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30th Oct 14 03:28:23White Dwarf Starlet
30th Oct 14 03:25:01The Flapper
30th Oct 14 02:23:08Im Not Here To Make Friends
29th Oct 14 02:56:51What Did You Expect When You Named It
28th Oct 14 07:30:28Fun With Acronyms.Real Life
28th Oct 14 07:12:35Eagleland
27th Oct 14 04:05:33Series.Gotham
26th Oct 14 10:34:41Series.Hells Kitchen
26th Oct 14 10:17:08Series.Hells Kitchen
25th Oct 14 11:07:51This Page Will Self Destruct
22nd Oct 14 12:05:18Cloning Blues
21st Oct 14 11:37:50You Know What You Did
19th Oct 14 04:56:29Disney.Wreck It Ralph
19th Oct 14 03:13:40Dangerous Device Disposal Debacle
19th Oct 14 03:04:20Unnecessarily Large Interior
18th Oct 14 09:27:21Manga.A Certain Scientific Railgun
18th Oct 14 06:38:38Analogy Backfire
18th Oct 14 06:32:34You Cant Miss It
18th Oct 14 10:48:25Series.Firefly
7th Oct 14 01:17:15Handsplay In Theater
7th Oct 14 01:16:50Handsplay In Theater
6th Oct 14 04:02:36Literature.The Inverted World
6th Oct 14 08:21:44Anime.Last Exile
6th Oct 14 08:01:23Lying Finger Cross
4th Oct 14 01:53:19Eats Babies
4th Oct 14 12:44:17Talking With Signs
3rd Oct 14 11:57:40Dissimile
3rd Oct 14 02:24:07Eyebrows Burned Off
3rd Oct 14 02:10:14Characters.Myth Busters
3rd Oct 14 02:08:36Forgets To Eat
3rd Oct 14 01:59:34Characters.Myth Busters
3rd Oct 14 01:49:09Funny.Dirty Jobs
3rd Oct 14 01:25:40Taught By Television
3rd Oct 14 01:06:33Series.Myth Busters
3rd Oct 14 11:44:33Series.Myth Busters
1st Oct 14 11:56:49Ret Gone
1st Oct 14 11:21:25Ret Gone
1st Oct 14 11:18:26Ret Gone
29th Sep 14 12:36:37Moving The Goalposts
27th Sep 14 03:20:22Video Game.Limbo
27th Sep 14 03:15:41Video Game.Limbo
26th Sep 14 12:49:06Useful Notes.Gun Safety
26th Sep 14 12:20:22Literature.Curveball
26th Sep 14 12:06:09Literature.Curveball
25th Sep 14 11:51:28Living Lie Detector
25th Sep 14 11:11:23Literature.Curveball
25th Sep 14 10:55:29Webcomic.Homestuck
25th Sep 14 09:44:40I Meant To Do That
25th Sep 14 09:23:13Literature.Curveball
25th Sep 14 09:12:32Unaccustomed As I Am To Public Speaking
25th Sep 14 03:10:19Literature.Johnny Maxwell Trilogy
25th Sep 14 03:09:00Literature.Johnny Maxwell Trilogy
25th Sep 14 02:44:06Series.Deadliest Catch
24th Sep 14 09:28:51Captain Patriotic
24th Sep 14 09:18:46Hollywood Silencer
24th Sep 14 08:47:50Sunglasses At Night
24th Sep 14 08:38:14Literature.Curveball
24th Sep 14 01:09:16Shape Shifter Showdown
23rd Sep 14 11:44:22Mundangerous
23rd Sep 14 11:41:41Mundangerous
23rd Sep 14 10:17:44Multiple Head Case
23rd Sep 14 10:10:33Multiple Head Case
23rd Sep 14 09:59:00Create Your Own Villain
23rd Sep 14 12:20:05Daddy System
23rd Sep 14 12:13:39Damn You Muscle Memory
22nd Sep 14 12:05:35Congruent Memory
21st Sep 14 11:38:17Bank Toaster
21st Sep 14 11:32:03Barely Missed Cushion
21st Sep 14 10:41:56Blog.What If
