Marvel Girl's Recent Edits

20th Jun 13 11:19:47Destructive Romance
19th Jun 13 11:34:56Twofer Token Minority
16th Jun 13 12:04:02Film.Earth Vs The Spider
8th Jun 13 10:58:27Lets Get Dangerous.Web Original
8th Jun 13 10:57:49Lets Get Dangerous.Web Original
8th Jun 13 10:48:05Lets Get Dangerous.Anime And Manga
8th Jun 13 10:46:52Lets Get Dangerous.Anime And Manga
8th Jun 13 10:39:35Hell Yes Moment
6th Jun 13 10:23:47Lethally Stupid
3rd Jun 13 01:16:41Archive Binge
26th May 13 05:30:49Something Completely Different.Web Original
23rd May 13 11:53:42When All You Have Is A Hammer
23rd May 13 11:30:48Outside The Box Tactic
23rd May 13 11:25:43Outside The Box Tactic
22nd May 13 09:51:06Pop Cultural Osmosis Failure
22nd May 13 09:01:20Just Think Of The Potential
22nd May 13 08:48:43Multiboobage
22nd May 13 08:33:20Literally Loving Thy Neighbor
22nd May 13 08:21:45The Big Bang Theory.Tropes K To O
22nd May 13 08:16:39Joisey
22nd May 13 07:30:17Halloween Cosplay
22nd May 13 07:07:13Gamer Chick
22nd May 13 04:50:32Jewish And Nerdy
19th May 13 07:36:39Correspondence Course
17th May 13 05:15:59The Cutie
17th May 13 04:35:11Monster Suit
13th May 13 11:23:36Hot Witch
13th May 13 10:41:14Webcomic.Grrl Power
13th May 13 07:24:00Hot Teacher
13th May 13 07:21:11Hot Teacher
7th May 13 10:39:23All Hallows Eve
7th May 13 10:31:42Cold Iron
7th May 13 10:21:38World Tree
6th May 13 11:00:34Western Animation.Over The Hedge
6th May 13 11:00:03Western Animation.Over The Hedge
26th Apr 13 12:40:42Narrative Filigree
26th Apr 13 12:32:57Lecture As Exposition
23rd Apr 13 10:33:15After School Cleaning Duty
20th Apr 13 11:45:26Zettai Ryouiki
18th Apr 13 10:08:52First Law Of Gender Bending
6th Apr 13 10:16:49Animalistic Abomination
5th Apr 13 01:11:36No Social Skills
5th Apr 13 12:02:17Upper Class Twit
5th Apr 13 11:49:48Unlikely Hero
4th Apr 13 02:43:03Promoted Fanboy
4th Apr 13 02:01:35Ascended Fanboy
2nd Apr 13 01:11:18An Offer You Cant Refuse
11th Mar 13 07:57:37Mad Lib Fantasy Title
11th Mar 13 07:52:14The X Of Y
3rd Mar 13 05:55:03Julius Beethoven Da Vinci
3rd Mar 13 05:33:34Would Hit A Girl
28th Feb 13 05:30:59Three Successful Generations
28th Feb 13 05:26:29Three Amigos
27th Feb 13 11:45:54Assimilation Backfire
27th Feb 13 11:44:57Assimilation Backfire
22nd Feb 13 12:24:47Power Perversion Potential
17th Feb 13 10:27:55Chest Blaster
17th Feb 13 10:17:44It Gets Better
14th Feb 13 10:38:23Lady Legionnaire Wear
12th Feb 13 11:41:17Book Ends.Anime And Manga
11th Feb 13 01:58:12Brain Food
10th Feb 13 03:23:04Alliterative Title
8th Feb 13 03:56:19Surreal Horror
8th Feb 13 11:40:58In A World
29th Jan 13 08:14:42Meta Guy
29th Jan 13 07:58:29Central Theme
28th Jan 13 09:12:18Bio Augmentation
25th Jan 13 09:52:48Was Once A Man
25th Jan 13 09:29:48Weakened By The Light
25th Jan 13 09:22:35Nightmare Face
25th Jan 13 09:14:18Holy Burns Evil
22nd Jan 13 02:12:23Book Ends.Film
14th Jan 13 04:36:54Weaksauce Weakness
30th Dec 12 12:45:33Rule Of Pool
30th Dec 12 12:37:32Law Of Conservation Of Normality
29th Dec 12 05:45:37Actually Not A Vampire
29th Dec 12 05:02:25Correspondence Course
27th Dec 12 02:06:56Calling Card
27th Dec 12 01:47:53Tradesnark
