Spinosegnosaurus 77's Recent Edits

24th Jul 17 11:33:03WMG.Todd In The Shadows
24th Jul 17 07:58:41Small Taxonomy Pools
24th Jul 17 06:05:08YMMV.Adam Ruins Everything
23rd Jul 17 03:00:15Creator.Warner Bros
23rd Jul 17 09:12:19Two Hit Wonder
23rd Jul 17 08:59:09Small Taxonomy Pools
23rd Jul 17 06:14:37Summary.Music
22nd Jul 17 06:18:24Science Marches On.Walking With Dinosaurs
21st Jul 17 05:05:48Box Office Bomb.I Through R
21st Jul 17 04:48:42Signature Song.A To K
21st Jul 17 04:19:27One Hit Wonder.Rap
21st Jul 17 04:19:08One Hit Wonder.Rap
20th Jul 17 06:55:11Video Game.Feeding Frenzy
20th Jul 17 06:06:09YMMV.Disney Theme Parks
19th Jul 17 11:21:57Creator.Geffen Records
19th Jul 17 11:19:27Creator.RCA Records
19th Jul 17 11:16:39Creator.Warner Bros Records
19th Jul 17 05:10:14Funny.Bruno Mars
18th Jul 17 08:19:19Trivia.Wild Kratts
18th Jul 17 07:00:46Trivia.Rick Ross
18th Jul 17 06:59:09Music.Rick Ross
18th Jul 17 06:55:11Small Taxonomy Pools
18th Jul 17 06:53:57Small Taxonomy Pools
18th Jul 17 06:40:23WMG.Todd In The Shadows
18th Jul 17 06:40:02WMG.Todd In The Shadows
18th Jul 17 06:29:42YMMV.Disney Theme Parks
17th Jul 17 12:17:55WMG.Todd In The Shadows
17th Jul 17 12:16:37WMG.Todd In The Shadows
17th Jul 17 09:59:48YMMV.Disney Theme Parks
17th Jul 17 09:12:02Signature Song.A To K
17th Jul 17 06:22:04Signature Song.A To K
17th Jul 17 06:21:16Signature Song.L To Z
16th Jul 17 08:33:28Creator.Warner Music Group
16th Jul 17 06:53:18Disney Owns This Trope
16th Jul 17 06:07:27Trivia.Disney Theme Parks
15th Jul 17 11:36:24WMG.Todd In The Shadows
15th Jul 17 11:34:56WMG.Todd In The Shadows
15th Jul 17 07:26:22Signature Song.A To K
15th Jul 17 06:19:56YMMV.Universal Studios
14th Jul 17 06:17:41YMMV.Owl City
13th Jul 17 11:03:19YMMV.Adam Ruins Everything
13th Jul 17 08:42:12YMMV.Pixar
13th Jul 17 06:18:25Series.Adam Ruins Everything
12th Jul 17 07:58:19Creator.Atlantic Records
12th Jul 17 06:20:41One Hit Wonder.Electronic Dance
11th Jul 17 03:39:42YMMV.How To Train Your Dragon
11th Jul 17 09:22:22Creator.Atlantic Records
11th Jul 17 09:20:35Creator.Atlantic Records
11th Jul 17 07:17:55Troper Wall.Revaryk
11th Jul 17 06:50:55WMG.Todd In The Shadows
11th Jul 17 06:23:47WMG.Todd In The Shadows
11th Jul 17 06:23:18Stock Animal Diet
10th Jul 17 01:55:01WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th Jul 17 06:36:32Monster Mash
10th Jul 17 06:19:53One Hit Wonder.Rhythm And Blues
9th Jul 17 08:39:22Characters.Classical Mythology Monsters
9th Jul 17 08:30:32Characters.Classical Mythology Monsters
9th Jul 17 08:28:34Characters.Classical Mythology Monsters
9th Jul 17 06:27:41Heartwarming.The Future Is Wild
8th Jul 17 10:28:00Creator.Columbia Pictures
8th Jul 17 10:06:23Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through D
8th Jul 17 09:50:55Creator.Warner Bros
8th Jul 17 09:47:09Creator.Universal
8th Jul 17 09:26:06Creator.Atlantic Records
8th Jul 17 09:22:40Creator.Atlantic Records
8th Jul 17 09:20:39Creator.Atlantic Records
