Spinosegnosaurus 77's Recent Edits

29th Mar 17 05:07:52Chart Displacement
28th Mar 17 03:49:22Creator.Capitol Records
28th Mar 17 12:48:32Creator.Capitol Records
28th Mar 17 04:42:16WMG.Todd In The Shadows
28th Mar 17 04:40:47WMG.Todd In The Shadows
28th Mar 17 04:14:39One Hit Wonder.Rap
27th Mar 17 12:02:40WMG.Todd In The Shadows
27th Mar 17 06:28:39Useful Notes.Prehistoric Life Primitive Saurischians
27th Mar 17 06:23:13Record Label Index
27th Mar 17 06:22:12Summary.Production Companies
26th Mar 17 09:19:04Creator.Columbia Pictures
26th Mar 17 06:57:01Creator.Universal
26th Mar 17 06:52:30Producers
26th Mar 17 06:20:43Horrible.Music
25th Mar 17 03:08:24Creator.RCA Records
25th Mar 17 12:06:18Two Hit Wonder
25th Mar 17 06:23:56Creator.Disney
24th Mar 17 04:00:52Series.C Hi Ps
24th Mar 17 10:38:47One Hit Wonder.Rock Music
24th Mar 17 06:26:29Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Obscure Or Bizarre
23rd Mar 17 06:23:26Chart Displacement
22nd Mar 17 09:44:15Network Decay.Total Abandonment
22nd Mar 17 06:37:03Creator.Warner Music Group
22nd Mar 17 06:34:55Record Label Index
22nd Mar 17 06:32:31Summary.Production Companies
21st Mar 17 10:05:13WMG.Todd In The Shadows
21st Mar 17 10:03:44WMG.Todd In The Shadows
21st Mar 17 06:06:25WMG.Todd In The Shadows
21st Mar 17 04:27:43One Hit Wonder.Country
20th Mar 17 03:25:29Creator.Universal
20th Mar 17 01:28:48Creator.Universal
20th Mar 17 11:51:05Creator.Walt Disney Home Video
20th Mar 17 11:40:45WMG.Todd In The Shadows
20th Mar 17 11:39:11WMG.Todd In The Shadows
20th Mar 17 05:58:04Just For Fun.Trope Epitaph
19th Mar 17 03:30:51Creator.Warner Bros
19th Mar 17 01:54:30YMMV.Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey
19th Mar 17 01:29:50YMMV.Skull Island Reign Of Kong
19th Mar 17 01:24:59Ride.Skull Island Reign Of Kong
19th Mar 17 06:40:37Artistic License Paleontology
18th Mar 17 09:17:24Creator.Universal
18th Mar 17 08:16:28Creator.Universal
18th Mar 17 08:03:17Pop Culture Isolation
18th Mar 17 03:08:55One Hit Wonder.Rhythm And Blues
17th Mar 17 04:00:19YMMV.The Weeknd
16th Mar 17 10:39:53Ride.Universal Studios
16th Mar 17 10:37:21Ride.Universal Studios
16th Mar 17 10:35:48Ride.Universal Studios
16th Mar 17 06:06:33Signature Song.L To Z
16th Mar 17 06:05:54Signature Song.A To K
15th Mar 17 05:14:00Tropes That Will Never Happen.X Meets Y
15th Mar 17 06:43:22Advertising.The Simpsons
15th Mar 17 04:42:57Kidnapping Bird Of Prey
14th Mar 17 10:31:51Music.Weird Al Yankovic
14th Mar 17 05:22:48Fridge.The Future Is Wild
13th Mar 17 04:39:52Channel Hop
13th Mar 17 11:36:56WMG.Todd In The Shadows
13th Mar 17 11:30:41WMG.Todd In The Shadows
13th Mar 17 11:29:27Chart Displacement
13th Mar 17 11:28:25Two Hit Wonder
13th Mar 17 11:27:36WMG.Todd In The Shadows
13th Mar 17 09:10:30Creator.Universal
13th Mar 17 07:08:30Summary.Music
13th Mar 17 06:53:24YMMV.American Top 40
13th Mar 17 03:24:49Music.The Weeknd
12th Mar 17 02:43:03Creator.Warner Bros
12th Mar 17 11:06:54YMMV.Pixar
