15th Sep 14 12:05:35YMMV.Civilization Beyond Earth
15th Sep 14 11:16:47Unbuilt Trope
9th Sep 14 03:01:56YMMV.Highlander The Animated Series
9th Sep 14 02:42:13YMMV.Highlander The Animated Series
9th Sep 14 09:50:49Western Animation.Il Etait Une Fois
8th Sep 14 04:09:59Useful Notes.Belarus
8th Sep 14 03:36:15Useful Notes.Ukraine
8th Sep 14 01:34:41Other Russian Towns And Cities
8th Sep 14 10:45:25Shaka Zulu
5th Sep 14 12:48:11Piranha Problem
4th Sep 14 07:12:09Fascists Bed Time
4th Sep 14 07:08:34Sewer Gator
3rd Sep 14 03:45:01The Gulag
3rd Sep 14 11:26:32Characters.The Witcher
3rd Sep 14 06:08:25Magi Babble
2nd Sep 14 10:38:53WMG.Josef Stalin
1st Sep 14 04:22:19Creator.M Night Shyamalan
1st Sep 14 02:40:37Characters.Age Of Wonders
1st Sep 14 10:53:16Out Of Character Moment
30th Aug 14 01:52:10Film.Gravity
29th Aug 14 08:32:36Golem
29th Aug 14 01:39:52Film.Gravity
28th Aug 14 04:53:10Extra Ore Dinary
28th Aug 14 04:51:01Film.Tetsuo The Ironman
26th Aug 14 03:54:26Creator Provincialism
26th Aug 14 01:30:09Useful Notes.Misplaced Nationalism
26th Aug 14 01:12:17Comic Book.Battle Pope
26th Aug 14 08:24:05Walking Armory
26th Aug 14 07:57:24Fridge.Gravity
25th Aug 14 04:03:38Film.Gravity
25th Aug 14 07:31:42American Title
24th Aug 14 03:35:15Fiery Salamander
24th Aug 14 05:55:35Close Range Combatant
24th Aug 14 05:41:07Characters.The Legend Of Korra Enemies
23rd Aug 14 11:00:59Characters.The Legend Of Korra Other Characters
23rd Aug 14 10:38:46Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 3 E 12 Enter The Void
20th Aug 14 11:05:49Headscratchers.The Witcher
20th Aug 14 10:47:07Literature.Tower Of The Swallow
20th Aug 14 10:43:56Awesome.Tower Of The Swallow
20th Aug 14 10:26:22Playing With.Evil Smells Bad
20th Aug 14 10:01:29Our Mages Are Different
8th Aug 14 04:02:53Film.Poltergeist
7th Aug 14 02:09:32Machete Mayhem
4th Aug 14 01:44:40Attack Attack Attack
4th Aug 14 01:29:59YMMV.The Legend Of Korra
3rd Aug 14 03:39:01Underequipped Charge
31st Jul 14 04:14:59Funny.The Legend Of Korra
30th Jul 14 01:34:04Characters.The Last Samurai
30th Jul 14 08:37:05Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
30th Jul 14 08:36:00Radar.The Legend Of Korra
29th Jul 14 03:41:48Doppelganger Spin
29th Jul 14 01:55:32Unrobotic Reveal
28th Jul 14 02:48:29Trivia.The Witcher
28th Jul 14 02:12:06Film.Poultrygeist Night Of The Chicken Dead
28th Jul 14 08:44:39Metallic Motifs
28th Jul 14 08:19:11Body Motifs
27th Jul 14 11:45:18Past Life Memories
26th Jul 14 10:48:52Characters.Hunter The Vigil
26th Jul 14 08:21:17Lethal Harmless Powers
10th Jul 14 04:00:29Literature.Despoilers Of The Golden Empire
10th Jul 14 02:56:08Ascended Fridge Horror
10th Jul 14 01:00:21Tabletop Game.Fading Suns
9th Jul 14 09:42:44Wrong Context Magic
29th Jun 14 01:39:52Characters.Fading Suns
29th Jun 14 04:08:18Literature.Season Of Storms
28th Jun 14 03:08:24Small Reference Pools.Real Life
28th Jun 14 02:59:33Creator Provincialism