8th Jul 17 09:15:44Creator.Atlantic Records
8th Jul 17 09:12:47Creator.Atlantic Records
8th Jul 17 09:10:46Creator.Atlantic Records
8th Jul 17 09:09:59Creator.Atlantic Records
8th Jul 17 06:40:32Blog.Tetrapod Zoology
7th Jul 17 07:21:50Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
7th Jul 17 06:12:50Literature.Ology Series
6th Jul 17 04:19:15Signature Song.L To Z
6th Jul 17 04:13:21Literature.Ology Series
6th Jul 17 03:53:49Literature.Ology Series
6th Jul 17 03:36:29Film.Takers
6th Jul 17 03:18:50Creator.Universal
6th Jul 17 12:24:50Creator.Atlantic Records
6th Jul 17 07:29:03Summary.Literature
6th Jul 17 06:08:39Heartwarming.The Future Is Wild
5th Jul 17 08:34:05WMG.Todd In The Shadows
5th Jul 17 06:16:20Tropes That Will Never Happen.Complaining
4th Jul 17 06:09:05Signature Song.L To Z
3rd Jul 17 11:04:01WMG.Todd In The Shadows
3rd Jul 17 08:08:28WMG.Todd In The Shadows
3rd Jul 17 06:01:13Kidnapping Bird Of Prey
2nd Jul 17 02:47:26Creator.Warner Bros
2nd Jul 17 02:15:48Creator.Paramount
2nd Jul 17 02:08:14Creator.Columbia Pictures
2nd Jul 17 12:48:50Chart Displacement
2nd Jul 17 09:09:05WMG.Todd In The Shadows
2nd Jul 17 08:46:16Creator.Paramount
2nd Jul 17 06:29:51Raptor Attack
1st Jul 17 12:10:21Chart Displacement
1st Jul 17 06:26:31One Hit Wonder
30th Jun 17 02:11:03Canadian Music
30th Jun 17 12:31:30Canadian Music
30th Jun 17 12:23:58Canadian Music
30th Jun 17 09:39:35Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
30th Jun 17 06:43:06Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
29th Jun 17 07:29:54Music.Calvin Harris
29th Jun 17 06:08:03One Hit Wonder.Pop
28th Jun 17 06:39:34Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
28th Jun 17 06:52:43Creator.Geffen Records
28th Jun 17 06:29:42Video Game.Scribblenauts
27th Jun 17 06:27:59WMG.Todd In The Shadows
27th Jun 17 06:18:16Chart Displacement
26th Jun 17 01:58:33Tropes That Will Never Happen.X Meets Y
26th Jun 17 12:14:42WMG.Todd In The Shadows
26th Jun 17 06:43:22Awesome.Walking With Dinosaurs
25th Jun 17 08:35:27Creator.Atlantic Records
25th Jun 17 08:04:09Creator.Atlantic Records
25th Jun 17 06:13:13Signature Song.L To Z
25th Jun 17 05:59:27WMG.Todd In The Shadows
24th Jun 17 10:46:02WMG.Todd In The Shadows
24th Jun 17 08:20:09Music.Weird Al Yankovic
24th Jun 17 08:13:26WMG.Todd In The Shadows
24th Jun 17 06:09:10Seldom Seen Species
24th Jun 17 06:08:05WMG.Todd In The Shadows
24th Jun 17 06:07:00Signature Song.A To K
23rd Jun 17 01:04:09One Hit Wonder
23rd Jun 17 04:05:45YMMV.Dinosaur Train
22nd Jun 17 04:34:01Creator.Universal
22nd Jun 17 04:33:29Science Fiction Films
22nd Jun 17 04:32:40Film.Jurassic World
22nd Jun 17 04:31:33Franchise.Jurassic Park
22nd Jun 17 04:31:01Creator.Jeff Goldblum
22nd Jun 17 04:30:05Dinosaur Media
22nd Jun 17 04:28:43Creator.Amblin Entertainment
22nd Jun 17 04:27:54Film.Jurassic World II
22nd Jun 17 04:26:02Trivia.Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
22nd Jun 17 04:22:37Film.Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