12th Mar 17 07:04:49Stock Animal Behavior
11th Mar 17 04:30:33Creator.New Line Cinema
11th Mar 17 01:44:59Creator.Warner Bros
11th Mar 17 12:52:18Music.Charli XCX
11th Mar 17 09:08:15Literature.Room
11th Mar 17 06:05:44Signature Song.L To Z
10th Mar 17 07:49:14Creator.Universal
10th Mar 17 04:52:50WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th Mar 17 02:57:49YMMV.Calvin And Hobbes
9th Mar 17 03:16:19Creator.Warner Bros
9th Mar 17 02:50:39Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through D
9th Mar 17 11:48:20Creator.Warner Bros Records
9th Mar 17 11:29:36Creator.Sony
9th Mar 17 11:27:03Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
9th Mar 17 11:26:35Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
9th Mar 17 11:24:21Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
9th Mar 17 03:50:17You Cant Get Ye Flask
8th Mar 17 09:56:19Creator.Warner Bros
8th Mar 17 09:49:07Creator.Warner Bros
8th Mar 17 09:25:01Creator.Warner Bros
8th Mar 17 06:50:41Creator.Atlantic Records
8th Mar 17 03:53:23Trivia.River Monsters
7th Mar 17 01:51:27Summary.Music
7th Mar 17 12:55:25Series.The Voice
7th Mar 17 12:11:19Creator.Warner Bros
7th Mar 17 09:25:03Western Animation.Coal Black And De Sebben Dwarfs
7th Mar 17 04:02:33Seldom Seen Species
6th Mar 17 12:20:18Chart Displacement
6th Mar 17 12:14:50WMG.Todd In The Shadows
6th Mar 17 12:13:06WMG.Todd In The Shadows
6th Mar 17 12:09:52WMG.Todd In The Shadows
6th Mar 17 07:17:53Creator.Dream Works Animation
6th Mar 17 06:20:25Creator.Warner Bros
6th Mar 17 03:57:46Nightmare Fuel.Walking With Dinosaurs
5th Mar 17 05:28:34Series.Walking With Dinosaurs
5th Mar 17 12:10:57Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
5th Mar 17 11:50:03Trivia.Universal Studios
5th Mar 17 07:45:01Summary.Music
5th Mar 17 06:29:09One Hit Wonder.Rap
5th Mar 17 06:27:40Two Hit Wonder
4th Mar 17 04:28:16Creator.New Line Cinema
4th Mar 17 03:19:53Creator.Epic Records
4th Mar 17 03:13:38Creator.Warner Bros Records
4th Mar 17 02:51:51YMMV.The Voice
4th Mar 17 01:01:12Blog.Tetrapod Zoology
4th Mar 17 08:07:49Trivia.Animal Jam
4th Mar 17 07:47:52Creator.Warner Bros
4th Mar 17 07:41:23Producers
4th Mar 17 07:27:00Trivia.Taylor Swift
4th Mar 17 06:15:37Artistic License Paleontology
3rd Mar 17 03:55:04Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
2nd Mar 17 03:50:23Creator.Dream Works Animation
2nd Mar 17 10:44:44Creator.Warner Bros
2nd Mar 17 10:11:37Just For Fun.Trope Epitaph
2nd Mar 17 10:10:40Just For Fun.Trope Epitaph
2nd Mar 17 08:42:11Creator.Atlantic Records
2nd Mar 17 04:57:24Creator.Atlantic Records
2nd Mar 17 04:05:44One Hit Wonder
1st Mar 17 02:40:28Creator.Warner Bros
1st Mar 17 10:17:50Artistic License Paleontology
1st Mar 17 09:21:57Two Hit Wonder
1st Mar 17 09:17:41Two Hit Wonder
1st Mar 17 05:22:39Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
28th Feb 17 05:29:47WMG.Todd In The Shadows
28th Feb 17 03:35:17Creator.Dream Works Animation
28th Feb 17 12:04:56WMG.Todd In The Shadows
