Krimsh's Recent Edits

24th Jun 15 10:14:35Beam Me Up Scotty.Literature
23rd Jun 15 11:52:23Million To One Chance
18th Jun 15 11:09:22Literature.Worm
29th Mar 15 11:02:56I Dont Like The Sound Of That Place
29th Mar 15 10:07:26Prophetic Names
13th Mar 15 02:58:00Historical Beauty Update
20th May 14 10:30:38Tomato Surprise
20th May 14 10:29:07Tomato Surprise
15th Jan 14 07:37:06Video Game.Ogre Battle The March Of The Black Queen
25th Sep 13 08:39:03Artistic License Geography
6th Sep 13 06:19:08Accent Depundent
29th Jun 13 01:57:18Strange Syntax Speaker
29th Apr 13 10:59:39The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
23rd Mar 13 12:40:03Common Knowledge
3rd Feb 13 10:56:30Hakuna Matata
13th Jan 13 11:33:32Film.James Bond
13th Jan 13 10:43:14Film.Skyfall
10th Jan 13 12:39:13Rant Comedy
6th Jan 13 10:36:46Theatre.Les Miserables
5th Jan 13 09:48:38Theatre.Les Miserables
5th Jan 13 08:19:14Theatre.Les Miserables
23rd Dec 12 02:21:53I Wont Say Im Guilty
23rd Dec 12 01:04:30Plea Bargain
23rd Dec 12 12:54:47Plea Bargain
17th Dec 12 09:33:17Video Game.Ogre Battle The March Of The Black Queen
14th Dec 12 07:56:42You Break It You Profit
14th Dec 12 07:42:00Set Bonus
12th Nov 12 09:02:26Cosmic Horror Story
12th Nov 12 08:16:12The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
11th Nov 12 11:14:33Video Game.Ogre Battle The March Of The Black Queen
11th Nov 12 10:53:09Video Game.Ogre Battle The March Of The Black Queen
10th Nov 12 02:14:39Fat Bastard
10th Nov 12 02:00:35Stalker With A Crush
10th Nov 12 01:55:49Stalker With A Crush
10th Nov 12 10:27:57Evil Is Petty
10th Nov 12 09:41:42Master Apprentice Chain
14th Oct 12 02:26:28Unintentional Period Piece
14th Oct 12 12:42:10The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
14th Oct 12 12:34:32The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
14th Oct 12 12:21:12The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
14th Oct 12 12:20:13The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
14th Oct 12 11:00:34Now You Tell Me
13th Oct 12 03:18:43Word Puree Title
13th Oct 12 12:54:36Antagonist Title
13th Oct 12 12:50:24Antagonist Title
6th Oct 12 03:16:44That One Rule
6th Oct 12 03:06:10Headscratchers.Looper
6th Oct 12 03:03:49Headscratchers.Looper
5th Oct 12 10:27:02Headscratchers.Looper
30th Sep 12 10:17:26Dude Not Funny
29th Sep 12 01:17:36Conjoined Twins
16th Sep 12 02:44:46The Metric System Is Here To Stay
16th Sep 12 02:43:47The Metric System Is Here To Stay
16th Sep 12 02:20:18Quietly Performing Sister Show
16th Sep 12 01:42:48Incoming Ham
16th Sep 12 01:30:02Days Of The Week Song
16th Sep 12 01:29:41Days Of The Week Song
16th Sep 12 01:02:57Alternative Number System
16th Sep 12 11:42:18One Woman Song
16th Sep 12 10:01:30Hero Must Survive
15th Sep 12 03:09:05What Do You Mean Its Not Political
15th Sep 12 02:44:39Enforced Plug
15th Sep 12 01:25:25Intermission
9th Sep 12 02:31:12Amoral Attorney