22nd Jun 17 03:47:46Summary.Music
22nd Jun 17 04:13:54YMMV.Drake
21st Jun 17 08:05:40Music.T Pain
21st Jun 17 07:59:37Music.Lil Wayne
21st Jun 17 05:51:26Creator.Columbia Records
21st Jun 17 04:19:03One Hit Wonder.Electronic Dance
20th Jun 17 12:30:28Signature Song.A To K
20th Jun 17 04:28:55WMG.Todd In The Shadows
20th Jun 17 04:10:30Ride.Universal Studios
19th Jun 17 04:14:37Music.Two Chainz
19th Jun 17 03:09:58WMG.Todd In The Shadows
19th Jun 17 01:37:25Western Animation.Over The Hedge
19th Jun 17 11:56:38WMG.Todd In The Shadows
19th Jun 17 05:35:59Signature Song.A To K
19th Jun 17 04:17:07Signature Song.L To Z
18th Jun 17 02:49:22Creator.Motown
18th Jun 17 02:45:20Seldom Seen Species
18th Jun 17 06:21:36Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
17th Jun 17 01:25:37Creator.Columbia Records
17th Jun 17 08:32:57Science Marches On.Walking With Dinosaurs
17th Jun 17 07:00:33One Hit Wonder.Rap
17th Jun 17 06:37:46Creator.Capitol Records
16th Jun 17 10:56:09Video Game.Lego Dimensions
16th Jun 17 05:51:43WMG.Todd In The Shadows
16th Jun 17 04:03:17Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
15th Jun 17 02:38:23Creator.Warner Bros
15th Jun 17 04:19:58Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
14th Jun 17 05:22:32Creator.Disney
14th Jun 17 12:06:40Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
14th Jun 17 09:15:39Creator.Motown
14th Jun 17 04:09:35One Hit Wonder
13th Jun 17 04:35:33Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
13th Jun 17 10:39:59Internet Backdraft.Marvel Cinematic Universe
13th Jun 17 09:09:46WMG.Todd In The Shadows
13th Jun 17 05:39:10WMG.Todd In The Shadows
13th Jun 17 05:19:23Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
13th Jun 17 05:14:22Creator.Motown
13th Jun 17 05:12:56Creator.Motown
13th Jun 17 05:09:05Creator.Motown
13th Jun 17 04:35:03Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
12th Jun 17 06:25:24Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
12th Jun 17 06:03:42Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
12th Jun 17 12:23:32Canadian Music
12th Jun 17 12:16:18Canadian Music
12th Jun 17 11:58:56WMG.Todd In The Shadows
12th Jun 17 04:40:39Video Game.Scribblenauts
11th Jun 17 01:43:48Signature Song
11th Jun 17 06:00:04Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
10th Jun 17 07:14:36Headscratchers.Film
10th Jun 17 07:13:47Headscratchers.The Mummy 2017
10th Jun 17 06:11:14Stock Animal Diet
9th Jun 17 02:04:21Creator.Paramount
9th Jun 17 01:55:06Creator.Paramount
9th Jun 17 05:51:58Creator.Twentieth Century Fox
9th Jun 17 04:32:51Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
8th Jun 17 01:44:45Characters.Classical Mythology Monsters
8th Jun 17 04:32:46One Hit Wonder.Rap
7th Jun 17 12:51:07Creator.Motown
7th Jun 17 06:28:12Signature Song.L To Z
7th Jun 17 05:10:25Characters.Classical Mythology Monsters
7th Jun 17 04:35:12Funny.Snopes
6th Jun 17 09:22:08WMG.Todd In The Shadows