28th Jun 14 01:30:44Mona Lisa Smile
28th Jun 14 11:08:54Slavic Mythology
27th Jun 14 02:37:29Our Monsters Are Insufficiently Different
27th Jun 14 01:44:56Gate Guardian
26th Jun 14 10:49:23Horrifying The Horror
26th Jun 14 09:30:20Knight In Shining Armor
24th Jun 14 01:58:43Applicability
23rd Jun 14 01:57:11Douglas Mac Arthur
12th Jun 14 04:18:07Cyclops
8th Jun 14 03:36:32Awesome.The Last Samurai
8th Jun 14 03:23:46Characters.The Last Samurai
8th Jun 14 03:42:35Grim Up North
7th Jun 14 02:09:52First Contact Math
6th Jun 14 01:41:17Characters.Disney Ducks Comic Universe
1st Jun 14 10:29:09Characters.Mickey Mouse Comic Universe
1st Jun 14 03:56:25Soap Opera
31st May 14 06:30:59Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
28th May 14 01:25:39Characters.Norse Mythology
28th May 14 12:55:11Characters.Slavic Mythology
28th May 14 12:10:57Folk Hero
26th May 14 02:16:17Comicbook.Kajko I Kokosz
26th May 14 01:50:28White Like Me
26th May 14 01:43:30Tropers.Lord Gacek
26th May 14 01:36:07Historical Domain Character
26th May 14 01:35:03Polish Media
26th May 14 01:31:36Useful Notes.Slovakia
26th May 14 01:30:29Useful Notes.Slovakia
26th May 14 01:28:10Robin Hood
26th May 14 01:25:55Janosik
24th May 14 04:10:46Early Bird Cameo
19th May 14 09:42:34Tabletop Game.Fading Suns
19th May 14 04:28:04Useful Notes.Standard European Political Landscape
18th May 14 11:30:04Characters.Heroes Of Might And Magic
16th May 14 10:03:52Melting Pot
16th May 14 09:32:10Useful Notes.Denver
15th May 14 12:52:12Hack The Traffic Lights
14th May 14 01:21:06Characters.Star Control
13th May 14 10:57:18Characters.Star Control
9th May 14 07:28:30Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
6th May 14 01:01:27Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
6th May 14 05:57:48Series.Masters Of Horror
3rd May 14 02:09:07Literature.Brave New World
28th Apr 14 09:21:13Useful Notes.Standard European Political Landscape
27th Apr 14 02:28:34Survival Horror
27th Apr 14 02:17:56Post Modernism
23rd Apr 14 04:44:58Earthquake Machine
22nd Apr 14 12:24:20Telescoping Staff
22nd Apr 14 12:23:32Telescoping Staff
21st Apr 14 01:14:31Widget Series
16th Apr 14 01:31:10Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
16th Apr 14 01:30:48Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique
16th Apr 14 05:52:04Good Weapon Evil Weapon
16th Apr 14 05:35:22Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
16th Apr 14 04:55:03Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
15th Apr 14 01:25:04A Commander Is You
15th Apr 14 01:07:10Useful Notes.Standard European Political Landscape
15th Apr 14 11:39:02Video Game.The Witcher
14th Apr 14 08:56:15Virtue Is Weakness
13th Apr 14 12:46:19Literature.Season Of Storms
9th Apr 14 03:17:02Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
9th Apr 14 02:06:38Metallic Motifs
8th Apr 14 12:39:51Slavic Mythology
8th Apr 14 11:44:18Metallic Motifs
7th Apr 14 10:11:26Celtic Mythology