28th Feb 17 12:04:10WMG.Todd In The Shadows
28th Feb 17 09:29:31Creator.Warner Bros
28th Feb 17 09:24:44Films Of The2010s
28th Feb 17 09:24:07Films Of The2010s
28th Feb 17 07:45:00WMG.Todd In The Shadows
28th Feb 17 07:17:05Box Office Bomb.I Through R
28th Feb 17 07:15:31Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through D
28th Feb 17 04:59:20Creator.Warner Bros
28th Feb 17 04:54:30Creator.Warner Bros
28th Feb 17 04:14:05Chart Displacement
27th Feb 17 02:35:48Megalodon
27th Feb 17 11:59:39WMG.Todd In The Shadows
27th Feb 17 10:29:58Signature Song.A To K
27th Feb 17 10:29:53Signature Song.A To K
27th Feb 17 06:27:50Creator.Columbia Records
27th Feb 17 05:50:31One Hit Wonder.Rock Music
27th Feb 17 05:49:40Two Hit Wonder
27th Feb 17 04:57:20Artistic License Paleontology
27th Feb 17 04:52:04Fridge.Owl City
27th Feb 17 04:51:23Funny.Owl City
26th Feb 17 04:07:00Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through D
26th Feb 17 06:17:00Artistic License Paleontology
26th Feb 17 06:09:14Series.Adam Ruins Everything
25th Feb 17 04:36:00Artistic License Paleontology
25th Feb 17 11:59:06One Hit Wonder.Rock Music
25th Feb 17 09:55:52Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through D
25th Feb 17 09:52:58Creator.Miramax Films
25th Feb 17 09:51:27Creator.Columbia Pictures
25th Feb 17 09:45:09Creator.Universal
25th Feb 17 09:26:00Creator.Universal
25th Feb 17 06:33:18Artistic License Paleontology
24th Feb 17 03:32:24Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
24th Feb 17 03:19:44Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
24th Feb 17 03:07:41Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
24th Feb 17 03:07:16Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
24th Feb 17 03:03:57Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
24th Feb 17 02:59:56Useful Notes.The Blockbuster Age Of Hollywood
24th Feb 17 02:34:35Creator.Paramount
24th Feb 17 02:33:48Creator.Universal
24th Feb 17 02:27:26Creator.Universal
24th Feb 17 02:26:24Creator.Warner Bros
24th Feb 17 02:24:44Creator.Warner Bros
24th Feb 17 02:18:52Creator.Universal
24th Feb 17 12:42:59Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
24th Feb 17 03:48:22Seldom Seen Species
23rd Feb 17 12:37:05Creator.Geffen Records
23rd Feb 17 07:02:21Creator.Disney
23rd Feb 17 06:41:34Creator.Disney
23rd Feb 17 06:29:38Creator.Warner Bros
23rd Feb 17 05:02:20Memes.Kanye West
23rd Feb 17 03:51:42One Hit Wonder.Country
22nd Feb 17 01:26:55Trivia.Kendrick Lamar
22nd Feb 17 03:45:12YMMV.Pixar
21st Feb 17 12:14:14WMG.Todd In The Shadows
21st Feb 17 12:11:33WMG.Todd In The Shadows
21st Feb 17 07:30:20Creator.Epic Records
21st Feb 17 05:38:30Creator.Capitol Records
21st Feb 17 04:47:42Creator.Paramount
21st Feb 17 03:43:02Seldom Seen Species
20th Feb 17 06:48:03Funny.Todd In The Shadows 2017 Episodes
20th Feb 17 06:11:05YMMV.Angry Birds
19th Feb 17 12:08:31Creator.Columbia Records
19th Feb 17 11:58:59Creator.Warner Bros Records
19th Feb 17 09:03:20Non Indicative Name.Music