6th Jun 17 08:55:55WMG.Todd In The Shadows
6th Jun 17 04:59:54Signature Song.A To K
6th Jun 17 04:59:03Signature Song
6th Jun 17 04:43:35WMG.Todd In The Shadows
6th Jun 17 04:22:41Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
5th Jun 17 06:01:00WMG.Todd In The Shadows
5th Jun 17 04:11:22Chart Displacement
5th Jun 17 12:03:43WMG.Todd In The Shadows
5th Jun 17 09:30:05YMMV.Pixar
5th Jun 17 05:46:29Creator.Capitol Records
5th Jun 17 05:36:28Creator.Motown
5th Jun 17 05:16:44Creator.Capitol Records
5th Jun 17 04:40:22One Hit Wonder.Rap
5th Jun 17 04:38:11Series.River Monsters
4th Jun 17 02:29:33WMG.Todd In The Shadows
4th Jun 17 01:03:51Sadly Mythtaken.Hercules
4th Jun 17 06:19:39Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Obscure Or Bizarre
3rd Jun 17 06:19:42Mother Of A Thousand Young
3rd Jun 17 05:50:29Creator.David Attenborough
2nd Jun 17 07:30:18Nightmare Fuel.LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
2nd Jun 17 04:14:53Small Taxonomy Pools
1st Jun 17 04:13:59Film.Island Of Lost Souls
31st May 17 06:07:37Creator.Geffen Records
31st May 17 05:57:47Creator.Geffen Records
31st May 17 05:42:44Creator.Columbia Records
31st May 17 05:40:41Creator.Columbia Records
31st May 17 05:03:38Music.Ne Yo
30th May 17 03:47:55Literature.The Island Of Doctor Moreau
30th May 17 03:26:02WMG.Todd In The Shadows
30th May 17 10:54:47WMG.Todd In The Shadows
30th May 17 10:48:56WMG.Todd In The Shadows
30th May 17 06:16:42Creator.Atlantic Records
30th May 17 06:15:57Creator.Columbia Records
30th May 17 05:13:42Creator.HG Wells
30th May 17 05:10:16Creator.Warner Bros
30th May 17 04:14:25Series.Dino Dan
29th May 17 03:41:26YMMV.Zoo Tycoon
28th May 17 10:55:16Funny.Cracked
28th May 17 06:08:47Misplaced Wildlife
27th May 17 01:06:41WMG.Todd In The Shadows
27th May 17 06:39:39One Hit Wonder.Country
26th May 17 04:37:40One Hit Wonder.Pop
25th May 17 04:48:38Summary.Production Companies
25th May 17 04:32:17Ptero Soarer
24th May 17 05:14:24Troper Wall.Dr No Puma
24th May 17 04:52:23Awesome.The Voice
24th May 17 04:51:22Series.The Voice
23rd May 17 05:14:07WMG.Todd In The Shadows
23rd May 17 04:33:29Two Hit Wonder
22nd May 17 06:52:32Two Hit Wonder
22nd May 17 06:20:12Ride.Universal Studios
21st May 17 04:39:17Creator.Laura Marano
21st May 17 04:29:42Creator.Warner Bros Records
21st May 17 11:35:03Medusa
21st May 17 07:20:21Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Dangerous
21st May 17 06:55:05We Are Not Alone Index
21st May 17 06:13:25Signature Song
20th May 17 08:46:53Laconic.Papa Roach
20th May 17 08:46:18Music.Papa Roach
20th May 17 06:27:39WMG.Todd In The Shadows
20th May 17 06:23:06Creator.Warner Bros
20th May 17 06:00:29Trivia.Cryptozoologicon
19th May 17 04:44:33Two Hit Wonder
18th May 17 05:59:53One Hit Wonder.Country
18th May 17 04:45:17One Hit Wonder
17th May 17 03:18:26Creator.Columbia Records
17th May 17 04:55:52Signature Song.A To K
16th May 17 05:24:05Signature Song.L To Z
16th May 17 05:22:48Two Hit Wonder
