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15th Jan 18 06:20:13Franchise.Green Lantern
15th Jan 18 06:19:22Franchise.Green Lantern
15th Jan 18 01:09:03I Made Copies
15th Jan 18 01:06:00I Made Copies
15th Jan 18 01:05:12Recap.Babylon Five S 04 E 21 Rising Star
15th Jan 18 12:59:23I Made Copies
15th Jan 18 12:36:37I Made Copies
15th Jan 18 12:11:50Video Game.Homeworld
15th Jan 18 11:54:27Dyson Sphere
13th Jan 18 06:44:13Fanfic.A Crown Of Stars
13th Jan 18 06:38:45Fanfic.A Crown Of Stars
13th Jan 18 06:36:25Fanfic.A Crown Of Stars
9th Jan 18 06:43:11Geek Reference Pool
7th Jan 18 11:17:15Film.The Martian
6th Jan 18 10:44:05Tabletop Game.Space 1889
4th Jan 18 08:38:05Literature.The Flight Engineer
3rd Jan 18 12:30:43Pensieve Flashback
2nd Jan 18 11:34:15No Mac Guffin No Winner
28th Dec 17 06:42:32Stargate S G1.M To R
28th Dec 17 06:19:16Stargate S G1.M To R
28th Dec 17 06:14:18Readings Blew Up The Scale
25th Dec 17 11:51:17Film.The Last Jedi
25th Dec 17 09:33:22Open Says Me
24th Dec 17 08:17:37Obstructive Foreground
24th Dec 17 08:11:56Video Game.Cuphead
22nd Dec 17 02:28:08Film.The Last Jedi
22nd Dec 17 02:25:06Film.The Last Jedi
22nd Dec 17 01:18:59Video Game.Knights Of The Old Republic II The Sith Lords
22nd Dec 17 01:14:46Vader Breath
22nd Dec 17 01:11:40Vader Breath
22nd Dec 17 12:31:10Vader Breath
22nd Dec 17 12:20:40Film.The Last Jedi
22nd Dec 17 11:00:34Franchise.Green Lantern
20th Dec 17 05:48:51Justice League.Tropes A To L
20th Dec 17 05:35:25Justice League.Tropes A To L
20th Dec 17 11:11:14Justice League.Tropes A To L
18th Dec 17 03:54:46Cavemen Vs Astronauts Debate
17th Dec 17 11:20:07They Look Just Like Everyone Else
17th Dec 17 11:12:28Literature.Hurog
16th Dec 17 08:42:07Justice League.Tropes A To L
16th Dec 17 08:22:41Western Animation.Superfriends
16th Dec 17 08:19:03Creator.Maria Canals Barrera
16th Dec 17 06:17:20Quiet Cry For Help
16th Dec 17 06:13:38Quiet Cry For Help
16th Dec 17 05:46:17Cats Hate Water
16th Dec 17 08:01:19Series.Jean Claude Van Johnson
15th Dec 17 04:04:09Memory Gambit
15th Dec 17 03:56:40Memory Gambit
15th Dec 17 10:06:43Transferable Memory
13th Dec 17 05:52:47Anime.Code Geass
13th Dec 17 09:46:25Anime.Code Geass
12th Dec 17 03:38:29Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
12th Dec 17 03:37:46Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
11th Dec 17 11:38:20Western Animation.Shrek
11th Dec 17 11:18:15Wasnt That Fun
9th Dec 17 02:00:12Fantastic Fragility
9th Dec 17 01:40:41Anime.Read Or Die
9th Dec 17 01:40:22Anime.Read Or Die
9th Dec 17 01:38:14Anime.Read Or Die
8th Dec 17 06:48:23Soft Water
8th Dec 17 06:36:22Soft Water
8th Dec 17 06:34:20Soft Water
8th Dec 17 05:39:34Soft Water
5th Dec 17 10:31:12Time Travel
5th Dec 17 10:25:34Time Travel
2nd Dec 17 03:21:24Heartwarming.Justice League 2017
1st Dec 17 10:32:26Time Travel
29th Nov 17 08:16:27Logic Bomb
