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21st May 17 07:42:58WMG.Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
8th May 16 11:30:55Video Game.Overwatch
15th Feb 16 10:55:56Recap.Gravity Falls S 2 E 20 Weirdmageddon Part 3 Take Back The Falls
6th Sep 15 07:04:08Shout Out.Penn Zero Part Time Hero
9th Nov 14 07:48:57Headscratchers.Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare
19th Mar 14 08:02:16Funny.Rick And Morty
15th Feb 14 03:02:02Recap.Adventure Time S 5 E 18 Princess Potluck
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11th Feb 14 04:34:16Recap.Adventure Time S 5 E 47 Red Throne
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17th Jan 14 10:29:53WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
5th Jan 14 12:33:20Western Animation.Uncle Grandpa
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25th Nov 13 08:27:16Recap.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
23rd Nov 13 10:20:48Recap.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
3rd Oct 13 09:25:26Video Game.Grand Theft Auto V
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18th Jul 13 08:14:01Funny.Darths And Droids
13th Apr 13 04:28:17Funny.Evil Dead
10th Mar 13 05:47:12Short Distance Phone Call
7th Mar 13 09:46:45Character Celebrity Endorsement
7th Mar 13 09:34:26Celebrity Endorsement
4th Mar 13 05:10:08Series.Shake It Up
10th Jan 13 06:36:06Series.Person Of Interest
8th Jan 13 06:04:39Headscratchers.Soukou No Strain
7th Jan 13 07:19:18Funny.Pirates Of The Caribbean
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1st Dec 12 10:29:25Film.The Dark Knight Saga
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12th Nov 12 05:46:20WMG.Kingdom Hearts Open Two
4th Nov 12 09:43:20Funny.Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes
4th Nov 12 07:57:40Disney.Wreck It Ralph
2nd Nov 12 08:09:41WMG.Zalgo
31st Aug 12 06:57:45Headscratchers.Gravity Falls
31st Aug 12 09:42:44Recap.Gravity Falls S 1 E 9 The Time Travelers Pig
31st Aug 12 09:40:54Recap.Gravity Falls S 1 E 9 The Time Travelers Pig
31st Aug 12 09:40:19Recap.Gravity Falls S 1 E 9 The Time Travelers Pig
23rd Jul 12 08:57:03Nightmare Fuel.The Dark Knight Rises
23rd Jul 12 08:51:08Headscratchers.The Dark Knight Rises
21st Jul 12 02:42:03Shout Out.Adventure Time
21st Jul 12 12:14:13Fridge.The Dark Knight Saga
10th Jul 12 07:43:19Recap.Gravity Falls S 1 E 4 The Hand That Rocks The Mabel
10th Jul 12 07:42:16Recap.Gravity Falls S 1 E 4 The Hand That Rocks The Mabel
25th May 12 08:47:22Small Reference Pools
28th Apr 12 09:42:51Homestuck.Tropes P-R
4th Apr 12 06:56:05Set Bonus
3rd Apr 12 10:37:44WMG.Homestuck Alpha
31st Mar 12 05:21:31Characters.Homestuck Pre Scratch Trolls
26th Jan 12 07:47:32Malaproper
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23rd Dec 11 11:54:28Trivia.Silent Hill
1st Dec 11 10:40:34Science Marches On
29th Nov 11 08:43:35WMG.Two And A Half Men
27th Nov 11 01:39:33YMMV.The Muppets
21st Nov 11 08:30:33WMG.Homestuck Alpha
20th Nov 11 03:27:19WMG.Homestuck Alpha
12th Nov 11 01:31:36WMG.Homestuck Agents And Monarchs
12th Nov 11 01:15:03Generic Doomsday Villain
12th Nov 11 01:14:23Unstoppable Rage
6th Nov 11 09:03:44Shes Got Legs
6th Nov 11 08:08:54Product Placement
4th Nov 11 10:53:29Astral Projection
4th Nov 11 03:26:57Stab The Sky
26th Oct 11 08:17:27Cutting The Knot
25th Oct 11 07:08:33Fridge.Batman Arkham City
23rd Oct 11 10:09:25Batman Arkham City
10th Oct 11 09:51:47Awesome.Doctor Who
27th Sep 11 05:54:24London England Syndrome
27th Sep 11 05:53:09London England Syndrome