19th Sep 14 12:36:54Modulation
18th Sep 14 07:08:56Self Destruct Mechanism
18th Sep 14 01:07:18Self Destruct Mechanism
18th Sep 14 12:56:16You Can Panic Now
18th Sep 14 12:50:50You Can Panic Now
18th Sep 14 10:55:00Couch Gag.Western Animation
18th Sep 14 10:43:54Couch Gag.Western Animation
18th Sep 14 10:42:58Couch Gag.Western Animation
16th Sep 14 07:14:15Crying Indian
16th Sep 14 09:27:22Out Of Time Out Of Mind
14th Sep 14 05:34:22Headscratchers.Rise Of The Guardians
14th Sep 14 04:50:18Comic Book.Red Tornado
13th Sep 14 01:28:55Western Animation.Pixar Shorts
12th Sep 14 10:58:23Buzzing The Deck
12th Sep 14 10:47:54Western Animation.Talespin
12th Sep 14 09:07:42Dramatic Alien VTOL
12th Sep 14 09:02:02Western Animation.Pixar Shorts
12th Sep 14 01:36:28Westernanimation.Monstersinc
12th Sep 14 01:15:52Epic Fail.Live Action TV
12th Sep 14 01:11:47Epic Fail.Live Action TV
12th Sep 14 12:18:00Babylon Five.Tropes Q To Z
12th Sep 14 12:13:41Babylon Five.Tropes Q To Z
11th Sep 14 11:41:20AB Negative
11th Sep 14 11:29:32AB Negative
11th Sep 14 11:05:16Series.True Blood
11th Sep 14 06:19:49Crack Defeat
10th Sep 14 12:23:57Series.True Blood
10th Sep 14 10:06:42Series.True Blood
10th Sep 14 08:40:49AB Negative
10th Sep 14 08:24:00AB Negative
9th Sep 14 07:51:28Crack Defeat
9th Sep 14 04:22:37Recap.Babylon Five S 04 E 06 Into The Fire
9th Sep 14 04:13:33It Has Only Just Begun
9th Sep 14 12:47:12Financial Abuse
9th Sep 14 09:38:54Epic Fail.Fanfiction
9th Sep 14 02:16:35Epic Fail.Web Comics
9th Sep 14 01:32:55Dark Horse Victory
9th Sep 14 01:31:17Dark Horse Victory
7th Sep 14 06:33:44You Have Researched Breathing
7th Sep 14 06:17:49Wound That Will Not Heal
7th Sep 14 06:12:19Wound That Will Not Heal
5th Sep 14 02:32:00Well See About That
3rd Sep 14 11:56:34Awesome.Justice League
3rd Sep 14 10:43:50Trespassing To Talk
3rd Sep 14 10:16:18Anime.Suiseinogargantia
3rd Sep 14 10:07:29Anime.Suiseinogargantia
3rd Sep 14 10:00:26Recoil Boost
3rd Sep 14 12:17:10Cant You Read The Sign
3rd Sep 14 12:12:09Cant You Read The Sign
3rd Sep 14 12:01:45Alt Text
2nd Sep 14 11:50:25Blog.What If
2nd Sep 14 04:31:45Film.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
2nd Sep 14 04:30:56Film.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
2nd Sep 14 04:24:34Film.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
2nd Sep 14 04:21:17Film.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
28th Aug 14 03:06:09Film.Pleasantville
28th Aug 14 09:54:43Variant Chess
28th Aug 14 09:25:46Roadside Wave
28th Aug 14 09:07:30Body Paint
27th Aug 14 10:35:52Right Behind Me
27th Aug 14 09:30:42Right Behind Me
27th Aug 14 09:23:30Acid Reflux Nightmare
25th Aug 14 10:23:36Eskimos Arent Real
25th Aug 14 09:10:15Silly Rabbit Idealism Is For Kids
25th Aug 14 09:06:51Fountain Of Youth
23rd Aug 14 11:20:38Bonsai Forest
