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14th Mar 16 01:08:58Tropers.Banjo 2 E
12th Feb 16 04:33:41Creating Life Is Unforeseen
12th Feb 16 04:32:44Creating Life Is Unforeseen
25th Dec 15 03:17:55King Of All Cosmos
24th Sep 15 07:23:05One Hour Work Week
8th Jul 15 10:39:17Fan Fic.Atonement
8th Jul 15 10:37:50Fan Fic.Atonement
8th Jul 15 10:37:24Fan Fic.Atonement
30th Jun 15 04:11:28Stupidity Is The Only Option
30th May 15 08:49:30Soft Water
21st May 15 01:20:29Fanfic Recs.Harry Potter Crossover
21st May 15 01:04:53Fanfic Recs.Harry Potter Crossover
7th May 15 10:41:49Video Game.Dragon Quest IV
4th May 15 10:42:58Lethal Joke Character
4th May 15 10:40:23Lethal Joke Character
4th May 15 08:16:02And Man Grew Proud
13th Apr 15 04:40:20HP To One
11th Apr 15 08:31:54Macro Zone
11th Apr 15 06:33:29Video Game.Pokemon Diamond And Pearl
4th Apr 15 10:04:21No Such Thing As Bad Publicity
22nd Mar 15 03:38:06Radar.Banjo Kazooie
13th Feb 15 04:32:31Fan Fic.The Twilight Child
13th Feb 15 04:30:07Fan Fic.The Twilight Child
31st Jan 15 04:06:30Video Game.Sonic Boom
3rd Jan 15 10:09:10Fanfic Recs.The Legend Of Zelda
26th Dec 14 08:49:11Video Game.Pokemon X And Y
10th Dec 14 08:21:08Fanfic Recs.Pokemon General
10th Dec 14 07:11:00Antidote Effect
10th Dec 14 07:09:50Antidote Effect
8th Dec 14 01:53:58Fanfic.The Unicorn At Hogwarts
8th Dec 14 01:50:31Fanfic Recs.Harry Potter Crossover
6th Dec 14 10:20:29Fanfic Recs.Ranma One Half
15th Oct 14 08:24:36Earn Your Fun
9th Oct 14 05:44:40The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
3rd Oct 14 08:21:41That One Attack
3rd Sep 14 10:43:50Mystical Waif
3rd Sep 14 10:42:32Mystical Waif
3rd Sep 14 10:40:42Mystical Waif
3rd Sep 14 06:40:00Cerebus Rollercoaster
24th Aug 14 03:24:45Team Rocket Wins
24th Aug 14 03:24:44Throw The Dog A Bone
23rd Aug 14 10:42:39Borderlands2.Tropes O To Z
21st Aug 14 11:49:59Fanfic.The Wizard In The Shadows
21st Aug 14 03:05:32Literature.Old Kingdom
21st Aug 14 03:02:18Fanfic.Child Of The Storm
17th Aug 14 04:56:37Tropers.Banjo 2 E
17th Aug 14 04:46:16Not Completely Useless
17th Aug 14 12:57:58Tropers.Banjo 2 E
17th Aug 14 12:54:21Not Completely Useless
17th Aug 14 12:44:48YMMV.Nostalgia
16th Aug 14 12:56:43Video Game.Nostalgia
12th Aug 14 04:58:53Fanfic.Rise Of The Galeforces
10th Aug 14 07:17:01Fanfic.MLP Collateral Damage
10th Aug 14 03:44:48Cute Monster
10th Aug 14 03:41:49Cute Monster
8th Aug 14 01:11:17We Win Because You Did Not
5th Aug 14 05:28:45Fanfic.Vulpine
31st Jul 14 01:54:53Early Bird Boss
30th Jul 14 10:01:52Sequence Breaking
30th Jul 14 09:55:21Sequence Breaking
30th Jul 14 03:32:03Discriminate And Switch
20th Jul 14 02:33:21Literature.Mother Of Learning
20th Jul 14 02:28:35Literature.Mother Of Learning
20th Jul 14 02:23:01Literature.Mother Of Learning
20th Jul 14 02:15:28Literature.Mother Of Learning