19th Feb 17 09:01:32Chart Displacement
19th Feb 17 07:36:29Periphery Hatedom
19th Feb 17 06:19:37Tropes That Will Never Happen.X Meets Y
18th Feb 17 01:23:08Creator.Capitol Records
18th Feb 17 12:58:58Vegetarian Carnivore
18th Feb 17 06:52:21Summary.Production Companies
18th Feb 17 06:15:38Artistic License Paleontology
18th Feb 17 06:10:44Deader Than Disco.Music
17th Feb 17 01:48:02Administrivia.No Real Life Examples Please
17th Feb 17 01:00:01Network Decay.Total Abandonment
17th Feb 17 06:21:02Creator.Columbia Records
17th Feb 17 05:41:58Summary.Music
17th Feb 17 04:48:16Creator.Universal
17th Feb 17 04:31:30Trivia.Justin Bieber
17th Feb 17 04:25:49Trivia.Justin Bieber
17th Feb 17 04:25:24Trivia.Justin Bieber
17th Feb 17 02:56:46Video Game.Hungry Shark Evolution
16th Feb 17 04:45:04Creator.Motown
16th Feb 17 02:03:19Network Decay.Total Abandonment
16th Feb 17 12:28:35Network Decay.Total Abandonment
16th Feb 17 12:27:38Network Decay
16th Feb 17 12:01:36YMMV.Universal Studios
16th Feb 17 11:54:37Trivia.Universal Studios
16th Feb 17 11:40:20YMMV.The Cat In The Hat
16th Feb 17 11:30:58YMMV.Universal Studios
16th Feb 17 11:29:41YMMV.Universal Studios
16th Feb 17 11:29:24Trivia.Universal Studios
16th Feb 17 10:57:14Ride.Universal Studios
16th Feb 17 10:53:42Ride.Universal Studios
16th Feb 17 10:48:01Ride.Universal Studios
16th Feb 17 10:18:00Creator.Sprout
16th Feb 17 10:14:51Music Of The1990s
16th Feb 17 10:03:34Creator.Dream Works Animation
16th Feb 17 09:42:10Creator.Warner Bros Records
16th Feb 17 09:31:02Creator.Epic Records
16th Feb 17 08:50:07Summary.Music
16th Feb 17 08:11:03Summary.Production Companies
16th Feb 17 06:13:05YMMV.Zoo Tycoon
15th Feb 17 08:13:42Summary.Music
15th Feb 17 07:56:02Creator.Atlantic Records
15th Feb 17 07:50:25Creator.Atlantic Records
15th Feb 17 07:40:16Creator.Warner Bros Records
15th Feb 17 06:07:12WMG.Kidz Bop
14th Feb 17 02:40:52Creator.Columbia Records
14th Feb 17 07:45:31Creator.Columbia Records
14th Feb 17 07:25:20Creator.Columbia Records
14th Feb 17 07:21:40Summary.Production Companies
14th Feb 17 06:44:54One Hit Wonder.Rap
14th Feb 17 06:12:04Artistic License Paleontology
14th Feb 17 06:09:55Two Hit Wonder
14th Feb 17 06:07:12Chart Displacement
13th Feb 17 11:38:11Chart Displacement
13th Feb 17 11:34:51WMG.Todd In The Shadows
13th Feb 17 09:31:56Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through H
13th Feb 17 06:52:08Creator.Warner Bros
13th Feb 17 06:37:55Creator.Paramount
13th Feb 17 06:17:18One Hit Wonder.Pop
13th Feb 17 05:06:22Creator.Warner Music Group
13th Feb 17 04:15:51Chart Displacement
13th Feb 17 04:14:21One Hit Wonder.Rap
12th Feb 17 06:16:15Artistic License Paleontology
12th Feb 17 06:14:44Nightmare Fuel.Disney Theme Parks
11th Feb 17 12:01:57Chart Displacement
11th Feb 17 11:05:01Music Of The2010s
11th Feb 17 06:37:22Logo Joke
10th Feb 17 12:09:46Signature Song
10th Feb 17 08:25:19Two Hit Wonder
10th Feb 17 06:10:18YMMV.Adam Ruins Everything
10th Feb 17 06:09:23Trivia.Drake
