Spinosegnosaurus 77's Recent Edits

2nd May 16 04:28:08Franchise.Marvel Cinematic Universe
2nd May 16 04:19:23Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Subjective
2nd May 16 04:18:02Tropes That Will Never Happen.Complaining
2nd May 16 04:16:58One Hit Wonder.Hip Hop
2nd May 16 04:10:48One Hit Wonder.Hip Hop
1st May 16 07:42:41Non Indicative Name.Real Life
1st May 16 06:08:40Chart Displacement
1st May 16 06:05:50Deader Than Disco.Music
1st May 16 05:52:37One Hit Wonder.Hip Hop
30th Apr 16 02:41:34Signature Song.L To Z
30th Apr 16 08:39:57WMG.Todd In The Shadows
30th Apr 16 06:25:58Signature Song.L To Z
30th Apr 16 06:19:52One Hit Wonder.Rock Music
30th Apr 16 06:18:17Signature Song.A To K
30th Apr 16 06:15:25WMG.Kidz Bop
29th Apr 16 04:01:49Stock Animal Facts
29th Apr 16 03:59:36Artistic License Paleontology
29th Apr 16 03:57:04Awesome.The Voice
29th Apr 16 03:55:06Funny.Todd In The Shadows 2015 Episodes
29th Apr 16 03:53:22Two Hit Wonder
29th Apr 16 03:51:05Comic Strip.Pearls Before Swine
29th Apr 16 03:50:11Radar.Pearls Before Swine
28th Apr 16 03:17:57Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
28th Apr 16 03:14:20Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
28th Apr 16 03:13:02Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
28th Apr 16 03:56:17Misplaced Wildlife
28th Apr 16 03:54:02What An Idiot.Family Feud
28th Apr 16 03:50:29One Hit Wonder.Hip Hop
27th Apr 16 04:24:30Creator.Pop Cap Games
27th Apr 16 04:21:08Signature Song.A To K
27th Apr 16 04:19:56Artistic License Ornithology
27th Apr 16 04:17:07Misplaced Wildlife
27th Apr 16 04:14:56Misplaced Wildlife
27th Apr 16 04:08:02Seldom Seen Species
26th Apr 16 05:20:51Creator.Pixar
26th Apr 16 04:35:08Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
26th Apr 16 03:58:10Chart Displacement
26th Apr 16 03:56:45One Hit Wonder.Rock Music
26th Apr 16 03:55:28WMG.Kidz Bop
26th Apr 16 03:54:48Music.Kidz Bop
25th Apr 16 01:12:36WMG.Todd In The Shadows
25th Apr 16 07:41:48Signature Song.L To Z
25th Apr 16 07:13:48Comic Strip.Pearls Before Swine
25th Apr 16 04:26:59Signature Song.A To K
25th Apr 16 04:20:22Signature Song.L To Z
25th Apr 16 04:16:55Signature Song.L To Z
25th Apr 16 04:16:11Signature Song.L To Z
25th Apr 16 03:52:38Comic Strip.Pearls Before Swine
24th Apr 16 10:07:06WMG.Todd In The Shadows
24th Apr 16 06:05:24Chart Displacement
24th Apr 16 06:04:24YMMV.Bruno Mars
24th Apr 16 06:01:26Deader Than Disco.Music
24th Apr 16 06:00:14Deader Than Disco.Country
24th Apr 16 05:58:00Deader Than Disco
23rd Apr 16 10:40:45Dueling Works.Film
23rd Apr 16 10:05:00Dueling Works.Film Animated
23rd Apr 16 09:56:33Dueling Works.Film Animated
23rd Apr 16 09:52:17Periphery Hatedom
23rd Apr 16 09:49:46Periphery Hatedom
23rd Apr 16 05:32:25Signature Song
23rd Apr 16 04:54:51Trivia.Disney Theme Parks
23rd Apr 16 04:51:32Awesome.Disney Theme Parks
23rd Apr 16 04:50:22Chart Displacement
22nd Apr 16 05:03:20Music.Kidz Bop
22nd Apr 16 04:40:50Video Game.Hungry Shark Evolution
22nd Apr 16 04:40:27Video Game.Hungry Shark Evolution
22nd Apr 16 04:08:11Artistic License Paleontology