18th Jul 14 09:04:30Fanfic.Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight
14th Jul 14 12:00:34Disc One Nuke.Final Fantasy
7th Jul 14 05:33:18Made Of Magic
6th Jul 14 09:15:43Incoming Ham
3rd Jul 14 11:05:04Video Game.Type Rider
26th Jun 14 03:34:08Fan Fic.Equestria A History Revealed
26th Jun 14 01:05:59Western Animation.Get A Horse
8th Jun 14 12:38:47YMMV.Luna The Match Maker
8th Jun 14 12:24:17YMMV.Luna The Match Maker
8th Jun 14 12:23:55YMMV.Luna The Match Maker
8th Jun 14 12:23:33YMMV.Luna The Match Maker
8th Jun 14 12:22:58YMMV.Luna The Match Maker
11th Apr 14 11:37:10Shout Out.I Wanna Be The Guy
22nd Feb 14 07:44:06Cheap Gold Coins
19th Feb 14 07:35:58Blog.Moonstuck
19th Feb 14 07:35:23Blog.Moonstuck
19th Feb 14 06:47:42Blog.Moonstuck
17th Feb 14 06:23:49Random Effect Spell
9th Feb 14 11:22:06YMMV.Civilization
3rd Feb 14 11:58:52Video Game.Psychosomnium
20th Jan 14 06:02:59Just For Fun.Get A Stupid Answer
17th Jan 14 10:33:35Most Wonderful Sound.Video Game
9th Jan 14 04:59:53Video Game.Namco High
4th Jan 14 05:33:53Skyrim.Tropes0-G
29th Dec 13 01:06:36Video Game.Cookie Clicker
26th Dec 13 05:16:58Video Game.Happy Wheels
26th Dec 13 04:43:26Video Game.Happy Wheels
24th Dec 13 03:31:03Videogame.Kerbal Space Program
24th Dec 13 03:26:47Videogame.Kerbal Space Program
24th Dec 13 03:25:24Videogame.Kerbal Space Program
22nd Dec 13 04:54:41Slap On The Wrist Nuke
21st Dec 13 10:15:32Characters.Kushiels Legacy
12th Dec 13 02:13:45Logo Joke
12th Dec 13 01:07:24Video Game.Borderlands
12th Dec 13 01:05:36Video Game.Borderlands
12th Dec 13 01:03:33Video Game.Borderlands
12th Dec 13 01:02:59Video Game.Borderlands
11th Dec 13 12:39:55Hero Insurance
11th Dec 13 12:38:42Complaining About Rescues They Dont Like
11th Dec 13 12:30:02Invulnerable Horses
10th Dec 13 10:46:47Borderlands2.Tropes A To C
4th Dec 13 06:21:53Tropers.Banjo 2 E
4th Dec 13 06:18:21Quotes.Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist
4th Dec 13 06:18:18Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist
4th Dec 13 05:55:52Villain Protagonist
30th Nov 13 04:48:31Easter Egg
29th Nov 13 05:50:43Literature.The Obsidian Trilogy
29th Nov 13 05:30:27Wild Magic
29th Nov 13 05:28:28Wild Magic
29th Nov 13 05:08:35And Your Reward Is Infancy
29th Nov 13 11:53:44Not Even Bothering With The Accent
28th Nov 13 11:39:19Just Here For Godzilla
20th Nov 13 10:34:13Fan Fic.To The Stars
20th Nov 13 10:33:26Fan Fic.To The Stars
17th Nov 13 06:00:46Humans Are Special
17th Nov 13 06:00:24Boring But Practical.Real Life
28th Oct 13 06:52:21Unexpected Shmup Level
19th Oct 13 05:50:38That One Sidequest
19th Oct 13 05:41:53That One Sidequest
16th Oct 13 05:38:55Funny.Super Smash Bros
16th Oct 13 05:35:24Funny.Super Smash Bros
9th Oct 13 08:00:25You Are Better Than You Think You Are
7th Oct 13 10:01:26Video Game.Spyro A Heros Tail
6th Oct 13 02:01:23Fandom Specific Plot.Harry Potter
