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22nd May 18 10:20:52Fanfic Recs.Hamilton
11th May 18 09:27:50WMG.Steven Universe Other
11th May 18 09:27:01WMG.Steven Universe Other
8th May 18 09:50:23Tropers.The Otaku Ninja
1st May 18 09:12:52Fridge.Bendy And The Ink Machine
1st May 18 02:55:48Funny.Bendy And The Ink Machine
24th Apr 18 12:08:42Fanfic Recs.Hamilton
12th Apr 18 04:56:43Awesome.The Mysterious Mr Enter
28th Mar 18 03:42:24Tear Jerker.The Nostalgia Chick
16th Feb 18 10:39:58Funny.Sponge Bob Square Pants Season 11
16th Feb 18 10:34:23Awesome.Spongebob Squarepants
11th Feb 18 09:14:14WMG.The Fairly Oddparents
6th Feb 18 05:25:58Heartwarming.Marvels Spider Man
4th Feb 18 06:41:01Funny.RWBY Chibi
1st Feb 18 05:43:53WMG.Doki Doki Literature Club
1st Feb 18 05:40:59WMG.Doki Doki Literature Club
21st Jan 18 06:32:17Headscratchers.Neopets
15th Jan 18 10:55:50Fridge.Codename Kids Next Door
9th Jan 18 08:21:26Awesome.Protectors Of The Plot Continuum
8th Jan 18 11:11:33Awesome.Protectors Of The Plot Continuum
5th Jan 18 09:02:41Nightmare Fuel.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
21st Dec 17 05:22:22Fridge.Digimon Adventure 02
21st Dec 17 04:44:33Fridge.Digimon Adventure
17th Dec 17 07:38:19Headscratchers.Sonic Forces
6th Dec 17 05:41:56Horrible.Video Game Generations Fifth To Sixth
6th Dec 17 05:40:34Horrible.Video Game Generations Fifth To Sixth
24th Nov 17 07:57:18Heartwarming.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
16th Nov 17 07:50:56Characters.Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Forces Of Evil
3rd Nov 17 03:18:06Headscratchers.Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie
3rd Nov 17 03:15:22Headscratchers.Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie
30th Oct 17 10:00:16Funny.Homestar Runner
26th Oct 17 07:27:09Video Game.South Park The Fractured But Whole
17th Oct 17 06:27:33Awesome.Milo Murphys Law
17th Oct 17 04:51:13Funny.The Amazing World Of Gumball Season 5
16th Oct 17 04:57:28Awesome.Milo Murphys Law
15th Oct 17 11:26:39Funny.Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series Season Four
15th Oct 17 11:24:04Funny.Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series Season Four
14th Oct 17 09:53:40WMG.Back To The Future
1st Oct 17 01:22:13Radar.Milo Murphys Law
30th Sep 17 08:00:45Funny.Bendy And The Ink Machine
15th Sep 17 08:17:25Headscratchers.Infamous Second Son
3rd Sep 17 07:29:20WMG.Back To The Future
31st Aug 17 04:47:58Tear Jerker.The Nostalgia Chick
31st Aug 17 02:28:05WMG.Back To The Future
31st Aug 17 02:11:59WMG.Back To The Future
22nd Aug 17 08:16:58Heartwarming.Gravity Falls Journal 3
19th Aug 17 11:02:28Tear Jerker.Xenoblade
16th Aug 17 08:41:34Tropers.The Otaku Ninja
16th Aug 17 08:21:53Fridge.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
16th Aug 17 03:09:22Recap.The Venture Bros S 5 E 2 Venture Libre
3rd Aug 17 08:40:07Fridge.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
25th Jul 17 01:40:39Funny.Rebel Taxi
25th Jul 17 01:23:02Heartwarming.Rebel Taxi
25th Jul 17 01:11:36Awesome.Bendy And The Ink Machine
25th Jul 17 01:06:40Fanfic Recs.Bendy And The Ink Machine
7th Jul 17 01:17:02WMG.Digimon Adventure Tri
