characters.The Wire Baltimore Police Department
26th May 14 10:50:33Chest Monster
26th May 14 10:49:21Fake Trap
25th May 14 09:17:09Useful Notes.Vladimir Putin
25th May 14 08:49:04Nice Guys Finish Last
25th May 14 08:25:33Wants A Prizefor Basic Decency
25th May 14 08:23:29Nice Guys Finish Last
20th May 14 11:20:10Actually Pretty Funny
20th May 14 11:10:07Actually Pretty Funny

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