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24th Sep 17 01:19:11YMMV.Sphere
31st Aug 17 05:02:20Fandom Rivalry.Inter Media
30th Aug 17 02:24:20Fighting Fingerprint
30th Aug 17 02:18:33Tell Me How You Fight
30th Aug 17 02:14:51Tell Me How You Fight
30th Aug 17 02:07:52Fantastic Fighting Style
30th Aug 17 12:05:41Characters.The Witcher Other Characters
30th Aug 17 11:47:28Characters.The Witcher
30th Aug 17 11:46:58Characters.The Witcher Mages And Alchemists
30th Aug 17 11:08:40Characters.The Witcher Skellige
30th Aug 17 10:50:01Characters.The Witcher Lodge Of Sorceresses
16th Aug 17 06:43:33YMMV.In Desert And Wilderness
8th Aug 17 06:12:58Headscratchers.The Witcher
8th Aug 17 05:51:27Characters.The Witcher Other Characters
8th Aug 17 05:17:58Characters.The Witcher Northern Kingdoms
17th Jul 17 06:22:27National Stereotypes.Eastern Europe
4th Mar 17 12:03:16Franchise.The Witcher
26th Feb 17 05:03:02Progressive Era Montage
24th Feb 17 06:23:15Heavy Meta
24th Feb 17 06:17:45Most Writers Are Writers
19th Feb 17 02:19:53Nobody Here But Us Birds
18th Feb 17 07:14:01Webcomic.Polandball
31st Jan 17 01:50:16Basilisk And Cockatrice
31st Jan 17 01:33:16Satanic Archetype
11th Jan 17 03:40:30Characters.The Witcher Monarchs
11th Jan 17 03:25:28Characters.The Witcher Main Characters
21st Dec 16 04:30:16Web Original.Magiczne Przygody Kubusia Puchatka
21st Dec 16 03:49:10Trivia.Magiczne Przygody Kubusia Puchatka
26th Nov 16 05:20:41Useful Notes.Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
9th Nov 16 05:42:33Creator.Janusz Zajdel
6th Nov 16 06:53:26Useful Notes.Poland
6th Nov 16 05:47:50Useful Notes.Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
2nd Nov 16 03:45:24Characters.The Witcher Geralts Hanse
2nd Nov 16 03:30:46Literature.Baptism Of Fire
2nd Nov 16 03:21:47Characters.The Witcher Other Characters
8th Oct 16 12:51:42Characters.Fading Suns
8th Oct 16 12:50:29Creator.Jacek Dukaj
8th Oct 16 12:46:00Genre Busting
21st Aug 16 03:21:32Hairy Girl
12th Aug 16 09:05:33Indian Burial Ground
12th Aug 16 09:04:10Indian Burial Ground
31st Jul 16 05:49:08Useful Notes.Poland
30th Jul 16 05:41:13Useful Notes.Polish Jews
30th Jul 16 05:27:35Useful Notes.Poland
15th Jul 16 03:12:52Characters.Fading Suns
15th Jul 16 02:25:53Characters.The Witcher Geralts Hanse
15th Jul 16 02:20:04Characters.The Witcher Geralts Hanse
5th Jun 16 08:51:20Useful Notes.Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
9th Jan 16 02:57:24Useful Notes.Ukraine
6th Jan 16 11:51:06Characters.The Witcher Lodge Of Sorceresses
3rd Jan 16 05:04:14Useful Notes.Poland
3rd Jan 16 05:02:26Useful Notes.Poland
2nd Jan 16 06:06:19Useful Notes.Poland
2nd Jan 16 03:42:16Badass Boast.Literature
2nd Jan 16 03:39:45YMMV.Lady Of The Lake
1st Jan 16 04:01:45Literature.Tower Of The Swallow
1st Jan 16 02:17:58Characters.The Witcher Other Characters
1st Jan 16 01:39:32Characters.The Witcher Lodge Of Sorceresses
1st Jan 16 01:28:56Characters.The Witcher Villains
1st Jan 16 01:01:38Characters.The Witcher Main Characters
1st Jan 16 12:59:03Characters.The Witcher
1st Jan 16 12:56:26Characters.The Witcher Witchers
1st Jan 16 12:56:06Characters.The Witcher Video Game
29th Dec 15 07:51:59Creepy Pasta
26th Dec 15 07:38:47YMMV.Teeth
