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20th Jun 18 04:47:34Funny.Cobra Kai
20th Jun 18 04:44:48Characters.Cobra Kai
20th Jun 18 12:03:48Series.Cobra Kai
20th Jun 18 12:03:17Series.Cobra Kai
20th Jun 18 10:02:09Webcomic.A Tale Of Two Rulers
11th Jun 18 02:47:11First Father Wins
11th Jun 18 02:38:46First Father Wins
9th Jun 18 11:16:53Neutral Female
17th May 18 11:55:35WMG.Temeraire
17th May 18 11:41:39Literature.Temeraire
13th May 18 12:15:37Electric Slide
12th May 18 09:52:17Covers Always Lie
27th Apr 18 10:30:13This Is A Song
17th Apr 18 10:15:23Defiant Captive
17th Apr 18 10:13:52Awesome.The Legend Of Zelda
17th Apr 18 10:11:58Western Animation.The Legend Of Zelda
12th Apr 18 03:50:02WMG.How I Became Yours
12th Apr 18 03:45:37YMMV.How I Became Yours
12th Apr 18 03:44:24Fridge.How I Became Yours
12th Apr 18 03:35:12YMMV.How I Became Yours
12th Apr 18 03:20:48Webcomic.How I Became Yours
12th Apr 18 03:19:36Webcomic.How I Became Yours
3rd Apr 18 09:18:25YMMV.RWBY Chibi
3rd Apr 18 09:14:10Web Animation.RWBY Chibi
2nd Apr 18 01:18:48Webcomic.A Tale Of Two Rulers
1st Apr 18 11:11:12Music.Jonathan Young
28th Mar 18 12:06:23Fan Fic.Shinra High SOLDIER
28th Mar 18 11:54:39Omnidisciplinary Scientist
21st Feb 18 01:14:57Fan Fic.The Real Us
15th Feb 18 03:59:48Fan Fic.The Real Us
8th Feb 18 02:36:52This Is A Song
8th Feb 18 12:54:11El Goonish Shive.Tropes M To R
7th Feb 18 06:34:48YMMV.RWBY Chibi
7th Feb 18 03:21:23El Goonish Shive.Tropes F To L
6th Feb 18 12:32:28Et Tu Brute
6th Feb 18 12:30:47Webcomic.A Tale Of Two Rulers
6th Feb 18 12:26:50YMMV.A Tale Of Two Rulers
6th Feb 18 12:18:32Webcomic.A Tale Of Two Rulers
31st Jan 18 04:11:39A Rare Sentence
26th Jan 18 11:26:11Western Animation.Wall E
24th Jan 18 05:16:32Webcomic.A Tale Of Two Rulers
24th Jan 18 04:18:32Webcomic.A Tale Of Two Rulers
24th Jan 18 03:26:11Funny.A Tale Of Two Rulers
24th Jan 18 03:24:28Webcomic.A Tale Of Two Rulers
23rd Jan 18 02:00:25Useful Notes.Na No Wri Mo
23rd Jan 18 01:32:38Extreme Omnivore.Literature
19th Jan 18 12:34:14Nudity Equals Honesty
19th Jan 18 12:32:43Nudity Equals Honesty
9th Jan 18 03:04:53Characters.The Real Us
9th Jan 18 02:56:40Fan Fic.The Real Us
14th Dec 17 01:07:33Complexity Addiction
14th Dec 17 01:01:54Characters.The Real Us
14th Dec 17 12:44:04Characters.The Real Us
14th Dec 17 10:10:02YMMV.The Real Us
14th Dec 17 09:50:42Fan Fic.The Real Us
7th Dec 17 11:44:55Webcomic.Grrl Power
6th Dec 17 10:58:11Fan Fic.The Real Us
6th Dec 17 10:56:44Characters.The Real Us
6th Dec 17 10:52:44Fan Fic.The Real Us
1st Dec 17 03:59:58Optional Stealth
1st Dec 17 03:57:57Starts Stealthily Ends Loudly
1st Dec 17 03:55:51Video Game.Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception
1st Dec 17 02:52:57Poison Is Corrosive
30th Nov 17 01:35:41Film.Thor Ragnarok
28th Nov 17 04:19:55Bridge Logic
20th Nov 17 11:58:39Vetinari Job Security
20th Nov 17 11:50:14Waxing Lyrical
20th Nov 17 11:49:43Waxing Lyrical
16th Nov 17 04:16:43Futurama.Tropes O To S