29th Nov 17 07:49:20Logic Bomb
26th Nov 17 10:37:44Headscratchers.Cuphead
26th Nov 17 10:31:18Headscratchers.Cuphead
26th Nov 17 07:41:08Worlds Smallest Violin
25th Nov 17 11:57:15Trial By Friendly Fire
23rd Nov 17 06:56:02Cue The Flying Pigs
23rd Nov 17 02:57:13Technology Marches On.Computers
22nd Nov 17 11:41:51Technology Marches On
18th Nov 17 03:35:04Ascended Glitch
18th Nov 17 02:53:56The Bet
18th Nov 17 02:53:46The Bet
12th Nov 17 04:16:25We Wait
9th Nov 17 04:49:21And The Adventure Continues
9th Nov 17 04:46:01Literature.Pay Me Bug
9th Nov 17 04:32:52The Commies Made Me Do It
7th Nov 17 09:50:06Literature.Pay Me Bug
7th Nov 17 09:48:45She Is The King
7th Nov 17 09:44:33She Is The King
7th Nov 17 09:43:52Literature.Pay Me Bug
7th Nov 17 09:41:50She Is The King
5th Nov 17 08:50:06Literature.Pay Me Bug
5th Nov 17 08:48:58Literature.Pay Me Bug
5th Nov 17 08:48:05Literature.Pay Me Bug
20th Oct 17 09:10:07Word Salad Title
20th Oct 17 09:07:42Literature.Pay Me Bug
20th Oct 17 06:08:42The Wrongful Heir To The Throne
20th Oct 17 05:59:44Literature.Pay Me Bug
20th Oct 17 05:56:24Inheritance Murder
20th Oct 17 05:48:23Inadequate Inheritor
20th Oct 17 05:45:48Nuke Em
20th Oct 17 05:45:48Nuke Em
20th Oct 17 05:45:32Nuke Em
20th Oct 17 05:22:39Cloning Blues
20th Oct 17 05:17:20Literature.Pay Me Bug
20th Oct 17 11:42:07Break His Heart To Save Him
20th Oct 17 11:06:23Gameplay And Story Segregation
20th Oct 17 10:59:11Gameplay And Story Segregation
20th Oct 17 09:25:46Tabletop Game.Neuroshima
15th Oct 17 01:42:33Manga.No Matter How I Look At It Its You Guys Fault Im Not Popular
9th Oct 17 11:22:55Western Animation.Wonder Woman 2009
8th Oct 17 11:17:43Samurai Jack.Tropes Season 5
8th Oct 17 10:49:25Samurai Jack.Tropes Season 5
6th Oct 17 11:16:30Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
4th Oct 17 10:04:39Webcomic.Freefall
4th Oct 17 09:59:55Brain Computer Interface
3rd Oct 17 08:09:36Running Gagged
3rd Oct 17 11:12:13Brain Computer Interface
3rd Oct 17 11:11:01Brain Computer Interface
3rd Oct 17 11:09:58Brain Computer Interface
3rd Oct 17 11:00:03Brain Computer Interface
2nd Oct 17 08:10:39Instant Sedation
2nd Oct 17 08:07:10Knockout Gas
2nd Oct 17 07:58:23Literature.Curveball
2nd Oct 17 07:46:09One Dose Fits All
2nd Oct 17 07:30:45One Dose Fits All
2nd Oct 17 02:47:55Tear Jerker.Batman
30th Sep 17 06:09:41Method Acting
30th Sep 17 05:53:14Bait And Switch Comparison
30th Sep 17 05:37:45Seemingly Profound Fool
30th Sep 17 02:51:39Leave The Camera Running
16th Sep 17 09:35:19You Shouldnt Know This Already
16th Sep 17 01:29:06Series.Star Trek Discovery
15th Sep 17 03:00:14Impostor Exposing Test
15th Sep 17 02:31:22Film.X Men 1
15th Sep 17 02:23:58Film.X Men 1
15th Sep 17 01:37:53Humans Are Ugly
13th Sep 17 07:17:07Baby Carriage
13th Sep 17 10:36:05Fingore
12th Sep 17 10:04:49The Three Trials
11th Sep 17 08:16:28Never Heard That One Before