25th Dec 12 02:39:41Ideal Hero
25th Dec 12 02:34:16Good Is Not Soft
20th Dec 12 06:07:36Beauty Brains And Brawn
20th Dec 12 05:26:52Deadline News
20th Dec 12 12:02:19Wham Shot
14th Dec 12 10:20:27Dangerous Forbidden Technique
14th Dec 12 10:10:46Useful Notes.The Bechdel Test
4th Dec 12 08:07:17Sociopathic Hero
4th Dec 12 05:21:08Big Stupid Doodoo Head
4th Dec 12 12:04:35Names Given To Computers
1st Dec 12 12:39:01Quotes.Bring My Brown Pants
1st Dec 12 12:34:36Dragged Into Drag
28th Nov 12 03:57:40Evil Minions
28th Nov 12 03:57:00Evil Minions
28th Nov 12 03:50:05Legion Of Doom
27th Nov 12 09:38:50Big Bad Ensemble
27th Nov 12 09:26:01Secret Keeper
25th Nov 12 02:39:42Homemade Inventions
25th Nov 12 02:23:15Defeat Equals Explosion
24th Nov 12 04:48:00Would Hurt A Child
23rd Nov 12 12:34:43Girl On Girl Is Hot
23rd Nov 12 12:27:54Sex Dressed
23rd Nov 12 12:27:05Sex Dressed
22nd Nov 12 11:46:46The Trickster
22nd Nov 12 11:40:56Mysterious Parent
18th Nov 12 10:55:39Older Than They Look
18th Nov 12 08:00:07Feet Of Clay
18th Nov 12 07:52:09Coolest Club Ever
18th Nov 12 06:23:05Hot Scientist
18th Nov 12 05:31:11Bungling Inventor
14th Nov 12 10:13:11Never My Fault
13th Nov 12 10:53:54Pre Mortem One Liner
13th Nov 12 10:36:39Awesome.Criminal Minds
11th Nov 12 09:51:18Historical Villain Upgrade
11th Nov 12 09:03:23Beethoven Was An Alien Spy
11th Nov 12 08:47:18Allohistorical Allusion
7th Nov 12 06:31:03Casual Danger Dialog
6th Nov 12 04:25:49Narrative Poem
5th Nov 12 08:17:25Place Of Protection
5th Nov 12 07:45:33Kind Restraints
5th Nov 12 07:30:15Man Of Steel Woman Of Kleenex
5th Nov 12 07:23:52Divine Date
5th Nov 12 07:18:10Chained To A Rock
5th Nov 12 07:13:14Human Sacrifice
5th Nov 12 11:44:11Down In The Dumps
5th Nov 12 10:45:53Arrested For Heroism
3rd Nov 12 11:11:45Unwanted False Faith
3rd Nov 12 10:57:54Tomboyish Ponytail
3rd Nov 12 10:45:32Supreme Chef
3rd Nov 12 10:02:17Femme Fatale
3rd Nov 12 06:44:10Oh My Gods
3rd Nov 12 05:39:43Heroes Want Redheads
3rd Nov 12 05:17:16Food End
3rd Nov 12 05:15:41Food End
3rd Nov 12 04:38:59Conveniently An Orphan
3rd Nov 12 04:30:24Brick Joke
3rd Nov 12 04:04:55Assassin Outclassin
3rd Nov 12 03:59:48Assassin Outclassin
1st Nov 12 11:56:25Acceptable Lifestyle Targets
1st Nov 12 11:27:12Fan Girl
1st Nov 12 11:13:33Everyone Hates Mimes
31st Oct 12 04:33:52Emergency Transformation
31st Oct 12 04:13:50Capital Letters Are Magic
31st Oct 12 04:08:40Spell My Name With A The
31st Oct 12 02:50:18Quotes.Car Fu
30th Oct 12 11:26:28The Law Of Conservation Of Detail
30th Oct 12 11:17:04Chekhovs Skill
30th Oct 12 07:40:08Sleep Mode Size
30th Oct 12 06:47:44Share The Male Pain
30th Oct 12 06:40:10Public Domain Character
30th Oct 12 05:38:01Killer Rabbit
30th Oct 12 05:09:09Buffy Speak
30th Oct 12 04:58:57Bad Vibrations
28th Oct 12 01:57:03In Spite Of A Nail
26th Oct 12 11:58:42Interplanetary Voyage
26th Oct 12 11:27:07Turn Of The Millennium.Web Comics
26th Oct 12 11:24:44Turn Of The Millennium.New Media
26th Oct 12 11:20:44The New Tens
26th Oct 12 11:16:12Outdated Outfit
26th Oct 12 09:16:53Faster Than Light Travel
26th Oct 12 08:33:28The Trope Without A Title
26th Oct 12 07:40:22Drop Pod
