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11th Jul 13 12:20:24YMMV.Juno
11th Jul 13 11:43:15Prima Donna Director
5th Jul 13 12:39:51Headscratchers.Juno
5th Jul 13 12:39:33Headscratchers.Juno
2nd Jul 13 09:29:55Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
2nd Jul 13 09:29:26Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
2nd Jul 13 09:29:10Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
2nd Jul 13 09:28:39Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
24th Jun 13 07:41:15Nightmare Fuel.The Langoliers
24th Jun 13 07:38:07Film.The Breakfast Club
23rd Jun 13 05:03:49Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
23rd Jun 13 09:19:11YMMV.Malcolm In The Middle
18th Jun 13 02:10:45Sociopathic Hero
18th Jun 13 02:10:05Sociopathic Hero
18th Jun 13 02:01:34For The Evulz
17th Jun 13 04:18:25Characters.Alphaboy
17th Jun 13 04:11:47Characters.Alphaboy
17th Jun 13 04:08:46Darth Wiki.Alphaboy
17th Jun 13 04:05:39Characters.Alphaboy
17th Jun 13 04:03:56Characters.Connor Verse
16th Jun 13 11:10:26Characters.Akira
16th Jun 13 11:02:48Characters.Akira
16th Jun 13 04:36:35Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
16th Jun 13 04:35:31Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
15th Jun 13 02:54:53Film.Magnolia
15th Jun 13 02:50:30Creator.Paul Thomas Anderson
15th Jun 13 02:48:22Characters.Magnolia
15th Jun 13 02:46:42Film.Magnolia
15th Jun 13 02:43:05YMMV.Magnolia
14th Jun 13 05:59:47Series.Malcolm In The Middle
8th Jun 13 11:43:28The Langoliers
6th Jun 13 04:36:35Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
6th Jun 13 04:33:43Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
6th Jun 13 04:33:34Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
6th Jun 13 04:19:43Characters.Redesigning Eva
6th Jun 13 04:18:38YMMV.Redesigning Eva
6th Jun 13 04:18:13Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
1st Jun 13 10:08:10Laconic.Malcolm In The Middle
27th May 13 08:59:42Film.The Last Boy Scout
27th May 13 08:37:57YMMV.Juno
26th May 13 11:30:43Film.Welcome To The Dollhouse
26th May 13 05:56:01Film.The Breakfast Club
26th May 13 05:51:41Film.The Breakfast Club
25th May 13 02:18:07Film.The Breakfast Club
23rd May 13 10:12:23Needs An Index
23rd May 13 10:11:32Films Of The2010s
23rd May 13 10:09:39Film.October Baby
23rd May 13 10:05:49YMMV.October Baby
23rd May 13 10:04:16YMMV.October Baby
23rd May 13 09:53:29October Baby
23rd May 13 05:22:08YMMV.October Baby
23rd May 13 05:20:54YMMV.October Baby
23rd May 13 05:19:30YMMV.October Baby
23rd May 13 05:18:34YMMV.October Baby
23rd May 13 05:11:00October Baby
22nd May 13 04:56:55Characters.Connor Verse
22nd May 13 04:46:44Darth Wiki.Connor Verse
22nd May 13 04:46:30Tropers.Connor Bible
22nd May 13 04:46:02Tropers.Connor Bible
22nd May 13 04:45:39Tropers.Connor Bible
21st May 13 12:18:29Film.Citizen Kane
20th May 13 05:25:39YMMV.MD Geist
19th May 13 07:09:37YMMV.Juno
19th May 13 07:03:15YMMV.Juno
19th May 13 07:00:00YMMV.Juno
18th May 13 01:40:34Humans Are Bastards
18th May 13 01:40:08Humans Are Bastards
16th May 13 04:16:06YMMV.Malcolm In The Middle
13th May 13 07:29:40YMMV.Malcolm In The Middle
13th May 13 07:28:42Laconic.Malcolm In The Middle
13th May 13 07:28:26Laconic.Malcolm In The Middle
13th May 13 07:28:14Laconic.Malcolm In The Middle
13th May 13 07:27:42Laconic.Malcolm In The Middle
13th May 13 04:17:07YMMV.Juno
13th May 13 04:15:42WMG.Juno
13th May 13 04:14:17Headscratchers.Juno
13th May 13 04:11:15YMMV.Juno
12th May 13 11:18:41Film.To Live And Die In LA
12th May 13 11:18:13Characters.To Live And Die In LA
7th May 13 02:26:44Character Flaw Index
1st May 13 08:05:26Black Comedy
26th Apr 13 11:57:31Theatre.Rope
26th Apr 13 11:56:03YMMV.Rope
25th Apr 13 12:20:40Character Flaw Index