28th Mar 14 06:40:43Raised As The Opposite Gender
27th Mar 14 03:29:18Tabletop Game.Fading Suns
23rd Mar 14 07:33:16The Greatest History Never Told
20th Mar 14 10:05:15Literature.Tower Of The Swallow
19th Mar 14 07:41:55Literature.A Song For Arbonne
17th Mar 14 10:49:18Useful Notes.Prussia
15th Mar 14 10:23:28Literature.Blood Of Elves
13th Mar 14 04:11:10Snow Means Death
13th Mar 14 03:55:35Literature.A Song For Arbonne
11th Mar 14 01:14:07Fridge.Equilibrium
9th Mar 14 11:01:38Super Breeding Program
9th Mar 14 06:31:28Dark Fantasy
8th Mar 14 05:30:06Useful Notes.European Swordsmanship
8th Mar 14 05:26:27Useful Notes.Swords
8th Mar 14 05:24:35Literature.Blossfechten
8th Mar 14 04:38:55YMMV.Lady Of The Lake
8th Mar 14 03:29:19YMMV.Lady Of The Lake
7th Mar 14 08:26:14Characters.The Witcher
6th Mar 14 08:46:20Film.The Shrine
6th Mar 14 07:43:16Useful Notes.Standard European Political Landscape
6th Mar 14 07:39:52Film.The Shrine
5th Mar 14 03:35:53Characters.The Witcher
5th Mar 14 02:45:23Awesome.Baptism Of Fire
5th Mar 14 07:33:42Orphaned Punchline
5th Mar 14 07:30:37Orphaned Setup
2nd Mar 14 09:43:59Our Werewolves Are Different
2nd Mar 14 08:58:38Druid
2nd Mar 14 08:37:29Literature.Season Of Storms
1st Mar 14 11:11:46Characters.Fallout 2
1st Mar 14 11:05:58Characters.Fallout 1
28th Feb 14 04:32:53War Reenactors
27th Feb 14 03:17:49Literature.Lady Of The Lake
27th Feb 14 03:08:00Literature.Season Of Storms
27th Feb 14 03:04:59Literature.The Time Of Contempt
27th Feb 14 02:51:52Literature.Tower Of The Swallow
27th Feb 14 02:36:09Literature.Baptism Of Fire
27th Feb 14 06:45:48YMMV.Bunnies And Burrows
26th Feb 14 05:18:24YMMV.Age Of Wonders
26th Feb 14 05:10:57Video Game.Age Of Wonders
25th Feb 14 09:49:01Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
23rd Feb 14 11:39:36Characters.Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
22nd Feb 14 04:54:43Awesome.Robo Cop
20th Feb 14 03:26:08Napoleonic Wars
16th Feb 14 02:15:40Tabletop Game.World Of Synnibarr
15th Feb 14 06:07:58Our Monsters Are Insufficiently Different
14th Feb 14 01:51:31Literature.A Song For Arbonne
13th Feb 14 12:50:04Blog.Less Wrong
13th Feb 14 12:17:41Vladimir Lenin
9th Feb 14 01:48:05Everyone Calls Him Elf
9th Feb 14 05:43:48Post Apocalyptic Dog
9th Feb 14 03:38:45Gaias Vengeance
8th Feb 14 11:17:29Franchise.The Witcher
8th Feb 14 11:02:08Literature.Season Of Storms
7th Feb 14 08:04:14Gaias Vengeance
5th Feb 14 03:16:59Spotting The Thread
5th Feb 14 11:17:46Pedestrian Crushes Car
2nd Feb 14 11:04:20Film.Aliens
1st Feb 14 05:13:53The Greatest History Never Told
29th Jan 14 03:18:54Orphaned Setup
29th Jan 14 03:07:56Our Monsters Are Insufficiently Different
29th Jan 14 06:51:03Comic Book.Tytus Romek I Atomek
26th Jan 14 06:27:43YMMV.Lady Of The Lake
26th Jan 14 06:27:40Characters.The Witcher
26th Jan 14 05:48:39Literature.Baptism Of Fire
26th Jan 14 05:46:37Literature.Baptism Of Fire