16th May 17 05:20:26WMG.Todd In The Shadows
16th May 17 04:36:37Animation.Tinga Tinga Tales
15th May 17 03:24:41Music.Kidz Bop
15th May 17 11:56:05WMG.Todd In The Shadows
15th May 17 04:22:48One Hit Wonder.Pop
14th May 17 06:50:20Chart Displacement
13th May 17 05:46:25Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through D
13th May 17 05:03:11YMMV.Kelly Clarkson
13th May 17 05:00:26YMMV.Walking With Beasts
12th May 17 12:09:11One Hit Wonder.Pop
12th May 17 04:11:37Recap.Universal Studios
11th May 17 04:22:42Creator.Warner Bros
11th May 17 02:26:43Series.The Voice
11th May 17 01:57:08WMG.Todd In The Shadows
11th May 17 01:51:00Box Office Bomb.E Through H
11th May 17 04:19:24Music.The Weeknd
10th May 17 03:01:13Series.The Voice
10th May 17 11:48:09Music.Kidz Bop
10th May 17 11:17:06Canadian Music
10th May 17 11:14:36Monster Mash
10th May 17 11:02:54WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th May 17 11:01:58WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th May 17 11:01:24WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th May 17 05:10:02WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th May 17 03:55:24Shout Out.Real Life
9th May 17 05:07:17Creator.ABC
9th May 17 05:44:16Chart Displacement
9th May 17 05:41:59One Hit Wonder.Rap
9th May 17 05:40:49WMG.Todd In The Shadows
9th May 17 04:38:01Radar.Pearls Before Swine
9th May 17 04:21:15YMMV.Zoo Tycoon
8th May 17 11:42:28Chart Displacement
8th May 17 11:40:29WMG.Todd In The Shadows
8th May 17 03:56:51Stock Animal Diet
7th May 17 11:10:04WMG.Todd In The Shadows
7th May 17 09:58:55Creator.Paramount
7th May 17 08:38:29Creator.Columbia Records
7th May 17 06:32:04YMMV.Zoo Tycoon
7th May 17 06:30:16WMG.Kidz Bop
6th May 17 07:23:18WMG.Kidz Bop
6th May 17 06:33:43Ride.Disney Theme Parks
5th May 17 11:55:48WMG.Todd In The Shadows
5th May 17 04:08:46Seldom Seen Species
4th May 17 10:04:15Canadian Music
4th May 17 04:14:15One Hit Wonder.Rhythm And Blues
4th May 17 04:13:45Two Hit Wonder
4th May 17 04:13:27Two Hit Wonder
3rd May 17 02:34:30Deader Than Disco.Music
3rd May 17 05:09:25Chart Displacement
2nd May 17 02:51:09Summary.Music
2nd May 17 02:49:12Signature Song.L To Z
2nd May 17 11:33:19WMG.Todd In The Shadows
2nd May 17 04:13:10Music.Kidz Bop
1st May 17 03:29:33Creator.Epic Records
1st May 17 01:37:53Western Animation.The Simpsons Movie
1st May 17 01:14:46Channel Hop
1st May 17 01:13:41Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
1st May 17 11:44:08Chart Displacement
1st May 17 11:33:42WMG.Todd In The Shadows
1st May 17 04:22:07Creator.Warner Music Group
30th Apr 17 06:34:13Canadian Music
29th Apr 17 03:06:28WMG.Todd In The Shadows
29th Apr 17 06:41:59Chart Displacement
29th Apr 17 06:28:01Artistic License Paleontology
28th Apr 17 02:42:28Artistic License Paleontology
28th Apr 17 02:19:00One Hit Wonder.Rap
28th Apr 17 02:18:28One Hit Wonder.Rhythm And Blues
28th Apr 17 02:15:09WMG.Todd In The Shadows
28th Apr 17 02:10:30One Hit Wonder.Rap