25th Apr 13 12:20:18Character Flaw Index
25th Apr 13 12:17:20YMMV.Malcolm In The Middle
25th Apr 13 12:16:32Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
22nd Apr 13 07:01:04Characters.Godzilla
22nd Apr 13 06:52:40Characters.Godzilla
22nd Apr 13 06:32:08YMMV.Welcome To The Dollhouse
20th Apr 13 02:20:33YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
19th Apr 13 06:45:34YMMV.Magnolia
18th Apr 13 02:32:49Characters.Connor Verse
18th Apr 13 02:30:24Characters.Connor Verse
17th Apr 13 06:18:14Humans Are Bastards
17th Apr 13 06:17:51Humans Are Bastards
17th Apr 13 06:14:26Film.The Breakfast Club
17th Apr 13 06:13:59Film.The Breakfast Club
17th Apr 13 06:12:58Film.The Breakfast Club
17th Apr 13 06:07:36Film.The Breakfast Club
17th Apr 13 01:26:22YMMV.Welcome To The Dollhouse
16th Apr 13 10:26:57YMMV.Juno
16th Apr 13 10:26:44YMMV.Juno
15th Apr 13 11:42:32Film.Welcome To The Dollhouse
15th Apr 13 11:41:00Film.Welcome To The Dollhouse
15th Apr 13 10:02:17Film.Welcome To The Dollhouse
14th Apr 13 04:58:26Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 12:08:24Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:58:20Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:54:14Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:53:18Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:50:43Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:42:09Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:41:32Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:36:15Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:34:50Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:31:55Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:20:59Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:14:06Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:13:08Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:12:34Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:09:04Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:03:06Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 11:02:19Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 10:51:42Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 10:51:12Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 10:24:38Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 10:18:31Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 10:13:22Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 10:13:00Characters.Connor Verse
14th Apr 13 10:12:41Characters.Connor Verse
11th Apr 13 12:37:15YMMV.Redesigning Eva
11th Apr 13 12:36:25Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
10th Apr 13 10:36:20Headscratchers.Juno
9th Apr 13 04:29:55Tropers.Connor Bible
8th Apr 13 10:14:59Characters.Connorverse
8th Apr 13 10:13:21Characters.Connorverse
8th Apr 13 10:08:11Characters.Connorverse
8th Apr 13 09:58:30Characters.Connorverse
8th Apr 13 09:58:07Characters.Connorverse
26th Mar 13 05:24:28YMMV.Molly Ringwald
26th Mar 13 05:01:21Film.Welcome To The Dollhouse
26th Mar 13 04:57:11YMMV.Welcome To The Dollhouse
20th Mar 13 09:19:30Abusive Parents.Film
18th Mar 13 01:17:30Headscratchers.Juno
18th Mar 13 01:14:44WMG.Juno
18th Mar 13 01:10:51Esoteric Happy Ending
18th Mar 13 01:05:59YMMV.Juno
18th Mar 13 01:05:34YMMV.Juno
16th Mar 13 03:32:18Film.Magnolia
14th Mar 13 04:02:47Headscratchers.Juno
12th Mar 13 02:50:51Headscratchers.The Breakfast Club
12th Mar 13 10:04:59Film.Nighthawks
9th Mar 13 03:47:28YMMV.Godzilla
8th Mar 13 10:54:46YMMV.The Breakfast Club
7th Mar 13 05:15:34YMMV.Malcolm In The Middle
5th Mar 13 06:25:55YMMV.Stoker
4th Mar 13 12:41:39YMMV.October Baby
11th Feb 13 03:25:11YMMV.The Breakfast Club
11th Feb 13 03:22:43Characters.The Breakfast Club
10th Feb 13 06:54:42Franchise.Godzilla