26th Jun 17 09:30:02Fanfic Recs.Zootopia
20th May 17 09:43:09Heartwarming.Samurai Jack
11th May 17 12:30:51Funny.Archer
7th May 17 03:13:44Funny.Vision Of Escaflowne Abridged
24th Apr 17 07:02:22Funny.Fox Trot
6th Apr 17 08:28:59Funny.Fox Trot
25th Mar 17 08:42:28Nightmare Fuel.Samurai Jack
24th Mar 17 12:23:50Nightmare Fuel.Gorillaz
25th Feb 17 01:28:26Nightmare Fuel.Cars
18th Feb 17 03:21:01YMMV.Gravity Falls Journal 3
18th Feb 17 01:56:19Funny.The Great Alicorn Hunt
30th Jan 17 08:09:19Nightmare Fuel.Steven Universe
27th Jan 17 06:53:21Fridge.Digimon Frontier
24th Jan 17 01:08:43Tear Jerker.When Marnie Was There
12th Jan 17 09:49:31WMG.Total Drama
18th Nov 16 09:17:33Tear Jerker.Pony POV Series
11th Nov 16 12:56:04Funny.The Great Alicorn Hunt
31st Oct 16 05:33:12Fanfic Recs.Final Fantasy XIII
31st Oct 16 05:32:09Fanfic Recs.Final Fantasy XIII
17th Oct 16 06:32:12Fanfic Recs.Homestuck
13th Oct 16 03:10:04Fanfic Recs.Hey Arnold
4th Oct 16 06:29:08YMMV.Gravity Falls Journal 3
13th Jul 16 06:06:19Tear Jerker.The Powerpuff Girls Movie
1st Jul 16 11:47:57Tropers.The Otaku Ninja
20th May 16 09:14:07Tropers.The Otaku Ninja
28th Apr 16 02:38:49Funny.Anime Abandon
26th Apr 16 08:10:07Nightmare Fuel.Cars
19th Mar 16 04:18:28Funny.Sword Art Online Abridged
10th Mar 16 03:27:18Fanfic Recs.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
6th Mar 16 09:09:05WMG.Elite Beat Agents
27th Feb 16 03:02:56WMG.Ultimate Spider-Man
22nd Feb 16 10:13:43WMG.Ultimate Spider-Man
21st Feb 16 07:14:02Tear Jerker.Gravity Falls Non Canon
21st Feb 16 07:13:09Tear Jerker.Gravity Falls Non Canon
29th Jan 16 08:34:06Haiku.Rebuild Of Evangelion
29th Jan 16 08:25:18Haiku.Neon Genesis Evangelion
29th Jan 16 11:17:29Dethroning Moment.Digimon
28th Jan 16 04:14:03Characters.The Escapist Tournaments
12th Jan 16 05:25:57Haiku.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
12th Jan 16 05:20:56Haiku.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
6th Jan 16 08:32:13Dethroning Moment.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
29th Dec 15 08:15:25Dethroning Moment.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
29th Dec 15 08:13:50Dethroning Moment.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
29th Dec 15 08:01:19Dethroning Moment.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
29th Dec 15 07:59:32Dethroning Moment.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
24th Nov 15 05:31:54Headscratchers.Soon I Will Be Invincible
29th Oct 15 09:05:43Haiku.Gravity Falls
28th Oct 15 06:05:38Tear Jerker.Gravity Falls Non Canon
27th Oct 15 09:24:06Nightmare Fuel.Bennett The Sage
27th Oct 15 09:15:53Nightmare Fuel.Bennett The Sage
27th Oct 15 01:25:30Nightmare Fuel.Bennett The Sage
16th Oct 15 12:18:10Nightmare Fuel.Gravity Falls
16th Oct 15 12:17:03Nightmare Fuel.Gravity Falls
30th Sep 15 01:02:46Funny.Some Jerk With A Camera
24th Sep 15 04:41:53Nightmare Fuel.Steven Universe
24th Sep 15 04:35:13Nightmare Fuel.Steven Universe
24th Sep 15 02:58:19Funny.Steven Universe
20th Apr 15 07:24:51Tear Jerker.Farewell Fami Kamen Rider
13th Mar 15 02:54:34Heartwarming.Gravity Falls
13th Mar 15 02:53:57Heartwarming.Gravity Falls