9th Sep 12 12:35:00Inevitable Waterfall
9th Sep 12 11:56:54The Slacker
9th Sep 12 10:43:24Second Verse Curse
8th Sep 12 01:10:34Destination Defenestration
8th Sep 12 12:26:50Actor IS The Title Character
8th Sep 12 08:21:57Win The Crowd
8th Sep 12 07:16:12Film.Planes Trains And Automobiles
6th Sep 12 11:35:31Headscratchers.Prometheus
3rd Sep 12 12:47:41Rape Pillage And Burn
3rd Sep 12 10:10:33The Bards Tale Trilogy
31st Aug 12 12:58:40The Wildcats
31st Aug 12 11:55:02Truck Drivers Gear Change
31st Aug 12 10:29:43Series.How I Met Your Mother
31st Aug 12 08:48:24Bastard Bastard
31st Aug 12 07:34:21Headscratchers.The Island
26th Aug 12 02:33:21Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Film
26th Aug 12 01:58:06Steel Ear Drums
26th Aug 12 12:58:58Aluminum Christmas Trees
25th Aug 12 11:51:47The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
25th Aug 12 11:49:06Suicidal Pacifism
21st Aug 12 03:21:35Everybodys Dead Dave
13th Aug 12 01:02:38Video Game.VVVVVV
12th Aug 12 02:29:30Name Of Cain
12th Aug 12 02:20:04Massive Numbered Siblings
12th Aug 12 01:59:41Alliterative Family
12th Aug 12 01:58:06Alliterative Family
12th Aug 12 01:42:55Fourth Date Marriage
12th Aug 12 01:12:34Cloud Cuckoo Land
12th Aug 12 01:07:23Cloud Cuckoo Land
12th Aug 12 12:21:01The European Carry All
12th Aug 12 11:18:48Duck Season Rabbit Season
29th Jul 12 07:43:36Film.Fatal Instinct
29th Jul 12 02:01:39Sore Loser
28th Jul 12 01:20:45Lady Drunk
28th Jul 12 12:19:04Drink Order
28th Jul 12 11:44:01Make It Look Like An Accident
28th Jul 12 10:53:37Tis Only A Bullet In The Brain
28th Jul 12 09:57:27Video Game.Eternal Sonata
28th Jul 12 09:31:39YMMV.Eternal Sonata
24th Jul 12 01:50:36Tabletop Game.Munchkin
24th Jul 12 01:48:57Tabletop Game.Munchkin
24th Jul 12 01:41:47Tabletop Game.Munchkin
23rd Jul 12 01:09:35The Magic Poker Equation
5th Jul 12 09:56:49Video Game.Persona 4
28th Jun 12 06:38:59Music.ABBA
28th Jun 12 06:11:55Unnecessary Roughness
28th Jun 12 05:44:44Napoleon Bonaparte
28th Jun 12 05:44:12Napoleon Bonaparte
15th Jun 12 12:31:25Pinball Scoring
15th Jun 12 12:14:24Scoring Points
3rd Jun 12 01:01:39Save Game Limits
2nd Jun 12 02:17:39Womens Mysteries
2nd Jun 12 12:48:57Hope Sprouts Eternal
2nd Jun 12 12:47:11Hope Sprouts Eternal
2nd Jun 12 12:33:01Asian Speekee Engrish
2nd Jun 12 11:54:26Asian Store Owner
2nd Jun 12 11:53:39Asian Store Owner
20th May 12 02:03:27Fantastic Religious Weirdness
11th May 12 10:01:42Wanton Cruelty To The Common Comma
11th May 12 09:19:41Immortal Hero
9th May 12 12:40:59Armor Is Useless
6th May 12 01:48:39Common Knowledge
6th May 12 01:46:07Common Knowledge
6th May 12 11:16:18Engaging Conversation
5th May 12 11:55:33Start My Own
4th May 12 12:43:38Sugar Wiki.Sweet Dreams Fuel
4th May 12 12:16:53Never Sleep Again
4th May 12 10:36:52Psycho Supporter
29th Apr 12 01:21:29Clown Car Base
28th Apr 12 02:04:50Unexplained Recovery
27th Apr 12 01:52:11Look On My Works Ye Mighty And Despair