16th Nov 17 04:12:07Futurama.Tropes I To N
16th Nov 17 08:58:57Enormous Engagement Ring
15th Nov 17 04:07:35Futurama.Tropes A To D
15th Nov 17 10:38:51Extreme Omnisexual
15th Nov 17 10:32:56Extreme Omnisexual
15th Nov 17 10:22:41Really Gets Around
8th Nov 17 03:12:56Fan Fic.The Real Us
2nd Nov 17 01:49:06Manual Misprint
2nd Nov 17 10:57:31Video Game.Zelda II The Adventure Of Link
31st Oct 17 02:14:14Fan Fic.The Real Us
31st Oct 17 02:08:48Fan Fic.The Real Us
31st Oct 17 01:48:02Characters.The Real Us
23rd Oct 17 02:19:33Fan Fic.The Real Us
20th Oct 17 12:46:49Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
20th Oct 17 12:07:00Fan Fic.The Real Us
20th Oct 17 11:27:50Fan Fic.The Real Us
16th Oct 17 01:44:30Web Animation.RWBY Chibi
12th Oct 17 02:55:44Web Animation.RWBY
12th Oct 17 02:55:15Web Animation.RWBY
12th Oct 17 01:26:15Suspiciously Specific Denial.Video Games
12th Oct 17 01:07:13Useful Notes.Na No Wri Mo
12th Oct 17 12:49:51Harsher In Hindsight.Literature
11th Oct 17 07:46:46Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
11th Oct 17 12:09:22Headscratchers.RWBY
11th Oct 17 11:00:27Web Animation.RWBY
10th Oct 17 10:28:46Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes A To C
10th Oct 17 10:25:25Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes S To U
10th Oct 17 10:22:35Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes M To O
10th Oct 17 10:17:09Soft Water
10th Oct 17 10:15:56Soft Water
10th Oct 17 10:12:24Soft Water
7th Oct 17 11:30:47WMG.Scott Pilgrim
6th Oct 17 02:29:49Fan Fic.The Real Us
6th Oct 17 11:34:41Fan Fic.The Real Us
6th Oct 17 11:23:59Protagonist Centered Morality
6th Oct 17 10:46:03Fan Fic.The Real Us
5th Oct 17 04:52:25Fan Fic.The Real Us
5th Oct 17 04:12:19Characters.The Real Us
5th Oct 17 04:04:54Fan Fic.The Real Us
5th Oct 17 03:56:59Characters.The Real Us
5th Oct 17 03:51:53YMMV.The Real Us
5th Oct 17 03:38:52Fan Fic.The Real Us
3rd Oct 17 03:37:33You Know What They Say
3rd Oct 17 03:36:58You Know What They Say
28th Sep 17 12:50:21Square Peg Round Trope
28th Sep 17 11:16:11Pinball Protagonist
21st Sep 17 03:03:32Fridge.RWBY
19th Sep 17 11:26:20Series.I Zombie
19th Sep 17 11:25:30Skunk Stripe
19th Sep 17 11:19:19Picture Perfect Presentation
31st Aug 17 12:56:49There Are No Therapists
30th Aug 17 03:33:19Video Game.Final Fantasy VIII
30th Aug 17 02:59:17There Are No Therapists
30th Aug 17 02:33:47Chronic Hero Syndrome
29th Aug 17 04:50:16Gag Censor
29th Aug 17 04:49:40El Goonish Shive.Tropes F To L
29th Aug 17 04:34:40Form Fitting Wardrobe
29th Aug 17 04:31:30Accidental Pervert
25th Aug 17 11:43:57Radar.Final Fantasy XIV
24th Aug 17 03:33:48Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes M To O
24th Aug 17 03:33:18Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Allies
24th Aug 17 03:30:10Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes M To O
24th Aug 17 03:29:23Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes G To I
24th Aug 17 03:28:33Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes G To I