11th Sep 17 08:14:50Never Heard That One Before
1st Sep 17 11:27:53Trust Building Blunder
30th Aug 17 03:48:35Fan Fic.The Conversion Bureau
27th Aug 17 09:13:43Video Game.Pyre
25th Aug 17 10:43:35Webcomic.Thespiphobia
25th Aug 17 10:37:10Never Heard That One Before
25th Aug 17 08:01:12I Can See My House From Here
22nd Aug 17 09:57:18Western Animation.The LEGO Movie
18th Aug 17 12:12:53Time Travel Tense Trouble
18th Aug 17 12:00:37Film.Donnie Darko
17th Aug 17 11:53:48Film.Donnie Darko
17th Aug 17 10:32:05But He Sounds Handsome
12th Aug 17 11:05:12Video Game.Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice
12th Aug 17 07:14:39Western Animation.The LEGO Movie
11th Aug 17 10:53:59Video Game.Mr Do
4th Aug 17 11:22:43Literature.The Testament Of Jessie Lamb
4th Aug 17 10:06:23Western Animation.Justice League Gods And Monsters
28th Jul 17 04:51:21Animation Age Ghetto
26th Jul 17 05:23:53Running Gag.Webcomics
26th Jul 17 05:21:11Running Gag.Webcomics
21st Jul 17 11:42:19Line Of Sight Name
21st Jul 17 11:41:23Fanfic.Blue Sky
21st Jul 17 09:23:32Fanfic.Blue Sky
21st Jul 17 09:19:11Fanfic.Blue Sky
19th Jul 17 11:01:17YMMV.Sintel
19th Jul 17 10:59:31Western Animation.Sintel
19th Jul 17 10:52:43Western Animation.Sintel
18th Jul 17 02:35:18Pick On Someone Your Own Size
18th Jul 17 10:37:31Recap.Babylon Five S 01 E 02 Soul Hunter
18th Jul 17 10:00:35Literature.Pride And Prejudice And Zombies
14th Jul 17 09:29:52It Works Better With Bullets
14th Jul 17 08:57:05Not With The Safety On You Wont
13th Jul 17 12:39:58Kicked Upstairs
13th Jul 17 10:01:18Website.Ad Turds
12th Jul 17 11:51:16Driving Stick
12th Jul 17 07:55:24Hard Mode Perks
11th Jul 17 02:47:54Fan Fic.Ghost Boy
10th Jul 17 06:00:42Shouting Shooter
8th Jul 17 08:23:45Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes Q To Z
8th Jul 17 08:18:12Slipknot Ponytail
8th Jul 17 06:59:10Double Speak
5th Jul 17 10:36:59The Milky Way Is The Only Way
5th Jul 17 10:25:28The Milky Way Is The Only Way
5th Jul 17 09:39:51Shame If Something Happened
4th Jul 17 08:29:39Literature.Citizen Of The Galaxy
27th Jun 17 06:19:51Film.Wonder Woman 2017
27th Jun 17 06:18:25Film.Wonder Woman 2017
26th Jun 17 03:33:46Youngest Child Wins
26th Jun 17 03:26:17Comicbook.Brave Chef Brianna
25th Jun 17 07:04:38Look On My Works Ye Mighty And Despair
24th Jun 17 08:16:46Not Safe For Work
24th Jun 17 08:15:53Webcomic.Curtailed
24th Jun 17 08:15:05Webcomic.Curtailed
23rd Jun 17 06:18:19Webcomic.Schlock Mercenary
22nd Jun 17 10:31:21Wiki.The Wanderers Library
22nd Jun 17 09:44:04Wiki.The Wanderers Library
21st Jun 17 10:10:26A Year And A Day
20th Jun 17 03:53:34Film.Sunshine
20th Jun 17 03:20:56Not Safe For Work
20th Jun 17 03:16:15Webcomic.Curtailed
17th Jun 17 06:02:53SCP Foundation.Tropes A To D
17th Jun 17 05:19:05SCP Foundation.Tropes A To D
15th Jun 17 09:54:08Sex Shifter