22nd Apr 12 12:02:17Dying Alone
22nd Apr 12 11:48:48Dying Alone
15th Apr 12 01:19:09Literature.Arabian Nights
9th Apr 12 11:16:39We Are Everywhere
7th Apr 12 01:52:43Horrible Judge Of Character
7th Apr 12 11:17:57Whats Up King Dude
25th Mar 12 02:32:26Maximum Fun Chamber
25th Mar 12 02:23:16Airstrip One
25th Mar 12 10:42:40Orgasmic Combat
24th Mar 12 02:54:09Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
24th Mar 12 01:57:59Obvious Rule Patch
24th Mar 12 11:48:44Alter Kocker
18th Mar 12 01:51:08Better Than It Sounds.Film P
18th Mar 12 01:32:10Better Than It Sounds.Film K
18th Mar 12 12:31:54Horrible Hollywood
18th Mar 12 10:48:19Cover Blowing Superpower
17th Mar 12 01:21:15She Is The King
11th Mar 12 01:20:55Beam Me Up Scotty
11th Mar 12 01:16:41Is It Something You Eat
3rd Mar 12 01:50:43Geo Effects
3rd Mar 12 12:13:19Television Geography
3rd Mar 12 12:03:37I Wished You Were Dead
3rd Mar 12 11:45:48We Cannot Go On Without You
3rd Mar 12 11:27:52Valkyrie Profile
3rd Mar 12 10:49:11Valkyrie Profile
2nd Mar 12 12:35:35Arbitrary Maximum Range
2nd Mar 12 12:27:00Slobs Versus Snobs
2nd Mar 12 11:21:27Happy Fun Ball
26th Feb 12 03:16:16Actually Four Mooks
26th Feb 12 01:52:34Measuring The Marigolds
26th Feb 12 01:51:38Measuring The Marigolds
26th Feb 12 10:52:45Literature.Fighting Fantasy
26th Feb 12 10:52:27Literature.Fighting Fantasy
24th Feb 12 10:52:54Surgeons Can Do Autopsies If They Want
17th Feb 12 01:37:39Do Well But Not Perfect
17th Feb 12 11:33:16Author Tract
12th Feb 12 01:09:33In Medias Res
12th Feb 12 12:49:41In Medias Res
10th Feb 12 12:46:37Perpetual Poverty
10th Feb 12 12:00:14Acceptable Hobby Targets
10th Feb 12 11:02:56Geek Reference Pool
10th Feb 12 08:22:29Series Continuity Error
10th Feb 12 07:44:26Blonde Republican Sex Kitten
5th Feb 12 01:37:59Sugar Wiki.Anvils That Needed To Be Dropped
5th Feb 12 01:36:55Sugar Wiki.Anvils That Needed To Be Dropped
5th Feb 12 11:03:19Great Way To Go
4th Feb 12 02:24:45Composers
4th Feb 12 02:11:47Artist Disillusionment
4th Feb 12 01:45:40Magnum Opus
4th Feb 12 01:31:18Magnum Opus
4th Feb 12 01:11:17Radio Friendliness
4th Feb 12 01:03:27Radio Friendliness
3rd Feb 12 01:32:00Protagonist Title Fallacy
29th Jan 12 12:44:45The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
29th Jan 12 11:48:48The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
28th Jan 12 09:24:36And Thats Terrible
20th Jan 12 09:05:57Guys Smash Girls Shoot
20th Jan 12 10:11:55BLAM.Film
20th Jan 12 09:33:37Walk Into Mordor
14th Jan 12 02:40:11Sesquipedalian Smith
14th Jan 12 01:42:33Series.The Addams Family
14th Jan 12 01:40:27Series.The Addams Family
8th Jan 12 01:10:14Shout Out.Leverage
2nd Jan 12 10:36:02The Vicar
2nd Jan 12 10:20:37Shining Force
31st Dec 11 10:29:46I Am Not Leonard Nimoy
31st Dec 11 09:40:19Televisually Transmitted Disease
27th Dec 11 01:33:38Accidentally Accurate
27th Dec 11 10:48:30A Sinister Clue