24th Aug 17 03:17:53Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes A To C
23rd Aug 17 11:22:47Comicbook.Atomic Robo
22nd Aug 17 03:12:59Goshdang It To Heck
16th Aug 17 09:56:59Western Animation.Duck Tales 2017
16th Aug 17 09:56:28Western Animation.Duck Tales 2017
16th Aug 17 09:55:10Throw The Book At Them
3rd Jul 17 12:03:09Fan Fic.The Last War
17th May 17 03:26:20Literature.Worm
17th May 17 03:24:30Three Point Landing
16th Apr 17 03:17:43DBZ Abridged.Tropes A To C
16th Apr 17 03:16:01Affably Evil.Fan Works
16th Apr 17 11:38:19Im A Humanitarian.Video Games
16th Apr 17 11:35:50Video Game.Quest For Glory I
13th Apr 17 10:47:16Video Game.Kings Quest 2015
13th Apr 17 10:44:58Aborted Arc
13th Apr 17 10:38:37Video Game.Kings Quest 2015
18th Jan 17 01:07:52Dethroning Moment.VG Cats
15th Jul 16 10:08:06Characters.Futurama The Planet Express Crew
29th Jun 16 01:48:18Lampshade Hanging.Phineas And Ferb
29th Jun 16 01:45:39Western Animation.Phineas And Ferb Mission Marvel
27th Jun 16 04:26:13Levitating Lotus Position
27th Jun 16 03:54:40You Are Not Alone
27th Jun 16 01:52:33Brilliant But Lazy
24th Jun 16 10:31:17BLAM.Video Games
22nd Jun 16 05:07:49Fake Balance
17th Jun 16 02:03:35Characters.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
16th Jun 16 02:28:37YMMV.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
16th Jun 16 01:52:59Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu.Tabletop Games
16th Jun 16 01:52:01Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
16th Jun 16 01:50:00Tabletop Game.Sentinels Of The Multiverse
15th Jun 16 05:28:58Morality Chip
15th Jun 16 05:01:21Talking In Your Sleep
15th Jun 16 01:42:30Shes A Man In Japan
14th Jun 16 04:39:00Mundane Utility.Literature
9th Jun 16 05:19:06Characters.How I Became Yours
9th Jun 16 02:45:56Webcomic.How I Became Yours
6th Jun 16 03:04:55Absolute Cleavage
3rd Jun 16 11:38:58Quirky Bard
20th May 16 02:53:13You Know What You Did
9th May 16 11:23:49Funny.El Goonish Shive
6th May 16 04:20:17Characters.El Goonish Shive Humans
6th May 16 04:03:17Characters.El Goonish Shive Main Characters
6th May 16 02:15:37Characters.El Goonish Shive Main Characters
6th May 16 01:41:13El Goonish Shive.Tropes S To Z
5th May 16 04:22:06El Goonish Shive.Tropes S To Z
5th May 16 03:08:20El Goonish Shive.Tropes M To R
5th May 16 03:04:01El Goonish Shive.Tropes F To L
3rd May 16 11:15:59El Goonish Shive.Tropes F To L
3rd May 16 11:00:48El Goonish Shive.Tropes M To R
27th Apr 16 03:26:39The Commissioner Gordon
22nd Apr 16 11:38:27Magical Flutist
21st Apr 16 12:50:35Success Hallucinations
20th Apr 16 12:35:50Ninja Prop
20th Apr 16 12:34:10Ninja Prop
18th Apr 16 01:27:53Fanfic.Child Of Grace
18th Apr 16 12:31:08Creator.Frollo Freak
13th Apr 16 04:56:57Disney.Zootopia
11th Apr 16 11:05:07Web Video.Con Man
5th Apr 16 11:52:09Unusually Uninteresting Sight.Web Comics
30th Mar 16 01:05:37Series.Jessica Jones 2015
30th Mar 16 11:10:37WMG.Inside Out