26th Dec 15 05:53:14Characters.Fading Suns
26th Dec 15 05:41:55Characters.Fading Suns
26th Dec 15 05:40:38Characters.Fading Suns
26th Dec 15 05:37:29Characters.Fading Suns
26th Dec 15 04:11:12Characters.The Witcher Geralts Hanse
21st Dec 15 02:43:46Film.Gods
21st Dec 15 02:22:44Film.Gods
28th Nov 15 07:17:54Flaunting Your Fleets
27th Nov 15 02:54:51Film.Gods
27th Nov 15 02:52:37Film.Gods
27th Nov 15 02:43:49Film.Gods
27th Nov 15 02:38:31Film.Gods
27th Nov 15 02:34:03Trivia.Gods
27th Nov 15 02:29:35Film.Gods
27th Nov 15 02:27:30Polish Media
21st Nov 15 09:04:51Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
21st Oct 15 03:49:14Useful Notes.History Of The Cold War
21st Oct 15 03:33:35World War II.War In Europe And Africa
16th Oct 15 03:24:48Awesome.The Witcher
16th Oct 15 03:13:01Characters.The Witcher Lodge Of Sorceresses
14th Oct 15 02:59:17Genre Busting
1st Sep 15 01:37:05Useful Notes.Cracow
9th Aug 15 01:30:14Useful Notes.Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
7th Aug 15 03:02:23YMMV.In Desert And Wilderness
7th Aug 15 02:41:53Film.Suicide Room
7th Aug 15 02:38:16Film.Suicide Room
7th Aug 15 01:02:09Polish Media
7th Aug 15 12:56:15Useful Notes.Poland
7th Aug 15 12:23:22Useful Notes.Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
7th Aug 15 05:09:11Characters.The Witcher Villains
8th Jul 15 02:36:55Standard Fantasy Setting
15th Mar 15 08:01:55Characters.The Four Gospels
15th Mar 15 05:52:50Our Demons Are Different
14th Feb 15 02:18:37Useful Notes.National Drinks
7th Feb 15 09:11:08Polish Soviet War
7th Feb 15 08:43:13Series.Band Of Brothers
17th Jan 15 11:56:15The Greatest History Never Told
15th Jan 15 02:39:44Survival Sandbox
6th Jan 15 10:55:01Funny.Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
5th Jan 15 03:21:03YMMV.Civilization Beyond Earth
2nd Jan 15 01:31:25All Germans Are Nazis
2nd Jan 15 01:08:39Video Game.Commandos
2nd Jan 15 08:26:31Multiethnic Name
2nd Jan 15 07:43:24Useful Notes.Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
1st Jan 15 10:10:21Force Field Door
31st Dec 14 05:09:28Forgotten Phlebotinum
31st Dec 14 08:07:15Lethal Harmless Powers
30th Dec 14 02:22:25Older Than They Think.Other
30th Dec 14 02:05:07Older Than They Think.Technology
30th Dec 14 02:03:21Older Than They Think.Technology
30th Dec 14 05:02:01Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 5 Enemy At The Gates
29th Dec 14 04:16:31What Could Have Been.Western Animation
29th Dec 14 07:30:29Useful Notes.Cracow
28th Dec 14 03:20:37Characters.The Legend Of Korra Enemies Seasons 1 And 2
28th Dec 14 02:21:17Leitmotif.Western Animation
27th Dec 14 04:47:38Fantasy Metals
27th Dec 14 07:34:12Magiczne Przygody Kubusia Puchatka
27th Dec 14 07:15:33Useful Notes.Ukraine
27th Dec 14 06:35:45Polish Soviet War
27th Dec 14 04:23:49Headscratchers.The Cabin In The Woods
26th Dec 14 05:11:29Funny.The Cabin In The Woods
26th Dec 14 12:44:24Stepping Stone Sword
26th Dec 14 12:05:37Natural Weapon
26th Dec 14 11:28:19Tell Me How You Fight
26th Dec 14 10:30:10Characters.Fading Suns
26th Dec 14 06:44:17Tabletop Game.Fading Suns
26th Dec 14 06:31:02Characters.Fading Suns
26th Dec 14 06:25:27Awesome.The Legend Of Korra
25th Dec 14 12:34:11Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 11 Kuviras Gambit