26th Jan 14 05:44:13Literature.The Time Of Contempt
25th Jan 14 07:41:21Franchise.The Witcher
21st Jan 14 10:18:39Invented Invalid
18th Jan 14 06:08:19Franchise.The Witcher
18th Jan 14 04:34:59Western Animation.The Twelve Tasks Of Asterix
13th Jan 14 07:29:26Harsh Vocals
12th Jan 14 02:29:19Wizards Live Longer
7th Jan 14 09:58:54Tropers.Lord Gacek
6th Jan 14 03:27:50Won The War Lost The Peace
6th Jan 14 11:15:36Creator.Guy Gavriel Kay
6th Jan 14 11:15:22Literature.A Song For Arbonne
3rd Jan 14 04:21:01YMMV.Warhammer
3rd Jan 14 11:19:54Immune To Fate
3rd Jan 14 10:24:22Creator.Andrzej Sapkowski
3rd Jan 14 10:21:06Franchise.The Witcher
3rd Jan 14 10:06:47YMMV.The Witcher
30th Dec 13 07:39:47Mook Horror Show
30th Dec 13 12:52:00The Greatest History Never Told
30th Dec 13 12:45:39The Greatest History Never Told
29th Dec 13 08:56:49The Tunguska Event
29th Dec 13 07:58:22Tabletop Game.Chess
26th Dec 13 10:17:56Establishing Shot
26th Dec 13 07:30:49Useful Notes.Conspiracy Theories
21st Dec 13 03:31:35Creepy Mortician
19th Dec 13 11:56:56Invented Invalid
18th Dec 13 09:40:22Master Of Your Domain
15th Dec 13 05:18:59Bird People
15th Dec 13 05:11:44Lizard Folk
13th Dec 13 08:58:26Terrifying Pet Store Rat
12th Dec 13 01:01:59Master Of Your Domain
8th Dec 13 01:20:33Humans Are Psychic In The Future
8th Dec 13 01:11:09Mutant Draft Board
8th Dec 13 12:49:07Technology Levels
8th Dec 13 12:43:01Devolution Device
8th Dec 13 11:58:00Comic Book.Disney Ducks Comic Universe
7th Dec 13 02:37:24Our Dwarves Are All The Same
7th Dec 13 02:30:09Franchise.The Witcher
7th Dec 13 02:29:08Creator.Andrzej Sapkowski
6th Dec 13 07:01:59Mad Lib Metal Lyrics
25th Nov 13 10:03:01Frontier Doctor
21st Nov 13 03:11:00Headscratchers.Deus Ex
18th Nov 13 08:21:27YMMV.The Witcher
15th Nov 13 08:33:11Characters.The Witcher
15th Nov 13 08:29:11YMMV.The Witcher
11th Nov 13 01:54:02Worlds Strongest Man
9th Nov 13 01:26:43Useful Notes.Poles With Poleaxes
9th Nov 13 01:06:46Video Game.Lionheart Legacy Of The Crusader
9th Nov 13 08:38:46Quotes.Gods Need Prayer Badly
5th Nov 13 02:31:36Retired Badass Roundup
5th Nov 13 02:30:45Retired Badass Roundup
5th Nov 13 09:45:07Robin Hood
27th Oct 13 03:06:37Series.Masters Of Horror
24th Oct 13 10:47:44Franchise.The Witcher
22nd Oct 13 01:10:37History Of Naval Warfare
21st Oct 13 04:33:28Shot At Dawn
21st Oct 13 03:18:39Tropers.Lord Gacek
21st Oct 13 03:18:16Tropers.Lord Gacek
15th Oct 13 11:43:09Mad Lib Metal Lyrics
13th Oct 13 01:42:00Awesome.Video Game Levels T-Z
13th Oct 13 01:19:10Creator.Andrzej Sapkowski
12th Oct 13 03:14:41Unfortunate Names.Other Real Life
12th Oct 13 03:01:47Unfortunate Names.Places In Real Life
9th Oct 13 02:14:38Franchise.The Witcher
8th Oct 13 09:38:04YMMV.Curse Of Snakes Valley
8th Oct 13 09:38:01Film.Curse Of Snakes Valley
6th Oct 13 03:53:55Historical Fiction Literature
5th Oct 13 12:27:36Mad Lib Metal Lyrics
4th Oct 13 11:20:43Hand Seals
2nd Oct 13 06:26:43Radar.Literature