29th Mar 16 05:12:58Real Men Wear Pink.Live Action TV
28th Mar 16 03:04:08Literature.Skin Game
25th Mar 16 04:05:09Funny.Cold Days
25th Mar 16 11:30:05Conviction By Counterfactual Clue
24th Mar 16 01:49:57Literature.Turn Coat
23rd Mar 16 05:33:32Missing Secret
23rd Mar 16 04:16:19Hannibal Has A Point
23rd Mar 16 03:03:50Hypocrite
22nd Mar 16 11:15:20Wire Dilemma
22nd Mar 16 11:14:48Wire Dilemma
22nd Mar 16 11:14:17Wire Dilemma
22nd Mar 16 11:13:43Wire Dilemma
22nd Mar 16 08:54:16The Dividual
21st Mar 16 02:35:59Angry Mob Song
8th Mar 16 02:14:24Artistic License History
4th Mar 16 03:04:45Pull The Thread
2nd Mar 16 01:40:53The Dresden Files.Tropes N To Z
1st Mar 16 04:53:37The Dresden Files.Tropes A To M
1st Mar 16 04:35:31Mook Horror Show
26th Feb 16 11:42:21Muscles Are Meaningless
26th Feb 16 11:36:22Film.Deadpool 2016
25th Feb 16 05:17:48Only One Female Mold
24th Feb 16 10:25:25Common Mary Sue Traits
18th Feb 16 04:24:08Web Animation.RWBY
17th Feb 16 04:50:35Fun With Subtitles
16th Feb 16 03:17:21The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In
8th Feb 16 10:32:13Quotes.Retcon
5th Feb 16 01:51:08Series.Galavant
27th Jan 16 03:37:29Fridge.Leverage
26th Jan 16 09:28:34Asshole Victim.Live Action TV
26th Jan 16 09:19:16Asshole Victim
25th Jan 16 04:58:10Designated Parents
22nd Jan 16 11:58:31Characters.Phineas And Ferb Main Characters
22nd Jan 16 11:57:54Characters.Phineas And Ferb Others
22nd Jan 16 11:31:54Characters.Phineas And Ferb Main Characters
22nd Jan 16 11:28:09Characters.Phineas And Ferb Adults
21st Jan 16 02:29:46The Friend Nobody Likes
14th Jan 16 10:14:34Does This Remind You Of Anything.Western Animation
13th Jan 16 10:36:43YMMV.Kings Quest 2015
13th Jan 16 10:33:25Player Punch.Adventure Games
13th Jan 16 10:23:24Video Game.Kings Quest 2015
12th Jan 16 10:03:00AI Breaker
7th Jan 16 10:44:52Webcomic.Goblins
23rd Dec 15 02:46:59Film.The Force Awakens
22nd Dec 15 04:19:52Disproportionate Retribution.Fan Works
17th Dec 15 02:42:54Video Game.Final Fantasy Record Keeper
15th Dec 15 03:19:01Mistaken For Profound
15th Dec 15 02:22:08Being Good Sucks
15th Dec 15 12:01:29Level Grinding
14th Dec 15 04:02:07Silence Is Golden
14th Dec 15 01:39:18WMG.Kings Quest 2015
14th Dec 15 01:37:19Characters.Kings Quest 2015
14th Dec 15 01:22:51Video Game.Kings Quest 2015
14th Dec 15 12:31:19Fridge.Kings Quest 2015
14th Dec 15 12:17:55Cutting The Knot
10th Dec 15 09:58:56Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
13th Nov 15 09:14:31Improbably Female Cast
12th Nov 15 01:23:15Tear Jerker.The Muppet Christmas Carol
11th Nov 15 04:57:30Whats A Henway
11th Nov 15 04:55:12Whats A Henway
11th Nov 15 04:19:10Metallicar Syndrome
10th Nov 15 02:58:34Western Animation.Steven Universe
16th Sep 15 11:58:49Creator.Frollo Freak
16th Sep 15 10:48:50Creator.Frollo Freak
6th Sep 15 10:08:24Characters.Kings Quest 2015
3rd Sep 15 12:30:29Video Game.Life Is Strange
2nd Sep 15 03:46:26Video Game.Kings Quest 2015
2nd Sep 15 03:28:49Funny.Kings Quest 2015