23rd Aug 14 09:52:05Post Modern Magik
23rd Aug 14 09:25:24Silicon Based Life
20th Aug 14 11:39:33Creative Closing Credits
20th Aug 14 11:32:34Video Game.The Floor Is Jelly
18th Aug 14 02:36:41Trigger Phrase
18th Aug 14 02:33:27Trigger Phrase
17th Aug 14 11:39:47Obsessive Compulsive Barkeeping
17th Aug 14 10:25:40Film.The Pentagon Wars
17th Aug 14 09:53:28Tabletop Game.Paranoia
17th Aug 14 09:26:44On A Scale From One To Ten
17th Aug 14 08:31:55Broke The Rating Scale
15th Aug 14 03:54:39Removed From The Picture
15th Aug 14 03:32:42Video Game.Half Life 2
15th Aug 14 02:30:05Removed From The Picture
13th Aug 14 02:08:44Touched By Vorlons
13th Aug 14 01:52:04Recoil Boost
8th Aug 14 02:56:48Comic Book.Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader
8th Aug 14 02:14:33Riddle For The Ages
8th Aug 14 01:54:16Minecraft.Tropes M To R
5th Aug 14 09:43:47Radar Systems
4th Aug 14 08:36:05Disney.Treasure Planet
4th Aug 14 08:31:10Starfish Language
4th Aug 14 08:29:42Starfish Language
4th Aug 14 08:01:06Starfish Language
4th Aug 14 01:04:02Video Game.Contra
4th Aug 14 12:52:17Minecraft.Tropes A To F
2nd Aug 14 10:44:30Scenery As You Go
2nd Aug 14 10:30:41Right Handed Left Handed Guns
2nd Aug 14 10:08:00Flushing Edge Interactivity
1st Aug 14 12:53:37Muggles Do It Better
1st Aug 14 10:43:19Throwing The Distraction
1st Aug 14 09:40:23Throwing The Distraction
30th Jul 14 02:35:53Literature.Foreigner
29th Jul 14 02:07:49Required Secondary Powers.Live Action TV
29th Jul 14 12:04:20Does Not Know His Own Strength
29th Jul 14 11:06:44Required Secondary Powers.Comic Books
28th Jul 14 02:02:17Useful Notes.RMS Titanic
28th Jul 14 12:50:17Webvideo.Honest Trailers
28th Jul 14 09:54:35Lip Lock
28th Jul 14 09:38:20Limp And Livid
26th Jul 14 02:04:35Never Recycle A Building
26th Jul 14 01:52:24Comic Book.Deathstroke
26th Jul 14 01:47:47Comic Book.Deathstroke
26th Jul 14 01:40:03Comic Book.Deathstroke
25th Jul 14 11:31:37Bayonet Ya
25th Jul 14 10:41:35Brainwash Residue
25th Jul 14 03:35:56Hyperspace Is A Scary Place
25th Jul 14 03:22:32Hyperspace Is A Scary Place
25th Jul 14 02:37:03Hyperspace Is A Scary Place
25th Jul 14 12:54:00Videogame.Star Control
25th Jul 14 12:51:17Videogame.Star Control
25th Jul 14 12:39:34Videogame.Star Control
25th Jul 14 12:20:22Trivia.Star Control
25th Jul 14 12:19:13Videogame.Star Control
25th Jul 14 11:04:19Gravity Screw
25th Jul 14 10:28:27Gravity Screw
25th Jul 14 08:37:14Orbiting Particle Shield
24th Jul 14 05:19:02Idea Bulb
24th Jul 14 04:21:17Series.Kids Incorporated
24th Jul 14 02:43:43Stealth Insult
24th Jul 14 01:44:35Idea Bulb
24th Jul 14 01:42:00Idea Bulb
23rd Jul 14 02:16:41Everybody Knew Already
23rd Jul 14 01:13:50Open Secret
22nd Jul 14 01:06:21This Is Wrong On So Many Levels
22nd Jul 14 12:42:31Webcomic.Kid Radd
22nd Jul 14 12:40:08Merging Machine