25th Dec 11 05:39:16Legend Of Legaia
21st Dec 11 01:30:41Acronym Confusion
21st Dec 11 12:04:57What Did You Expect When You Named It
21st Dec 11 10:52:12Gullible Lemmings
21st Dec 11 10:22:10Bizarre And Improbable Golf Game
21st Dec 11 10:17:08Centipedes Dilemma
21st Dec 11 09:22:31Achievements In Ignorance
20th Dec 11 02:08:50Demonization
19th Dec 11 11:43:48Overrated And Underleveled
19th Dec 11 09:45:44Instant Expert
19th Dec 11 09:29:09Instant Expert
18th Dec 11 11:10:39Americans Hate Tingle
17th Dec 11 02:11:39Unfortunate Character Design
17th Dec 11 09:12:40Memetic Molester
15th Dec 11 11:17:51Magnum Opus Dissonance
13th Dec 11 10:36:57Passion Play
13th Dec 11 10:14:53Tear Jerker.Classical Music
13th Dec 11 10:09:19Tear Jerker.Music
13th Dec 11 03:03:12Praising Shows You Dont Watch
12th Dec 11 02:34:42Mating Dance
11th Dec 11 01:05:05What The Hell Is That Accent
7th Dec 11 09:53:10We Wait
4th Dec 11 02:35:13Magic Wand
4th Dec 11 02:18:24Magic Wand
4th Dec 11 01:18:06The Far Side
4th Dec 11 11:50:47Forgets To Eat
3rd Dec 11 12:35:33Bad Is Good And Good Is Bad
26th Nov 11 01:42:47Fatal Instinct
26th Nov 11 01:20:49Do Wrong Right
26th Nov 11 12:54:46Angrish
23rd Nov 11 08:24:05RP Gs Equal Combat
23rd Nov 11 05:38:41Useful Notes.Canada
13th Nov 11 12:24:25Property Of Love
11th Nov 11 01:15:49Near Villain Victory
11th Nov 11 11:25:44Born Detective
10th Nov 11 08:41:35Suspiciously Small Army
6th Nov 11 03:24:03Wag The Director
1st Nov 11 03:37:28Mike Nelson Destroyer Of Worlds
30th Oct 11 01:03:53Law And Order Criminal Intent
30th Oct 11 12:19:42Doing In The Wizard
30th Oct 11 12:04:23Wayne And Shuster
30th Oct 11 12:02:49Wayne And Shuster
30th Oct 11 12:00:24Wayne And Shuster
30th Oct 11 11:49:30Wayne And Shuster
29th Oct 11 11:59:02A Pirate 400 Years Too Late
26th Oct 11 01:12:28Prison Rape
23rd Oct 11 11:11:47Useful Notes.The Golden Rule
22nd Oct 11 07:27:43Acting In The Dark
10th Oct 11 01:25:05Music.Stan Rogers
10th Oct 11 01:24:24Music.Stan Rogers
10th Oct 11 12:32:54Wangst
10th Oct 11 11:59:35Wangst
10th Oct 11 11:01:02Music.Stan Rogers
10th Oct 11 10:33:22Music.Stan Rogers
10th Oct 11 10:19:24Music.Stan Rogers
10th Oct 11 10:09:27Drinking On Duty
9th Oct 11 01:39:56Stairs Are Faster
9th Oct 11 11:18:51Shallow Parody
4th Oct 11 12:15:25Short Bus
4th Oct 11 12:12:02Brains And Bondage
3rd Oct 11 10:16:23Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
3rd Oct 11 09:55:26Shout Out.Scott Pilgrim
2nd Oct 11 01:52:47Good Adultery Bad Adultery
2nd Oct 11 01:52:12Good Adultery Bad Adultery
25th Sep 11 01:12:08Night Court
24th Sep 11 11:13:58The Teaser
24th Sep 11 09:12:02The Addams Family
24th Sep 11 08:56:35The Addams Family
24th Sep 11 08:47:43The Addams Family
24th Sep 11 08:41:35The Addams Family
24th Sep 11 08:28:55Rule Of Sean Connery
16th Sep 11 01:09:40Tactics Ogre
15th Sep 11 01:40:57Gossipy Hens
15th Sep 11 01:36:04Gossipy Hens
15th Sep 11 12:13:18Hey You