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28th Oct 14 04:41:24Series.Kamen Rider Drive
19th Oct 14 06:59:27Headscratchers.Flash Gordon
18th Aug 14 11:18:26Film.Heisei Rider Vs Showa Rider Kamen Rider Wars Featuring Super Sentai
10th Aug 14 07:04:24Creator.Richard Sharpe Shaver
10th Aug 14 07:03:54Creator.Richard Sharpe Shaver
1st Jul 14 12:56:38WMG.Pathfinder
1st Jul 14 12:55:50WMG.Pathfinder
9th Jun 14 10:42:05Series.Kamen Rider Gaim
2nd Jun 14 09:28:22Literature.The Lost Fleet
2nd Jun 14 09:24:45Literature.The Lost Fleet
2nd Jun 14 09:23:31Literature.The Lost Fleet
2nd Jun 14 09:23:05Literature.The Lost Fleet
27th May 14 08:07:49WMG.Kamen Rider Gaim
22nd May 14 01:52:29Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 3
21st May 14 10:05:13Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 4
21st May 14 09:52:56Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 4
19th May 14 10:04:09Manga.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
19th May 14 10:00:51Takes One To Kill One
19th May 14 10:00:19Takes One To Kill One
19th May 14 10:00:00Takes One To Kill One
19th May 14 09:59:34Takes One To Kill One
17th May 14 01:59:43WMG.Godzilla 2014
12th May 14 08:51:54Literature.Sten
12th May 14 08:47:49Characters.Sten
12th May 14 07:23:31Literature.Sten
4th May 14 09:09:23Creator.Dave Duncan
1st May 14 01:34:57Head Scratchers.Mystara
1st May 14 04:52:22Literature.The Adventures Of Samurai Cat
28th Apr 14 07:52:12Characters.Baldurs Gate Foes
26th Apr 14 07:39:23Characters.Skip Beat
23rd Apr 14 06:14:36Time Stands Still
18th Apr 14 05:42:09Characters.Freefall
10th Apr 14 06:01:27Comic Book.Ultron
13th Mar 14 03:10:35WMG.The Truth
11th Mar 14 07:09:31Characters.Guyver
11th Mar 14 07:08:32Characters.Guyver
11th Mar 14 07:07:56Characters.Guyver
11th Mar 14 04:42:05Characters.Kamen Rider Gaim
11th Mar 14 04:08:32Characters.Kamen Rider Gaim
11th Mar 14 04:05:50Characters.Kamen Rider Gaim
11th Mar 14 04:03:51Characters.Kamen Rider Gaim
10th Mar 14 11:01:01WMG.Guyver
10th Mar 14 10:41:56Characters.Guyver
10th Mar 14 10:41:27Characters.Guyver
4th Mar 14 02:13:35Manga.Baoh
4th Mar 14 02:11:32Manga.Baoh
17th Feb 14 11:43:14WMG.Kamen Rider Gaim
14th Feb 14 01:49:19Anime.Super Dimension Fortress Macross
14th Feb 14 01:45:07Anime.Super Dimension Fortress Macross
8th Feb 14 12:41:36Manga.They Were Eleven
7th Feb 14 04:48:36Manga.They Were Eleven
5th Feb 14 02:12:44Orphaned Series.Webcomics
4th Feb 14 11:37:33Webcomic.Thunderstruck
21st Jan 14 04:20:43Fridge.Kamen Rider Gaim
4th Jan 14 10:08:38Characters.Log Horizon
27th Nov 13 11:06:58Characters.Kamen Rider Gaim
27th Nov 13 10:44:47Characters.Kamen Rider Gaim
27th Nov 13 10:43:39Characters.Kamen Rider Gaim
27th Nov 13 10:38:56Characters.Kamen Rider Gaim
27th Nov 13 05:56:38Characters.Kamen Rider Gaim
5th Nov 13 03:45:14Captain Colorbeard
29th Oct 13 08:03:55Anti Gravity Clothing
27th Oct 13 10:44:08Calvinball
27th Oct 13 06:30:10Fridge.Final Fantasy X
9th Oct 13 05:38:52WMG.The Ugly Barnacle
3rd Sep 13 05:38:04Creator.Barbara Hambly
6th Aug 13 02:23:00Ranma One Half.Other Recurring Characters