26th Oct 12 05:30:32Cool Starship
26th Oct 12 04:46:50Casual Interstellar Travel
26th Oct 12 03:28:42The Bridge
26th Oct 12 02:20:51Asteroid Miners
26th Oct 12 02:14:06Artificial Gravity
22nd Oct 12 05:09:59Evil Twin
16th Oct 12 10:06:13Song Parody
16th Oct 12 04:09:47Affectionate Parody
14th Oct 12 09:39:21Dream Team
14th Oct 12 08:29:43Old Master
14th Oct 12 08:07:59Renowned Selective Mentor
14th Oct 12 07:46:49Custom Uniform Of Sexy
14th Oct 12 07:22:40Ambiguously Gay
14th Oct 12 12:32:33Chekhovs Volcano
14th Oct 12 12:22:17Chekhovs Skill
13th Oct 12 11:54:19Fair Cop
13th Oct 12 11:53:44Fair Cop
13th Oct 12 10:44:38Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
12th Oct 12 09:33:13Munchkin
12th Oct 12 09:08:20Flat What
11th Oct 12 08:50:23Incompatible Orientation
6th Oct 12 09:17:15Whatevermancy
2nd Oct 12 10:40:12Person Of Mass Destruction
29th Sep 12 11:48:36Stupid Crooks
28th Sep 12 02:40:13Hypothetical Casting
28th Sep 12 01:00:51Tarot Troubles
28th Sep 12 12:55:44Useful Notes.Romani
18th Sep 12 10:19:04The Sociopath
17th Sep 12 04:14:53Perception Filter
17th Sep 12 03:37:58Diabolical Mastermind
17th Sep 12 03:22:49Cant Have Sex Ever
16th Sep 12 09:14:35Series.Criminal Minds
16th Sep 12 06:45:58Dysfunction Junction
14th Sep 12 09:13:14Brilliant But Lazy
14th Sep 12 08:56:34Brainless Beauty
14th Sep 12 08:41:39Four Girl Ensemble
14th Sep 12 08:40:15Four Girl Ensemble
11th Sep 12 08:24:05Pure Awesomeness
11th Sep 12 07:25:13Violence Really Is The Answer
11th Sep 12 07:17:07Family Unfriendly Aesop
11th Sep 12 06:54:07Made Out To Be A Jerkass
11th Sep 12 06:51:19No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
11th Sep 12 06:38:39Teeth Clenched Teamwork
11th Sep 12 12:52:21Weaksauce Weakness
10th Sep 12 05:03:26Breaking The Fourth Wall.Webcomics
9th Sep 12 05:32:15Beleaguered Assistant
9th Sep 12 05:12:59Cassandra Truth
8th Sep 12 11:06:32Motor Mouth
6th Sep 12 05:34:21Everybody Wants The Hermaphrodite
6th Sep 12 04:20:35Which Me
6th Sep 12 04:10:12Gender Vocabulary Slip
5th Sep 12 12:17:06Mismatched Eyes
4th Sep 12 10:39:14Skin Walker
4th Sep 12 10:34:10Shapeshifters Do It For A Change
4th Sep 12 10:27:45Shapeshifting Squick
4th Sep 12 09:45:19Impossibly Low Neckline
4th Sep 12 09:40:52Who Wears Short Shorts
4th Sep 12 09:39:12Combat Stilettos
4th Sep 12 09:37:47Bare Your Midriff
4th Sep 12 08:21:01Dressed In Layers
4th Sep 12 07:59:39Cheap Costume
4th Sep 12 07:53:24Instant Costume Change
3rd Sep 12 05:48:59Bastard Girlfriend
3rd Sep 12 05:34:39Evil Matriarch
3rd Sep 12 05:05:57Archnemesis Dad
3rd Sep 12 03:55:42Psychic Children
3rd Sep 12 03:25:17Textile Work Is Feminine
3rd Sep 12 03:17:44Speaks Fluent Animal
3rd Sep 12 03:10:14Swiss Army Superpower
3rd Sep 12 02:55:59Imagination Based Superpower
3rd Sep 12 02:43:00Single Power Superheroes
3rd Sep 12 01:25:48C List Fodder
30th Aug 12 05:05:33Supernatural Martial Arts
30th Aug 12 04:55:07Our Vampires Are Different.Web Original
30th Aug 12 03:45:04Unusual Weapon Mounting
30th Aug 12 03:40:08Shoulder Cannon
30th Aug 12 12:13:33Punch Clock Villain
30th Aug 12 11:58:12Faux Affably Evil
27th Aug 12 02:32:14Gold Fish Poop Gang