9th Mar 15 09:03:08Western Animation.Gravity Falls
9th Mar 15 09:02:09Western Animation.Gravity Falls
9th Mar 15 08:58:12Funny.The Amazing World Of Gumball
14th Feb 15 11:47:16Nightmare Fuel.Bennett The Sage
13th Feb 15 02:59:20Awesome.Pony POV Series
7th Jan 15 07:17:06Tearjerker.SF Debris
7th Jan 15 07:16:36Tearjerker.SF Debris
2nd Jan 15 09:55:57Pony POV Series.Tropes Q To Z
31st Dec 14 09:48:24Nightmare Fuel.Freemans Mind
28th Nov 14 08:35:23Pony POV Series.Tropes Q To Z
6th Nov 14 10:40:35Funny.SCXCR
30th Oct 14 08:19:47Nightmare Fuel.Homestar Runner
30th Oct 14 08:18:06Nightmare Fuel.Homestar Runner
12th Aug 14 04:18:09Radar.ANIMANIACS
1st Aug 14 04:20:49Trivia.Kid Icarus Uprising
31st Jul 14 07:47:40Heartwarming.Ponies The Anthology
30th Jul 14 04:13:27Haiku.Puella Magimadoka Magica
30th Jul 14 04:12:30Haiku.Puella Magimadoka Magica
21st Jul 14 03:29:23Nightmare Fuel.Zatchbell
14th May 14 10:21:13Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic General
28th Apr 14 05:49:20Nightmare Fuel.Bennett The Sage
28th Apr 14 05:47:36Nightmare Fuel.Bennett The Sage
9th Apr 14 05:53:23Awesome.The Avengers
8th Apr 14 10:30:02Headscratchers.Neopets
1st Apr 14 07:43:48Tear Jerker.Chaotic Monki
1st Apr 14 08:33:39Quotes.Power Perversion Potential
26th Mar 14 09:05:39Nightmare Fuel.Bioshock Infinite
6th Mar 14 05:20:44Funny.The Angry Joe Show
6th Mar 14 05:20:44Funny.The Angry Joe Show
1st Mar 14 02:19:24Haiku.Mystery Science Theater 3000
26th Feb 14 12:40:05Funny.That Dude In The Suede
26th Feb 14 07:53:29Funny.That Dude In The Suede
23rd Feb 14 06:00:29Funny.The Cinema Snob Episodes
13th Feb 14 03:33:22Funny.Bob And George
30th Jan 14 03:47:21Funny.The Wolverine
19th Jan 14 11:55:43Heartwarming.Pony POV Series
17th Jan 14 01:55:41Shout Out.Pony POV Series
17th Jan 14 01:52:39Heartwarming.Pony POV Series
6th Jan 14 07:34:26Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall 2013 Episodes
6th Jan 14 07:33:10Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall 2014 Episodes
3rd Jan 14 07:10:35YMMV.Ponies The Anthology
29th Dec 13 05:35:08Nightmare Fuel.Bio Shock Infinite
28th Dec 13 08:20:31Awesome.SF Debris
28th Dec 13 08:20:03Awesome.SF Debris
22nd Dec 13 10:23:30YMMV.Bennett The Sage
9th Dec 13 12:41:40The Swear Jar
29th Nov 13 12:29:50Funny.Hatoful Boyfriend
29th Nov 13 12:29:29Funny.Hatoful Boyfriend
18th Nov 13 09:30:28YMMV.Cars
13th Nov 13 01:12:24Funny.Anime Abandon
13th Nov 13 01:10:24YMMV.Bennett The Sage
26th Oct 13 12:32:52Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall
19th Oct 13 09:46:57Funny.New Super Mario Bros U
6th Oct 13 10:14:00Heartwarming.Saints Row IV
6th Oct 13 10:13:17Heartwarming.Saints Row IV
21st Sep 13 09:24:29YMMV.The Whiteboard
21st Sep 13 09:23:42YMMV.The Whiteboard
17th Sep 13 11:20:30Funny.The Angry Joe Show
10th Sep 13 02:56:46Funny.Red Dwarf
10th Sep 13 02:55:13Funny.Red Dwarf
9th Sep 13 09:43:46Tear Jerker.Mahou Sensei Negima
9th Sep 13 09:58:37Funny.The Blockbuster Buster
3rd Sep 13 03:02:38Nightmare Fuel.Pony POV Series
31st Aug 13 12:00:53Tear Jerker.Mahou Sensei Negima
27th Aug 13 04:55:32Shout Out.Saints Row IV
27th Aug 13 04:54:55Shout Out.Saints Row IV
17th Aug 13 05:50:28Heartwarming.Pony POV Series