22nd Apr 16 04:05:51Somewhere A Herpetologist Is Crying
22nd Apr 16 04:03:43WMG.Kidz Bop
22nd Apr 16 03:54:07Music.Kidz Bop
22nd Apr 16 03:50:47Signature Song.L To Z
21st Apr 16 04:01:06YMMV.Man After Man An Anthropology Of The Future
21st Apr 16 03:58:44One Hit Wonder.Rhythm And Blues
21st Apr 16 03:57:31WMG.Todd In The Shadows
20th Apr 16 05:24:32One Hit Wonder.Rhythm And Blues
20th Apr 16 04:29:23Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
20th Apr 16 04:04:40YMMV.Cee Lo Green
20th Apr 16 04:02:53WMG.Todd In The Shadows
20th Apr 16 03:55:24WMG.Todd In The Shadows
19th Apr 16 12:00:50WMG.Todd In The Shadows
19th Apr 16 04:41:48Music Of The2010s
19th Apr 16 03:53:01Signature Song.L To Z
19th Apr 16 03:52:07Stock Animal Behavior
19th Apr 16 03:47:12YMMV.Owl City
18th Apr 16 04:00:01Artistic License Paleontology
18th Apr 16 03:53:34Useful Notes.Dinosaurs
18th Apr 16 03:51:22Radar.Pearls Before Swine
17th Apr 16 09:40:53Film.The Fast And The Furious
17th Apr 16 09:05:10Artistic License Paleontology
17th Apr 16 06:09:47Chart Displacement
17th Apr 16 06:08:50Chart Displacement
17th Apr 16 06:03:31YMMV.David Attenborough
16th Apr 16 05:53:07Pages Needing Example Sorting
16th Apr 16 05:44:32Chart Displacement
16th Apr 16 05:42:15Chart Displacement
15th Apr 16 05:49:06Ride.Disney Theme Parks
15th Apr 16 05:48:17One Hit Wonder.Rock Music
15th Apr 16 05:47:29YMMV.Angry Birds
14th Apr 16 04:25:11Chart Displacement
14th Apr 16 04:21:41Raptor Attack
14th Apr 16 04:19:17Funny.Wild Kratts
13th Apr 16 04:09:22Useful Notes.Prehistoric Life Non Dinosaurian Reptiles
13th Apr 16 04:07:05All Adult Animation Is South Park
13th Apr 16 04:05:41Chart Displacement
12th Apr 16 04:26:08Artistic License Ornithology
12th Apr 16 04:23:52Just For Fun.Trope Epitaph
12th Apr 16 04:07:33One Hit Wonder.Country
11th Apr 16 05:46:50Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
11th Apr 16 05:45:55Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
11th Apr 16 05:44:37Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
10th Apr 16 03:16:18Music.Marianas Trench
10th Apr 16 08:04:51WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th Apr 16 07:57:38WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th Apr 16 06:42:14Ptero Soarer
9th Apr 16 04:37:39Video Game.Angry Birds
9th Apr 16 01:21:07Chart Displacement
9th Apr 16 08:00:14Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
9th Apr 16 07:53:28Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
9th Apr 16 07:52:37Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
9th Apr 16 06:04:16Signature Song.A To K
9th Apr 16 06:02:11All Flyers Are Birds
9th Apr 16 06:00:43Music.Kidz Bop
8th Apr 16 04:15:47Western Animation.Dinosaur Train
8th Apr 16 04:13:17Roger Ebert Most Hated Film List
8th Apr 16 04:09:04Two Hit Wonder
7th Apr 16 04:24:32One Hit Wonder.Hip Hop
7th Apr 16 04:23:29One Hit Wonder.Rhythm And Blues
7th Apr 16 04:21:36One Hit Wonder.Rock Music
6th Apr 16 04:20:23Chart Displacement
6th Apr 16 04:18:09One Hit Wonder.Pop
6th Apr 16 04:17:00One Hit Wonder.Pop
