29th Sep 14 01:17:19Cell Phones Are Useless
12th Sep 14 12:07:30Headscratchers.The Elderscrolls V Skyrim
19th Jul 14 09:23:12Headscratchers.Star Trek
19th Jul 14 09:01:36Headscratchers.Star Trek
19th Jul 14 08:15:22Headscratchers.Star Trek
24th Jun 14 05:36:35Heartwarming.Masseffect
20th Jun 14 12:04:23Headscratchers.Buffy Season 6
17th Jun 14 07:12:28Headscratchers.Mass Effect 3 Ending
13th Jun 14 09:43:33One Of Us.Political Geeks
13th Jun 14 09:42:11One Of Us.Film Nerds
7th Jun 14 09:24:59Fridge.The Elderscrolls V Skyrim
22nd May 14 07:19:04Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk
6th May 14 03:03:28Headscratchers.Dragon Age Origins Part II
26th Mar 14 01:50:06Useful Notes.The Fifties
15th Feb 14 05:19:32WMG.Star Trek The Next Generation
15th Feb 14 05:03:36WMG.Star Trek
15th Feb 14 05:01:35WMG.Star Trek
4th Feb 14 06:54:35WMG.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
4th Feb 14 03:40:01Headscratchers.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 3
7th Dec 13 02:10:44Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone
7th Nov 13 06:14:56Headscratchers.Star Trek
7th Apr 13 11:48:46Awesome.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
7th Apr 13 01:06:53Fish Out Of Temporal Water
5th Apr 13 08:32:13Headscratchers.X-Men
25th Mar 13 10:18:09Awesome.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
24th Mar 13 11:12:40Funny.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
15th Mar 13 04:48:03Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
14th Mar 13 07:53:07Headscratchers.Stargate SG 1
14th Mar 13 01:53:10Headscratchers.Buffy Season 6
14th Mar 13 01:16:50Headscratchers.Buffyverse
20th Feb 13 12:10:10Heartwarming.Live Action TV
17th Feb 13 10:37:04Headscratchers.Live Action TV
17th Feb 13 10:35:51WMG.Live Action TV
16th Feb 13 08:06:14Holding Back The Phlebotinum
29th Jan 13 02:44:08Dragon Age.Tropes F To K
22nd Jan 13 02:01:59Headscratchers.Dragon Age Part II
30th Dec 12 05:45:49Headscratchers.Babylon Five
28th Dec 12 05:13:31Headscratchers.Good Eats
14th Dec 12 08:59:16Headscratchers.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
14th Dec 12 08:05:30Headscratchers.Star Trek The Next Generation
19th Nov 12 12:05:37Funny.The Cinema Snob
9th Nov 12 09:02:34First Father Wins
28th Oct 12 09:55:33Bi The Way
22nd Oct 12 09:57:50Heartwarming.Greys Anatomy
18th Oct 12 08:08:32Awesome.Doctor Horribles Sing Along Blog
6th Oct 12 07:58:35Funny.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
12th Sep 12 07:50:35Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
11th Sep 12 07:50:23Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
8th Sep 12 04:17:08Video Game.The Sims
19th Aug 12 01:37:50Fish Out Of Temporal Water
14th Aug 12 01:06:48Characters.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
14th Aug 12 11:38:54Gunboat Diplomacy
8th Aug 12 06:39:11WMG.Warehouse 13
30th Jul 12 12:10:42Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
30th Jul 12 11:39:06Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
27th Jul 12 07:20:18WMG.Warehouse 13
22nd Jul 12 01:04:20Monochrome Casting
13th Jul 12 02:35:13WMG.Warehouse 13
13th Jul 12 02:32:58WMG.Warehouse 13
12th Jul 12 11:45:27WMG.Warehouse 13
12th Jul 12 11:42:29WMG.Warehouse 13
9th Jul 12 02:14:14Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
30th Jun 12 01:54:11Headscratchers.Buffy Season 6
17th Jun 12 09:59:28Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
17th Jun 12 09:58:13Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
23rd May 12 12:59:09WMG.Greys Anatomy
16th May 12 10:33:58Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
16th May 12 10:28:57Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
16th May 12 10:23:20Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
15th May 12 09:41:46Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
15th May 12 09:41:35Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
15th May 12 09:06:12Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
15th May 12 02:32:47Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
15th May 12 02:04:00Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
13th May 12 05:43:18Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
13th May 12 05:40:36Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
22nd Apr 12 06:36:30Useful Notes.The Fifties
22nd Apr 12 06:29:35Useful Notes.The Fifties
15th Apr 12 10:00:45YMMV.The Golden Girls
13th Apr 12 03:32:24Headscratchers.Power Rangers
9th Apr 12 09:43:09Useful Notes.The Fifties
20th Mar 12 02:52:49Headscratchers.Batman The Animated Series
12th Mar 12 01:22:01Headscratchers.Babylon 5
11th Mar 12 02:30:38Technology Marches On
11th Mar 12 12:26:55Reactionary Fantasy
9th Mar 12 09:20:51Headscratchers.Batman The Animated Series
25th Jan 12 03:41:01One Of Us
25th Jan 12 03:40:03One Of Us
20th Jan 12 08:23:42Headscratchers.Leverage
16th Jan 12 03:39:48Funny.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
16th Jan 12 03:31:46Funny.What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
15th Jan 12 01:50:42WMG.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
10th Jan 12 09:12:38Headscratchers.Buffy Season 4
7th Jan 12 05:44:32Mildly Military
5th Jan 12 11:40:47Cycle Of Revenge
31st Dec 11 10:36:34Cycle Of Revenge
31st Dec 11 10:35:30Cycle Of Revenge
25th Dec 11 06:42:00Shout Out.Leverage
5th Dec 11 10:25:33Transplanted Humans
2nd Dec 11 11:01:36Headscratchers.Good Eats
16th Nov 11 06:53:15Headscratchers.Buffy Season 6
19th Oct 11 09:00:35Headscratchers.Buffyverse Vampires
19th Oct 11 08:19:13Headscratchers.Buffy Season 7
18th Oct 11 02:19:24Blood Brothers

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