9th Jun 17 12:48:48Light Bulb Joke
9th Jun 17 12:33:02Light Bulb Joke
9th Jun 17 11:54:37Justice League.Tropes A To L
9th Jun 17 11:47:13Justice League.Tropes A To L
9th Jun 17 11:41:06Justice League.Tropes A To L
9th Jun 17 11:21:08Justice League.Tropes A To L
9th Jun 17 11:17:53Justice League.Tropes A To L
9th Jun 17 11:13:23Justice League.Tropes A To L
8th Jun 17 03:59:46SCP Foundation.Tropes A To D
6th Jun 17 05:05:15Fanon
5th Jun 17 02:12:52Wake Up Go To School Save The World
5th Jun 17 02:01:24Data Crystal
5th Jun 17 08:16:33Mars Wants Chocolate
3rd Jun 17 11:55:18If You Die I Call Your Stuff
3rd Jun 17 11:43:55If You Die I Call Your Stuff
3rd Jun 17 11:29:58If You Die I Call Your Stuff
3rd Jun 17 11:06:46Platonic Declaration Of Love
3rd Jun 17 11:03:32Disney.Zootopia
3rd Jun 17 12:29:09Gravity Is A Harsh Mistress
1st Jun 17 02:53:11Locked Into Strangeness
1st Jun 17 02:28:18Western Animation.Megas XLR
1st Jun 17 02:09:22Western Animation.Megas XLR
31st May 17 02:24:08Web Video.History Of The Entire World I Guess
30th May 17 02:40:44Boom Stick
30th May 17 09:32:50Fear Of Thunder
30th May 17 09:16:40Shock And Awe
30th May 17 09:08:32Literature.Sword Of Truth
27th May 17 09:09:45Solid Gold Poop
27th May 17 09:08:36Solid Gold Poop
27th May 17 08:58:32Gorgeous Gorgon
27th May 17 08:58:08Gorgeous Gorgon
27th May 17 08:10:16Gorgeous Gorgon
27th May 17 08:00:21Literature.Great Ship
27th May 17 06:49:23Humans Through Alien Eyes
27th May 17 06:30:50Humans Through Alien Eyes
27th May 17 05:11:31Literature.The Damned
27th May 17 04:49:49Video Game.Deadlock
27th May 17 04:39:09Fanfic.Mesozoic Effect
26th May 17 09:08:11Shed Armor Gain Speed
26th May 17 09:57:35White Collar Worker
25th May 17 12:17:53They Look Like Us Now
25th May 17 12:10:10Webcomic.Sword Princess Amaltea
25th May 17 12:00:21Babylon Five.Tropes A To H
25th May 17 11:52:19Babylon Five.Tropes A To H
23rd May 17 11:41:07Istanbul Not Constantinople
22nd May 17 10:42:07Bridge Logic
22nd May 17 10:19:30Music.POD
18th May 17 12:21:42Required Secondary Powers.Web Original
17th May 17 10:12:13Film.The Three Stooges
16th May 17 10:02:41Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes A To H
16th May 17 09:54:33Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes A To H
16th May 17 09:51:30Air Aided Acrobatics
13th May 17 03:39:37Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 03:36:58Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 03:28:50Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 03:25:05Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 03:19:46Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 03:17:23Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 03:13:17Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 03:00:33Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 02:55:15Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 02:54:20Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 02:52:54Literature.Journey To Chaos