2nd Sep 15 03:26:40Characters.Kings Quest 2015
2nd Sep 15 03:04:47Video Game.Kings Quest 2015
19th Aug 15 01:33:30The Legend Of Korra.Tropes A To F
17th Aug 15 09:46:34Video Game.Kings Quest 2015
17th Aug 15 09:24:34Lame Pun Reaction
13th Aug 15 02:14:22YMMV.Son Of The Mask
13th Aug 15 11:43:33Mary Suetopia
30th Jul 15 03:37:35YMMV.Mr Peabody And Sherman
28th Jul 15 04:45:45Fan Fic.Shinra High SOLDIER
27th Jul 15 12:00:29Webcomic.Sluggy Freelance
27th Jul 15 11:23:54Sudden Videogame Moment
27th Jul 15 10:49:52Second Law Of Metafictional Thermodynamics
22nd Jul 15 03:31:16Web Animation.RWBY
22nd Jul 15 01:09:18Literature.Ready Player One
8th Jul 15 10:43:09WMG.Inside Out
7th Jul 15 03:54:11WMG.Inside Out
7th Jul 15 03:05:57Western Animation.Inside Out
1st Jul 15 04:58:41Characters.Firefly Serenity Crew
1st Jul 15 04:16:25Series.Firefly
1st Jul 15 04:08:56Series.Firefly
22nd Jun 15 10:39:49Weird Moon
31st May 15 10:18:30Underrated And Overleveled
31st May 15 10:00:24Combat Exclusive Healing
28th May 15 01:23:33Video Game.Life Is Strange
19th May 15 04:01:33Anthropic Principle
18th May 15 10:44:02Radar.Mr Peabody And Sherman
18th May 15 10:33:06Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Order Of The Stick
6th May 15 03:13:10Too Incompetent To Operate A Blanket.Advertising
30th Apr 15 05:23:26Lyrical Dissonance.Western Animation
30th Apr 15 05:08:18Lyrical Dissonance.Pop
30th Apr 15 04:58:27Lyrical Dissonance.Alternative
30th Apr 15 04:42:31Tear Jerker.Music
29th Apr 15 03:48:24Awesome But Impractical.Eastern RPG
29th Apr 15 03:44:56Awesome But Impractical.Webcomics
29th Apr 15 02:40:50Many Questions Fallacy
29th Apr 15 02:00:22Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Order Of The Stick
24th Apr 15 01:46:41Lyrics Video Mismatch
22nd Apr 15 04:40:48Rule Abiding Rebel
22nd Apr 15 04:40:17Rule Abiding Rebel
22nd Apr 15 03:53:07Quotes.Mentor Occupational Hazard
21st Apr 15 09:49:54Sundial Waypoint
10th Apr 15 02:10:53No Fair Cheating
10th Apr 15 01:40:50A Master Makes Their Own Tools
10th Apr 15 11:25:51Series.Smallville
10th Apr 15 11:23:04Driver Faces Passenger
10th Apr 15 11:21:16Crash Into Hello
10th Apr 15 11:15:02Driver Faces Passenger
8th Apr 15 04:21:37Blackmail Backfire
6th Apr 15 05:00:05Video Game.Life Is Strange
6th Apr 15 09:14:41Injured Player Character Stage
1st Apr 15 02:04:32Improbably High IQ
26th Mar 15 01:36:33Instant Wristwatch
26th Mar 15 10:50:35Rocket Punch
25th Mar 15 02:34:00Webcomic.Adventurers
19th Mar 15 03:24:58Nonviolent Initial Confrontation
18th Mar 15 05:29:19And This Is For
18th Mar 15 04:35:21Bifurcated Weapon
13th Mar 15 12:55:07Sword And Sorcerer
12th Mar 15 04:28:36Accuser Of The Brethren
19th Feb 15 11:29:47Carry The One
19th Feb 15 10:14:37Lava Is Boiling Kool Aid
18th Feb 15 11:33:44Your Cheating Heart
10th Feb 15 12:18:55Fanfic.The Draco Trilogy
5th Feb 15 01:23:52Video Game.Chrono Trigger
5th Feb 15 09:41:28Actually Pretty Funny
5th Feb 15 09:25:40Does This Remind You Of Anything.Web Comics