22nd Jul 13 04:10:21Funny.Smoke Signals
12th Jun 13 07:42:28Pony POV Series.Tropes I-Z
12th Jun 13 07:07:44Pony POV Series.Tropes I-Z
13th May 13 09:57:07Nightmare Fuel.Bio Shock Infinite
11th May 13 07:45:17Moral Event Horizon.Fan Works
11th May 13 03:04:06Moral Event Horizon.Fan Works
23rd Apr 13 10:21:12Nightmare Fuel.Live Action TV
16th Apr 13 01:56:49Nightmare Fuel.Bio Shock Infinite
16th Apr 13 01:56:19Nightmare Fuel.Bio Shock Infinite
16th Apr 13 01:53:54Nightmare Fuel.Bio Shock Infinite
12th Apr 13 02:27:32Shout Out.SF Debris
12th Apr 13 02:07:42Sugar Wiki.He Really Can Act
12th Apr 13 02:07:27Sugar Wiki.He Really Can Act
12th Apr 13 02:07:27Sugar Wiki.He Really Can Act
12th Apr 13 02:05:16Sugar Wiki.He Really Can Act
9th Apr 13 11:10:03Funny.The Cartoon Hero
9th Apr 13 11:06:53Funny.Duck Dynasty
7th Mar 13 09:19:59Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall 2013 Episodes
4th Mar 13 10:01:52Awesome.The Blockbuster Buster
15th Feb 13 08:51:20Funny.Bennett The Sage
6th Feb 13 07:52:50Funny.Family Guy
29th Jan 13 06:47:15Funny.Hogfather
28th Jan 13 11:00:49Funny.Hogfather
28th Jan 13 11:00:14Funny.Hogfather
24th Jan 13 01:20:27Funny.SF Debris
12th Jan 13 12:26:35Funny.Ed Edd N Eddy
11th Jan 13 11:12:23Nightmare Fuel.CSI
11th Jan 13 11:11:47Nightmare Fuel.CSI
8th Jan 13 10:09:28Fanfic Recs.Love Hina
8th Jan 13 10:02:59Fanfic Recs.Love Hina
30th Dec 12 09:29:38Nightmare Fuel.Pony POV Series
30th Dec 12 09:29:12Nightmare Fuel.Pony POV Series
30th Dec 12 09:27:24Nightmare Fuel.Pony POV Series
20th Dec 12 04:22:50Funny.Ace Ventura
20th Dec 12 04:22:29Funny.Ace Ventura
19th Dec 12 05:06:28Funny.Jesu Otaku
15th Dec 12 03:28:26Fridge.Wreck It Ralph
21st Nov 12 03:11:02Awesome.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon
21st Nov 12 08:31:31Funny.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
19th Oct 12 05:50:31Fanfic Recs.That Guy With The Glasses
7th Oct 12 12:45:29Funny.SF Debris
19th Sep 12 08:49:40Funny.SF Debris
12th Sep 12 10:34:53Funny.To Boldly Flee
2nd Sep 12 10:02:14Funny.To Boldly Flee
26th Aug 12 05:53:05Shout Out.To Boldly Flee
26th Aug 12 05:50:03Nightmare Fuel.To Boldly Flee
26th Aug 12 05:49:49Nightmare Fuel.To Boldly Flee
26th Aug 12 05:49:28Nightmare Fuel.To Boldly Flee
26th Aug 12 05:49:11Nightmare Fuel.To Boldly Flee
26th Aug 12 05:44:15Funny.To Boldly Flee
25th Aug 12 01:10:12Funny.SF Debris
24th Aug 12 08:12:04Funny.To Boldly Flee
13th Aug 12 01:48:47Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
13th Aug 12 09:56:40Tear Jerker.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
13th Aug 12 08:28:56Fanfic Recs.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
11th Aug 12 09:41:33Funny.Suburban Knights
26th Jul 12 04:24:24Funny.Wile E Coyote And The Road Runner
23rd Jul 12 06:51:29Funny.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
23rd Jul 12 06:47:15Funny.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
11th Jul 12 10:59:19Fantastic Drug
10th Jul 12 07:18:26Haiku.Brave
10th Jul 12 07:17:39Haiku.Brave
9th Jul 12 05:17:56Nightmare Fuel.Pony POV Series
8th Jul 12 05:19:05Funny.Familiar Faces
8th Jul 12 05:17:39Funny.Familiar Faces