3rd Oct 13 03:39:05One Dialogue Two Conversations
1st Oct 13 08:39:31Blind Idiot Translation
1st Oct 13 06:59:08Purposely Overpowered
1st Oct 13 04:14:07Barrier Change Boss
30th Sep 13 04:43:34Lover Not A Fighter
29th Sep 13 10:38:30Renaissance Man
28th Sep 13 11:55:55Rummage Sale Reject
28th Sep 13 10:10:42Lets Play.Mario Party TV
16th Sep 13 04:36:27Music.Jonathan Coulton
14th Sep 13 09:27:38Doom It Yourself
14th Sep 13 09:27:02Doom It Yourself
9th Sep 13 03:38:28Video Game.Final Fantasy V
8th Sep 13 10:31:40That One Boss.Final Fantasy
8th Sep 13 01:51:05Quotes.Mundane Made Awesome
7th Sep 13 08:18:08Pinata Enemy
7th Sep 13 08:15:30Pinata Enemy
7th Sep 13 01:13:07Cutscene Power To The Max
7th Sep 13 01:11:31Cutscene Power To The Max
7th Sep 13 01:05:07YMMV.Tales Of Symphonia
7th Sep 13 01:01:28YMMV.Tales Of Symphonia
7th Sep 13 01:00:08YMMV.Tales Of Symphonia
7th Sep 13 02:54:38Cutscene Power To The Max
6th Sep 13 08:34:14Heroes Prefer Swords
6th Sep 13 06:35:42Fan Fic.Team 8
6th Sep 13 06:34:48Fan Fic.Team 8
3rd Sep 13 08:56:33YMMV.Frog Fractions
3rd Sep 13 08:56:12Video Game.Frog Fractions
3rd Sep 13 08:53:26Tropers.Banjo 2 E
3rd Sep 13 08:48:16Gameplay Roulette
3rd Sep 13 07:10:25Webcomic.The Trenches
3rd Sep 13 07:09:47Webcomic.The Trenches
29th Aug 13 02:01:28Quotes.The Anti Nihilist
29th Aug 13 01:55:44Quotes.The Anti Nihilist
26th Aug 13 05:31:37Reality Ensues
26th Aug 13 05:05:33Reality Ensues
26th Aug 13 05:05:11Reality Ensues
24th Aug 13 12:44:50Good Bad Bugs.First Person Shooter
9th Aug 13 11:58:41Hypercompetent Sidekick
4th Aug 13 01:05:21Wham Episode.Video Games
4th Aug 13 01:04:01Wham Episode.Video Games
4th Aug 13 01:00:08Wham Episode.Video Games
4th Aug 13 12:58:26Wham Episode.Video Games
4th Aug 13 12:56:48Wham Episode.Video Games
4th Aug 13 12:41:24Wham Episode.Video Games
1st Jul 13 06:55:52Crack Pairing
23rd Jun 13 10:40:29Website.Reddit
21st Mar 13 08:06:57That One Puzzle
21st Mar 13 08:05:57That One Puzzle
12th Mar 13 03:32:05Tropers.Banjo 2 E
12th Mar 13 03:31:18Tropers.Banjo 2 E
6th Mar 13 04:22:32Headscratchers.Wreck It Ralph
10th Feb 13 04:21:49Shout Out.Scribblenauts
10th Feb 13 04:21:32Shout Out.Scribblenauts
6th Feb 13 03:50:40Tropers.Banjo 2 E
6th Feb 13 03:48:34Jump Off A Bridge Rebuttal
6th Feb 13 03:48:16Jump Off A Bridge Rebuttal
6th Feb 13 03:47:53Jump Off A Bridge Rebuttal
3rd Feb 13 05:02:40Lets Play.Slowflake
22nd Jan 13 02:15:27Beneficial Disease
22nd Jan 13 02:07:12One Curse Limit
22nd Jan 13 02:02:41Disability Immunity
13th Nov 12 07:47:53Tropers.Banjo 2 E
9th Nov 12 01:18:13Webcomic.Van Von Hunter
28th Oct 12 12:24:35Doom It Yourself
28th Oct 12 12:19:50Tropers.Banjo 2 E
26th Oct 12 04:00:02For The Evulz
20th Oct 12 04:36:25Machinima.Melees End
20th Oct 12 03:56:56Laconic.Contractual Genre Blindness
14th Oct 12 03:09:08Dark Magical Girl