9th Feb 13 11:05:26Characters.Connor Verse
9th Feb 13 11:05:02Characters.Connor Verse
9th Feb 13 10:48:54Tropers.Connor Bible
8th Feb 13 10:24:30YMMV.The Breakfast Club
3rd Feb 13 05:11:47Film.The Breakfast Club
3rd Feb 13 12:19:09Film.The Breakfast Club
3rd Feb 13 12:17:17YMMV.The Breakfast Club
3rd Feb 13 12:12:48Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
1st Feb 13 05:11:17Abusive Parents.Film
17th Jan 13 04:53:09Film.Welcome To The Dollhouse
16th Jan 13 11:25:22YMMV.Magnolia
16th Jan 13 11:24:03YMMV.Magnolia
16th Jan 13 11:20:44YMMV.Magnolia
6th Jan 13 04:51:00Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 04:47:41Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 02:08:26Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:58:48Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:54:34Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:53:34Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:50:29Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:48:57Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:43:44Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:40:39Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:34:29Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:30:42Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:28:53Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:19:16Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:13:13Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:08:37Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 10:05:24Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 09:53:29Darth Wiki.Unpublished Works
6th Jan 13 09:33:44Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 09:30:19Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 09:23:01Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 09:12:02Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 09:05:32Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 09:04:36Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 09:01:20Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 08:48:51Characters.Connor Verse
6th Jan 13 08:40:54Darth Wiki.Unpublished Works
6th Jan 13 08:37:40Darth Wiki.Connorverse
6th Jan 13 08:27:37Tropers.Connor Bible
6th Jan 13 08:26:06Characters.Redesigning Eva
5th Jan 13 07:35:49Characters.Godzilla
5th Jan 13 07:35:35Characters.Godzilla
4th Jan 13 11:36:34Characters.Godzilla
4th Jan 13 11:36:29Characters.Godzilla
22nd Dec 12 03:39:47Characters.Redesigning Eva
22nd Dec 12 03:18:11WMG.Juno
19th Dec 12 06:11:52Film.Frenzy
17th Dec 12 12:10:23Abusive Parents.Film
17th Dec 12 12:04:29YMMV.The Breakfast Club
17th Dec 12 12:01:19YMMV.The Breakfast Club
15th Dec 12 11:07:44Characters.Redesigning Eva
13th Dec 12 11:52:23Film.Welcome To The Dollhouse
13th Dec 12 11:50:21Film.Welcome To The Dollhouse
13th Dec 12 05:08:58YMMV.Welcome To The Dollhouse
13th Dec 12 05:07:03Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
13th Dec 12 04:45:34Film.Stand By Me
10th Dec 12 04:44:55Characters.The Breakfast Club
8th Dec 12 03:31:46Characters.Malcolm In The Middle
8th Dec 12 03:28:59YMMV.Malcolm In The Middle
7th Dec 12 12:41:49Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism.Film
4th Dec 12 06:45:52Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
4th Dec 12 06:45:18Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
4th Dec 12 06:44:24Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
30th Nov 12 10:27:34Characters.Akira
30th Nov 12 10:24:17Characters.Akira
29th Nov 12 11:11:45Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
29th Nov 12 04:24:04Tropers.Connor Bible
29th Nov 12 04:19:06YMMV.Connor Bible
29th Nov 12 04:14:56Tropers.Connor Bible
29th Nov 12 04:12:31Just For Fun
29th Nov 12 04:11:59YMMV.Basket