4th Feb 15 04:31:13Assurance Backfire
4th Feb 15 11:33:29The Legend Of Korra.Tropes A To F
4th Feb 15 11:31:01The Legend Of Korra.Tropes S To Z
21st Jan 15 03:57:31Flare Gun
21st Jan 15 03:56:56Flare Gun
21st Jan 15 03:21:36The Legend Of Korra.Tropes A To F
15th Jan 15 04:56:43Jiggle Physics
15th Jan 15 01:11:44Fanfic.Child Of Grace
14th Jan 15 02:45:02Shapeshifter Guilt Trip
14th Jan 15 02:21:25Equippable Ally
14th Jan 15 02:13:01Person Of Holding
13th Jan 15 01:33:51Fanfic.Child Of Grace
13th Jan 15 01:27:49Fanfic.Child Of Grace
23rd Dec 14 04:11:05No Pronunciation Guide
23rd Dec 14 03:31:51Just For Fun.Trope Name Injokes
23rd Dec 14 02:07:26Fanfic.My Inner Life
22nd Dec 14 03:41:19The Dresden Files.Tropes A To M
22nd Dec 14 03:24:38Notice This
17th Dec 14 11:50:48Fairy Companion
17th Dec 14 10:12:37Death Glare
15th Dec 14 03:26:28Double Entendre.Literature
15th Dec 14 03:22:38Heh Heh You Said X
12th Dec 14 03:43:50Inexplicably Identical Individual S
11th Dec 14 02:11:29The Corruption
11th Dec 14 02:09:11The Corruption
10th Dec 14 11:52:32World Shapes
3rd Dec 14 03:36:16Changed My Jumper
3rd Dec 14 03:24:31No Equal Opportunity Time Travel
26th Nov 14 12:26:22Batman Gambit.Literature
26th Nov 14 12:22:53Achievements In Ignorance
24th Nov 14 04:10:21Hypocritical Humor.Literature
19th Nov 14 03:21:29YMMV.Shinra High SOLDIER
12th Nov 14 04:23:55Sentry Gun
12th Nov 14 03:57:16Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants
7th Nov 14 02:30:51Bi The Way
31st Oct 14 12:03:13El Cid Ploy
31st Oct 14 11:12:16Leverage.Tropes J-M
30th Oct 14 03:13:32Ignored Confession
30th Oct 14 03:12:14Ignored Confession
30th Oct 14 01:41:46Gaslighting
29th Oct 14 03:22:31Stereotype Reaction Gag
29th Oct 14 03:09:51Multiple Head Case
29th Oct 14 02:48:49Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught
28th Oct 14 03:05:53Batman Cold Open
28th Oct 14 02:53:50Spider Sense
24th Oct 14 10:15:07Celebrity Is Overrated
23rd Oct 14 01:33:09Clothing Damage
21st Oct 14 10:55:11Unbuilt Trope
20th Oct 14 03:04:11Shell Game
17th Oct 14 03:29:20Half Identical Twins
10th Oct 14 10:42:49Podcast.Welcome To Night Vale
10th Oct 14 09:25:17Fictionary
10th Oct 14 09:16:11Fictionary
8th Oct 14 04:08:47Face Fault
7th Oct 14 01:39:24Fire Ice Lightning
1st Oct 14 11:26:59Little Professor Dialog
30th Sep 14 10:04:28Frollo Freak
24th Sep 14 04:15:50Pirate Girl
18th Sep 14 03:16:19Jumping On A Grenade
10th Sep 14 11:30:17Fridge.Doctor Horribles Sing Along Blog
8th Sep 14 04:13:30Bavarian Fire Drill
4th Sep 14 01:24:18Film.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
3rd Sep 14 01:50:24Characters.Heroines Quest
3rd Sep 14 01:46:10Video Game.Heroines Quest
3rd Sep 14 01:36:06Endless Winter
29th Aug 14 12:15:37New Powers As The Plot Demands
29th Aug 14 12:14:51New Powers As The Plot Demands
19th Aug 14 12:39:52The Other Darrin.Film
18th Aug 14 02:09:17Pacifist Run
15th Aug 14 02:44:45Gullible Lemmings
1st Aug 14 02:32:11But Thou Must
31st Jul 14 12:20:28Shoryuken