8th Jul 12 05:16:07Funny.Familiar Faces
3rd Jul 12 05:07:47Nightmare Fuel.Looney Tunes
22nd Jun 12 06:08:03Fanfic Recs.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
19th Jun 12 11:02:33Funny.Red Vs Blue
17th Jun 12 01:09:07Funny.Lets Play
12th Jun 12 05:00:57Funny.SF Debris
12th Jun 12 08:15:25Funny.Red Vs Blue
1st Jun 12 08:42:21Funny.SF Debris
1st Jun 12 08:41:53Funny.SF Debris
1st Jun 12 08:41:11Funny.SF Debris
15th May 12 02:00:48Funny.SF Debris
12th May 12 07:59:24SF Debris
9th May 12 07:49:23Funny.Home Improvement
18th Apr 12 06:58:29Awesome.Turnabout Storm
18th Apr 12 01:13:39Funny.Scandinavia And The World
18th Apr 12 01:12:48Funny.Scandinavia And The World
18th Apr 12 01:11:32Funny.Scandinavia And The World
18th Apr 12 07:45:53YMMV.Insecticomics
18th Apr 12 07:45:34YMMV.Insecticomics
18th Apr 12 07:45:05YMMV.Insecticomics
8th Apr 12 02:59:14Funny.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
1st Apr 12 01:54:07Funny.That Dude In The Suede
23rd Mar 12 06:13:08Headscratchers.Neopets
21st Mar 12 07:34:11Headscratchers.Pony POV Series
21st Mar 12 07:27:45High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Pony POV Series
21st Mar 12 07:27:24High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Pony POV Series
21st Mar 12 07:27:06High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Pony POV Series
17th Mar 12 02:11:00Swivel Chair Antics
7th Mar 12 04:35:37Funny.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
5th Mar 12 06:15:45Funny.SF Debris
5th Mar 12 06:14:53Funny.SF Debris
3rd Mar 12 10:59:53Funny.Overboard
2nd Mar 12 01:55:20Funny.The Last Days Of Foxhound
2nd Mar 12 01:54:15Funny.The Last Days Of Foxhound
29th Feb 12 07:16:32Awesome.The Blockbuster Buster
26th Feb 12 03:24:42Headscratchers.Pony POV Series
26th Feb 12 02:00:17Tear Jerker.Sesame Street
26th Feb 12 01:59:49Tear Jerker.Sesame Street
26th Feb 12 09:32:56WMG.Pony POV Series
20th Feb 12 12:18:19Funny.The Dark Id
17th Feb 12 12:00:16Funny.Axis Powers Hetalia
17th Feb 12 11:58:38Funny.Axis Powers Hetalia
16th Feb 12 09:07:58Funny.Turnabout Storm
7th Feb 12 12:26:38YMMV.Zodiac
7th Feb 12 12:26:24YMMV.Zodiac
30th Jan 12 08:44:27Funny.Phineas And Ferb
30th Jan 12 08:43:32Funny.Phineas And Ferb
30th Jan 12 08:03:33Funny.Robot Chicken
29th Jan 12 04:30:33Trivia.Pony POV Series
29th Jan 12 04:29:08Trivia.Pony POV Series
24th Jan 12 06:41:59Funny.Rockos Modern Life
21st Jan 12 01:19:30Funny.Gorillaz
20th Jan 12 05:19:55Funny.Wipeout 2008
20th Jan 12 06:40:51Funny.Phineas And Ferb
20th Jan 12 06:39:15Shout Out.Phineas And Ferb
16th Jan 12 07:54:25Funny.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
15th Jan 12 08:44:57Funny.The Nostalgia Critic 2012 Episodes
14th Jan 12 10:44:54Headscratchers.Justice League
14th Jan 12 07:11:57Funny.SF Debris
14th Jan 12 06:44:02Funny.SF Debris
14th Jan 12 06:43:43Funny.SF Debris
14th Jan 12 06:43:04Funny.SF Debris
14th Jan 12 06:42:23Funny.SF Debris
14th Jan 12 06:41:09Funny.SF Debris
13th Jan 12 07:32:35WMG.The Lion King
12th Jan 12 05:57:20Fridge.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
7th Jan 12 01:36:25Funny.The Fairly Odd Parents
7th Jan 12 01:34:08Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall
6th Jan 12 09:25:58Funny.Familiar Faces
30th Dec 11 09:34:34Funny.Im A Marvel And Im ADC
29th Dec 11 08:03:57Trivia.Pony POV Series
29th Dec 11 08:02:53Trivia.Pony POV Series
28th Dec 11 01:31:05Nightmare Fuel.Atop The Fourth Wall
27th Dec 11 06:52:39Awesome.You Can Play This
27th Dec 11 06:50:40Funny.That Guy With The Glasses
27th Dec 11 06:50:06Funny.That Guy With The Glasses
27th Dec 11 06:43:27High Octane Nightmare Fuel.That Guy With The Glasses
27th Dec 11 06:41:48Nightmare Fuel.That Guy With The Glasses
23rd Dec 11 04:17:14Funny.Zero Punctuation
23rd Dec 11 04:02:31Funny.Zero Punctuation
23rd Dec 11 04:00:53Funny.Zero Punctuation
22nd Dec 11 02:21:20High Octane Nightmare Fuel.CSI
20th Dec 11 08:21:43Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall
20th Dec 11 08:18:36Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall
19th Dec 11 04:39:21Funny.Two And A Half Men
16th Dec 11 06:30:32YMMV.Chaos Head
16th Dec 11 06:30:10YMMV.Chaos Head
15th Dec 11 07:58:17Funny.Spongebob Squarepants
14th Dec 11 04:31:02Heartwarming.Animorphs
13th Dec 11 09:21:13Binocular Shot
11th Dec 11 09:22:42Funny.The Fairly Odd Parents
11th Dec 11 09:21:48Funny.The Fairly Odd Parents
11th Dec 11 08:56:41Funny.Recess Schools Out
11th Dec 11 08:56:17Funny.Recess Schools Out
9th Dec 11 02:33:03High Octane Nightmare Fuel.TV Tropes
9th Dec 11 02:32:11High Octane Nightmare Fuel.TV Tropes
9th Dec 11 02:29:40High Octane Nightmare Fuel.TV Tropes
9th Dec 11 01:29:55Accidental Nightmare Fuel.Western Animation TV
6th Dec 11 08:33:43Nightmare Fuel.Kamen Rider OOO
6th Dec 11 07:44:29Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall
3rd Dec 11 05:25:31Nightmare Fuel.Kamen Rider OOO
3rd Dec 11 05:25:06Nightmare Fuel.Kamen Rider OOO
1st Dec 11 09:14:20Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon
1st Dec 11 09:09:19High Octane Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon
1st Dec 11 09:08:57High Octane Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon
1st Dec 11 09:07:34High Octane Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon
28th Nov 11 09:51:54Funny.The Looney Tunes Show
28th Nov 11 09:51:09Funny.The Looney Tunes Show
25th Nov 11 12:11:00High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Fanfiction
18th Nov 11 10:05:20Funny.Phineas And Ferb
17th Nov 11 07:03:56Repeat After Me
16th Nov 11 12:18:28Funny.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
16th Nov 11 08:26:10Funny.The Nostalgia Critic 2011 Episodes
8th Nov 11 06:53:02Tear Jerker.For The Man Who Has Everything
7th Nov 11 08:07:59Fanfic.Pony POV Series
1st Nov 11 10:13:15High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Chzo Mythos
19th Oct 11 12:53:46Fanfic Recs.One Piece
17th Oct 11 11:25:50Headscratchers.Interstella 5555
17th Oct 11 11:25:25Headscratchers.Interstella 5555
10th Oct 11 03:45:08Funny.Darths And Droids
4th Oct 11 07:15:20Attending Your Own Funeral
3rd Oct 11 06:32:31Fanfic Recs.Phineasand Ferb
22nd Sep 11 03:38:16Nightmare Fuel.Batman Beyond
22nd Sep 11 03:37:29Nightmare Fuel.Batman Beyond
22nd Sep 11 03:20:43Headscratchers.Redwall
16th Sep 11 06:00:19YMMV.Mushishi
16th Sep 11 05:59:51YMMV.Mushishi