29th Nov 12 04:11:50Film.Basket
28th Nov 12 04:54:49Characters.Redesigning Eva
28th Nov 12 04:34:34Characters.Redesigning Eva
28th Nov 12 04:34:08Characters.Redesigning Eva
28th Nov 12 04:32:58YMMV.Redesigning Eva
27th Nov 12 11:43:07YMMV.Redesigning Eva
26th Nov 12 05:00:07YMMV.Juno
26th Nov 12 04:59:51Headscratchers.Juno
26th Nov 12 04:21:06Headscratchers.Juno
26th Nov 12 04:15:18YMMV.Juno
26th Nov 12 04:15:02YMMV.Juno
26th Nov 12 04:12:55YMMV.Juno
26th Nov 12 04:12:54YMMV.Juno
24th Nov 12 06:55:41Film.To Live And Die In LA
24th Nov 12 06:45:53YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
23rd Nov 12 07:22:03YMMV.Magnolia
22nd Nov 12 04:50:50Characters.The Breakfast Club
21st Nov 12 09:01:55YMMV.The Langoliers
21st Nov 12 08:59:06Film.The Breakfast Club
21st Nov 12 08:56:39Film.The Breakfast Club
21st Nov 12 08:52:55Fridge.The Breakfast Club
20th Nov 12 12:12:40YMMV.Less Than Zero
18th Nov 12 11:45:23YMMV.October Baby
17th Nov 12 01:22:50Franchise.Godzilla
17th Nov 12 01:20:51Sociopathic Hero
17th Nov 12 01:20:16Sociopathic Hero
17th Nov 12 01:19:54Sociopathic Hero
16th Nov 12 07:10:11Film.The Breakfast Club
16th Nov 12 07:07:32YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
16th Nov 12 07:06:47YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
16th Nov 12 07:02:57Film.To Live And Die In LA
13th Nov 12 06:48:30YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
13th Nov 12 06:47:46Film.To Live And Die In LA
13th Nov 12 06:41:34Film.To Live And Die In LA
13th Nov 12 06:40:36Film.To Live And Die In LA
13th Nov 12 06:38:27YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
11th Nov 12 05:23:44Film.Magnolia
9th Nov 12 12:09:44YMMV.Juno
9th Nov 12 12:09:28YMMV.Juno
8th Nov 12 09:42:12Stage Mom
8th Nov 12 09:36:38Film.The Breakfast Club
6th Nov 12 10:43:52Characters.Redesigning Eva
6th Nov 12 10:43:08Characters.Redesigning Eva
3rd Nov 12 05:01:50Characters.Redesigning Eva
3rd Nov 12 04:48:42Characters.Redesigning Eva
3rd Nov 12 04:44:03YMMV.Redesigning Eva
3rd Nov 12 04:42:02YMMV.Redesigning Eva
3rd Nov 12 04:36:22Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
29th Oct 12 06:05:10YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 06:04:18Film.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 06:03:23WMG.CSI
29th Oct 12 06:01:01YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 06:00:47YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 06:00:35YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 06:00:21YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 06:00:00YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 05:58:38YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 05:57:22YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 05:56:38YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 05:52:52YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
29th Oct 12 05:52:10Sociopathic Hero
29th Oct 12 05:50:42Sociopathic Hero
29th Oct 12 05:49:29Laconic.Sociopathic Hero
29th Oct 12 05:49:21Laconic.Sociopathic Hero
29th Oct 12 05:47:15YMMV.Basket
29th Oct 12 05:45:23Just For Fun
29th Oct 12 05:42:49Just For Fun
29th Oct 12 05:42:11Just For Fun
29th Oct 12 05:41:41Just For Fun
29th Oct 12 05:38:57Just For Fun
29th Oct 12 05:37:30Film.Basket
29th Oct 12 05:35:02Film.Basket
29th Oct 12 05:16:30Film.Basket
29th Oct 12 04:51:04Wiki Sandbox
29th Oct 12 04:50:54Wiki Sandbox
29th Oct 12 04:50:33Wiki Sandbox
29th Oct 12 04:49:29Wiki Sandbox
27th Oct 12 10:56:29YMMV.The Breakfast Club
27th Oct 12 10:54:15Education Mama
25th Oct 12 06:30:59Characters.Redesigning Eva
25th Oct 12 05:12:39Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
25th Oct 12 05:12:09Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
21st Oct 12 08:03:01YMMV.Redesigning Eva