22nd Jul 14 10:45:40Go Look At The Distraction
22nd Jul 14 10:30:15Second Law My Ass
22nd Jul 14 10:28:31I Needto Go Iron My Dog
22nd Jul 14 09:30:31Mental World
21st Jul 14 12:57:12Old Dark House
21st Jul 14 11:26:14I Uh You Too
21st Jul 14 09:58:21Try Not To Die
21st Jul 14 09:49:43Try Not To Die
21st Jul 14 09:06:18Time Travel
21st Jul 14 08:14:15Mona Lisa Smile
18th Jul 14 02:56:49Humans Are Ugly
18th Jul 14 11:29:38Literature.The Hunting Of The Snark
18th Jul 14 10:09:53Beauty Is Bad
17th Jul 14 01:36:46Whats A Henway
17th Jul 14 01:27:13Law Of Chromatic Superiority
15th Jul 14 11:08:41Why We Cant Have Nice Things
14th Jul 14 03:47:01Why We Cant Have Nice Things
12th Jul 14 08:59:09Expospeak Gag
12th Jul 14 01:24:10Urban Legends
12th Jul 14 01:19:44Whats A Henway
12th Jul 14 01:05:58Whats A Henway
12th Jul 14 01:02:06Whats A Henway
11th Jul 14 09:45:09Not Hyperbole
11th Jul 14 02:54:25Convicted By Public Opinion
10th Jul 14 12:52:17Verb This
10th Jul 14 12:37:29Kingmaker Scenario
10th Jul 14 11:16:16Light Bulb Joke
10th Jul 14 11:05:30I Was Never Here
10th Jul 14 11:02:23I Was Never Here
9th Jul 14 07:41:18Webcomic.Goblins
9th Jul 14 07:28:30Black And White Insanity
8th Jul 14 10:57:16Black And White Insanity
8th Jul 14 08:51:50Webcomic.Sonic Girls
8th Jul 14 08:27:20Quotes.Schlockmercenary
8th Jul 14 05:58:16Straight For The Commander
8th Jul 14 08:12:10Blind Idiot Translation.Real Life
8th Jul 14 07:51:21Strategy Versus Tactics
7th Jul 14 10:38:08Film.Thank You For Smoking
7th Jul 14 09:57:42Strategy Versus Tactics
7th Jul 14 05:34:55My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels
29th Jun 14 12:50:23Ill Pretend I Didnt Hear That
28th Jun 14 11:38:05Literature.The Radix
27th Jun 14 03:29:55Video Game.Portal 1
27th Jun 14 03:26:02Video Game.Portal
25th Jun 14 02:54:57Blunt Yes
25th Jun 14 02:13:08Blog.What If
22nd Jun 14 11:26:37Bay Of Pigs Invasion
22nd Jun 14 03:06:24Blog.Whatif
20th Jun 14 06:16:41Dead Air
20th Jun 14 03:58:30Minecraft.Tropes S To Z
20th Jun 14 01:29:13Camera Spoofing
18th Jun 14 12:30:07Useful Notes.Planets
18th Jun 14 12:08:50Useful Notes.Planets
13th Jun 14 12:35:42Weddings For Everyone
10th Jun 14 04:34:00Webcomic.Freefall
10th Jun 14 04:05:32Webcomic.Freefall
10th Jun 14 03:56:47Webcomic.Freefall
10th Jun 14 02:29:46Webcomic.Freefall
9th Jun 14 08:56:23Forgot About The Mind Reader
9th Jun 14 08:34:31Ghost In The Machine
7th Jun 14 04:10:55Motivation On A Stick
5th Jun 14 12:29:25Literature.Troy Rising
4th Jun 14 06:58:50Have We Met Yet
2nd Jun 14 11:22:54Shut Up Hannibal.Film
2nd Jun 14 11:06:37Shut Up Hannibal.Film
30th May 14 10:29:14Blog.Whatif
30th May 14 10:25:24Blog.Whatif
30th May 14 09:17:33What The Fu Are You Doing
30th May 14 09:07:46Foo Fu
30th May 14 09:01:28Ratings
29th May 14 09:14:17Photoprotoneutron Torpedo