5th Apr 16 12:31:21Chart Displacement
5th Apr 16 10:07:48One Hit Wonder.Electronic Dance
5th Apr 16 05:51:10Trivia.Dinosaur Revolution
5th Apr 16 05:46:07WMG.Kidz Bop
5th Apr 16 05:43:22Chart Displacement
4th Apr 16 05:44:48One Hit Wonder.Country
4th Apr 16 05:43:48Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
4th Apr 16 05:33:51Artistic License Paleontology
3rd Apr 16 08:14:31Signature Song.L To Z
3rd Apr 16 06:05:13Video Game.Zoo Tycoon
3rd Apr 16 06:00:10YMMV.Calvin And Hobbes
3rd Apr 16 05:56:26Quotes.So Bad Its Horrible
2nd Apr 16 02:59:52Signature Song.A To K
2nd Apr 16 01:21:33Signature Song.L To Z
2nd Apr 16 11:48:48Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
2nd Apr 16 11:12:23Chart Displacement
2nd Apr 16 11:11:35Chart Displacement
2nd Apr 16 06:12:02Suck E Cheeses
2nd Apr 16 06:07:16Music.The Weeknd
2nd Apr 16 06:05:53Trivia.Dinosaur Planet
1st Apr 16 08:20:31WMG.Todd In The Shadows
1st Apr 16 06:09:09Chart Displacement
1st Apr 16 06:03:04WMG.Todd In The Shadows
1st Apr 16 05:58:01Two Hit Wonder
31st Mar 16 05:24:16YMMV.The Voice
31st Mar 16 03:55:07Artistic License Paleontology
31st Mar 16 03:51:55WMG.Todd In The Shadows
30th Mar 16 03:51:37WMG.Kidz Bop
30th Mar 16 03:50:05Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
30th Mar 16 03:48:37Chart Displacement
29th Mar 16 11:25:51Deader Than Disco.Film
29th Mar 16 11:24:47Deader Than Disco.Film
29th Mar 16 06:15:18YMMV.Drake
29th Mar 16 06:14:22Box Office Bomb.I Through R
29th Mar 16 06:07:24Creator.Aardman Animations
29th Mar 16 06:05:53Western Animation.The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists
28th Mar 16 05:27:55YMMV.Disney Theme Parks
28th Mar 16 05:26:19Noble Bird Of Prey
28th Mar 16 05:25:38Signature Song
27th Mar 16 06:08:45Music.Alicia Keys
27th Mar 16 06:07:40Music.Miley Cyrus
27th Mar 16 06:03:16Chart Displacement
26th Mar 16 06:54:00Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
26th Mar 16 05:31:26Tropes That Will Never Happen.Complaining
26th Mar 16 05:30:18Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
26th Mar 16 05:20:33Series.The Voice
25th Mar 16 06:30:44Horrible.Live Action TV
25th Mar 16 10:03:21Chart Displacement
25th Mar 16 06:23:33Awesome.Prehistoric Park
25th Mar 16 06:21:18YMMV.The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure
25th Mar 16 06:19:22Horrible.Live Action TV
24th Mar 16 04:09:50Two Hit Wonder
24th Mar 16 05:26:59YMMV.Jay Z
24th Mar 16 04:06:53Western Animation.Dinosaur Train
24th Mar 16 04:02:14Chart Displacement
24th Mar 16 03:58:14Radar.Pearls Before Swine
23rd Mar 16 06:55:37YMMV.The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure
23rd Mar 16 04:14:30Chart Displacement
23rd Mar 16 04:07:52Horrible.Live Action TV
23rd Mar 16 04:06:06Horrible.Live Action Films
22nd Mar 16 04:28:03Chart Displacement
22nd Mar 16 02:56:44Roger Ebert Most Hated Film List
22nd Mar 16 02:54:57Webcomic.Dolan
22nd Mar 16 02:52:34One Hit Wonder
21st Mar 16 12:02:42Just For Fun.Tropes Examined By The Mythbusters
21st Mar 16 12:00:08Just For Fun.Tropes Examined By The Mythbusters