21st Oct 12 07:50:17Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
21st Oct 12 07:34:15YMMV.Disneys Anne Frank
21st Oct 12 07:29:28Just For Fun.Disneys Anne Frank
21st Oct 12 07:27:21Just For Fun.Disneys Anne Frank
20th Oct 12 01:03:52YMMV.Akira
19th Oct 12 11:25:47Quotes.Alpha Bitch
19th Oct 12 05:53:56Black Comedy
17th Oct 12 11:01:11YMMV.Redesigning Eva
17th Oct 12 10:46:48Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
17th Oct 12 10:46:06YMMV.Redesigning Eva
17th Oct 12 10:40:42Characters.Redesigning Eva
17th Oct 12 10:40:21Characters.Redesigning Eva
17th Oct 12 10:40:07Characters.Redesigning Eva
17th Oct 12 10:25:40Characters.Redesigning Eva
17th Oct 12 01:04:32Headscratchers.Juno
16th Oct 12 05:52:02Creator.John Hughes
5th Oct 12 08:26:02Headscratchers.Juno
5th Oct 12 05:34:44Headscratchers.Juno
5th Oct 12 05:34:27Headscratchers.Juno
4th Oct 12 01:25:43WMG.Kill Bill
4th Oct 12 01:21:12WMG.Kill Bill
4th Oct 12 01:19:18Film.Magnolia
4th Oct 12 11:14:03Tropers.Connor Bible
2nd Oct 12 04:01:41Tropers.Connor Bible
1st Oct 12 07:47:57YMMV.The Breakfast Club
1st Oct 12 07:47:27YMMV.The Breakfast Club
1st Oct 12 07:47:01YMMV.The Breakfast Club
27th Sep 12 04:05:00Tropers.Connor Bible
27th Sep 12 03:41:45Evil Matriarch
27th Sep 12 03:39:53Characters.The Breakfast Club
27th Sep 12 03:38:53Characters.The Breakfast Club
27th Sep 12 03:38:38Characters.The Breakfast Club
27th Sep 12 03:35:05Characters.The Breakfast Club
27th Sep 12 03:34:39Characters.The Breakfast Club
27th Sep 12 03:32:41Characters.The Breakfast Club
26th Sep 12 08:16:59Series.Malcolm In The Middle
23rd Sep 12 07:00:41Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
19th Sep 12 02:25:46YMMV.The Breakfast Club
19th Sep 12 02:25:31YMMV.The Breakfast Club
18th Sep 12 04:53:14Characters.Redesigning Eva
18th Sep 12 04:49:47Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
18th Sep 12 04:49:00Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
18th Sep 12 09:43:17Film.Sixteen Candles
18th Sep 12 09:43:07Film.Sixteen Candles
18th Sep 12 09:42:06Refuge In Audacity.Film
13th Sep 12 12:56:24Characters.Redesigning Eva
12th Sep 12 09:29:05Characters.Redesigning Eva
12th Sep 12 09:14:32Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
12th Sep 12 08:55:27Darth Wiki.Unpublished Works
12th Sep 12 08:55:26Darth Wiki.Unpublished Works
12th Sep 12 08:54:41Characters.Connor Bible
12th Sep 12 08:53:38Film.The Last Boy Scout
12th Sep 12 08:50:34YMMV.The Last Boy Scout
21st Aug 12 12:13:07YMMV.Juno
21st Aug 12 12:12:54YMMV.Juno
21st Aug 12 12:12:44YMMV.Juno
21st Aug 12 12:06:43YMMV.Juno
21st Aug 12 11:59:27Juno
21st Aug 12 11:54:58YMMV.Juno
21st Aug 12 11:54:39YMMV.Juno
21st Aug 12 11:49:00John Hughes
19th Aug 12 07:01:59John Hughes
15th Aug 12 01:52:00Characters.Redesigning Eva
15th Aug 12 01:36:56Characters.Redesigning Eva
15th Aug 12 01:32:02Characters.Redesigning Eva
15th Aug 12 12:25:16Characters.Redesigning Eva
15th Aug 12 04:53:57YMMV.To Live And Die In LA
13th Aug 12 01:15:42For The Evulz
12th Aug 12 07:44:56Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
12th Aug 12 07:44:18Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
12th Aug 12 07:38:36Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
12th Aug 12 07:29:33Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
10th Aug 12 04:07:32Franchise.Godzilla
10th Aug 12 03:54:38WMG.Juno
9th Aug 12 01:57:50Darth Wiki.Basketcases
9th Aug 12 01:50:02Darth Wiki.Basketcases
9th Aug 12 04:18:17Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
9th Aug 12 04:15:18Darth Wiki.Redesigning Eva
9th Aug 12 04:14:10Tropers.Connor Bible
8th Aug 12 12:29:45YMMV.The Good Son
8th Aug 12 12:29:26YMMV.The Good Son
8th Aug 12 12:29:00YMMV.The Good Son