29th May 14 08:45:24So Calization
28th May 14 03:40:08How We Got Here
28th May 14 03:34:09Lemony Narrator
28th May 14 03:14:05Disney.The Emperors New Groove
28th May 14 02:32:01Disney.The Emperors New Groove
28th May 14 02:27:02Disney.The Emperors New Groove
28th May 14 04:46:57Disability As An Excuse For Jerkassery
26th May 14 08:53:14Comicbook.Fall Out Toy Works
26th May 14 04:21:04Readings Are Off The Scale
20th May 14 10:05:46You Wanna Get Sued
20th May 14 09:27:33Captain Ersatz
17th May 14 04:24:23Literature.Curveball
16th May 14 03:19:31Literature.Curveball
16th May 14 03:11:33Five Five Five
16th May 14 02:58:36Literature.Curveball
16th May 14 02:57:54Literature.Curveball
16th May 14 02:57:08Superhero
14th May 14 05:19:36More Hypnotizable Than He Thinks
13th May 14 12:32:27Better To Die Than Be Killed
12th May 14 12:21:30Everyone Is Satan In Hell
9th May 14 10:42:08Blog.What If
9th May 14 10:38:22Blog.What If
9th May 14 10:20:04Blog.What If
9th May 14 07:35:25Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.Live Action TV
8th May 14 12:43:15Cereal Vice Reward
8th May 14 12:40:25Cereal Vice Reward
6th May 14 06:26:39Breast Expansion
6th May 14 05:48:34In Your Nature To Destroy Yourselves
5th May 14 02:35:11Unrealistic Black Hole
5th May 14 12:40:20Series.Firefly
5th May 14 11:05:32Series.Firefly
5th May 14 10:51:50Series.Firefly
2nd May 14 10:03:18One Winged Angel.Western Animation
2nd May 14 10:00:50Western Animation.Chaotic
2nd May 14 03:45:26Film.Space Jam
1st May 14 08:30:00The Order Of The Stick.Tropes A-C
1st May 14 07:57:47Headscratchers.Kid Radd
30th Apr 14 08:27:04Tactical Door Use
30th Apr 14 07:01:11Counting To Three
29th Apr 14 08:36:27Cough Snark Cough
29th Apr 14 07:09:00Cough Snark Cough
29th Apr 14 06:55:06Video Game.Portal 2
29th Apr 14 06:10:55Waif Fu
29th Apr 14 06:05:55All Guitars Are Stratocasters
29th Apr 14 05:30:43Western Animation.Despicable Me
23rd Apr 14 05:34:59Confusion Fu
23rd Apr 14 05:15:00When All You Have Is A Hammer
22nd Apr 14 06:56:53Crazy Survivalist
20th Apr 14 01:05:48Western Animation.Megas XLR
20th Apr 14 12:46:18Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Real Life
19th Apr 14 11:57:57Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
19th Apr 14 10:34:32Bizarre Alien Psychology
19th Apr 14 02:22:46Comic Book.Etrigan
16th Apr 14 01:11:44When Is Purple
16th Apr 14 01:08:36Webcomic.Freefall
16th Apr 14 12:45:14Lie To The Beholder
16th Apr 14 12:39:56Lie To The Beholder
15th Apr 14 10:01:47Arkhams Razor
15th Apr 14 09:44:03Webcomic.Freefall
15th Apr 14 09:12:53Webcomic.Freefall
15th Apr 14 08:28:31Webcomic.Freefall
15th Apr 14 07:49:36Battle Discretion Shot
11th Apr 14 09:30:25Mad Marble Maze
7th Apr 14 07:22:09Coolstarship
7th Apr 14 12:35:40Lame Pun Reaction
6th Apr 14 09:54:21Western Animation.Megas XLR
6th Apr 14 09:32:19Cartoon Cartoon
