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13th Jun 17 01:27:50Verbal Tic.Music
1st Dec 16 01:24:45Replacement Scrappy
1st Dec 16 01:24:10Replacement Scrappy
22nd Sep 16 10:16:55Crunchtastic
26th May 16 04:44:42Erotic Eating
16th Nov 15 05:00:04Funny.Hamilton
13th Nov 15 07:54:53Funny.Hamilton
30th Sep 15 06:53:21Funny.The Batman
29th Sep 15 07:24:23Useful Notes.American Accents
27th Sep 15 07:34:31YMMV.Alex Rider
24th Sep 15 06:42:19The Cast Showoff
24th Sep 15 06:41:58The Cast Showoff
21st Jul 15 03:29:51Funny.MASH
13th Jul 15 12:08:45American Accents
12th Jul 15 07:58:45Poirot Speak
28th May 15 11:27:46Funny.Game Of Thrones
17th Nov 14 12:38:15Memes.Literature
28th Jul 14 09:41:13Grin Of Audacity
28th Jul 14 09:40:40Grin Of Audacity
4th Jul 14 10:52:37Oop North
24th Jun 14 11:35:41Facial Dialogue
23rd Jun 14 07:47:48Nightmare Fuel.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
15th Jun 14 10:23:04Awesome.Game Of Thrones
7th May 14 03:02:13Celebrity Paradox.Anime And Manga
7th May 14 02:59:53Celebrity Paradox.Anime And Manga
20th Apr 14 07:24:48Word Schmord
15th Apr 14 12:28:41Unexplained Accent
12th Apr 14 09:31:12Film.Love Exposure
11th Apr 14 09:06:16Film.Love Exposure
25th Mar 14 11:55:24Narm.Music
17th Mar 14 08:43:08Fountain Of Memes
1st Jun 13 05:37:20WMG.Star Trek Into Darkness
11th Mar 13 03:34:01Woolseyism.Anime
6th Mar 13 06:29:39Win The Crowd
29th Jan 13 09:32:37Lantern Jaw Of Justice
12th Jan 13 09:45:17Breakaway Pop Hit
12th Jan 13 03:35:45Narm.Theater
11th Jan 13 10:40:30Hochu Otsuka
11th Jan 13 03:41:07Fridge.The Lord Of The Rings
9th Dec 12 07:51:32Fan Nickname.Anime
28th Nov 12 03:07:59Yoji Ueda
28th Nov 12 03:07:46Yoji Ueda
28th Nov 12 03:07:28Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 1
28th Nov 12 03:07:11Yoji Ueda
12th Sep 12 02:14:20Large Ham.Theater
29th Jul 12 01:34:38Straight Man
23rd Jul 12 09:25:49Fridge.Mash
22nd Jul 12 11:28:38Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
22nd Jul 12 10:37:47Awesome.Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker
22nd Jul 12 09:32:42Jump Super Stars
21st Jul 12 06:43:29Woolseyism.Anime
21st Jul 12 04:04:40Dub Name Change
15th Jul 12 11:51:14Fridge.The Shawshank Redemption
15th Jul 12 11:50:52Fridge.The Shawshank Redemption
4th Jul 12 07:33:02Fridge.Kamen Rider Fourze
24th Jun 12 04:11:15Talking To Himself
13th Jun 12 07:39:11Manga.Rokudenashi Blues
11th Jun 12 11:26:09Narm.Music
6th Jun 12 07:17:33Manga.Rokudenashi Blues
8th Apr 12 04:00:06Characters.Rurouni Kenshin
26th Mar 12 08:07:38Manga.Rokudenashi Blues
5th Mar 12 04:48:37Manga.Cage Of Eden
15th Feb 12 11:14:49Clean Dub Name
9th Feb 12 12:29:01Romeo Et Juliette De La Haine A Lamour
2nd Jan 12 07:24:42Manga.Ushio And Tora
26th Dec 11 06:52:36Kamen Rider Fourze
17th Nov 11 03:39:04Small Role Big Impact
17th Nov 11 03:38:11Small Role Big Impact
2nd Oct 11 02:12:59One Piece.Tropes K-P
2nd Oct 11 01:11:49One Two Three Four Go
15th Sep 11 07:14:31Beck