22nd Aug 12 11:49:16Kick Them While They Are Down
22nd Aug 12 11:13:45Jews Love To Argue
22nd Aug 12 11:10:00Ham To Ham Combat
22nd Aug 12 10:51:35Trash Talk
22nd Aug 12 10:15:12Satisfied Street Rat
20th Aug 12 03:15:14Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist
19th Aug 12 12:54:01Webcomic.Grrl Power
19th Aug 12 12:21:28Flying Brick
19th Aug 12 12:20:12Flying Brick
12th Aug 12 07:16:41Badass Princess
12th Aug 12 06:33:09Good Parents
12th Aug 12 05:45:10Parents As People
12th Aug 12 05:29:59Parental Obliviousness
12th Aug 12 05:24:27Parental Obliviousness
11th Aug 12 02:45:27Reasonable Authority Figure
10th Aug 12 10:06:10The Secret World Of Alex Mack
7th Aug 12 10:34:37Dragon Age Redemption
7th Aug 12 10:30:31Pre Mortem One Liner
5th Aug 12 01:34:16Attention Whore
5th Aug 12 01:33:34Attention Whore
2nd Aug 12 04:16:34Aluminum Christmas Trees
1st Aug 12 04:47:14Understatement
1st Aug 12 04:44:57Understatement
31st Jul 12 08:15:55Monster.Anime And Manga
30th Jul 12 03:01:25Genius Bonus
29th Jul 12 05:46:55Series.Wipeout 2008
29th Jul 12 05:46:21Covered In Gunge
29th Jul 12 05:40:46Carried By The Host
27th Jul 12 11:54:16Playing Against Type.Web Original
27th Jul 12 11:53:58Playing Against Type.Web Original
24th Jul 12 05:41:04Fun Personified
24th Jul 12 05:29:42Medium Awareness
22nd Jul 12 10:56:30Kryptonite Proof Suit
22nd Jul 12 10:50:03Kryptonite Ring
22nd Jul 12 10:46:12Betrayal Insurance
22nd Jul 12 10:32:16Kryptonite Is Everywhere
22nd Jul 12 10:09:33Kryptonite Factor
22nd Jul 12 08:47:44Innocent Bystander Series
22nd Jul 12 07:46:10I Believe I Can Fly
22nd Jul 12 05:23:31Enlightenment Superpowers
22nd Jul 12 05:09:18Domino Mask
22nd Jul 12 04:46:52Super Wheel Chair
22nd Jul 12 04:42:01Super Senses
22nd Jul 12 04:19:55Vagueness Is Coming
22nd Jul 12 04:13:40Insanity Immunity
22nd Jul 12 03:57:09Teen Genius
21st Jul 12 10:35:08Big Bad Wannabe
21st Jul 12 10:27:08Took A Level In Badass.Webcomics
21st Jul 12 10:25:57Took A Level In Badass.Webcomics
20th Jul 12 11:44:34Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.Webcomics
18th Jul 12 09:00:12Cute And Psycho
18th Jul 12 08:44:14The Anti Christ
17th Jul 12 04:57:57All Jews Are Ashkenazi
17th Jul 12 03:36:52Fanfic Recs.Daria
17th Jul 12 12:36:05Melee A Trois
17th Jul 12 11:42:02Fanfic Recs.Buffy The Vampire Slayer
16th Jul 12 12:08:52Who Names Their Kid Dude
15th Jul 12 11:37:00Reference Overdosed
8th Jul 12 10:01:41Kid Hero
8th Jul 12 09:55:11Kid Hero
8th Jul 12 09:47:58Fights Like A Normal
8th Jul 12 07:42:06Broken Ace
2nd Jul 12 08:34:49Disposable Superhero Maker
2nd Jul 12 06:39:33Deadly Training Area
2nd Jul 12 05:50:56Dark Age Of Supernames
2nd Jul 12 02:37:17Chest Insignia
2nd Jul 12 02:02:55Captain Superhero
2nd Jul 12 01:58:35Captain Ethnic
2nd Jul 12 01:37:20Cape Busters
2nd Jul 12 12:59:40Burning Building Rescue
2nd Jul 12 12:54:56Building Swing
2nd Jul 12 11:27:18Animorphism
1st Jul 12 10:07:58Establishing Character Moment.Web Comics
30th Jun 12 04:44:00Fandom Specific Plot
29th Jun 12 12:16:12Disabled Means Helpless
28th Jun 12 11:54:44Beneath The Mask
28th Jun 12 11:38:04Evil Old Folks
28th Jun 12 11:23:13Retired Badass