21st Mar 16 11:50:46Just For Fun.Tropes Examined By The Mythbusters
21st Mar 16 11:07:18Just For Fun.Tropes Examined By The Mythbusters
21st Mar 16 08:42:17Chart Displacement
21st Mar 16 05:45:00YMMV.Calvin And Hobbes
21st Mar 16 05:43:25Signature Song.A To K
21st Mar 16 05:31:57Just For Fun.Tropes Examined By The Mythbusters
20th Mar 16 12:54:39Just For Fun.Tropes Examined By The Mythbusters
20th Mar 16 12:52:04Just For Fun.Tropes Examined By The Mythbusters
20th Mar 16 10:30:01Trivia.Prehistoric Park
20th Mar 16 05:16:30Chart Displacement
20th Mar 16 05:13:09One Hit Wonder
20th Mar 16 05:07:19Summary.Music
19th Mar 16 07:52:18WMG.Todd In The Shadows
19th Mar 16 05:59:52WMG.Todd In The Shadows
19th Mar 16 05:47:01Comic Strip.Calvin And Hobbes
19th Mar 16 05:43:51Horrible.Live Action TV
18th Mar 16 04:58:56One Hit Wonder.Electronic Dance
18th Mar 16 04:55:52Artistic License Paleontology
18th Mar 16 04:51:44Radar.Pearls Before Swine
17th Mar 16 05:29:52One Hit Wonder.Rock Music
17th Mar 16 05:28:49Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
17th Mar 16 05:24:12Deader Than Disco.Music
16th Mar 16 05:18:48Chart Displacement
16th Mar 16 05:16:39Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
16th Mar 16 05:15:39Deader Than Disco.Music
15th Mar 16 05:58:47Chart Displacement
15th Mar 16 05:55:15One Hit Wonder.Pop
15th Mar 16 05:52:14One Hit Wonder.Pop
14th Mar 16 03:50:25Chart Displacement
14th Mar 16 06:17:27YMMV.Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Mans Chest
14th Mar 16 05:27:05Trivia.Disney Theme Parks
14th Mar 16 05:26:16Chart Displacement
14th Mar 16 05:14:56One Hit Wonder.Hip Hop
13th Mar 16 06:25:54Horrible.Live Action TV
13th Mar 16 06:24:10Stock Animal Behavior
13th Mar 16 06:20:21Chart Displacement
12th Mar 16 07:51:38Music.TI
12th Mar 16 07:49:47Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
12th Mar 16 05:11:20Series.Planet Of Dinosaurs
12th Mar 16 05:04:48Horrible.Anime And Manga
12th Mar 16 05:03:27Critic Proof
11th Mar 16 02:39:36YMMV.The Voice
11th Mar 16 05:08:55Summary.Music
11th Mar 16 05:06:02Summary.Music
11th Mar 16 04:59:59Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
10th Mar 16 01:42:57WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th Mar 16 01:35:26WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th Mar 16 01:20:51WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th Mar 16 12:12:43Chart Displacement
10th Mar 16 09:43:32WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th Mar 16 06:51:33WMG.Todd In The Shadows
10th Mar 16 05:19:08Horrible.Music
10th Mar 16 05:17:18Non Indicative Name.Real Life
10th Mar 16 05:12:13Chart Displacement
9th Mar 16 05:31:37Chart Displacement
9th Mar 16 05:29:33YMMV.Walking With Dinosaurs
9th Mar 16 05:27:21Horrible.Music
8th Mar 16 01:47:11Chart Displacement
8th Mar 16 07:30:01Horrible.Fan Film
8th Mar 16 05:21:44Small Taxonomy Pools
8th Mar 16 05:20:07Useful Notes.Evolution
8th Mar 16 05:17:50Chart Displacement
8th Mar 16 05:12:51Music.The Weeknd
8th Mar 16 05:11:47One Hit Wonder.Pop
7th Mar 16 01:17:28One Hit Wonder.Country