13th Jul 13 04:47:42Fridge.Pacific Rim
15th May 13 09:48:26Literature.Emberverse
6th Apr 13 07:03:32Fridge.Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated
6th Apr 13 06:34:34Recap.Scooby Doo Mystery Inc S 2 E 24 Gates Of Gloom
16th Jan 13 06:36:07Archangel Uriel
14th Jan 13 02:21:55Tropers.Evil Midnight Lurker
2nd Jan 13 06:12:27WMG.Genius The Transgression
1st Jan 13 02:48:23Fridge.Well World
17th Dec 12 02:29:01Characters.The Lord Of The Rings
20th Nov 12 06:28:15Headscratchers.Iron Kingdoms
18th Nov 12 07:06:17Necroscope
17th Oct 12 04:05:21Tabletop Game.Twenty Three Hundred AD
17th Sep 12 05:33:46Fallout New Vegas.Tropes C To D
17th Sep 12 05:32:38Fallout New Vegas.Tropes C To D
3rd Sep 12 06:50:15Theatre.The Pirates Of Penzance
24th Aug 12 11:47:56Recap.Scooby Doo Mystery Inc S 2 E 8 The Night On Haunted Mountain
15th Aug 12 11:04:10Anime.Uchuu Senkan Yamato
12th Aug 12 10:46:34Headscratchers.All Star Superman
9th Aug 12 02:40:15Creator.David Weber
9th Aug 12 05:49:42Western Animation.The Tick
8th Aug 12 10:00:50Characters.GL Green Lantern Corps
5th Aug 12 08:04:58Literature.Known Space
5th Aug 12 08:04:26Literature.Known Space
4th Aug 12 08:18:51Tabletop Game.Rune Quest
29th Jul 12 01:49:37Creator.Tim Powers
22nd Jul 12 05:23:00Anime.Uchuu Senkan Yamato
19th Jul 12 09:06:28Tabletop Game.Birthright
19th Jul 12 01:27:11Characters.Buck Godot Zap Gun For Hire
10th Jul 12 06:11:11WMG.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
9th Jul 12 10:32:45Headscratchers.World War Z
9th Jul 12 10:31:51Headscratchers.World War Z
7th Jul 12 12:29:52Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
7th Jul 12 11:24:21Headscratchers.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
3rd Jul 12 08:38:55Literature.The Adventures Of Samurai Cat
24th Jun 12 12:14:21Filibuster Freefall
24th Jun 12 11:15:00Characters.Pathfinder
24th Jun 12 11:10:05WMG.Pathfinder
11th Jun 12 01:53:15Anime.The Mysterious Cities Of Gold
31st May 12 05:53:29Tabletop Game.Twenty Three Hundred AD
27th May 12 11:43:45Fridge.Sixteen Thirty Two
3rd May 12 06:12:17Fridge.Galactic Milieu
3rd May 12 06:11:59Fridge.Galactic Milieu
23rd Apr 12 03:10:52Video Game.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
22nd Apr 12 01:20:30WMG.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
10th Mar 12 01:42:54Eric Flint
7th Feb 12 09:22:49Well World
4th Feb 12 03:23:40Tabletop Game.Exalted
16th Nov 11 07:29:56Characters.Arkham Horror
16th Nov 11 07:17:07Characters.Arkham Horror
21st Oct 11 07:11:42Arkham Horror
18th Oct 11 11:59:48WMG.Tintin
18th Oct 11 11:48:07WMG.Tintin
16th Oct 11 10:15:32Characters.Sinfest
16th Oct 11 01:47:49Characters.Sinfest
15th Oct 11 09:31:33Western Animation.The Return Of The King
13th Oct 11 01:23:00Emberverse
13th Oct 11 03:18:07Characters.Schlock Mercenary
2nd Oct 11 03:42:34Recap.Doctor Who S 32 E 10 The Girl Who Waited
30th Sep 11 05:29:02Characters.Final Fantasy XII
30th Sep 11 05:28:02Characters.Final Fantasy XII
30th Sep 11 05:27:35Characters.Final Fantasy XII
30th Sep 11 04:37:09Characters.Final Fantasy XII

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