13th May 17 02:46:53Property Of Love
13th May 17 02:42:01Property Of Love
9th May 17 08:41:09Manga.Pilot Candidate
8th May 17 01:45:23Funny.Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
8th May 17 07:59:56Web Video.Cinema Sins
7th May 17 07:25:41Surprise Check Mate
6th May 17 10:49:32Web Video.Cinema Sins
6th May 17 10:45:39Web Video.Cinema Sins
6th May 17 10:44:05Web Video.Cinema Sins
6th May 17 10:15:06Web Video.Cinema Sins
4th May 17 02:14:16Unkempt Beauty
3rd May 17 02:45:03Attack On Titan.Tropes G To L
2nd May 17 11:41:23Crazy Survivalist
2nd May 17 09:57:51Literature.Newsflesh
2nd May 17 08:50:27Transformation Name Announcement
2nd May 17 08:48:54Transformation Name Announcement
2nd May 17 08:43:59Motivated By Fear
1st May 17 01:36:04Forgot About The Mind Reader
29th Apr 17 09:52:17Raised Lighter Tribute
29th Apr 17 09:12:11Film.Tromeo And Juliet
29th Apr 17 07:47:51Actually Pretty Funny
29th Apr 17 07:16:26High On Catnip
29th Apr 17 01:01:44Actually Pretty Funny
29th Apr 17 12:50:12Actually Pretty Funny
29th Apr 17 12:28:03Actually Pretty Funny
29th Apr 17 12:24:08Actually Pretty Funny
28th Apr 17 06:24:26Crazy People Play Chess
27th Apr 17 11:00:44Defiant Stone Throw
25th Apr 17 10:22:58Justice League.Tropes A To L
25th Apr 17 10:17:44Justice League.Tropes A To L
25th Apr 17 09:22:50Instant Roast
24th Apr 17 11:50:51Film.Audition
22nd Apr 17 11:39:44Summon Backup Dancers
20th Apr 17 01:37:43Science Is Bad
20th Apr 17 12:20:17Anime.Arrietty
20th Apr 17 11:24:39Skeptic No Longer
20th Apr 17 11:24:39Skeptic No Longer
20th Apr 17 11:21:12Skeptic No Longer
18th Apr 17 03:14:04Expospeak Gag
18th Apr 17 02:02:52Dummied Out
18th Apr 17 02:01:37Dummied Out
18th Apr 17 01:44:57Springs Springs Everywhere
18th Apr 17 01:33:36Expospeak Gag
18th Apr 17 11:33:05Fireballs
18th Apr 17 11:30:51Pie Eyed
18th Apr 17 10:10:54With Catlike Tread
18th Apr 17 08:55:23When Life Gives You Lemons
18th Apr 17 08:19:54Western Animation.Hoodwinked
18th Apr 17 08:15:34Western Animation.Hoodwinked
18th Apr 17 07:58:18Western Animation.Hoodwinked
18th Apr 17 07:54:45Western Animation.Hoodwinked
17th Apr 17 11:48:58Fantastic Aesop
17th Apr 17 11:24:38Fantastic Aesop
14th Apr 17 02:05:00Western Animation.Batman Bad Blood
14th Apr 17 08:38:29Funny.Cowboy Bebop
13th Apr 17 01:56:01Window Love
10th Apr 17 11:29:50Loved I Not Honor More
10th Apr 17 10:29:40Born In The Theatre
10th Apr 17 10:02:26Born In The Theatre
9th Apr 17 12:44:24Characters.Moana
8th Apr 17 11:53:19Characters.Moana
8th Apr 17 04:31:27Meddling Parents
5th Apr 17 10:16:40Funny.FLCL
4th Apr 17 03:25:18Headscratchers.Moana
4th Apr 17 12:13:19Videogame.Subnautica
4th Apr 17 09:42:20Literature.Bas Lag Cycle
4th Apr 17 09:31:47Literature.Perdido Street Station
3rd Apr 17 10:14:50Headscratchers.Three Worlds Collide