6th Apr 14 08:41:26Western Animation.Megas XLR
6th Apr 14 08:05:49Tear Jerker.Megas XLR
6th Apr 14 06:45:58Two Of Your Earth Minutes
31st Mar 14 12:21:17Is There A Doctor In The House
27th Mar 14 02:22:05Ringer Ploy
26th Mar 14 09:23:23Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
26th Mar 14 08:52:53Centrifugal Farce
23rd Mar 14 05:55:07Headscratchers.Daredevil
23rd Mar 14 12:43:09You Wont Feel A Thing
22nd Mar 14 01:30:12Cant Take Anything With You
21st Mar 14 04:39:18Whatevermancy
21st Mar 14 04:35:45Whatevermancy
19th Mar 14 07:05:27Film.Indecent Proposal
19th Mar 14 12:05:03Eyes Are Unbreakable
19th Mar 14 01:06:15Western Animation.Superman Doomsday
7th Mar 14 02:47:32Terrorists Without A Cause
7th Mar 14 02:45:26Terrorists Without A Cause
6th Mar 14 01:16:16Compliment Backfire
6th Mar 14 01:09:10Compliment Backfire
6th Mar 14 09:33:57Would Not Shoot A Good Guy
5th Mar 14 03:04:09Looks Like She Is Enjoying It
4th Mar 14 08:57:21Darker Than Black.Season One Tropes N-Z
3rd Mar 14 10:47:21Stolen Good Returned Better
2nd Mar 14 11:50:38Who Dares
2nd Mar 14 11:41:38Justice League.Tropes M-Z
2nd Mar 14 07:47:33Darker Than Black.Season One Tropes A-M
2nd Mar 14 07:23:51Bomb Whistle
28th Feb 14 02:50:51Creative Differences
28th Feb 14 01:42:04Suicide By Cop
24th Feb 14 02:58:25Awesome But Impractical.Western Animation
24th Feb 14 02:53:32Awesome But Impractical.Western Animation
24th Feb 14 02:19:43Awesome But Impractical.Military
24th Feb 14 11:42:23Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
24th Feb 14 11:37:25Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
24th Feb 14 11:33:58Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
24th Feb 14 10:31:12Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
21st Feb 14 12:00:01Written In Infirmity
20th Feb 14 11:17:15Webcomic.Schlock Mercenary
19th Feb 14 02:47:18Black Sheep Hit
19th Feb 14 02:19:54Planet Eater
13th Feb 14 05:06:23Awesome.The Lego Movie
12th Feb 14 08:11:44Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe
9th Feb 14 04:32:13Close Call Haircut
8th Feb 14 01:47:58I Cant Believe Im Saying This
29th Jan 14 07:09:38Western Animation.Megas XLR
29th Jan 14 06:47:39Offline Edit
27th Jan 14 03:18:56When Life Gives You Lemons
27th Jan 14 12:52:15Headscratchers.The Avengers Film
27th Jan 14 12:36:40Headscratchers.The Avengers Film
27th Jan 14 11:59:01Headscratchers.Portal 2
26th Jan 14 06:23:11Creepy Physical
25th Jan 14 03:24:54Inverted Trope
25th Jan 14 03:24:52Inverted Trope
25th Jan 14 10:34:13Inverted Trope
25th Jan 14 10:27:42Creepy Physical
22nd Jan 14 04:06:33Handbag Of Hurt
22nd Jan 14 12:12:12No Medication For Me
22nd Jan 14 12:03:02Marijuana Is LSD
22nd Jan 14 11:56:08Magic Antidote
22nd Jan 14 11:55:27Magic Antidote

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