25th Dec 14 11:43:50Trivia.The Legend Of Korra
25th Dec 14 09:53:32Awesome.The Legend Of Korra
25th Dec 14 09:31:46Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
25th Dec 14 09:03:55Awesome.Video Game Levels G To M
25th Dec 14 09:03:30Awesome.Video Game Levels G To M
25th Dec 14 07:55:36Memes.The Legend Of Korra
25th Dec 14 07:42:17Characters.Tabletop Games
25th Dec 14 06:31:38Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
25th Dec 14 06:06:02Characters.The Legend Of Korra Allies
25th Dec 14 03:09:01Characters.Fading Suns
24th Dec 14 05:02:08Characters.The Legend Of Korra Allies
24th Dec 14 03:33:02Characters.Fading Suns
24th Dec 14 03:32:15Characters.Fading Suns
24th Dec 14 03:29:32Characters.Fading Suns
24th Dec 14 02:51:12Tabletop Game.Fading Suns
24th Dec 14 06:21:02Videogame.Battle Zone 1998
24th Dec 14 02:23:17YMMV.The Legend Of Korra
23rd Dec 14 09:02:30YMMV.The Legend Of Korra
23rd Dec 14 07:13:20Public Domain Artifact
21st Dec 14 11:37:36Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 13 The Last Stand
21st Dec 14 09:50:51Characters.The Witcher
21st Dec 14 09:50:13Literature.Tower Of The Swallow
21st Dec 14 09:44:49Fighting The Lancer
21st Dec 14 09:42:15Fighting The Lancer
21st Dec 14 09:15:31Cool Kid And Loser Friendship
20th Dec 14 11:47:13Memes.The Legend Of Korra
20th Dec 14 11:01:12Memes.The Legend Of Korra
20th Dec 14 07:56:46Cyberpunk
20th Dec 14 07:05:15Characters.The Legend Of Korra New Team Avatar
19th Dec 14 03:21:48Elves Versus Dwarves
19th Dec 14 03:06:40Our Elves Are Better
19th Dec 14 03:00:51Our Elves Are Better
19th Dec 14 02:40:48The Descendants Of Cain
19th Dec 14 12:27:56Characters.The Legend Of Korra New Team Avatar
19th Dec 14 11:06:55Characters.The Legend Of Korra Enemies Seasons 1 And 2
19th Dec 14 10:58:08Characters.The Legend Of Korra New Team Avatar
19th Dec 14 10:36:31Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 13 The Last Stand
19th Dec 14 09:34:56Funny.The Legend Of Korra
19th Dec 14 08:52:35Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 13 The Last Stand
19th Dec 14 08:51:51Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 13 The Last Stand
19th Dec 14 08:22:53Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
17th Dec 14 12:48:08Quotes.Emo Teen
14th Dec 14 04:00:28Barred From The Afterlife
13th Dec 14 04:03:41Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 11 Kuviras Gambit
13th Dec 14 08:32:41Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 11 Kuviras Gambit
12th Dec 14 07:20:18Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 11 Kuviras Gambit
9th Dec 14 03:30:25Reed Richards Is Useless
9th Dec 14 08:42:24Real Award Fictional Character
7th Dec 14 01:12:07Fantastic Religious Weirdness
6th Dec 14 06:52:53Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 10 Operation Beifong
6th Dec 14 06:39:57Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 10 Operation Beifong
6th Dec 14 06:05:32Quotes.Hunk
6th Dec 14 05:01:01Power Of The Void
6th Dec 14 04:28:59Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 10 Operation Beifong
6th Dec 14 04:28:42Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 10 Operation Beifong
5th Dec 14 01:08:41YMMV.The Legend Of Korra