1st Oct 13 07:51:19Useful Notes.Swords
29th Sep 13 09:45:36Useful Notes.Swords
23rd Sep 13 03:39:18Numbered Homeworld
22nd Sep 13 04:10:55Literature.Blossfechten
22nd Sep 13 04:10:51Useful Notes.European Swordsmanship
22nd Sep 13 06:54:14Useful Notes.Flavius Belisarius
22nd Sep 13 06:51:23Cranium Chase
21st Sep 13 02:24:19WMG.Fallout
21st Sep 13 01:19:29Fridge.Fallout
21st Sep 13 12:29:30Rising Empire
20th Sep 13 04:46:49Polish Media
20th Sep 13 04:43:14Film.Curse Of Snakes Valley
20th Sep 13 03:17:58Creator.Andrzej Sapkowski
13th Sep 13 03:37:30Useful Notes.Swords
13th Sep 13 03:28:35Literature.Blossfechten
13th Sep 13 03:24:58Useful Notes.European Swordsmanship
13th Sep 13 03:24:23Literature.Blossfechten
13th Sep 13 02:37:43Useful Notes.Holy Roman Empire
13th Sep 13 01:19:34Characters.The Witcher
12th Sep 13 12:52:39Ancestral Weapon
12th Sep 13 09:26:34Characters.Slavic Mythology
11th Sep 13 09:10:10Characters.The Witcher
10th Sep 13 11:44:10Useful Notes.Poles With Poleaxes
9th Sep 13 11:48:50Characters.Aztec Mythology
8th Sep 13 04:26:09Byzantine Empire
8th Sep 13 03:56:48Byzantine Empire
8th Sep 13 03:50:11Quotes.Football Hooligans
1st Sep 13 12:57:47Solar CPR
31st Aug 13 01:50:09Characters.Slavic Mythology
30th Aug 13 03:51:15Characters.Slavic Mythology
28th Aug 13 02:28:22Funny.Prometheus
27th Aug 13 04:32:05Characters.Slavic Mythology
27th Aug 13 01:50:27Characters.Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
26th Aug 13 03:46:31Series.Masters Of Horror
26th Aug 13 03:12:21YMMV.Masters Of Horror
22nd Aug 13 02:22:46Scavenger World
22nd Aug 13 08:56:26Awesome.Tower Of The Swallow
22nd Aug 13 08:53:54Literature.Tower Of The Swallow
21st Aug 13 04:00:27Wizards From Outer Space
21st Aug 13 02:46:08Demythtification
21st Aug 13 01:35:14Kievan Rus
21st Aug 13 12:12:30Video Game.The Witcher
21st Aug 13 12:12:13WMG.The Witcher
21st Aug 13 11:51:29Funny.Baptism Of Fire
20th Aug 13 11:49:17Characters.The Witcher
19th Aug 13 11:05:13So You Want To.Make Interesting Characters
19th Aug 13 11:05:09So You Want To.Make Interesting Characters
19th Aug 13 04:15:44Fantastic Religious Weirdness
16th Aug 13 08:47:03Characters.Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
15th Aug 13 04:38:24Characters.Mickey Mouse Comic Universe
15th Aug 13 05:12:10Wizards From Outer Space
14th Aug 13 06:11:04Ruritania
14th Aug 13 05:46:19WMG.The Elder Scrolls
5th Aug 13 11:03:34Literature.Baptism Of Fire
5th Aug 13 11:01:03Literature.Times Of Contempt
2nd Aug 13 03:21:24YMMV.The Riddle Of Steel
2nd Aug 13 02:42:55Fantasy Counterpart Culture
2nd Aug 13 06:35:50Wizards From Outer Space
1st Aug 13 11:56:43The Greatest History Never Told
1st Aug 13 11:05:26The Greatest Story Never Told
1st Aug 13 04:34:02Characters.The Witcher
1st Aug 13 03:40:43Literature.Baptism Of Fire
20th Jul 13 02:11:49Awesome.Baptism Of Fire
20th Jul 13 02:11:06Awesome.Tower Of The Swallow
19th Jul 13 03:54:01Awesome.Tower Of The Swallow