7th Mar 16 01:15:29One Hit Wonder.Pop
7th Mar 16 12:49:07Chart Displacement
7th Mar 16 12:45:45Chart Displacement
7th Mar 16 12:45:19Chart Displacement
7th Mar 16 05:14:02Signature Song.L To Z
7th Mar 16 05:10:16Summary.Music
7th Mar 16 05:04:36Signature Song.A To K
7th Mar 16 05:02:07Signature Song.A To K
7th Mar 16 04:59:34Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Dangerous
6th Mar 16 05:04:17YMMV.Blackfish
6th Mar 16 05:02:39Somewhere A Herpetologist Is Crying
6th Mar 16 04:59:44Chart Displacement
5th Mar 16 09:20:25Chart Displacement
5th Mar 16 08:19:21Signature Song.A To K
5th Mar 16 05:15:16Horrible.Fan Film
5th Mar 16 05:06:42Small Taxonomy Pools
5th Mar 16 05:04:40Stock Animal Facts
4th Mar 16 05:52:24Horrible.Fan Film
4th Mar 16 11:20:54Film.High School Musical
4th Mar 16 05:38:20Two Hit Wonder
4th Mar 16 05:36:18Two Hit Wonder
4th Mar 16 05:34:12Chart Displacement
4th Mar 16 05:28:32Deader Than Disco.Rock Music
3rd Mar 16 06:01:41Signature Song.A To K
3rd Mar 16 05:56:01Horrible.Fan Film
3rd Mar 16 05:49:41Funny.The Voice
3rd Mar 16 05:48:46Series.The Voice
3rd Mar 16 05:45:40Radar.Pearls Before Swine
2nd Mar 16 06:06:39Trivia.The Voice
2nd Mar 16 06:06:06Series.The Voice
2nd Mar 16 04:47:32Funny.The Voice
2nd Mar 16 04:43:22Western Animation.The Angry Birds Movie
2nd Mar 16 04:39:43Creator.Sierra Mc Cormick
1st Mar 16 03:37:03Funny.The Voice
1st Mar 16 02:33:53One Hit Wonder.Hip Hop
1st Mar 16 12:47:48Artistic License Paleontology
1st Mar 16 11:05:31Small Taxonomy Pools
1st Mar 16 10:52:25Small Taxonomy Pools
1st Mar 16 10:51:43Small Taxonomy Pools
1st Mar 16 05:54:39WMG.Kidz Bop
1st Mar 16 05:53:27Just For Fun.Trope Epitaph
1st Mar 16 05:50:43Film.The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure
29th Feb 16 11:00:05Series.River Monsters
29th Feb 16 09:40:05YMMV.Hungry Shark Evolution
29th Feb 16 09:36:03One Hit Wonder
29th Feb 16 09:35:05Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
29th Feb 16 06:03:16One Hit Wonder.Rock Music
29th Feb 16 05:57:28Chart Displacement
29th Feb 16 05:49:44Film.The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure
29th Feb 16 05:49:00Stock Animal Facts
29th Feb 16 05:47:45Stock Animal Facts
29th Feb 16 05:41:34Horrible.Live Action TV
28th Feb 16 10:47:21Administrivia.Overly Long Pages
28th Feb 16 06:04:55Summary.Other
28th Feb 16 06:04:25Summary.Other
28th Feb 16 06:02:28Nightmare Fuel.Owl City
28th Feb 16 06:01:10Chart Displacement
27th Feb 16 06:06:02Stock Animal Facts
27th Feb 16 05:12:23Recap.Gravity Falls S 2 E 16 Roadside Attraction
27th Feb 16 05:07:03Summary.People
27th Feb 16 05:03:59Series.Family Feud
27th Feb 16 04:58:47Chart Displacement
26th Feb 16 10:20:01Chart Displacement
26th Feb 16 10:16:22YMMV.Stanley
26th Feb 16 03:57:57One Hit Wonder.Pop
26th Feb 16 03:55:58Chart Displacement
26th Feb 16 03:52:45Signature Song.Music
25th Feb 16 11:05:02Chart Displacement
25th Feb 16 05:08:42Horrible.Live Action TV
25th Feb 16 04:06:43Ptero Soarer
25th Feb 16 04:02:44Horrible.Live Action TV
25th Feb 16 04:02:13Darth Wiki.So Bad Its Horrible