5th Dec 14 12:23:18Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 10 Operation Beifong
5th Dec 14 08:28:55Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 10 Operation Beifong
5th Dec 14 08:22:21Characters.The Legend Of Korra Enemies Seasons 3 And 4
30th Nov 14 05:49:03Shoddy Knockoff Product
30th Nov 14 05:46:19Useful Notes.Swords
28th Nov 14 11:47:04Characters.The Legend Of Korra Allies
28th Nov 14 08:03:59Useful Notes.Swords
26th Nov 14 03:01:46Minmaxers Delight
25th Nov 14 10:44:14Film.King Arthur
22nd Nov 14 10:28:15Quotes.Ungern Sternberg
18th Nov 14 10:49:45Franchise.Alien Vs Predator
18th Nov 14 09:32:36Square Race Round Class
17th Nov 14 01:55:02Literature.Despoilers Of The Golden Empire
16th Nov 14 01:14:06Repressive But Efficient
16th Nov 14 08:50:57Tropers.Lord Gacek
16th Nov 14 08:38:18Crazy Enough To Work
16th Nov 14 08:27:28Useful Notes.Standard European Political Landscape
16th Nov 14 06:31:14Please Select New City Name
16th Nov 14 06:17:23Useful Notes.Europe
6th Nov 14 03:41:29Useful Notes.Capitalism
6th Nov 14 03:19:31Useful Notes.Poland
2nd Nov 14 02:15:48Ho Yay.The Legend Of Korra
2nd Nov 14 07:59:11So Y Ou Want To.Be The Next JRR Tolkien
1st Nov 14 04:14:33YMMV.Frozen Disney
31st Oct 14 06:42:48Useful Notes.Poland
31st Oct 14 06:41:45Useful Notes.Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
31st Oct 14 01:50:43Funny.The Legend Of Korra
31st Oct 14 12:16:43Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
29th Oct 14 03:29:23Germans Love David Hasselhoff.People
28th Oct 14 11:43:06Barbarian Longhair
26th Oct 14 12:13:26Characters.The Legend Of Korra Allies
25th Oct 14 09:12:19Useful Notes.Neville Chamberlain
25th Oct 14 08:56:34Interservice Rivalry
24th Oct 14 01:22:59Characters.The Legend Of Korra Allies
23rd Oct 14 03:23:01Overly Long Name.Real Life
23rd Oct 14 09:35:25Conspiracy Theories.Zero To G
21st Oct 14 03:11:31Red October
21st Oct 14 01:29:26Tabletop Game.Fading Suns
21st Oct 14 12:36:43Polish Soviet War
21st Oct 14 11:06:07Sinister Scythe
19th Oct 14 12:53:42Literature.Lady Of The Lake
19th Oct 14 07:30:56Characters.The Legend Of Korra New Team Avatar
19th Oct 14 07:18:05Characters.The Legend Of Korra Enemies
16th Oct 14 02:53:01Characters.The Witcher
16th Oct 14 02:02:40Characters.The Witcher
16th Oct 14 07:06:46Characters.The Witcher
15th Oct 14 03:37:43Headscratchers.The Witcher
15th Oct 14 03:22:41Characters.The Witcher
15th Oct 14 08:47:35Clap Your Hands If You Believe
12th Oct 14 06:15:58Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 4 E 1 After All These Years
9th Oct 14 11:44:30Unusual Weapon Mounting
8th Oct 14 11:41:03The Beforetimes
7th Oct 14 08:34:37Film.Khadak
6th Oct 14 04:04:07Tabletop Game.World Of Synnibarr
6th Oct 14 03:59:56Fantasy Metals
6th Oct 14 02:50:36Film.Khadak
6th Oct 14 01:37:39Film.The Way Back
5th Oct 14 11:12:37Post Cyber Punk
5th Oct 14 06:34:42Calculus Is Arcane Knowledge
2nd Oct 14 03:31:18Hybrid Overkill Avoidance
29th Sep 14 02:16:37Animation.The Little Mole
29th Sep 14 02:06:41Janosik
28th Sep 14 05:19:29Xtreme Kool Letterz
28th Sep 14 04:52:37The Unpronounceable
28th Sep 14 04:52:15Useful Notes.German Language
25th Sep 14 12:50:04Trope Namers.Professional Wrestling