3rd Apr 17 08:32:45Hakuna Matata
2nd Apr 17 11:48:50Headscratchers.Moana
2nd Apr 17 11:43:02Headscratchers.Moana
2nd Apr 17 11:14:59Headscratchers.Moana
2nd Apr 17 11:13:42Headscratchers.Moana
2nd Apr 17 11:13:16Headscratchers.Moana
2nd Apr 17 11:08:33Fridge.Moana
2nd Apr 17 10:58:45Characters.Moana
2nd Apr 17 10:35:09Characters.Moana
2nd Apr 17 10:28:55Reports Of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated
2nd Apr 17 10:15:39Characters.Moana
2nd Apr 17 06:51:03Characters.Moana
2nd Apr 17 06:05:41Improvised Zipline
2nd Apr 17 06:05:21Improvised Zipline
1st Apr 17 11:51:40Video Game.Oxygen Not Included
30th Mar 17 09:45:03Disney.Wreck It Ralph
30th Mar 17 09:42:46Disney.Wreck It Ralph
30th Mar 17 09:22:38Disney.Wreck It Ralph
30th Mar 17 11:15:40Disney.Zootopia
30th Mar 17 11:10:58Disney.Zootopia
28th Mar 17 01:30:02Agitated Item Stomping
28th Mar 17 11:26:16Improvised Microgravity Maneuvering
28th Mar 17 10:33:57Out Of Time Out Of Mind
28th Mar 17 09:23:32The Tape Knew You Would Say That
28th Mar 17 09:04:42Talking With Signs
28th Mar 17 08:45:52Theatre.Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
27th Mar 17 11:04:52Music.Mystery Skulls
27th Mar 17 10:58:25Sympathetic Magic
27th Mar 17 10:57:25Sympathetic Magic
27th Mar 17 08:58:36Bullet Proof Vest
27th Mar 17 08:50:42Literature.Curveball
27th Mar 17 08:49:29Literature.Curveball
27th Mar 17 08:28:42Webcomic.Professor Amazing And The Incredible Golden Fox
25th Mar 17 11:40:49Disney.Moana
25th Mar 17 11:38:53Disney.Moana
25th Mar 17 11:38:15Plank Gag
25th Mar 17 08:48:48No Talking Or Phones Warning
25th Mar 17 09:32:03Failed A Spot Check
24th Mar 17 10:12:29Comic Book.Identity Crisis
23rd Mar 17 11:34:52Funny.Power Rangers 2017
23rd Mar 17 12:12:11GPS Evidence
23rd Mar 17 11:45:11GPS Evidence
23rd Mar 17 11:14:37Video Game.Star Control
23rd Mar 17 11:10:21Immune To Mind Control
23rd Mar 17 11:09:14Immune To Mind Control
23rd Mar 17 11:04:39Video Game.Star Control
23rd Mar 17 10:47:07Video Game.Star Control
23rd Mar 17 10:40:28Immune To Mind Control
23rd Mar 17 10:29:57Immune To Mind Control
23rd Mar 17 09:13:01From The Mouths Of Babes
21st Mar 17 10:09:40Kansas City Shuffle
20th Mar 17 11:16:53Humans Are Warriors
20th Mar 17 11:07:30Trivia.The Last Starfighter
20th Mar 17 10:59:10Quotes.The Last Starfighter
20th Mar 17 09:30:11Crazy Cultural Comparison
20th Mar 17 09:20:17Crazy Cultural Comparison
20th Mar 17 09:16:39Crazy Cultural Comparison
20th Mar 17 01:08:36Webcomic.Crimson Dark
20th Mar 17 12:42:33Home By Christmas
20th Mar 17 12:40:13Webcomic.Crimson Dark
16th Mar 17 10:25:14Winged Humanoid
16th Mar 17 03:06:09Cue Card Pause
16th Mar 17 02:55:30Wire Dilemma
16th Mar 17 02:28:36Wire Dilemma
16th Mar 17 02:23:36Wire Dilemma
16th Mar 17 10:12:49Funny.Moana
16th Mar 17 10:11:54Funny.Moana
15th Mar 17 11:10:29Disney.Moana