7th Jul 13 11:47:30The Greatest History Never Told
7th Jul 13 08:23:25Characters.The Witcher
3rd Jul 13 07:40:42Characters.Slavic Mythology
2nd Jul 13 03:41:06The Greatest History Never Told
30th Jun 13 08:02:40Franchise.The Witcher
30th Jun 13 06:54:06YMMV.Unsere Muetter Unsere Vaeter
27th Jun 13 12:46:15Non Human Undead
25th Jun 13 07:40:15Honorifics
23rd Jun 13 02:15:28Orphaned Etymology
23rd Jun 13 02:26:59Slavic Mythology
20th Jun 13 03:59:02Characters.Slavic Mythology
15th Jun 13 01:12:20Characters.The Witcher
15th Jun 13 12:48:44Characters.The Witcher
14th Jun 13 06:51:37Characters.The Witcher
14th Jun 13 06:45:47The Tooth Hurts
14th Jun 13 05:40:52Characters.Slavic Mythology
13th Jun 13 04:46:41Omniglot
13th Jun 13 09:40:30Characters.Slavic Mythology
13th Jun 13 08:53:05Binary Suns
13th Jun 13 05:06:53Characters.Slavic Mythology
10th Jun 13 02:51:01Character Sheets.Mythology
9th Jun 13 03:55:13Film.Equilibrium
9th Jun 13 04:33:39The Witch Hunter
8th Jun 13 04:15:22Black Vikings
7th Jun 13 07:48:45Sword And Sandal
7th Jun 13 07:31:16Doom Troops
4th Jun 13 04:49:21Tools Of Sapience
2nd Jun 13 05:52:17Stock Shoutouts
1st Jun 13 09:18:33Les Cops Sportif
29th May 13 04:34:42Literature.Priscilla Hutchins
22nd May 13 09:40:57Dark Secret
20th May 13 08:55:08Game Favored Gender
19th May 13 10:51:14Literature.Lady Of The Lake
19th May 13 10:49:04Literature.Lady Of The Lake
19th May 13 07:17:34Film.Krull
15th May 13 10:44:28WMG.Iji
14th May 13 03:29:01Walk On Water
14th May 13 03:04:50Characters.The Witcher
14th May 13 01:31:05Characters.The Witcher
13th May 13 05:09:47What Could Have Been.Real Life
10th May 13 06:33:29So You Want To.Write A Dark Fantasy
10th May 13 05:50:08Young Conqueror
9th May 13 03:26:35Finger Licking Poison
8th May 13 01:17:13Dark Fantasy
8th May 13 01:08:40So You Want To.Write A Dark Fantasy
8th May 13 08:56:58Characters.Iji
7th May 13 04:53:39Characters.The Witcher
7th May 13 04:24:42Citadel City
7th May 13 04:05:06Rising Empire
6th May 13 03:30:59Useful Notes.Poland
6th May 13 03:58:54Literature.Fiasco
5th May 13 08:23:56Characters.Zorro
5th May 13 08:22:28Characters.Zorro
5th May 13 08:19:25Zorro Mark
26th Apr 13 08:38:11Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan
25th Apr 13 02:33:34Blind Idiot Translation.Literature
25th Apr 13 12:57:38Year Outside Hour Inside
24th Apr 13 07:02:51Creator.Jacek Dukaj
23rd Apr 13 02:30:50Characters.The Witcher
23rd Apr 13 01:57:51Literature.Sword Of Destiny
21st Apr 13 01:29:19Characters.Dwarf Fortress
21st Apr 13 11:10:04Tabletop Game.Twilight Imperium
18th Apr 13 04:46:42Franchise.The Witcher
17th Apr 13 10:40:24Wrong Genre Savvy
17th Apr 13 10:32:31Film.Santas Slay
14th Apr 13 12:41:56Regional Riff
13th Apr 13 10:14:18Funny.Euro Trip
10th Apr 13 09:25:53Primal Fear
10th Apr 13 09:02:00Literature.The Thrawn Trilogy
8th Apr 13 04:36:52Headscratchers.Predators

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