9th Feb 17 12:40:55WMG.Todd In The Shadows
9th Feb 17 11:52:05Creator.Paramount
9th Feb 17 11:45:49One Hit Wonder
9th Feb 17 11:31:10Creator.Warner Bros
9th Feb 17 04:48:44YMMV.Scribblenauts
9th Feb 17 03:46:12WMG.Todd In The Shadows
9th Feb 17 02:35:25Musicians
9th Feb 17 02:34:46Pop
8th Feb 17 11:51:15WMG.Todd In The Shadows
8th Feb 17 11:50:27WMG.Todd In The Shadows
8th Feb 17 03:38:30Artistic License Paleontology.Literature
8th Feb 17 03:37:39WMG.Todd In The Shadows
7th Feb 17 04:28:24Creator.Paramount
7th Feb 17 10:46:13Creator.Warner Music Group
7th Feb 17 10:25:17Fridge.The Future Is Wild
7th Feb 17 03:55:54WMG.Todd In The Shadows
6th Feb 17 05:21:50Pop Culture Isolation
5th Feb 17 06:20:31Just For Fun.Tropes Examined By The Mythbusters
4th Feb 17 04:42:30Trivia.One Direction
4th Feb 17 09:17:03Music Of The2010s
4th Feb 17 05:53:53Channel Hop
3rd Feb 17 05:55:06Trivia.Dream Works Animation
3rd Feb 17 04:03:40Trivia.Dream Works Animation
3rd Feb 17 09:20:37Radar.Rockos Modern Life
3rd Feb 17 09:06:56YMMV.Adam Ruins Everything
3rd Feb 17 09:06:24Series.Adam Ruins Everything
3rd Feb 17 04:00:07WMG.Kidz Bop
3rd Feb 17 03:57:41Funny.Todd In The Shadows 2016 Episodes
2nd Feb 17 04:00:05Ptero Soarer
1st Feb 17 05:21:31Music.Zara Larsson
1st Feb 17 05:16:58Creator.Epic Records
1st Feb 17 02:38:18Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through H
1st Feb 17 02:32:25Trivia.Inside Out
1st Feb 17 11:09:41YMMV.Pixar
1st Feb 17 09:20:25Creator.Warner Bros
1st Feb 17 09:12:05Creator.Warner Bros
1st Feb 17 08:33:08Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through H
1st Feb 17 08:17:59Channel Hop
1st Feb 17 08:16:52Channel Hop
1st Feb 17 07:55:44Channel Hop
1st Feb 17 07:47:03Channel Hop
1st Feb 17 06:42:54No Pronunciation Guide
1st Feb 17 05:27:54Signature Song
31st Jan 17 12:29:20What An Idiot.Arthur
31st Jan 17 09:46:08WMG.Todd In The Shadows
31st Jan 17 06:24:34Music Of The2010s
31st Jan 17 06:23:47Music Of The2010s
31st Jan 17 04:06:57Pop Culture Isolation
31st Jan 17 04:04:12Two Hit Wonder
30th Jan 17 06:08:48Headscratchers.Kidz Bop
30th Jan 17 04:18:46Music Of The2010s
30th Jan 17 04:13:22Music Of The2010s
30th Jan 17 12:11:11Box Office Bomb
30th Jan 17 12:05:11Box Office Bomb
30th Jan 17 11:59:37Creator.Open Road Films
30th Jan 17 08:57:59Creator.Paramount
30th Jan 17 08:57:35Creator.Legendary Pictures
30th Jan 17 06:39:19Creator.Universal
30th Jan 17 06:30:09Creator.Columbia Records
30th Jan 17 04:34:20Music.Drake
29th Jan 17 03:05:51Pop Culture Isolation
29th Jan 17 08:57:05Creator.Universal
29th Jan 17 08:25:27Creator.Dream Works Animation
29th Jan 17 08:08:05Trivia.Universal Studios
29th Jan 17 08:03:49Trivia.Universal Studios
29th Jan 17 07:47:20Creator.Columbia Pictures
29th Jan 17 06:14:26YMMV.Bruno Mars
29th Jan 17 06:13:45Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through H
29th Jan 17 06:11:45Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through H
28th Jan 17 05:22:45Creator.Paramount