25th Sep 14 10:09:32Wasteful Wishing
23rd Sep 14 12:57:14Mohs Scale Of Science Fiction Hardness
18th Sep 14 01:46:14Creator.Jacek Dukaj
18th Sep 14 12:59:26Creator.Stanislaw Lem
17th Sep 14 10:39:47Shout Out.Grand Theft Auto Classic
17th Sep 14 10:11:31Creator.Jacek Dukaj
15th Sep 14 12:05:35YMMV.Civilization Beyond Earth
15th Sep 14 11:16:47Unbuilt Trope
9th Sep 14 03:01:56YMMV.Highlander The Animated Series
9th Sep 14 02:42:13YMMV.Highlander The Animated Series
9th Sep 14 09:50:49Western Animation.Il Etait Une Fois
8th Sep 14 04:09:59Useful Notes.Belarus
8th Sep 14 03:36:15Useful Notes.Ukraine
8th Sep 14 01:34:41Other Russian Towns And Cities
8th Sep 14 10:45:25Shaka Zulu
5th Sep 14 12:48:11Piranha Problem
4th Sep 14 07:12:09Fascists Bed Time
4th Sep 14 07:08:34Sewer Gator
3rd Sep 14 03:45:01The Gulag
3rd Sep 14 11:26:32Characters.The Witcher
3rd Sep 14 06:08:25Magi Babble
2nd Sep 14 10:38:53WMG.Josef Stalin
1st Sep 14 04:22:19Creator.M Night Shyamalan
1st Sep 14 02:40:37Characters.Age Of Wonders
1st Sep 14 10:53:16Out Of Character Moment
30th Aug 14 01:52:10Film.Gravity
29th Aug 14 08:32:36Golem
29th Aug 14 01:39:52Film.Gravity
28th Aug 14 04:53:10Extra Ore Dinary
28th Aug 14 04:51:01Film.Tetsuo The Ironman
26th Aug 14 03:54:26Creator Provincialism
26th Aug 14 01:30:09Useful Notes.Misplaced Nationalism
26th Aug 14 01:12:17Comic Book.Battle Pope
26th Aug 14 08:24:05Walking Armory
26th Aug 14 07:57:24Fridge.Gravity
25th Aug 14 04:03:38Film.Gravity
25th Aug 14 07:31:42American Title
24th Aug 14 03:35:15Fiery Salamander
24th Aug 14 05:55:35Close Range Combatant
24th Aug 14 05:41:07Characters.The Legend Of Korra Enemies
23rd Aug 14 11:00:59Characters.The Legend Of Korra Other Characters
23rd Aug 14 10:38:46Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 3 E 12 Enter The Void
20th Aug 14 11:05:49Headscratchers.The Witcher
20th Aug 14 10:47:07Literature.Tower Of The Swallow
20th Aug 14 10:43:56Awesome.Tower Of The Swallow
20th Aug 14 10:26:22Playing With.Evil Smells Bad
20th Aug 14 10:01:29Our Mages Are Different
8th Aug 14 04:02:53Film.Poltergeist
7th Aug 14 02:09:32Machete Mayhem
4th Aug 14 01:44:40Attack Attack Attack
4th Aug 14 01:29:59YMMV.The Legend Of Korra
3rd Aug 14 03:39:01Underequipped Charge
31st Jul 14 04:14:59Funny.The Legend Of Korra
30th Jul 14 01:34:04Characters.The Last Samurai
30th Jul 14 08:37:05Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
30th Jul 14 08:36:00Radar.The Legend Of Korra
29th Jul 14 03:41:48Doppelganger Spin
29th Jul 14 01:55:32Unrobotic Reveal
28th Jul 14 02:48:29Trivia.The Witcher
28th Jul 14 02:12:06Film.Poultrygeist Night Of The Chicken Dead
28th Jul 14 08:44:39Metallic Motifs
28th Jul 14 08:19:11Body Motifs
27th Jul 14 11:45:18Past Life Memories
26th Jul 14 10:48:52Characters.Hunter The Vigil
26th Jul 14 08:21:17Lethal Harmless Powers
10th Jul 14 04:00:29Literature.Despoilers Of The Golden Empire
10th Jul 14 02:56:08Ascended Fridge Horror
10th Jul 14 01:00:21Tabletop Game.Fading Suns
9th Jul 14 09:42:44Wrong Context Magic
29th Jun 14 01:39:52Characters.Fading Suns
29th Jun 14 04:08:18Literature.Season Of Storms
28th Jun 14 03:08:24Small Reference Pools.Real Life
28th Jun 14 02:59:33Creator Provincialism
28th Jun 14 01:30:44Mona Lisa Smile