28th Jun 12 11:18:17Badass Grandpa
27th Jun 12 03:44:03Fat Girl
27th Jun 12 01:48:16Hero Of Another Story
27th Jun 12 01:23:37Borrowed Catch Phrase
27th Jun 12 01:07:16Big Bad Ensemble
27th Jun 12 12:49:47What Could Possibly Go Wrong
27th Jun 12 11:51:08Nice Guy
27th Jun 12 11:43:01Chick Magnet
27th Jun 12 11:39:48Hair Of Gold
27th Jun 12 11:23:57Cant Stop The Signal
16th Jun 12 10:07:00Crazy Enough To Work
16th Jun 12 12:41:20I Am Not My Father
16th Jun 12 12:32:31Follow In My Footsteps
16th Jun 12 12:27:36Evil Parents Want Good Kids
16th Jun 12 12:16:37I Am Not My Father
16th Jun 12 12:12:51Soap Box Sadie
15th Jun 12 03:54:20Chekhovs Hobby
15th Jun 12 03:41:18Chekhovs Gunman
15th Jun 12 03:40:31Chekhovs Gunman
15th Jun 12 03:21:31Mission Impossible Cable Drop
15th Jun 12 03:12:37Chekhovs Armoury
15th Jun 12 02:44:58Big Fancy House
15th Jun 12 02:38:22Chekhovs News
14th Jun 12 11:57:44Improbable Aiming Skills
14th Jun 12 11:45:17Unorthodox Reload
14th Jun 12 04:06:41Chekhovs Gun.Web Comics
4th Jun 12 01:58:45Minovsky Physics
4th Jun 12 01:53:16Mohs.Physics Plus
31st May 12 11:09:02Cool Versus Awesome
21st May 12 11:17:04Ugly Guy Hot Wife
21st May 12 10:57:35The Ugly Guys Hot Daughter
20th May 12 03:54:54Superhero
20th May 12 03:53:45Superhero
20th May 12 03:48:05Costumed Nonsuper Hero
20th May 12 03:22:18Cooldown Hug
16th May 12 11:12:05Godzilla Threshold
16th May 12 10:58:38There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Web Originals
1st May 12 02:22:36Retcon
1st May 12 01:40:45Alliterative Family
1st May 12 01:36:49Alice Allusion
1st May 12 01:31:35Affectionate Nickname
1st May 12 01:07:34Always V Sexy
1st May 12 12:50:21Little People
1st May 12 12:46:29Little Bit Beastly
1st May 12 12:38:48Peacock Girl
1st May 12 12:27:10Or Are You Just Happy To See Me
28th Apr 12 03:10:20Rescue Romance
28th Apr 12 02:54:05Rescue Introduction
28th Apr 12 02:38:46Protected By A Child
28th Apr 12 02:38:05Protected By A Child
28th Apr 12 02:25:13Parents In Distress
28th Apr 12 02:24:18Parents In Distress
28th Apr 12 02:17:11Not The Fall That Kills You
28th Apr 12 01:52:31Last Minute Reprieve
28th Apr 12 01:37:40Heroic Fire Rescue
28th Apr 12 01:02:16Standard Female Grab Area
28th Apr 12 12:48:26Burning Building Rescue
26th Apr 12 11:25:59The Cavalry
26th Apr 12 11:21:32Cat Up A Tree
26th Apr 12 11:10:03Big Damn Heroes.Web Original
26th Apr 12 10:23:26Villain Team Up
26th Apr 12 10:18:20Token Religious Teammate
26th Apr 12 09:52:01Teeth Clenched Teamwork
26th Apr 12 09:42:02The Team Wannabe
26th Apr 12 09:39:12Team Prima Donna
26th Apr 12 09:36:01Team Pet
26th Apr 12 09:31:45The Team Normal
26th Apr 12 09:25:56Team Mom
26th Apr 12 09:22:37Team Dad
26th Apr 12 09:11:54Super Family Team
26th Apr 12 09:02:48Signature Team Transport
26th Apr 12 08:34:25Multinational Team
26th Apr 12 08:31:33Mission Control
26th Apr 12 08:25:30The Leader
26th Apr 12 08:01:53Dream Team
26th Apr 12 07:49:02Character Magnetic Team
26th Apr 12 07:45:24Brother Sister Team
26th Apr 12 07:43:10The Big Guy
26th Apr 12 07:40:03Band Of Brothers
26th Apr 12 07:27:00Secret Legacy
26th Apr 12 07:04:50Legacy Immortality
26th Apr 12 03:12:04You Fight Like A Cow