28th Jan 17 02:42:43Creator.Twentieth Century Fox
28th Jan 17 02:35:16Creator.Columbia Pictures
28th Jan 17 02:12:47WMG.Todd In The Shadows
28th Jan 17 01:57:42Creator.Illumination Entertainment
28th Jan 17 01:30:10Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through H
28th Jan 17 12:51:41Creator.Epic Records
28th Jan 17 11:50:23Creator.Warner Bros
28th Jan 17 11:36:11Creator.Paramount
28th Jan 17 11:30:06Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through H
28th Jan 17 11:29:35Box Office Bomb.Numbers Through H
28th Jan 17 11:24:44Creator.Columbia Pictures
28th Jan 17 11:12:07Creator.Paramount
28th Jan 17 11:07:22Creator.Universal
28th Jan 17 06:13:33WMG.Todd In The Shadows
27th Jan 17 03:22:17Creator.Paramount
27th Jan 17 03:21:01Creator.Paramount
27th Jan 17 03:06:57Creator.Universal
27th Jan 17 03:03:52Creator.Gramercy Pictures
27th Jan 17 03:00:49Creator.Twentieth Century Fox
27th Jan 17 02:54:52Creator.Twentieth Century Fox
27th Jan 17 02:33:11WMG.Todd In The Shadows
27th Jan 17 02:06:32Creator.Universal
27th Jan 17 10:31:02Creator.Warner Bros Records
27th Jan 17 04:04:35Stock Animal Diet
26th Jan 17 03:17:26Radio.Radio Disney
26th Jan 17 05:42:14WMG.Todd In The Shadows
26th Jan 17 04:04:46Darth Wiki.Wiki Tech Wish List
26th Jan 17 04:03:48Darth Wiki.Wiki Tech Wish List
26th Jan 17 04:03:13Darth Wiki.Wiki Tech Wish List
25th Jan 17 06:40:24One Hit Wonder.Rock Music
25th Jan 17 12:57:42One Hit Wonder.Electronic Dance
25th Jan 17 05:20:08Tropes That Will Never Happen.Attracts Potholes
24th Jan 17 04:11:26Music Of The2010s
24th Jan 17 04:10:50Music Of The2010s
24th Jan 17 12:12:37Chart Displacement
24th Jan 17 09:23:00Creator.New Line Cinema
24th Jan 17 04:25:27Artistic License Ornithology
23rd Jan 17 06:28:23Film.Scarface 1983
23rd Jan 17 06:24:25Film.Scarface 1983
23rd Jan 17 05:23:58The Horseshoe Effect
23rd Jan 17 05:20:13The Horseshoe Effect
23rd Jan 17 05:19:53The Horseshoe Effect
23rd Jan 17 05:02:23Administrivia.How To Move A Page
23rd Jan 17 04:56:52Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
23rd Jan 17 04:56:15Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
23rd Jan 17 04:54:20Creator.Universal
23rd Jan 17 04:51:13Science Fiction Films
23rd Jan 17 04:48:32Characters.Pacific Rim
23rd Jan 17 04:46:33Creator.Legendary Pictures
23rd Jan 17 04:44:03Creator.John Boyega
23rd Jan 17 04:42:36Trivia.Godzilla King Of Monsters
23rd Jan 17 04:40:40Trivia.Pacific Rim Uprising
23rd Jan 17 04:35:10Film.Pacific Rim Uprising
23rd Jan 17 04:34:27Film.Pacific Rim Maelstrom
23rd Jan 17 12:11:16WMG.Todd In The Shadows
23rd Jan 17 12:08:51One Hit Wonder.Electronic Dance
23rd Jan 17 08:08:47Video Game.Minecraft
23rd Jan 17 05:00:50Creator.Columbia Records
23rd Jan 17 04:58:40Creator.RCA Records
23rd Jan 17 04:19:33Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Dangerous
22nd Jan 17 05:33:51Creator.Universal
21st Jan 17 06:04:34Somewhere A Herpetologist Is Crying
20th Jan 17 06:35:36Creator.Universal
20th Jan 17 05:50:57Music Of The2010s