28th Apr 17 02:05:30Signature Song.L To Z
28th Apr 17 10:45:00Signature Song
28th Apr 17 09:25:57Artistic License Paleontology
28th Apr 17 08:58:50Series.The Voice
28th Apr 17 05:48:24Nightmare Fuel.SCP Foundation SC Ps 300 To 999
27th Apr 17 01:46:59Creator.Arista Records
27th Apr 17 07:32:47Horrible.Video Games Other
27th Apr 17 04:54:07Chart Displacement
27th Apr 17 04:49:49Chart Displacement
27th Apr 17 04:22:06Series.The Voice
27th Apr 17 04:20:52Series.The Voice
27th Apr 17 04:07:47Small Taxonomy Pools
26th Apr 17 03:16:24WMG.Todd In The Shadows
26th Apr 17 09:16:57Creator.CTV
26th Apr 17 09:14:14Creator.Warner Bros
26th Apr 17 09:11:42Creator.CTV
26th Apr 17 03:46:18Chart Displacement
25th Apr 17 12:58:41Franchise.Disney Animated Canon
25th Apr 17 11:45:16Disney.Frozen
25th Apr 17 11:41:49Franchise.Disney Animated Canon
25th Apr 17 05:53:39Canadian Music
25th Apr 17 04:23:34WMG.Todd In The Shadows
25th Apr 17 04:04:56Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
25th Apr 17 04:02:58Literature.Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader
25th Apr 17 03:57:45Signature Song.L To Z
24th Apr 17 12:39:42Chart Displacement
24th Apr 17 12:38:20WMG.Todd In The Shadows
24th Apr 17 12:36:51WMG.Todd In The Shadows
24th Apr 17 12:35:44WMG.Todd In The Shadows
24th Apr 17 03:46:46Just For Fun.Trope Epitaph
23rd Apr 17 02:24:51Canadian Music
23rd Apr 17 09:09:20Creator.Atlantic Records
23rd Apr 17 06:21:45Stock Animal Diet
22nd Apr 17 05:27:10Trivia.Dino Dan
22nd Apr 17 04:18:52Music.The Weeknd
21st Apr 17 05:03:17One Hit Wonder.Rap
21st Apr 17 05:02:31Creator.Columbia Pictures
21st Apr 17 04:15:04Music.Kidz Bop
20th Apr 17 04:11:34Video Game.Feeding Frenzy
19th Apr 17 12:38:06Age Inappropriate Art
19th Apr 17 05:14:35Small Taxonomy Pools
18th Apr 17 04:48:21Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
18th Apr 17 04:42:26Age Inappropriate Art.Kidz Bop
18th Apr 17 01:07:17Signature Song.L To Z
18th Apr 17 10:19:20WMG.Todd In The Shadows
18th Apr 17 09:03:10Head Scratchers.SCP Foundation
18th Apr 17 04:25:44One Hit Wonder
17th Apr 17 04:59:19Chart Displacement
17th Apr 17 11:52:26WMG.Todd In The Shadows
17th Apr 17 06:25:03One Hit Wonder.Electronic Dance
16th Apr 17 05:06:45Creator.Columbia Records
16th Apr 17 05:05:51Creator.Warner Bros Records
16th Apr 17 05:04:51Creator.Capitol Records
16th Apr 17 04:26:35Music.Ne Yo
16th Apr 17 10:00:32Trivia.Marvel Cinematic Universe
16th Apr 17 09:51:18Trivia.Dream Works Animation
16th Apr 17 09:46:25Trivia.Dream Works Animation
16th Apr 17 09:36:02Trivia.Dream Works Animation
16th Apr 17 06:23:52One Hit Wonder
16th Apr 17 06:20:54Stock Animal Diet
15th Apr 17 11:39:28Funny.SCP Foundation Joke SCP Entries
15th Apr 17 08:55:35Characters.Walking With Dinosaurs
15th Apr 17 08:04:59Creator.Warner Bros
15th Apr 17 06:18:15Trivia.Prehistoric Park
14th Apr 17 05:23:06Creator.Columbia Pictures
14th Apr 17 05:18:04Creator.Columbia Pictures
14th Apr 17 05:08:30Creator.Warner Bros