24th Feb 16 05:15:58Small Taxonomy Pools
24th Feb 16 05:06:31WMG.Todd In The Shadows
24th Feb 16 04:55:09Turn Of The Millennium
24th Feb 16 04:47:49Turn Of The Millennium
24th Feb 16 03:52:35Trivia.Two More Eggs
24th Feb 16 03:51:54Chart Displacement
24th Feb 16 03:47:09YMMV.Bruno Mars
23rd Feb 16 11:06:35Heartwarming.The Voice
23rd Feb 16 06:56:25Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
23rd Feb 16 04:22:42Chart Displacement
23rd Feb 16 04:13:10Artistic License Ornithology
23rd Feb 16 04:10:12Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
23rd Feb 16 04:07:42Small Taxonomy Pools
22nd Feb 16 09:41:42Stock Animal Facts
22nd Feb 16 03:57:38Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
22nd Feb 16 03:54:01Creator.David Attenborough
22nd Feb 16 03:51:56Chart Displacement
21st Feb 16 04:22:43Critical Dissonance
21st Feb 16 04:19:44Quotes.Critical Dissonance
21st Feb 16 03:21:16One Hit Wonder.Hip Hop
21st Feb 16 07:16:01Chart Displacement
21st Feb 16 07:08:46The Problem With Licensed Games
21st Feb 16 05:25:43Shout Out.Scribblenauts
21st Feb 16 05:23:26Chart Displacement
21st Feb 16 05:04:05Creator.David Attenborough
20th Feb 16 05:34:29Shout Out.Scribblenauts
20th Feb 16 10:43:53Chart Displacement
20th Feb 16 10:20:18Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
20th Feb 16 09:59:03Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
20th Feb 16 09:52:42Deader Than Disco.Music
20th Feb 16 09:45:21Deader Than Disco.Music
20th Feb 16 09:43:57Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop
20th Feb 16 07:53:14Chart Displacement
20th Feb 16 07:41:21WMG.Todd In The Shadows
20th Feb 16 06:28:26Signature Song.Music
20th Feb 16 05:27:12Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
20th Feb 16 05:24:34Creator.David Attenborough
20th Feb 16 05:22:46YMMV.The Voice
20th Feb 16 05:21:38Music Of The2010s
20th Feb 16 05:20:48Music Of The2010s
20th Feb 16 05:18:19Turn Of The Millennium.Music
20th Feb 16 05:13:36Horrible.Live Action TV
20th Feb 16 05:12:35Horrible.Literature
19th Feb 16 06:35:18Chart Displacement
19th Feb 16 04:07:23Tropers.Spinosegnosaurus 77
19th Feb 16 04:05:56Web Animation.Two More Eggs
19th Feb 16 04:05:17YMMV.Two More Eggs
19th Feb 16 04:00:38Chart Displacement
19th Feb 16 03:55:07Take That Critics
18th Feb 16 03:07:51Tear Jerker.Disney
18th Feb 16 05:08:44YMMV.Prehistoric Assassins
18th Feb 16 05:07:42Series.Prehistoric Assassins
18th Feb 16 03:53:18Chart Displacement
18th Feb 16 03:47:14Darth Wiki.How Not To Write An Example
18th Feb 16 03:41:25Western Animation.Ice Age 2 The Meltdown
17th Feb 16 04:29:35Useful Notes.Prehistoric Life Non Dinosaurian Reptiles
17th Feb 16 04:12:27Useful Notes.Evolution
17th Feb 16 04:09:58Radar.Pearls Before Swine
16th Feb 16 04:21:08Useful Notes.Evolution
16th Feb 16 04:18:22Useful Notes.Evolution
16th Feb 16 12:43:31Useful Notes.Evolution
16th Feb 16 11:44:43Useful Notes.Evolution
16th Feb 16 11:31:55Useful Notes.Evolution
16th Feb 16 05:27:39Series.Cavemen
16th Feb 16 05:12:24Awesome.Gravity Falls
16th Feb 16 03:37:03Deader Than Disco.Hip Hop