25th Sep 12 01:26:17Golden Age Of Comic Books
25th Sep 12 12:16:15The So Called Coward
25th Sep 12 12:14:08Thou Shalt Not Kill
17th Aug 12 12:41:36Fallacy Of Composition
15th Aug 12 05:27:48Beach Episode
10th Aug 12 03:54:14Tropers.Banjo 2 E
10th Aug 12 03:53:33Booze Based Buff
10th Aug 12 03:51:05Booze Based Buff
7th Aug 12 03:17:07Awesome.Psychonauts
31st Jul 12 03:22:47Video Game.Borderlands
30th Jul 12 12:46:15Western Animation.Generator Rex
16th Jul 12 12:15:04Big Ol Eyebrows
15th Jul 12 11:20:47Tropers.Banjo 2 E
15th Jul 12 11:20:01Rewarding Vandalism
15th Jul 12 11:19:42Rewarding Vandalism
6th Jul 12 07:37:46Quotes.Least Rhymable Word
6th Jul 12 07:36:40Self Demonstrating.The Tropeless Tale
7th Jun 12 11:50:32Tropers.Banjo 2 E
7th Jun 12 11:47:20The Tropeless Tale
6th Jun 12 11:31:26Berserk Button.Real Life
6th Jun 12 11:07:09You Are Not Alone
2nd Jun 12 11:54:56Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum
2nd Jun 12 11:04:11Tropers.Banjo 2 E
2nd Jun 12 11:03:34Note To Self
1st Jun 12 07:06:40Mes A Crowd
1st Jun 12 06:27:56Tropers.Banjo 2 E
1st Jun 12 03:07:40Tropers.Banjo 2 E
1st Jun 12 03:06:05Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum
1st Jun 12 02:21:16Afraid Of Needles
29th May 12 01:17:28Catapult To Glory
29th May 12 01:15:53Catapult To Glory
29th May 12 01:15:04Catapult To Glory
28th May 12 06:24:25Video Game.Tales Of Phantasia
28th May 12 04:08:07Video Game.Breath Of Death VII
24th Apr 12 09:14:46Tropers.Banjo 2 E
24th Apr 12 01:23:25Skilled But Naive
24th Apr 12 01:21:52Skilled But Naive
24th Apr 12 01:11:22Webcomic.Exterminatus Now
18th Apr 12 10:49:58Under The Sea
18th Apr 12 03:40:55Principia Discordia
17th Apr 12 12:47:42Game Breaker.Role Playing
12th Apr 12 12:23:51The Trapped Trilogy
10th Apr 12 04:15:32Fan Fic.The Elements Of Harmony And The Savior Of Worlds
10th Apr 12 01:06:22Tropers.Banjo 2 E
9th Apr 12 07:56:31Impossible Thief
9th Apr 12 07:54:07Impossible Thief
9th Apr 12 05:01:39Fan Fic.The Elements Of Harmony And The Savior Of Worlds
29th Mar 12 06:25:07Tropers.Banjo 2 E
19th Mar 12 01:42:10Video Game.Dungeons Of Dredmor
17th Mar 12 12:24:40Hilarious In Hindsight.Web Original
17th Mar 12 12:23:10Hilarious In Hindsight.Web Original
17th Mar 12 12:22:05Hilarious In Hindsight.Web Original
3rd Mar 12 03:46:18WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Setting
3rd Mar 12 01:45:07Bargain With Heaven
12th Jan 12 12:16:46Mobile Menace
12th Jan 12 12:16:16Mobile Menace
6th Jan 12 12:43:38Fan Fic.Mystaras Little Ponies Friendship Is Adventuring
16th Dec 11 02:38:18Video Game.Tales Of Phantasia
8th Dec 11 08:31:41Literature.Inheritance Cycle
8th Dec 11 08:28:12Tropers.Banjo 2 E
15th Nov 11 06:46:28Magic Feather
28th Sep 11 05:03:16Memes.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
17th Sep 11 10:54:44Do Not Taunt Cthulhu
15th Sep 11 01:56:11Dreamworks Face