28th Jun 14 11:08:54Slavic Mythology
27th Jun 14 02:37:29Our Monsters Are Insufficiently Different
27th Jun 14 01:44:56Gate Guardian
26th Jun 14 10:49:23Horrifying The Horror
26th Jun 14 09:30:20Knight In Shining Armor
24th Jun 14 01:58:43Applicability
23rd Jun 14 01:57:11Douglas Mac Arthur
12th Jun 14 04:18:07Cyclops
8th Jun 14 03:36:32Awesome.The Last Samurai
8th Jun 14 03:23:46Characters.The Last Samurai
8th Jun 14 03:42:35Grim Up North
7th Jun 14 02:09:52First Contact Math
6th Jun 14 01:41:17Characters.Disney Ducks Comic Universe
1st Jun 14 10:29:09Characters.Mickey Mouse Comic Universe
1st Jun 14 03:56:25Soap Opera
31st May 14 06:30:59Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
28th May 14 01:25:39Characters.Norse Mythology
28th May 14 12:55:11Characters.Slavic Mythology
28th May 14 12:10:57Folk Hero
26th May 14 02:16:17Comicbook.Kajko I Kokosz
26th May 14 01:50:28White Like Me
26th May 14 01:43:30Tropers.Lord Gacek
26th May 14 01:36:07Historical Domain Character
26th May 14 01:35:03Polish Media
26th May 14 01:31:36Useful Notes.Slovakia
26th May 14 01:30:29Useful Notes.Slovakia
26th May 14 01:28:10Robin Hood
26th May 14 01:25:55Janosik
24th May 14 04:10:46Early Bird Cameo
19th May 14 09:42:34Tabletop Game.Fading Suns
19th May 14 04:28:04Useful Notes.Standard European Political Landscape
18th May 14 11:30:04Characters.Heroes Of Might And Magic
16th May 14 10:03:52Melting Pot
16th May 14 09:32:10Useful Notes.Denver
15th May 14 12:52:12Hack The Traffic Lights
14th May 14 01:21:06Characters.Star Control
13th May 14 10:57:18Characters.Star Control
9th May 14 07:28:30Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
6th May 14 01:01:27Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
6th May 14 05:57:48Series.Masters Of Horror
3rd May 14 02:09:07Literature.Brave New World
28th Apr 14 09:21:13Useful Notes.Standard European Political Landscape
27th Apr 14 02:28:34Survival Horror
27th Apr 14 02:17:56Post Modernism
23rd Apr 14 04:44:58Earthquake Machine
22nd Apr 14 12:24:20Telescoping Staff
22nd Apr 14 12:23:32Telescoping Staff
21st Apr 14 01:14:31Widget Series
16th Apr 14 01:31:10Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
16th Apr 14 01:30:48Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique
16th Apr 14 05:52:04Good Weapon Evil Weapon
16th Apr 14 05:35:22Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
16th Apr 14 04:55:03Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
15th Apr 14 01:25:04A Commander Is You
15th Apr 14 01:07:10Useful Notes.Standard European Political Landscape
15th Apr 14 11:39:02Video Game.The Witcher
14th Apr 14 08:56:15Virtue Is Weakness
13th Apr 14 12:46:19Literature.Season Of Storms
9th Apr 14 03:17:02Characters.The Fionavar Tapestry
9th Apr 14 02:06:38Metallic Motifs
8th Apr 14 12:39:51Slavic Mythology
8th Apr 14 11:44:18Metallic Motifs
7th Apr 14 10:11:26Celtic Mythology
28th Mar 14 06:40:43Raised As The Opposite Gender
27th Mar 14 03:29:18Tabletop Game.Fading Suns
23rd Mar 14 07:33:16The Greatest History Never Told
20th Mar 14 10:05:15Literature.Tower Of The Swallow
19th Mar 14 07:41:55Literature.A Song For Arbonne
17th Mar 14 10:49:18Useful Notes.Prussia
15th Mar 14 10:23:28Literature.Blood Of Elves